Communications, Corrections, Admonitions, Explanations and Revelations from God given through Shaker Instrument, Philemon Stewart, 1842.  

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The Great I AM Speaks to Man via the Mighty Angel.


A GOD who sent forth the overwhelming deluge, to sweep from the earth's face, even that which I had Created in my own image, bearing immortality, because of their gross wickedness, in perverting the order of nature which I had given them.

2. A GOD that appeared on Sinai's top, and gave my law, engraven upon two tables of stone, into the hands of my true and faithful servant Moses, for the Children of Israel.

3. A GOD who fought their battles when they were obedient, and suffered their enemies to prevail when they were disobedient;

4. A GOD that led them to the promised land, and sent, in my own wisdom unto them, the promised Messiah.

5. A GOD who hath narrowly watched the doings of the nations and kingdoms of the earth, from the day they crucified my Son, up to the present time.

6. I AM, is GOD; whose power is Almighty, and whose glory and beauty filleth all immensity and space; yet the least creature of my creation, is an object of my particular notice; either in mercy or in judgment. And with Me, time does not exist, for before time was, I AM, existed; and the after Me can never come.

7. JEHOVAH JAH, is my name; through endless worlds I am known; fulfilling, to the least jot and tittle, that which I have promised through the mouths of my true and faithful servants.

8. All creation, that mortals can comprehend, should pass into oblivion, rather than one word from my mouth should fail of being accomplished, let it be spoken through whatever medium it may; if I have prepared that medium, I have also recorded it on the records of eternity; and all the power that earth and hell possess, can never falsify one word.

9. But times and seasons, I seldom give to any agent, to declare: they are reserved in true wisdom, by the ETERNAL TWAIN, united in one. I am that GOD that did promise, in ancient days, through the mouths of my faithful servants, that in the latter day, I would set up a kingdom that should never have an end. This I have done; I have begun a kingdom that shall never have an end.

10. I did also promise, that I would fill the whole earth with a stone, from the Mountain, cut out without hands: This I am also doing, in my own time and season. Remember that with Me, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day: yet, the very hairs of your head are all numbered, and the moments of your lives all counted.

11. I did also promise to create a new heaven and a new earth, wherein should dwell righteousness. And I did furthermore declare, that my kingdom was a kingdom of peace; and for this purpose did I send my only begotten Son into the world. I did also promise, that I would cause the loftiness of man to be brought low; and bring into contempt the honorable and great ones of the earth, (or those who felt themselves as such,) that the pride of all flesh might be stained, and my name alone, exalted in that day. This work I am now doing, even in the present time in which you live.

12. I am that God who did promise, through the Lord Jesus Christ, that I would come as a thief in the night; and warned all to be prepared, with lamps well trimmed and burning, having oil in their vessels, ready to meet the Bridegroom and Bride, and not to be found sleeping, when their Master should return.

13. And lo, I have come, and cried aloud the watch, but few answered; therefore I called the lame, the halt and the blind to my feast, and they that were the children of the kingdom I did cast out, and compelled those from the highways and hedges, to come in and sit at my table, that it might be filled.

14. I am that God who promised, through my blessed Son, that if any would forsake all, for the gospel's sake, take up their cross, and follow Me, they should be blessed while in time, an hundred fold; and in the world to come, with eternal life. And that all such as would lose their life for my sake, should find it; and all such as would save their life should lose it. For the Father and the Son are one, and from the Eternal Essence of my goodness, did I send him forth.

15. I AM, is God of yesterday, to day, and forever; my purposes alter not, neither do they change, with the passing events of time.

16. My attributes of goodness, justice and equity, with an offer of repentance, have always, in the wise dispensations of my providence, preceded, (in kind and merciful offers to the children of men,) the heavy hand of my judgment, that they who would, might turn and be saved.

17. And now, even in this your day, I am that God who does, through means of my own choosing, and vessels of my own preparing, send forth my word of truth, accompanied by a kind and friendly warning, to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, who dwell upon the face of the whole earth.

18. Not through vessels polished by the arts and sciences, cultivated by man, but through such as are humble and dependent children, who seek to know, and do my will, as the first, and greatest object of their pursuit; who dwell in a humble and secluded position in life; choosing, rather to suffer persecution, tribulation and affliction with my people, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

19. Such are the instruments and vessels, through whom the word of my law shall go forth, from the Zion of my likeness, to the ends of the earth. Through such as do, in truth, yield themselves as clay in the hands of the potter; giving all the honor and glory to my name, knowing and feeling themselves nought, but poor frail worms of the dust, whose life and breath is but as a vapor, that vanisheth quickly away.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 1



The Order of My Work with the Children of Men in Early Ages.

1. When I created the earth, and all that is therein, I created man in a state of free agency, possessing an immortal soul, endowed with reasonable faculties, and also with irrational, or opposite propensities.

2. These irrational, or opposite propensities, could never have gained such an influence over his rational mind, as to have perverted the order of his creation, had he kept my commandments, when first by my hand he was created, and placed in the garden, with full liberty to partake of every flower, and eat of the fruit of every tree, save the one that stood in the midst. This he was not to meddle with on pain of death.

