Why we are sounding a louder ‘Fair Warning’...

The Duty of the Watchman
  Ezekiel 33, v 3-6. RSV  
And if he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people; then if any one who hears the sound of the trumpet does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.  He heard the sound of the trumpet, and did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself.   But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life.  But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them; that man is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand.  


Beloved Readers of Jane Lead,

As of the Spring of 2012, reports were received and verified that the meaning of Jane Lead's message had been reversed or radically changed in certain instances within the SDV editions of her works to be found at janelead.org.   This was and is a very serious spiritual offense and revealed clearly that the self-appointed editor of the Godhead's messages had another hidden agenda all along — until it was here revealed.  Because of this, we are sharing what we have noticed and experienced about this editor in 5 evidentiary Reports.

The prince of this world, who poses as an angel of light,  fears the manifestation of the Nazarite brethren.   The agents of this imposter have always been at work in the world, cloaked in a variety of adornments, usually able to hide in plain sight especially in the counterfeit christian churches so prevalent in this day.  For the agent at janelead.org, the early assignment seems to have been to provide a pleasing invitation to an easier way into the Kingdom of God.  The editor, DG, who speaks with a silver tongue, was assigned her task to gain your trust with all her assurances, to make you comfortable, to do all the work for you, and to lead you down a side road that was wider and more inviting.  She accomplished this from her early website — where, until summer of 2012, there was always a red light in her windows.   This was certainly a revealing choice by the editor   —    showing a "glowing red light" displayed next to the website address and within each opened browser-tab at janelead.org.  Hmmmm. 

See the screen capture below. DGs Red Lights in her Windows

NEW13.GIF (275 bytes)   ~~~ Notice of the Summer, 2012, transformation at janelead.org and DG's new website, spiritsday.org ~~~

Within a few days of the posting of the May 17th, 2012 "Escalated Fair Warning", DG removed all of the red lights from her windows.   As a matter of fact, her entire website tranformed into a totally commercial enterprise where site visitors are presented with a list of the adulterated SDV "writings" of Jane Lead which are only for sale.
      Here is a screen capture of DG's transformed "writings' page as of August, 2012.

Commercial offers to sell SDV editions of JL's writings

Now the janelead.org site visitors are greeted with 16 "Add to Cart" buttons and invited by DG, the same woman of the red lights, to pay her in advance in order to partake of the messages which she had promised to give them freely before she showed her true intentions. 

In case you forgot that promise, here are 2 different images of it, from 2 distinct places on DG's early website that ran from 2008 to the Summer of 2012.

DG's Promise #1 to send out free SDV booklets.

DG's promise #2 to send out free SDV booklets
So much for DG's obedience to Matthew 10: 8.   
No more free SDV-edition booklets or free SDV-manuscript downloads.
More broken promises from DG. 


The transformed "contact" page at janelead.org looked like this in August, 2012.  JLO's transformed contact page
The red lights in the windows are now hidden behind the facade of this transformed website, but the sugar bait is still there.  Now offered are six ways for the false shepherdess to extract the resources of the lambs.

And, there is more to report.   To double the number of opportunities to generate revenue for herself, DG has copied all of the transformed site content, referenced above, to another commercial website, spiritsday.org, which she also owns and operates.  As of this reporting, it looked exactly like janelead.org.  

