Communications, Corrections, Admonitions, Explanations and Revelations from God given through Shaker Instrument, Philemon Stewart, 1842.  

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The Reign of Antichrist is Ending; Warning Against the Shedding of Human Blood.

1. Thus saith the Lord, I will condescend, in my infinite wisdom and goodness, to reason with the objects of my creation, as a man would reason with his friend. This I condescended to do, in early ages; and shall the great I AM, in this, the latter day of his glory, be less mindful of the dangerous situation under the veil of darkness, which the many millions of souls now upon the earth, are resting?

2. Have not light and knowledge been suffered to increase, upon the earth, since the days of my first anointed One, whom I sent forth to earth to proclaim a free salvation, (not a compulsory one,) that all, whosoever would, might take of the waters of life freely? Surely, knowledge and understanding have increased. But did I not fore-show, even in the days of the Messiah, that I had not yet completed the order of my new, and spiritual kingdom?

3. And did not my holy influence, (or spirit,) move upon the prophets, and upon the apostles, (or followers in truth of the Messiah,) to speak of that day in which Christ should appear the second time; and clearly intimate, the humiliating position in which he would appear in the latter day? Truly, the records contained in your bibles, bear Me witness.

4. And was not a long and gloomy period foretold, by the same spirit, which would take place, between the two bright and last dispensations of my eternal goodness, sent forth to earth by the Two Anointed Ones, the King and the Queen of Zion?

5. Surely, this record is also before you. And was it not foretold, that a great declension, and a falling away from the true gospel, would take place, after the mission of my beloved Son, was the first time finished on earth? Truly, these things were clearly intimated by the spirit of prophecy, through my faithful servants. But what have all my solemn warnings, in past dispensations, availed man? Hath he not always been blind to his own best good and interest? Hath he ever hearkened to my solemn warnings, when they were sent forth, and changed his manner of life; so that my hand of mercy could be extended towards him?

6. Have mankind, in general, ever hearkened, so much as did the Ninevites, at the solemn warnings of Jonah, whom I sent to denounce destruction upon their city within forty days?

7. And did they not humble themselves in sackcloth and ashes, from the king on the throne, to the meanest servant; and lament, and bewail their forlorn condition, and cry mightily to Me, that I would spare their city?

8. And was not my anger appeased by their humility, insomuch that I hearkened to their cry, and prolonged the days that preceded their destruction, so long as they remained penitent and humble, and walked in the way of a true reformation?

9. And when they had ceased longer to keep their vows which they had made unto Me, in their supplications, and again turned to their former wickedness, did I not accomplish, in full, the words which I sent, by my prophet Jonah, that complete destruction should visit their city?

10. Truly I did, saith the Lord; and the great over-ruling First Cause, Jehovah, upon his throne, is the same Almighty power, yesterday, to-day, and forever; whose goodness faileth not, and whose judgments do not slumber.

11. But according to my infinite wisdom, all things are dispensed in my own time and season; and to the honest hearted and sincere seekers, though the true light of the gospel might never have shone into their souls; yet, if they have truly followed the best light made known to them, the days of their ignorance shall be lightly passed over, and my hand of mercy shall rest upon them.

12. But those who are treacherous to that light which I have suffered to shine into their souls, and by reason of the cross and self-denial, which they perceived it was going to require of them, and who, by that means, labored to stifle the same, and put it out, so that they could again turn to their former lives of sin and wickedness, and not feel that remorse of conscience which this light would bring, must surely feel deep tribulation of soul, and wash in the streams of godly sorrow and repentance for the same, or they cannot escape the heavy hand of my judgment, saith the Lord; for such, sin in very deed, against the true light of God.

13. But again listen, all ye people of the earth, pause, consider, and reflect! How awful and great, was the wickedness practiced by man, upon the earth, after the days of the Messiah were passed; and his faithful followers, who had laid down their lives in support of his testimony, were called home to eternity, to rest with their Lord and Savior, from their wearisome toils and labors on earth, which they had passed through in laboring to plant and establish the gospel of their blessed Lord and Master, in the hearts of the children of men, who, as a body, proved themselves unworthy of salvation, or the notice of their God in mercy!