3. But the irrational and inferior propensities working upon his animal part, seduced him to yield to the pleadings of the weaker vessel, and disobey the righteous command of his Creator God,

4. By giving way to indulge their natures, the seat of which gratification was placed in the midst of their bodies; and this is the tree, standing in the midst, bearing the forbidden fruit, from which they plucked, not for the sake of procreation, but wholly for the sake of gratification.

5. Therefore, the death, of which I had before told them, did now ensue; they could no longer stand before Me in a state of true innocence; for they had basely corrupted that order of nature which I had strictly commanded them to keep, and violate it not.

6. The times and seasons for them to come together merely for the sake of propagating their own species, could have been fulfilled, sufficient to accomplish that end, and [that work] been as justifiable in my sight, as that of eating or drinking; and they could have known no more shame in the transaction

7. But by yielding to inordinate propensities, the seed of man was basely corrupted; and by that means, the order of nature, which I had established for his protection while in a natural state, was wholly thrown aside, saith the Lord, by the great mass of mankind, until debauchery, bloodshed and violence, did fill the whole earth, save a small remnant, who had descended from him who was begotten strictly after the order of nature, in true obedience to my command.

8. I never intended, saith the Lord, that after having created man in our own image, to be an honor and glory unto us, by showing forth the image of his Creator, that he should have filled the earth with every species of abomination and violence, and caused it to be covered with bloodshed and carnage: by no means.

9. But I intended it should have been a terrestrial paradise, standing in its natural order uncorrupted, until in my wisdom, I should have seen fit to introduce an order of grace, or a spiritual dispensation, for such portions of its inhabitants as were adequately ripened for the calling.

10. I should have noticed, with my blessing and protection, in the order of my providence, those who had strictly kept the order and law of nature, uncorrupted, as really as those who were called into the order of my grace; or to a work so pure and holy, that it could allow of nothing pertaining to the works of generation;

11. But mankind, from the earliest ages of the world, have never ceased to pervert the order of nature, and turn it to subserve their own ungoverned and licentious passions, until their loss and darkness have become so great, that the whole earth is corrupted, and fast sinking under a curse, from my all righteous hand.

12. And all the judgments and calamities which I have suffered to come upon the earth in past dispensations and ages, to the present day, as a just recompense for their own doings, have been for the purpose that mankind might learn obedience to my law, by the things which they suffered.

13. Yet, notwithstanding all these solemn warnings, accompanied by awful judgments, if their lives were spared, they have never ceased to harden their hearts, and again provoke my Holy Spirit to anger by their gross wickedness, committed [by many,] with their eyes wide open, knowing that they were disobeying the commands of the Lord their God.

14. The whole world, and all the inhabitants that have heretofore lived on the earth's face, bear Me witness, that it hath now become ripe, for sore and heavy judgments.

15. Therefore, do I firstly send forth my warning voice in charity, and extend the offer of repentance to all who will accept it; for I delight not in the death of the wicked, saith the Lord.

16. But I would, that ye turn from the evil of your doings, and learn true righteousness; or come so far towards it, as to keep that law of nature which I first established for the protection of man, while yet in a natural state.

17. Hearken, O ye people, and hear my word, saith the Lord your God. Had man kept his rectitude in the order of nature, as I commanded him, no innocent blood would ever have been shed by his hand; no wars and fightings would ever have existed among the nations of the earth.

18. But because of their awful wickedness, and of their beastly abominations, I, the Lord God of Heaven and earth, have suffered the sword, with bloodshed and carnage, famine, destruction and pestilence, with sweeping blasts of my fury, in earthquakes and tornadoes, to devastate many parts of the earth, and swallow up in destruction, the living thereon; that others might take warning and behold the doings of an Almighty hand, that no mortal power could sway.

19. [These events were suffered,] that those who beheld the awful calamities, with which their fellow creatures had been visited in a stroke of my judgment, might take warning, and turn from the evil of their doings, before it be too late.

20. But how, saith the Lord, have they hardened their hearts? Truly, by saying to their fellows when the calamity was passed, "Why this is truly remarkable, the Lord must have done this; but perhaps the like never will take place again, and so we will go on as usual, [and do as we have done.]"

21. Others would say, "These things are unavoidable in the natural course and order of the elements; I do not consider that God has anything to do with it."

22. And by this means, they would strengthen their fellow mortals in the belief that my Almighty hand and power, hath nothing to do in bringing such sweeping calamities upon the earth, and by so doing, [they would] strengthen and encourage their companions to go on, still adding to, and increasing the black catalogue of crimes that was attached to those whom I had swept from the face of the earth.

23. Yea, saith the Lord, instead of my judgments serving to work repentance and humiliation, in those who were unvisited by my judgments, it only served, (with many,) to harden them in their awful crimes of wickedness.

24. I deal, saith the Lord Almighty, with the creatures of my creation, according to my own wisdom. I deal with the different nations, kindreds, tongues and people, dwelling upon the face of the whole earth, both in mercy and in judgment; and in my own wisdom I deal with them as nations, and I deal with them as individuals.

25. Give ear, O Earth, and understand my words, all ye people who dwell in her, saith the Lord of hosts. Will you receive the word of the Lord your God in mercy, now while it is extended to you, in this, the latter day of his glory? Or will you forbear to hear, and refrain from repentance, as your fathers before you have done?