Beloved Lambs, take heed; do not be further confused, deceived or fleeced.

~~~ End Notice of the Summer, 2012, transformation at janelead.org and DG's new website, spiritsday.org ~~~


This self-appointed, self-exhalting editor's manipulative operations performed upon JL's authentic original manuscripts have served to dilute, obfuscate, truncate, separate and eliminate important revelations.  But we are promised that what has been hidden will ultimately be exposed, and it is now time to let the light shine upon the darkness, so that the called-out ones may see and not be deceived.

If this is your first visit to the Escalated Fair Warning page, we recommend that you read the entire content below before you review the report of documented Changes of Meaning from PasstheWORD [also updated as of August 2012];  the list of changes that are now documented has grown.  All of us must do our part to alert new readers in detail of the  confusing differences at janelead.org and spiritsday.org.  If you are so led, we welcome the report of any and all offending changes that you are shown, that they may be documented and reported, in order that the called-out ones may be warned off, and not be hindered or deceived.

Furthermore, the gravity of this matter prompted us to make other evidentiary on-line reports* available.  Your discerning review of those reports should make clear, why it is that we are alerting you to avoid the snares that are laid at janelead.org and spiritsday.org.


This is not the first time that forgeries of Jane Lead's works have come to light...

During Jane Lead's own lifetime in the late 1600's, other persons published works using her name, and Jane Lead referred to those "scandalous" works as "impostures".  

scan-dal-ous (skan'dl uhs) adj.
1. disgraceful; improper or immoral:
scandalous behavior.
2. defamatory; libelous.
3. attracted to scandal: a scandalous gossip.
[1585-95; < ML scandalosus. See SCANDAL, - OUS]
Derived words
--scan'dal-ous-ly, adv.
--scan'dal-ous-ness, n.

im-pos-ture (im pos'chuhr) n.
1. the action or practice of imposing
fraudulently upon others.

2. deception using an assumed character,
identity, or name.
3. an instance of fraudulent imposition.
[1530-40; < LL impostura = L imposit (us), ptp. of
imponere (see IMPOSTOR, IMPONE) + -ura - URE]
Derived words
--im-pos'trous(-pos'truhs)im-pos'tur-ous, adj.

These fraudulent "impostures" were apparently so prevalent that Jane Lead would sometimes include an "Advertisement" in her authentic publications, thus giving a Fair Warning  — that her Readers might not be deceived. 

Here is the old text of one such "Advertisement" showing what Jane Lead, herself, had to say about them... {taken from the last 2 pages at the end of A Fountain of Gardens, Volume II.}

fog2-advert-pg1.jpg (89500 bytes)

fog2-advert-pg2.jpg (85951 bytes)

After reading the words of the first paragraph of the above "Advertisement", it seems clear that Jane Lead was very serious about her mission on Earth, and she did not take lightly the attempts to adulterate the content of her messages or to confuse those for whom those messages were meant.  She and Francis Lee, her son-in-law, oversaw the publishing of the precious words given to her as messages to the growing body of Nazarites, both in her own time and in the last time.  They strove to prevent those messages from being altered, added to, or changed in any way. 

In the 21st Century, Jane Lead and Francis Lee are not with us in the flesh to defend JL's authentic works, but those at PTW stand with them in the Spirit, following the scriptural command to the "watchman"  to sound the alarm, that once again "scandalous impostures" of Jane Lead's messages are being produced and printed by a deceiver.  The same (or similar) titles are being used for the documents but the content is corrupted.  The impostures are to be found on a website named to confuse even the very elect ... janelead.org.  As of August, 2012, all of the impostures are also being sold at spiritsday.org, also owned by DG.

This warning is given so that her Beloved Readers might not be deceived.     Read on...


History of the electronic source-files for the authentic works of Jane Lead

After more than 300 years, all that was left to the modern world of the works of Jane Lead, were highly abridged, modernized versions of bits and pieces of what she had originally published in the late 1600's.  Those who presented the modernized tidbits to  20th century readers quickened a hunger in some to see the authentic originals.   By an amazing set of circumstances, all but one of Jane Lead's authentic, original 17th century texts were located and recovered in English; these manuscript copies were donated to PTW with the condition and intention of returning them to public view in an unadulterated form. 

We owe so much to those whom God led to protect the originals, to keep them from destruction, to archive them, to photograph them, to microfilm them and allow others to access these precious copies.  These twenty, highly valued, spiritual manuscripts were carefully transcribed in the mid to late 1990's and have been on-line at passtheword.org (PTW) for many years.  In addition to the twenty, there was a twenty-first manuscript (JL's last work) in High Dutch; it was also donated and had been archived at PTW since 2000, but the English version had apparently been lost.  However, as of June, 2010, a reverse-translation (back into English) of this last work was completed by the Grace and Wisdom of God and is also now available.

In order to insure that the integrity of the on-line manuscript texts are retained and in order to prevent future adulterations of Jane Lead's authentic, original works, the electronic source files of the transcriptions at PTW were and are clearly declared to be copyrighted.   These electronic source-files are the intellectual property of those who did the transcriptions and as such, they are covered by copyright law of the United States.   Furthermore, the Internet research on this matter shows that generating any derivative works from such copyrighted electronic source-files is also a violation of copyright law and therefore illegal.  

The individual who is responsible for the current "impostures" being offered for sale at janelead.org and spiritsday.org, applied to PTW for permission to use PTW's copyrighted e-files for her own project back in 2004;  after prayerful consideration, PERMISSION WAS DENIED by PTW, stating that she was not to use the copyrighted files in any fashion, — but it seems from the detailed evidence that has been gathered, that she would not be hindered from proceeding with her plans.