14. For, by their cruel and persecuting spirit, against the holy Son of God, and against those who were his true followers, they proved themselves fit subjects for my wrath and sore destruction, to rest upon them, and sweep them from the face of the earth, and scatter the remnant to the four winds of heaven, seeking rest, and finding none.

15. And for what were all these, their heavy sufferings? Because of their self exalted ideas of the coming of the Messiah, and of their hard and obstinate hearts, in rebelling against his word and work, when I sent him forth, saith the Lord.

16. Though he communicated his lessons of instruction to them, in the most mild and persuasive language, and in a most Fatherly and affectionate manner extended his hand of charity and loving kindness, and would have gathered them under his wings of protection, as a hen would gather her chickens;

17. Yet, notwithstanding all this, their hearts became hard as adamant, their eyes became blinded with thick scales, and their ears became deaf with their own clamors against the Son of God, against the gospel which he preached, and against all such as hearkened to him.

18. Therefore did I reject them, as a people, [who were] cursed in my sight, and from their own mouths did I judge them; whose lips were filled with blasphemy, and iniquity daily dwelling between their teeth, and practiced with their hands.

19. And by their fate, saith the Lord, do I warn all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, of the present day.

20. For I had chosen this people, and had led them for some thousands of years, that through them, I might prefigure my work with the children of men, in all after ages; and had they been obedient, no power, or people, should have ever overcome them.

21. But the heavy and desolating judgments, which I caused to fall upon them, to consume and scatter them among every nation upon the face of the whole earth, remain as a standing monument of solemn warning, to the nations of the earth at this day.

22. For in like manner as I have done unto them, saith the God of Heaven, so will I do, and moreover, also to that nation and people, in this latter day, who shall mock the sacred words of my solemn warnings, and make light of the day of my visitation unto them; or such as shall seek to destroy the work, or the word of my testimony, which I have established on earth, through my Two Anointed Ones.

23. Also give ear, and understand my words, saith He who ruleth on high, and will yet rule in the kingdoms of men upon earth.

24. Let the bloody and merciless reign of Antichrist, which for hundreds of years, did bind the consciences, enslave the souls of men, and drench the earth with human blood, be a solemn and awful warning to all the human race. For greater crimes of heaven-daring wickedness, according to the age, by man cannot be committed, than was perpetrated by the secular arm, under this long, dark and gloomy reign, in which there was no true Church of Christ upon the earth; and all this, pretendedly, under the banner of Christ.

25. Let all nations and people, remember, saith the Lord, that they who are, in any measure, the followers of the Son of God, can neither have, or take, any part in shedding human blood; neither can they have, or take, any part in making use of compulsory measures, to increase the number that may be said to believe as they do, or belong to what they may term, their own persuasion. No example of this kind, was ever set by your Lord and Savior, either in his first or second appearance, nor ever will be.

26. And by this criterion, may all professed christendom discern, that where Christ their Lord and Savior reigns, there, bloodshed and carnage must cease; there the spirit of retaliation cannot dwell; for the spirit of the Lamb is inoffensive, while that of the ravenous beast, is destructive.

27. Therefore, know ye, all nations and people saith the Lord, that where my kingdom is set up, its subjects rely upon my arm for strength and protection. They trust not in the arm of flesh. And they that put their trust in Me, shall renew their strength; they shall walk and not faint, saith Jehovah. But they that trust in flesh and blood, shall fall by the broken staff on which they lean.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 9



The Dispensation of Grace; Man's Disobedience and Refusal to Comply.

1. When I caused manna to come down from Heaven, for food to the children of Israel, did I not require each to gather, day by day, the store which they needed for that day only? save that which was for food on the Sabbath, was gathered the day previous. And could any keep it longer in an eatable state? Surely not, saith He who sent it.

2. And from this one circumstance, mankind should have learned a lesson, not easily to be forgotten; which is, that God, their Heavenly Father, requires the objects whom he hath created, to be constantly employed; first, seeking to do his will and pleasure, by laboring for spiritual food, or that which would feed, nourish and strengthen the soul, against every evil temptation, without and within; and their hands to work daily, for their own support.

3. Had mankind learned these two important lessons, and practiced the same, from that day to this, their principles of morality, and spiritual goodness, gained by actual works, more than by words, would have been far in advance of what they now are; they would never, after having been called by the law of grace, again have turned their sense and feelings to seek after indulgences, permitted under a law given after [the order of] a carnal commandment.

