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Francis Lee, M.D.

A Contemporary of Jane Lead &
a Member of the Philadelphian Society

[1660 -1719]

Francis Lee On-Line Manuscripts

Contributed examples of his writings plus those recovered
from other sources, are now available in electronic form.

Links to the On-Line Manuscripts

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An Introduction to Francis Lee, M.D.A Compilation of Information gleaned from Contributions to PasstheWORD.

Francis Lee's Preface to Jane Lead's Fountain of Gardens — Volume One

Francis Lee's Preface to Jane Lead's Fountain of Gardens — Volume Two

Francis Lee's Preface to Jane Lead's Wars of David and the Peaceable Reign of Solomon

Lee's Letter on Passive Contemplation    For those interested in the true Nature of the Inward Way.

Lee's The Real Nature of Regeneration — For the Undisciplined Soldiers of Christ.

Lee's A Short Exercise of the Spiritual Warriours — For those experienced in the Warfare of the Inward Way.

Lee's Concerning Divine Wisdom — The Eternal Virgin Wisdom as revealed in Scripture and History.
Lee's Concerning Moses — His Attributes and Place in History.



Another Francis Lee Manuscript: On the Philadelphian Gold
(On-line at Alchemy Website)



More Documents from the Past
Other On-Line Manuscripts from the Past

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