26. Eternity, and the souls dwelling therein, cry unto Me, as a witness, that from the earliest ages of the world to the present day, mankind, as a body, have stood against the most merciful offers of my hand, by refusing to hearken to my word, which I sent forth for their best good, their peace and their comfort.

27. But, as a few glimmering stars in the midst of midnight darkness, so have I preserved a few chosen witnesses, who were prepared, through deep tribulation, and much suffering, to testify of my word, and of my work in truth, through all the dispensations of my goodness to man, from the earliest ages of the world to the present day.

28. I have never promised salvation nor protection, to any souls, only in the path of true obedience to that revealed will and order, made known to them, through such instruments, as I had prepared and raised up to testify of Me, both by precept and example, in the age and day wherein they lived.

29. And, as a criterion by which to tell those who were the true witnesses of my word, I did proclaim, through my blessed Son, that fruits alone, should declare, for or against each soul; that I would know no man by his words; but by the fruits which he brought forth, should he be judged. And this declaration from my eternal throne, must, and forever will remain unalterable, through time and in eternity.

30. For I AM, is a just God, dispensing unto every one according as their works shall merit; and weigh every nation according to my wisdom, in the just balance of my power; and according to that measure which they have meted unto others, so shall it be meted to them again.

31. And according to that cup which they have filled with the waters of affliction for others to drink; so shall it again be filled to overflowing, and returned to their own mouths; and according to the effusion of blood which they have caused in other nations to flow; so shall it flow from their own veins, with an increased measure, saith the Lord their God.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 2



Of Man's Probationary State, His Disobedience and Loss.

1. Mankind, by disobedience to Me, their God and Creator, have strayed far, very far from that way in which I intended their feet should walk; and from that work in which I wished to have them engaged, while on their short pilgrimage through time.

2. But, that man might not be as a mere machine, deprived of the power of volition, or free agency, I placed him, when created, in a peculiar situation or state of trial, and knowing the great weakness to which he would be exposed, I gave him a solemn charge, concerning the dangers that lay in his way; and that the most fatal consequences would ensue, should he persist in acts of disobedience to that course which I had then instructed him to pursue. Having done this, I left him to prove his fidelity and true obedience to my word.

3. But the irrational or animal propensities, which is the inferior part, [through the serpent,] soon overruled his right reason, and placed upon him strong bands, which held him in bondage to the law of sin and death; and having polluted his seed, by acts of disobedience, the curse which followed, and rested upon him, by increasing the inordinate and beastly passions of lust, which never could be satisfied, had now become so strongly attached to the sensitive powers of the mind, which now were bent on gratification, [that they] could never be removed, short of a full cross being borne, against every propensity pertaining to that nature.

4. And by the influence of this degraded and beastly propensity, (which never was, and never will be necessary for the sake or procreation,) mankind, as a body, from the earliest ages , to the present day, have been exalted in their own imaginations, inflated with pride and vanity to that degree and extent, that I suffered their hearts to become hardened, their ears to become deaf, and their eyes to become blind; for they had chosen their own way, therefore I did suffer their delusion, saith the God of Heaven.

5. Not that it was my choice, but a choice that they themselves had made, in open and willful rebellion against all the fatherly and kind entreaties which I had sent forth to them, through messengers of my own preparing.

6. Do not the records of eternal justice and truth, declare this against you, O inhabitants of earth? Do not the countless millions now groaning in chains and fetters of darkness, bound in eternity, witness this truth?

7. The eternal record before my throne, which shall bring a just reward to every human creature, declareth and sealeth this solemn truth; your own way you have pursued, and not the way of your God.

8. Your own plans of salvation you have embraced, and not the plans of your God. Your own paths you have pursued, and in them your feet have been swift to shed blood; these are not the paths of your Creator God.

9. All forms, all creeds and systems of religion that have been established by the sword, or supported by the force of arms, are of man's own invention, that the life of that beastly nature, (after which the whole world, from its creation to the present day, have wandered,) might be spared and kept alive. It never emanated from my holy spirit, saith the God of Heaven; but frail and mortal man, in his bigoted and darkened condition, hath invented it, and practiced the same.

10. Hearken, all ye nations, and give ear, O ye people of the earth, saith the Lord your God. Can you answer these questions? Have your souls found that which saves you from committing sin in the present tense? Have you found that which saves you from shedding the blood of your fellow creatures? Have you found that which causes you to love your neighbors as yourselves?

11. Have you found that which saves you from all the gratifications of lust, and beastly works of nature, only that which is indispensable for the sake of procreation, or for the fulfilling of that great command which I gave to the children of men, in early days; under which the most licentious and beastly works of abomination have been cloaked, from that day to this?

12. The command was good, and stands good, in its order and place, but not one act of gratification carried further than is necessary for the propagation of your own species, can ever be covered by this command.

13. Have you found that which enables you to dwell together in unity, harmony and peace, having all things in common, and none saying that aught of the things that he possessed were his own? If not, what is the matter? Ponder these things in your own hearts! Communities, you say, are good, if they can agree.

14. But thus saith the Lord, have you laid the axe to the root of the tree, or have you only lopped a few of the branches? Have you found the golden cord of purity, that binds souls in one? Or do the bands of sin and death surround you, and [cause you to be] broken in pieces?