4. But the works of mankind declare unto Me, saith the Lord, that they have neither kept the Mosaic law, nor in any way, walked agreeable to the order and law of grace; or the precepts of the gospel revealed through my blessed Son. But the law which hath ruled among the children of men, upon the face of the whole earth, from Adam to Moses, from Moses to Christ, and from Christ to the present day, is the law of their own corrupt natures.

5. And shall I, after suffering the wicked inhabitants of the earth to go on for thousands of years, in their own way, suffer them still longer to continue their course, uninterrupted, defying my holy power, and setting at naught my righteous commands?

6. Hath he not already begun to say, in his heart, "There is no God, there is no Christ that will ever do us any harm, [for these, our doings,] let us go on, and take our comfort, while we do live; for when we die, that will be the end of us; for we are no more than the beasts that perish!

7. Nay, saith the Lord God of Heaven, whose goings forth are from everlasting, and whose ways are past finding out by mortals, any further than his infinite wisdom and goodness may condescend to reveal them.

8. I will not always suffer man to scorn the works of his Creator. All flesh shall become as dross and dung before Me; and as a vapor before the morning sun, shall it vanish quickly away; no flesh shall glory in my presence.

9. Man, with all the excuses he can collect, and with all the permission to indulge his carnal propensities, which he thinks he can derive from the record of my sacred word, can alter nothing in the least. The motives of his heart are recorded; they make nothing that is white, black, nor black, that is white. Eternal truth and justice shall bear the sway.

10. Sufficient unto the day, and to the people who lived in that day, were the precepts and doctrines of Christ, brought forth and preached loudly to the world, by examples of great sufferings, and true self-denial.

11. But few heeded his warning voice, or bettered their lives by reason of his coming. The cross which he bore, and testified to all, that none could come to him, who would not bear the same, was so galling to the carnal sense of man, in that day, that but very few made the sacrifice required, to obtain salvation, or gain the seal of eternal life.

12. But this hath not altered my declaration through the mouths of my servants, that there is no other name given under Heaven whereby men shall be saved; and he that preacheth any other gospel than this, let him be accursed.

13. And although there be millions of the present day, who pretend they are the true followers of the Lord and Savior; yet do I testify unto them, they are not the sheep of his fold.

14. Fair words, and fine speeches, saith the Lord, make not a true follower of Christ. It is not the hearers of the word only, but the doers of the work.

15. As soon as antichrist began to set up the abomination of desolation, by remodeling the letter of that gospel preached by Christ, that it might serve for a cloak, under which to conceal every species of wickedness; its followers at once became very numerous, and have increased rapidly unto the present day.

16. But remember, the Lord your God hath declared, that the gospel brought forth by the Lord Jesus Christ, was never known or practiced, in antichrist's reign; neither was the strait gate entered, or the narrow way traveled, from the time that the primitive church declined, and fell away, until Christ, or the fullness of the same spirit was sent forth the second time, without sin unto salvation, by my Holy Power, and Eternal Wisdom.

17. And [this second manifestation,] was, and is, quite as offensive to the children of men, in this day, as it was when he made his first appearance. And they appear to be no more ready now, to receive him in truth, in this day, notwithstanding their great profession, than the Jews were in their day.

18. And upon which class will the greatest weight of guilt and condemnation fall? Surely, upon the latter, saith the Lord. For greater light hath shone upon them, if they would but have obeyed it, than ever shone upon the Jews.

19. Christ plainly saw, when he was upon earth, all that was in man. He needed not that anyone should tell him what man possessed; therefore, he did plainly foretell to his disciples, what kind of use the wicked nature in man, would yet make of his name, and of the gospel he preached, as is plainly recorded in sacred writ before you.

20. He plainly saw that they would borrow his words, in blasphemy, and use his name in deceit, and loudly proclaim the letter of the gospel he preached; all for a cloak, and a show of religion to be seen of men.

21. And under this banner, they could shed the blood of millions of their fellow creatures, and readily destroy all such as presumed to bear testimony against their heaven-daring wickedness, the blood of whose slain, crieth unto Me to this very day.