It was understood at the time, that if this person were to repeat PTW's work from scratch, it would not be any of our business.  However, simply possessing a copy of an authentic manuscript in no way grants this editor the right to steal copyrighted e-files from PTW and proceed to publish altered documents built upon those e-files.  She must have done ALL of her own transcription work.  If this woman was not dealing deceitfully, she should have readily provided the requested proof to PTW when her credibility was called into question by the evidence that had been gathered.
Late in the Fall of 2008, when PTW learned of the presence of the new website devoted to Jane Lead, the name of the woman who had launched the new site was recognized — it was the same person who had asked permission to use PTW's copyrighted e-files in 2004.  After watching what was happening at the new website for some time,  and after much prayer, PTW's administrative contact  confronted Diane Guerrero, editor of the modernized derivatives.  Following substantial email correspondence with this editor, she refused to remove the derivative files based on PTW's copyrighted e-files, sticking to an elaborate but unproved cover story which she has also refused to substantiate.  Her claims have been investigated and the evidence of her deceit is documented*.  

Suffice it to say, dear ones, be ye veteran readers of JL, or new to her works... be very careful of what you find under the name of Jane Lead and her self-appointed editor at janelead.org and spiritsday.org.   These documents, which carry the name of Jane Lead as the author are, by Jane Lead's own definition, to be recognized as "impostures".  The counterfeit versions being sold at janelead.org and spiritsday.org are already fractured sufficiently to make it difficult for you to compare them with the original authentic transcriptions, and we expect that more changes will quietly continue to be made by this editor. 

If this woman was speaking the truth about how she produced her electronic versions of JL's works, why not simply and obediently provide the necessary proof?   We can come to no other conclusion and the evidence substantiates that the copyrighted e-files from PTW of Jane Lead's works, were simply copied illegally and then modified by Diane Guerrero, the editor at janelead.org and spiritsday.org.


In the spirit realm, a she-wolf is to be seen, marking JL's territory, adding her own name to everything in sight, passing herself off as a shepherdess, wearing a fleece of religious ornaments, sniffing after and engaging each lamb that she encounters, moving among the flock, talking the talk, but not walking the walk.  She is allowing herself to be used by the enemy, at work again in this last time, just as he was in the the time of JL — confusing and coming against those who desire to feed upon the authentic messages brought by Jane Lead. 

Please also join us in praying for the deliverance and repentance of this misguided soul, that she may come out of Babylon's web of deceit, acknowledge her sins and confess them, in order thereby to receive forgiveness and cleansing.  She is acting as a willful child in the school of Christ, but one who must be reprimanded for stealing the school project that was assigned to others by the school-master,  putting her own name upon it, and pretending to her school-mates that she has done all of the work herself. 

This is an escalated Fair Warning.  Do not be deceived by guile and religious doublespeak. Always inspect the fruit that you find.  Watch not what is said, but what is done.  Test the spirits, and above all, listen to the still small voice of the true Spirit of Christ within...(not the noisy anti-Christ-spirits, that are furiously working and tickling the ears in the modern counterfeit christian churches around the world).  

For any soul to undertake the study of Jane Lead's works in the 21st century, there must be an investment of precious time.  There are thousands of pages of originals archived by PTW,  that have been transcribed into many hundreds of printed letter-size pages.  If you are to commit your time to the study of your own personal copies of JL's works, it might be wise to consider partaking of the authentic 17th century versions.    

Questions Further to Consider

Visitors to the offending sites, janelead.org and spiritsday.org, where the impostures are being sold, might ask ...

  • Is the Editor's presentation coming from a place of personal self-denial (the call of the true Christ Jesus)  or from a place of personal high self-esteem? 

  • Why has the Editor made no mention of, or reference to the transcriptions of the authentic versions of Jane Lead's, Francis Lee's, Madame Guyon's, Jacob Boehme's or William Law's works that are available at PasstheWORD?

  • Why are there no links on her "Resources" page back to the many additional resources to be found at PTW? 

  • Why is she trying to prevent those souls who are new to the study of Jane Lead from even knowing that the transcriptions of the authentic versions of the originals are available on-line?  Is this not the action of a deceiver? 

  • Why has the Editor taken the name "janelead" as her email address for her account at SCRIBD, where she has uploaded many image copies of those originals that she has managed to obtain, if not to confuse and deceive those who might find the documents? 

* We trust the Holy Spirit to guide each of you in your response to this escalated Fair Warning.  For those mature brethren who are saddened by the appearance of these counterfeits, there are now available on-line, reports from those who have investigated and documented the evidence of copyright violation committed by the offending editor at janelead.org. These reports contain only some of the evidence that has been gathered, but enough to paint the picture of what is being done to the old manuscripts.  Due to the reversal of meanings that are being uncovered to Jane Lead's prophecies, those at PTW are obligated to sound this escalated warning at this time. 

The links to the reports are below.

Before deciding to view the new on-line reports, please pray for confirmation that you are to divert from your other assignments at this time.   In the event that you are directed to proceed with your review, please allow the Holy Spirit to guide your impressions, and upon completion of your review, to guide any intercession or spiritual intervention on behalf of the protection from corruption of Jane Lead's authentic works.  

Changes of Meaning to the Messages of Jane Lead
General Comparison of Copied Files with Commentary
Detailed Comparison of a Copied File
DG's Scanning Claim Review
Contact History

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