15. What was the reason that the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah refused to hearken to the solemn warnings which I sent forth unto them, through messengers of my own preparing? Did they not mock and scorn my witnesses, and deride the word of my awful truth at their mouths, that unless they did humble themselves and repent, they with their city, should be destroyed?

16. What was this, but the arrogance of their spirit that refused to hearken to my word through those messengers, whom I did send unto them?

17. What caused the inhabitants of the antediluvian world, to mock and scorn, the solemn and righteous warning of my servant Noah, although they were clearly shown, by the operations of my Spirit, through my faithful servant, that unless they would cease from their awful wickedness, humble themselves and repent, they should, by the judgment of my Almighty hand, be swept from the face of the earth?

18. And notwithstanding, they were all doomed to suffer death, as a certain and sure consequence, if they refused to hearken; yet, this only served to increase their epithets of scorn and derision upon righteous Noah, for being such an old superstitious fool, (as they called him,) as to believe that the Lord was going to overwhelm the world with a deluge of water.

19. Was not this refusal to hearken to the tender warnings of my mouth, sent forth by means of my own choosing, to be attributed to their gross wickedness, which had caused their senses to soar, in lofty and exalted imaginations of their own great wisdom, and by this means, cause them utterly to reject the most solemn and sacred warnings, that I, their God and Creator could send to them, through one whose humble walk in life they disdained, from the very bottom of their hearts?

20. Therefore, they received not of my tender mercies, but were, in lieu thereof, compelled to meet Me in judgment, and enter the eternal world with cries and screeches, under the most horrid and awful condemnation of a guilty conscience, loaded with crimes and beastly abominations to sink their souls in flames of hell, until, through sufferings, they had paid the utmost farthing, for all their sinful deeds.

21. And the last error of their lives, in refusing to hearken to my righteous word of warning, was worse than all the rest; for here they sinned, saith the Lord God, against light and understanding; for the humble walk of my servant Noah, brought forth fruits in their sight, declaratory that my spirit dwelt in him.

22. Hearken, O ye children of men, and incline your ears to hear, and your hearts to understand, the word of the Lord your God, though you have not walked in my paths, and inclined your hearts to understand and do my will, as I have required from the earliest ages,

23. Yet, I am a God of mercy and of long forbearance, to such as have the least desire to return unto Me, through that medium which I have appointed for them; that is, to keep my law and order of nature inviolated.

24. Love mercy, deal justly one with another; fear Me, and keep my commandments throughout, which were given to regulate those in a natural state. This requirement, is distinct and apart from that of the order of my grace.

25. But consider, O inhabitants of earth, and in a special manner, those of you who make a great profession of Christianity! How have mankind treated, from the days of my servant Moses, to the present time, the merciful displays of my goodness, whenever, in my wisdom I have seen fit to send it forth unto them.

26. How oft did I have to scourge my chosen people Israel, for their wicked and rebellious doings, in rising against that order which I had appointed to lead and direct them, and thereby neglecting to keep my law, which I had established through my servant Moses, for their protection, stay and support; which, when strictly kept, would always ensure prosperity, and a blessing from my all righteous hand to rest upon them by day and by night. But when they departed therefrom, a curse was sure to follow.

27. Yet by all these things, how little did they learn, in willing obedience, the paths of true wisdom? Surely, not so much but that they set their hearts against Me their God. They surely were in my sight, a stiff necked and rebellious people, who were determined on pursuing their own plans; and by this means, they stood ready to destroy the animal body of the Christ whom I did send unto them, because he did not come in that way which they had laid out for themselves.

28. They wished him to come in great pomp and splendor, with mighty armies bowing at his feet. They wished to behold him as a mighty monarch, swaying the regal sceptre upon an earthly throne, destroying by the edge of the sword, all such as did not bow unto him in submission, and believe as he taught them, supporting the religion of his own nation, and condemning that of others.

29. Had he descended upon them in this manner and form, and held forth this testimony, it would at once have blended with their own self-exalted views of the coming of a Messiah; and they would readily have supported him, by force of arms, upon his throne.

30. But learn, O ye children of men, that man's way, is not the way of his God and Creator. My way is equal for all; but man's way is unequal, unjust, and cruel. Therefore, did I send my only begotten Son to earth, clothed with the power of salvation, encompassed with a garment of humility and meekness, offering eternal life and salvation, upon equal terms, to all who would make the required sacrifice to obtain it.

31. I did not send him to court the love, favor or affection of Monarchs, Kings or Princes; or to say unto the great ones of the earth, Rabbi! Rabbi! But I sent him to proclaim, through the deepest scenes of suffering and tribulation, peace on earth and good will to men, if they would receive him in the name of his Father in Heaven, possessing the innocency of a lamb and the meekness of a dove.

32. Showing unto all, by precept and example, that he came in the perfect image of his Father, possessing a spirit of forgiveness, patience and meekness, under the most painful and excruciating sufferings of both soul and body, that was ever before shown forth upon the earth, by any spirit dwelling within an earthly tabernacle; being, at the same time, possessed of my mighty power to that extent, that he could raise the dead from their graves to life, or call from the Heavens above, at any time, myriads of holy Angels and justified spirits to his assistance.