22. And furthermore, every species of abomination could be tolerated, and committed, by those professing to be the subjects of this remodeled religion, said to embrace the true gospel principles of Christ. The least ray of true gospel light, would at once condemn all their sacrilegious proceedings.

23. Had mankind, from the day that the Messiah was on earth, to the present time, but kept the one following passage, in truth, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," they would have been much nigher to Me, their God and Creator, at this day than they now are; take the body of the inhabitants of the world together.

24. Though many there be, upon whom the true light of the gospel hath never shone, yet, they are sincere according to the best of their understanding.

25. All such will merit my blessing and protection, until further light is suffered to shine into their souls; then they must likewise obey that, or they will fall into a far worse state than they were before it reached them; for transgressions, committed in ignorance, will be lightly passed over, saith the Lord.

26. But, saith the God of Heaven, I again call upon all professing christians, to ponder well this question; Do you sincerely believe, from your hearts, that you are fulfilling the divine commands of your blessed Lord and Savior; and are daily walking in that gospel he preached, by bearing the cross which he bore, and wearing the yoke which he wore ?

27. Ponder well this question in your own hearts, and let truth decide, as ye would if ye knew ye must appear before my eternal bar of justice at the next hour: for the time hasteneth on, in my own wisdom, that I will know no man by his words, but by the fruit which he produceth.

28. As I before told you, disobedience is the cause; and judgment, desolation and destruction, are the effects proceeding from this cause.

29. But my creature man, for nearly six thousand years, hath adhered to the cause of destruction; and for which cause, I once swept him from the face of the earth, save a small remnant, to preserve his seed.

30. Yet, notwithstanding all this, he hath never learned obedience to my divine commands, either as regards the law of nature, given in the beginning; or that which was given by Moses, under the dispensation of types and shadows, or the order and law of grace, given under the gospel dispensation by the Holy Son of God.

31. Therefore, do I send forth my word of solemn warning; and declare, in the voice of my eternal truth, to all nations, that the inhabitants of the earth are ripe for the heavy hand of my judgments to visit them.

32. For violence doth cover the earth; deceit and hypocrisy stand up, and walk in the congregations and assemblies, of such as meet together, to adore my holy name. Abomination is found in their skirts; it weareth the clothing of a sheep; but possesseth the body of a wolf.

33. Their fathers have gone astray, and their children have followed their footsteps; until the truly upright have become scarce and few, as particles of gold in the midst of crude ore.

34. Many have been the prophecies and predictions, in former dispensations; respecting the latter day of glory, in which Christ should come, the second time, with thousands of his saints; in which day my kingdom should be set up, never more to be overthrown. That the stone, spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, should grow, and fill the whole earth. That my law should go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

35. These are all correct and true; and many more passages were spoken by the spirit of prophecy, referring to Christ's making his second appearance in a female; which are also correct.

36. But this declaration is so humiliating, to the proud and haughty sense in man, that he most universally spurns at the idea, and rejects it, as folly and fanaticism; witchcraft and delusion.

37. He looketh not at the fruit, to judge whether the root be holy; he seems wholly to overlook the criterion which his Lord and Savior gave, when upon earth, [by which to judge,] which was the works, or fruit.

38. But the disposition, and proneness in man, to disbelieve the work of God in the present tense, when it is sent unto him, and to fix the period still in the future, unless I send forth my word in immediate judgment upon him, hath been abundantly proved, from the earliest ages of the world to the present time.

39. But this altereth not the truth, nor in any way changeth the order and dispensations of my work. He only shutteth the door of mercy against his own soul by so doing.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 11



God Admonishes Mankind for the Adulteration of the Gospel.

1. Again consider, O frail man; consider saith the Lord, the imperfectness of your sight, and the shortness of your understanding in respect to my holy and sacred word, which was sounded forth on earth, by my blessed Son, and his faithful followers, hundreds of years ago.

2. There is not one passage in the sacred volume, that ever escaped from his holy lips; that in any way gives permission, or tolerates a life of fleshly indulgence, or the carnal gratifications of nature. And nothing of that nature, was ever tolerated, by any of his apostles, only in the line of a permission, or an indulgence, for the time being, because of their great weakness in those respects; and this was done by the Apostle, in order, if possible, to content them that still greater sins might be avoided.