33. And because I sent him, clothed in the attitude of meekness and humility, as I had predicted for hundreds of years before, by the mouths of my prophets, that he would come, they, as a body of people, rejected him and gnashed upon him with their teeth.

34. But a little chosen band, who were accounted poor and illiterate men, he did gather around him, unto whom he imparted the words of eternal life, and baptized them with the holy spirit; and the few that received his testimony into honest and sincere hearts, became his true followers through life, and ended their days under the heavy hand of persecution for so doing. But I, the God of Heaven, have kept a record of these doings, from the earliest ages of the world unto the present day.

35. I again repeat the question, saith the Lord; Where is the nation, where are the people, either few or many, that have, in truth, denied themselves of all the enjoyments of sinful pleasure, by renouncing the world with all its alluring enchantments, for the sake of embracing the blessed gospel of that holy Savior, whom I sent forth to begin a work on earth which should never have an end? though the wickedness of man should quickly destroy the body, which, by my Almighty hand had been prepared, as a receptacle for that saving spirit, while it acted in the capacity of a local agent, in time below?

36. Give ear, O inhabitants of earth, and hearken all ye people who dwell in her! The Lord your God hath stooped from his throne, to visit the earth in mercy and in judgment. His holy Angels have come forth to execute judgment at his word, and show mercy at his pleasure. Vials filled with mercy, and vials filled with wrath, He hath placed in their hands.

37. Hear my voice, O ye Angels, and sound aloud your trumpets to the children of men, saying, Shall the spirit of the Lord your God, always strive with man to no purpose? Will He always endure to be scorned, mocked and frowned upon by the mites of his creation, who are but worms of the dust, and small ones too?

38. Will He always receive a negative answer to his kind entreaties? Do not your own hearts bear witness in the sight of your God, O ye inhabitants of earth, that ye have perverted the way of the Lord, and the cross of his Christ ye have not borne in truth; nor bowed your necks under the yoke of the blessed Savior?

39. Doth not the haughtiness of man declare that his spirit is high and lifted up, exalted above all that is of God?

40. Doth not the spirit of oppression, and the hand that grindeth the faces of the poor, declare that justice hath departed from the earth, and the blessing of the Almighty withdrawn from her inhabitants?

41. Doth not the spirit of bigotry and despotism rule in the hearts of the children of men? Are they not ready and willing, if not bound by civil laws, to support a religion that suits their own natural and carnal views, even at the point of the sword, and still maintain, that this is the religion of the Son of God, the Prince of Peace?

42. The Heavens bear witness against you, and the earth crieth unto Me with a loud voice, to be avenged on her inhabitants, for the rivers of innocent blood, which they have caused to flow upon her surface.

43. O ye Monarchs, Kings and Princes, and all ye Nobles, Lords and Commons, hearken to my voice of solemn warning, saith the Lord your God; all ye Rulers of the people, and such as move at their command,

44. Bow down your spirits, from the Monarch on his throne, to the humblest peasant dwelling in a lonely cottage. Humble both soul and body; roll in sackcloth and ashes, and proclaim ye solemn fasts throughout your lands. Prepare, prepare, O thou mortal man! prepare, prepare, all ye inhabitants of earth, for the day of my visitation beginneth to dawn upon you; for my anger is kindled against you, and who may quench it? The arm of my wrath is stretched out towards you, and who may turn it back?

45. Naught but your cries and lamentations in the lowest of humiliation, will cause my hand of judgment to be stayed from the earth, saith the Lord of hosts; For I purpose to visit her in judgment, for her wickedness and abomination, and I will fill unto her a cup such as she never drank, since by my hand she was created. And her inhabitants have no time to lose, in preparing to meet Me their God.

46. My times and seasons, I have revealed not unto man; but I will shortly convince all flesh that my hand is upon the earth, in very deed.

47. Look not for my word to be showered down from the natural heavens above: Look not for my word through those that are high and lifted up, and feel themselves far above their fellow creatures.

48. Look not for the second coming of my blessed Son in the natural clouds of heaven; for I have already sent him, and the foundations of my new Heavens and new earth, are already laid, never more to be overthrown, and ye believe it not. But ye may look for my word of solemn warning, from those in humble walks of life; and from the mouths of harmless children, saith the Holy One of Israel, shall ye hear my word.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 3



The Order of My work in Dispensations Past & Present.

1. Give ear, O ye people, and understand my words, saith the Lord; I testify unto you, that all the foregoing passages, and many more, which have never been handed down on record, were dictated by my spirit, and sent forth, through the mouths of the prophets, that the people might have timely warning of the coming of the Messiah, and be prepared to work with him, by hearkening to his voice, that my peace and my blessing might rest upon them.

2. But how dark was their darkness, and how great was their blindness, that after all the particular instruction from the mouths of my faithful servants, they knew not the Savior, when I sent him forth, neither would they, as a body, believe, when he declared himself unto them, and showed forth, by the miracles which he wrought, that he proceeded, and came forth from God, the Father of all, and from none else.

3. But the gospel which he preached, their carnal, self-willed and bigoted natures did abhor; and the testimony which he bore, cut them to their hearts, therefore, in cruel rage, and malice, they exerted all their power, to destroy his animal body, as quick as possible, that his galling testimony might be suppressed, and thus did they accomplish their own destruction.

4. But a few chosen ones gathered unto him, and remained true to the cause, to the laying down of their lives; and were thereby crowned with glory, honor and immortality;

5. And the light of that gospel, revealed through the Son, I did never suffer wholly to be extinguished, through the gloomy, dark, and bloody reign of antichrist; but would, at times, cause rays of this light to break forth, in vessels of my own preparing, as twinkling stars in a dark night, from a cloudy horizon; and bear testimony against the awful abominations of the age in which they lived; notwithstanding, their natural lives were sure to be sacrificed, under the most excruciating tortures as the consequence. And thus have been the doings of mankind, from the creation of the world, to the present day.

6. They have always chosen their own way, in opposition to that which I, in mercy, sent forth unto them. Therefore, have they, as a world of human souls, all gone astray, and worshipped the idol god of their own lusts. Yet, as a kind and tender Father, oft have I reasoned with them, and entreated of them to turn from the error of their doings; to cease from doing evil, and learn to do well: to cease from their bloodshed and carnage, and dwell together in peace and love.

7. And many have been the holy Angels which I have sent, with messages of love and mercy, that they might be persuaded, through my unbounded goodness and loving kindness, to turn unto Me their God and Creator; but all to no purpose, save that they would draw out their mouths in ridicule and derision unto Me, and unto my messengers; and sound forth blasphemous words against my holy work, and the subjects thereof. Yea, saith the Lord, they would gladly turn the whole habitable earth into a theater of sin and corruption!

8. But I have declared in my wrath, and I will execute in my fury, justice upon the nations of the earth, such as will not hearken and return to the law of the Lord their God: for I will surely avenge the innocent blood that crieth unto Me.

9. My spirit shall not always be mocked by frail mortals, who are but as worms and insects, crawling upon the earth's surface. What is man, that I should be mindful of him, or the son of man that I should visit him?

10. Have WE not created him to pursue a different path from that which he hath pursued, from the foundation of the world to the present day? Have I not declared that WE created him in our own image, to be an honor and a glory unto US?

11. And shall WE suffer him, saith the Lord, instead of doing US honor, to disgrace the name by which he was created,

12. By filling the earth with blood and violence, and covering her face with filthy stews of abomination?

13. By trafficking in human blood, and making merchandise of souls?

14. By grinding the face of the poor, and turning the right of the needy away?

15. By supporting the rich, the great and the high, who have got gain without right, in every kind of the most extravagant luxury; while those of their fellow creatures who labor daily with their hands for bread, are starving for want of the same?

16. Shall the earth groan unto Me, by reason of such injustice, and I not be avenged on her inhabitants, saith the Lord? Nay, nay, crieth my eternal justice.

17. I will visit her in mercy, if she will hearken; but if not, I will visit her in judgment, still more severe than I poured forth upon those stiff-necked, hard hearted and rebellious Jews, who crucified the holy Son of God, when he was sent forth unto them.

18. For I have suffered light, knowledge and understanding to be increased in the earth, and where ever much is given, there much, in return, will be required. And unto whomsoever light and knowledge is given, to do their master's will, and they do it not, the same shall be beaten with many stripes.

19. And where the true gospel light does shine into a soul, and they obey it not, for fear they shall be mocked and scorned, by their fellow creatures; double condemnation will fall upon that soul; and my judgments will surely visit them, unless they speedily repent, and obey the light which I have given them, saith the Lord.

20. Understand the word of the Lord your God all ye people; I did not send my beloved Son into the world for naught: I did not send him to make a show of the gospel without possessing the substance.

21. He took on him the nature of man, with all its frail and fallen propensities, that he might set him a true example, how to deny himself, by taking up a daily cross, against every evil propensity of his nature.

22. This, your Lord and Savior effectually did, by putting every enemy of the soul's best good and comfort, under his feet. He conquered the power of sin and death, by passing through the deepest of sufferings.

23. And by this means, he was always able to resist the temptations of every fallen propensity of nature, at the first presentment, and was never, in any instance, overcome; therefore, he was perfected through sufferings, and enabled to open the door of eternal salvation to every one, that would strip themselves for the race, and run for the prize, in the path which he directed.

24. But I never sent him on earth, either in his first, or second appearance, to save any souls in their sins. There can be no power given to do this, saith the Lord; my attribute of eternal justice forbiddeth it.

25. But everyone, who would come into the order of my grace, must confess their sins, one by one, before my Witnesses; and labor to repent of the same, by leaving them off. And none can ever come into the true gospel of Christ, either in his first or in his second appearance, short of doing this.

26. And none can ever stand as true witnesses for Me, until they have done this, in sincerity of heart and honesty of soul, and have labored to repent, and cry to God that they might be forgiven for the same.

27. For the heart, defiled and corrupted with sinful abominations, is like unto a cage filled with every unclean and hateful bird; or like unto a whited sepulchre, that is full of rottenness and dead men's bones within, and it never can be cleansed, short of a full and free confession.

28. I AM, is a God of eternal justice, and will render to every one their just reward. I have in past dispensations of my grace to man, given him laws and statutes, agreeable to the age and day in which he lived, and in keeping them, he would always have been insured with my love and blessing, to protect him in his duty.