3. But nothing of that nature was ever given by commandment, after the gospel dispensation was sent forth by my Almighty hand; though the full order of my new, and spiritual creation, was not completed, to that degree of holiness throughout, in Christ's first appearing, but that some little indulgences of that kind, could be allowed. Yet, in the Savior himself, was a perfect work, and none can ever supersede it.

4. But the perfect order of his kingdom could not be complete, until the Daughter of Zion was sent forth to stand with him, in her proper lot and place, as the spiritual Mother, in the completed order of my new Heaven, and new earth, which I did promise, by the mouths of the Prophets, I would create and establish in the latter day, saith the Lord.

5. And my own time has now come, to declare the work of my hands, to the ends of the earth; notwithstanding frail mortals will rise up against Me, amidst my solemn warnings, and try to destroy the word of my mouth and the work of my hands; because they do not immediately see the heavy hand of my desolating judgments, sweeping their fellow creatures from the face of the earth, or causing her to open her mouth and swallow up the same.

6. But some will give ear and hearken, before it be too late, and by this means, save their souls from destruction. Some will receive my word, through whatever medium I am pleased to send it forth, even should it be from infants.

7. But remember, all ye people, who make a pretense of holding to the sacred word contained in your sealed bibles, and of following the divine commands of your Lord and Savior, while yet daily living in sin and wickedness; you are only treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath, where I shall meet you in a strait place, saith your God, and that, at a time when ye are not prepared, and when longer delay, for your preparation of heart, cannot be made.

8. For the greatest portion of the inhabitants of earth, have already, by reason of their awful wickedness, nearly out-stood the day of my visitation in mercy unto them.

9. Now all ye learned priests and people, bow low your hearts, and hearken to the voice of your God. All such of you, as name the sacred volume for your guide, look at the foregoing passages which I have commanded to be written in this Roll; are they not, the most of them, so simple, that even a child might understand them?

10. They are not great hidden mysteries; but plain and simple requirements, which, by my Almighty power, I caused to be sent forth to the inhabitants of the earth, as a protection and a guide, that they might walk in that way, that they would always be worthy of my blessing, whether they lived under the dispensation of the law, or of the gospel.

11. Though the passages which I required to be here inserted, are but a few out of the many thousands that have been, by my over-ruling hand, preserved for the children of men, that there might always be a record upon earth, among the inhabitants thereof, that should bear upon its face, my Almighty and sacred impression, to testify against the growing depravities of the human family;

12. Those passages are clear and explicit, and nothing between the lids of the bible, can contradict them. And the whole substance of all, sent forth in the sacred record, was sent for the express purpose of causing mankind to cease from doing evil, and learn how to do well; that they might learn to love Me, their God and Creator, with all their souls, might, mind and strength, and their neighbor as themselves.

13. Had they done this, the requirements of their God would have been fulfilled, and the earth would have been blessed with a race of peace-makers upon it, long before this day; instead of a race of murdering Cains, who are ever ready, at the least offense, to imbrue their hands in the blood of their fellow creatures.

14. And their depravity, at this day, is so great, saith the Lord, that this popular way of murdering each other, hath received the general sanction of professed christendom; and this, they must all acknowledge is in direct disobedience to every precept taught by their blessed Lord and Savior, for whom they pretend to feel the most sacred regard, and for the spreading of whose gospel, to all quarters of the earth, they make great provisions.

15. But remember, all ye people, that I am a God that must be served in works as well as in word, or the hand of my mercy cannot rest upon you. It is not those who say unto Me, Lord, Lord; but it is those who do the work which I require, that shall be known by my destroying Angels, when passing over the earth, to whom I will give charge, to spare them for their works' sake, not for their words' sake, saith the Almighty: words and works, with faith and works, must go together.

16. I have now briefly shown unto you, O ye children of men, both by the words of my own mouth, in the present tense, and by those passages which I caused to be sent forth hundreds of years ago, that which I required of the inhabitants of the earth, both while under the dispensation of the law, and while under the dispensation of the gospel of Christ up to the present day and time.

17. And that which I now require of the whole habitable earth, and especially of those calling themselves Christians, I will hereafter, clearly show unto you, saith the Lord. Far more tolerable will it be with those nations and people, who have never known the record of my word, which has been with the children of men, for thousands of years, than for those who have been conversant with its requirements; yet have walked in open disobedience to, and in violation of, every such passage, as brought a cross upon their own carnal, corrupt natures.