29. But few, very few, saith the Creator of all, have I ever found in any age of the world, who were willing to sacrifice their own ways and wills, with all their carnal enjoyments, to do my will and pleasure; therefore have they run in their own way, and not in the way of their God.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 6



Man's Accountability and Recompense; the Manifestations of My Holy Spirit through Visible and Invisible Agencies.

1. Draw near unto me, the Lord your God, O ye inhabitants of earth! Incline your hearts to understand my word, and turn your feet to walk in my paths.

2. Open your eyes to behold, and unstop your ears that you may hear, while I hold forth the sceptre of my mercy, and extend the arm of my charity, once more unto you; and teach you again of my laws, that you may walk in my paths.

3. While I command the holy Angels, whom I have sent forth with the vials of my wrath and judgment, to stay their hands for a short season, that the people may hear my word, and have a space to repent if they will, and prove unto Me, by the humility of their souls, that they really believe my word, and will hearken unto my voice.

4. The great I AM, who sitteth upon his throne on high, is a spirit of everlasting goodness and eternal brightness, operating through all immensity and space, and endless worlds unknown; yet, I formed this earth for my pleasure, and placed the image of my likeness thereon for my glory.

5. And as one grain of sand to the sea shore, or as one drop of water to the rolling deep, so it may be reckoned, in comparison to the power, majesty and glory of Him who created it. Yet, in every individual whom I have created after my own image, is placed an immortal soul, or never dying part, which is of that eternal substance that gave it being; and this must, and will, eternally exist, clothed in happiness, or in misery, just in proportion as its own individual works shall merit, when weighed in the balance of my eternal justice.

6. And just so far as the inhabitants of the earth have kept the law of nature, with all its restrictions, which I did sound, through the mouths of my faithful servants, [and cause] to be recorded in the sacred volume, that man might know the will of God, his Creator, just so far shall they be justified in that order and state before Me, and no further.

7. And again, just so far as all those professing the Christian religion, have sincerely embraced it, in singleness of heart and sincerity of soul, according to the very best light and understanding given them, so far they shall be justified in my sight, and no further; saith He who sitteth upon the throne of eternal justice.

8. And again, hear ye my word; my spirit doth work in the hearts of the children of men, in various ways and manners. But understand, all ye inhabitants of earth, and rulers of the same; never, since the days of the Messiah, hath the spirit of that gospel which your blessed LORD and SAVIOR brought forth unto you, operated to cause you to shed each other's blood.

9. For did he not declare, both by precept and example, as plain as the open light of day, that his kingdom was not of this world, therefore his servants would not fight? And did he not furthermore testify, that his kingdom was a kingdom of peace, and that the subjects of it must dwell together in bonds of love and peace; at all times, do unto others as they wished others to do unto them, and so fulfill the law of true righteousness?

10. Consider, pause, and reflect, all ye nations, ye rulers, kings and people, who make a profession of the true religion of my blessed SON. Great, very great, saith the Lord, are the professions of the children of men upon earth.

11. But I am about to visit them for that which they possess, not that which they profess; for they who profess, and possess not, are likened unto the man who built his house upon the sand, and the floods came, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof.

12. And so shall it be, saith the God of Heaven, with the nations and kingdoms of the earth. And notwithstanding my word of warning unto them, many will say, "Our God delayeth his coming; come, let us take our ease, and rest in our sinful abominations; perhaps it will be just as well with us, in the end, as with others.

13. We have often heard of great warnings and prophecies, purporting to be from God, but I do not know as there ever was anything took place on the account, any more than common; so I think they are all a blasphemous fiction, of some vain mortal that wants to frighten the human race."

14. But I again declare unto the inhabitants of earth, saith the Lord, that although there have been those who spoke in my name, falsely, saying that I had sent them, when I sent them not; and those who have been suffered to taste a little of the true Oil of life and light, and, having no vessel suitably cleansed and prepared to receive it, have, by that means, run extremely wild, and done much harm, in causing the heart that was already hard with unbelief, as respects the invisible operations of my divine spirit, to become still more hard and unbelieving;

15. Yet, saith the Lord, none of these things change falsehood into truth, or truth into falsehood: a just weight, and a just balance alone can stand; and by their works shall they be known, who are false, and who are true.

16. I work by means of my own choosing, through both visible and invisible agencies. The fruit of the tree shall always stand as the criterion, by which the good qualities of that tree shall be known.

17. And wherever the spirit of my blessed Son does find an entrance into the hearts of the children of men, it operates in the following manner: They will feel a spirit of prayer, to cry unto Me, in deep tribulation of soul, that their eyes may be opened, to see and know whether they are, in truth, continually living up to the best light of their own consciences, or whether they are daily violating the same.

18. They will feel their souls hungering and thirsting after spiritual food, anxiously desiring to be clothed upon with that true state of justification, that they can feel they are at peace with all their fellow creatures, and can meet their God in a state of true confidence, having followed the best light given them while upon earth.

19. And furthermore, all such souls as are operated upon by the spirit of good, will feel a kind, tender, and sympathetic feeling towards the whole human family: and when any of their fellow creatures are in distress, if it is in their power to alleviate their sufferings, they will do it; for, remember that faith, unsupported by works, is dead: but such as have true and living faith, will always have works, corresponding therewith.

20. But unto such as can say to a suffering fellow mortal, Go, be thou fed, warmed and clothed; or to the heart worn down under affliction, grief and sorrow, Go, be thou comforted, doing nothing further; I will liken them, saith the Almighty, unto such as profess to be great Christians, calling loudly upon the name of my blessed Son, to save them, by his righteous merits, while they themselves, can readily shed the heart's blood of their fellow creatures, and daily wallow in the filthy and sinful abominations of their own carnal propensities.

21. And again, O ye blind and stupid, saith the Lord, — How can you, in reason, expect to find mercy at my hand, while you are spending your days on earth in rioting and drunkenness, wickedness, and every kind of debauchery, fulfilling the desires of every carnal propensity of both body and mind; yet, cloaking it under the religion of my holy child Jesus, which is pure and undefiled?

22. O turn, turn, crieth the voice of Him who sitteth upon the throne, turn ye, turn ye, O frail mortals of my creation, turn, in the lowest of humility and repentance, to that God who created you; or I will sink kingdoms and cities, in the bowels of that earth which ye have caused to drink in the blood of the innocent.

23. For unto whomsoever ye have yielded yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are; whether of sin unto death, or of grace unto eternal life; and but few do I find upon the earth's surface, who, as yet, are willing to enter in at the strait gate, and walk in the narrow way, that they may find eternal life.

24. The whole human family have gone astray; there are none but what have sinned in my sight, and there are none, but what their works merit a scourge at my hand.

25. Yet, in mercy do I once more extend an offer of repentance, now, in this, the latter day of my visitation on earth, to fallen man. And they that think they can pass lightly over the solemn warnings which I send unto them, and trample them under their feet, I will surely meet them, in an hour that they are not looking for Me, and in a day that they are unprepared for my coming, saith the Lord of hosts.

26. Then will they in vain call upon my name for mercy; then would they gladly confess their sins and abominations, that they might find mercy at my hand; but he that gathereth not in harvest, must perish in winter. He that receiveth not in mercy, must take in judgment.

27. All that operates in the hearts of the children of men, to diffuse the principles of peace, discarding the cruel and barbarous principles of bloodshed and carnage, and all the efforts and labors, of both governments and individuals, to bring about and produce a moral reform upon the minds of the people;

28. And all the associations and societies, which have been formed for the purpose of encouraging the cause of temperance, whether in eating or drinking, are the operations of the hand of my Providence, upon the hearts of the children of men, to prepare the way for my coming to visit the earth, in mercy and in judgment; in a far more remarkable and striking manner, than it ever before was visited.

29. For the great I AM, now openeth the two leaved gates, and declareth, with his own voice of eternal truth, the only way of entrance into the holy city. And all who seek to enter by other paths, are but as thieves and robbers, and it shall be said unto them, depart, for I know you not.

30. I have sent forth my angels of lamentation and of sorrow, of judgment and desolation, of mercy and of charity, to pass and re-pass through the earth.

31. Though as yet, I have scarcely suffered them, saith the Lord, to begin to make themselves known to the children of men: for I will first prove the inhabitants of the earth in this age, as I have proved them in times and ages long past.

32. I will send forth, in my own way, my solemn word of warning; and if that they will receive, I will give unto them, in my own time and season, my law and commandment, which I have already placed in the heart of my Zion, respecting those who still desire to live after the order of nature, propagating their own species.

33. Thus saith the Lord; I have come to declare my laws and my statutes to the children of men. And such as are for the law of nature, keep the law of nature, which I have sent forth, and the blessing and protection of an over-ruling Providence, shall rest upon them for the same.

34. And such as are for the law of grace, keep the law of grace, which can have no part or place in the works of natural generation; and the immediate protection and blessing of my Almighty hand, shall be extended to them for the same; and they shall be crowned with glory, immortality and eternal life, in the world to come.

35. When souls are awakened in their spirits, to search after that which will save them from sin daily, then, the invisible agencies which I have sent forth, are operating upon their minds, to wake them up to a sense of their great loss and distance from a pure and holy God.

36. Souls in this situation, feel, many times, extremely bad, and know not the cause; but if they would follow, regardless of personal consequences, the beams of true light, that are suffered, by my Almighty power, at such times, often to break forth and shine into their souls, and strictly live to the same, regardless of sneers and scoffs, or the ridicule of their fellow companions, this light would invariably lead them, as the final result, to the fountain of eternal truth; where I, the God and Creator of all, have placed my name, forevermore to stand.

37. Where I have promised to set up a kingdom, that all the powers of both earth and hell, can never overthrow nor destroy; where violence shall not be used, and where blood shall not be shed; where the spirit of the Lamb, and the meekness of the Savior, shall characterize the goings of the people; where no confidence or trust is placed in the arm of flesh; but where the Almighty power of the Lord their God is sought unto for protection.

38. For a pure and holy people, whose hands are not stained in human blood, and whose feet pursue not in the paths of sin and death, I will surely have upon the earth, to bear testimony of my word and my work, and testify against the wickedness and abominations thereon committed, saith the God of Heaven.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 7


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