18. These passages, in spirit, comprehend the whole substance of the scriptures; for unless these be kept, what profit doth a man derive therefrom, as it respects the work of purifying his own soul?

19. Surely none; but he continually heapeth upon his own head, still greater condemnation. For where light and understanding are given, and suffered to shine upon souls, and they disobey the same, far better would it have been for them, that this light had never so shone upon them. Their accountability unto Me, their God, will be much heavier, than upon those who have never been favored with such a blessing.

20. I here again require such passages of the sacred and inspired writings of past dispensations, to be inserted, as more immediately refer to the second coming of Christ, and that his appearance would be in a female.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 14



Christ's Second Appearing in the Female; her Office and Calling.

1. Thus saith the Lord, the Holy and Eternal One, Give ear unto my voice, all ye people, and hearken and understand my word, all ye nations of the earth.

2. For whom are you looking, to usher in the rays of eternal life, and open the eyes of your souls, that ye may be saved from your sins?

3. Do you look for the Christ of God, the spirit of the Holy Savior, the Lamb who stood upon Mount Zion, with the hundred and forty and four thousand, having their Father's name written in their foreheads, who were virgins, not being defiled with sin?

4. Do you look and seek after a kingdom, of which the sacred volume does predict; which by the spirit of inspiration was told, that a pure and holy kingdom, by my Almighty hand, should, in the latter days, be set up, which should be called the house of the Lord, established in the top of the mountains, and exalted above the hills; of which nations should say, Come, and let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; for he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths?

5. Where the Law should go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem?

6. Where that spirit should be manifested, to rebuke strong nations afar off; and cause them to beat their swords into plough-shares, and their spears into pruning hooks?

7. Where the Lion should lie down with the Lamb, and a little child should lead them?

8. Do you look for the stone, cut out from the mountain without hands, that should grow and fill the whole earth; that smote the great image, and brake it in pieces, and caused it to be carried away of the wind, as the chaff of the summer threshing floor?

9. Do you look for that kingdom that standeth and trusteth in the strength of my power, and not in the arm of flesh; whose life is purity, and whose dwelling resteth in my eternal brightness?

10. Whose subjects are subjects of peace, and whose hands are not stained with human blood, and who walk not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the law of grace, given in the gospel of Christ?

11. Who worship not the mortal bodies of any, but who worship my Holy Spirit, whether manifested in man, woman or child?

12. Who use the measures of justice, and the weights of exactness, and decide not by the balances of deceit?

13. Who do unto others, as they would that others should do unto them?

14. Who turn not the right of the needy away, nor say to the hungry, cold and naked, Go, be thou fed, warmed and clothed?

15. Who turn not the needy from their doors, nor send the poor and distressed empty away?

16. Who procure not gain without right, nor pervert the laws of' truth and justice, for silver or gold?

17. Who open their mouths in true wisdom with their neighbors, and speak words of truth to one another?

18. Whose God requireth that all should labor with their hands; and whose laws of equal justice, mete employment to every age and class, according as they have ability to perform?

19. Who highly prize, and daily do obey the watch-word of the morning from the Queen of Zion; Hands to work and hearts to God, with cheerfulness in your duties?

20. Whose laws and statutes from my eternal throne do emanate and operate to rule and govern every soul in truth, in justice, and in acts of love and kindness?

21. Where no one is set on high, to sway an earthly scepter?

22. Where tyrants cannot reign, and despots do not rule?

23. Do you look for that kingdom, where the holy anointing from my Eternal Throne, is placed in earthy vessels, to lead in meekness, and govern by the power of my spirit, against which, in the final result, no stiff nor stubborn will can stand unshaken, nor abide in the kingdom?

24. Where no coercive means are used; but power and force of spirit, given from my Almighty hand, through prayer and supplication are employed?

25. Where seekers after that which is great and high, must rest in hope, and die without obtaining?

26. Where high and exalted feelings, low and humble stations find?

27. Where meekness, virtue, power and wisdom, as the advancing guard do always move along?

28. Where carnal warfares are not known; but spiritual ones, against the wicked foe within, are eternally waged? No quarters given, nor quarters taken, but death complete unto the man of sin, doth crown the victorious conqueror?

29. Do you seek to find that city, where the Lord your God hath placed his name, in peace to dwell, in truth to reign?

30. Where all its inmates dwell as innocent lambs in the fold of their ever watchful Shepherd?

31. Where the bleatings of harmless sheep are heard, but where the howlings of the wild beasts of the forest, who hunt for flesh, and prey upon the same, are not known?

32. Where the gentle breezes blow from my Almighty throne, and waft upon their wings the bread of Heaven, and the food of Angels; and where streams of living waters flow in rivulets mild and gentle?

33. Where all the inmates dwell, possessing the whole, yet claiming nothing; and aught of all they do possess, no one calleth it his own; but as children of one family, all live and fare alike?

34. Where the sick are ministered to, those in the decline of life supported, and the feeble and tottering knee, gently led by the hand?

35. Do you, in truth, seek after a place of rest unto your souls, where everlasting joy, peace and true comfort are received, as the reward of a daily cross of true self-denial, not in word alone, but in work perfected?

36. Where the innocency of little children is preserved with the utmost care and carefulness, until they reach maturity?

37. Where all dwell as brethren and sisters, bound in one golden chain of love and union; in clothing, food and convenience, each preferring one another?

38. Where none, by reason of care and trust in them reposed, seek for any thing more pleasant and agreeable, either to eat, to drink or to wear, than those to whom they stand as leaders?

39. Where those who are called to stand in front, rejoice to show they bear the greatest cross of true self-denial?

40. Where the jealous eye of wantonness cannot look upon those of the other sex, nor nature's passions vile be gratified?

41. Where none suffer the sun to go down upon their souls when defiled with sin?

42. Where Achor's valley, daily remaineth the only door of hope for any soul?

43. Where nought is again remembered, when once passed through this door?

44. Where ignorant deeds are lightly passed over; but willful acts of transgression, the laws of conscience do condemn?

45. Where my Holy Laws and Orders, reign as sacred guides, impelling every heart?

46. Where the unerring lines of truth, are drawn between the flesh and spirit?

47. Where natural affections do abound for all their fellow beings; but where vile affections, for fleshly kin, are banished from the soul?

48. Where fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children, houses, lands, and their own lives also, are all forsaken to obtain a life in Christ, and the resurrection of the soul from the dead?

49. Do you seek for that kingdom established on earth, but yet is not of the earth?

50. Whose subjects are in the world, yet are not of the world; for I their Lord and God, have chosen them out of the world?

51. Where holy Angels from the eternal world minister unto them, and ten thousand times ten thousand gather to behold their worship?

52. Where saints on earth, with saints in heaven do unite in one eternal song of praise, to Me their God and Maker?

53. Where, through great tribulation and sufferings of soul, by living the life of the Lamb, their garments are washed white?

54. Do you seek for that kingdom, against which, the hand of persecution hath ever been raised; and against which the envenomed tongue of slander and falsehood hath never ceased to pour forth its volumes of blackest epithets?

55. Where souls fulfill the law of Christ, as made known in his first appearing, and by that means, are able to fulfill the whole law in his second coming?

56. Where souls know, by actual experience of more than sixty years, that they have found the spirit of the Lord's Christ, revealed in a Mother, whose name was ANN LEE?

57. For it hath saved them from all sin, and clothed their souls in a garment of true righteousness, and created in their hearts, that love to Me, their God and Maker, which surpasseth, in a thousand fold ratio, all other loves;

58. Which has given them strength and power to resign their lives in martyrdom, if called so to do, rather than deny their faith, or the power by which they received this, [which was] from, and through the QUEEN of Zion, who stands as my first and chosen witness in this last dispensation of my goodness to man.

59. Do you seek for that kingdom, where the gospel of a CHRIST and of a MOTHER reigneth, united in one?

60. Were any of you born, and brought forth into a completed state of existence in the world, by a father, — or by a mother? Or were you only begotten by a father, and then, at the proper time and season, brought forth by the mother?

61. And by whom were you fed with milk, and dandled at the breast, while in your infancy; by the father, — or by the mother?

62. By whose caresses, and soothing hand of comfort, were your troubled spirits pacified to rest? Was it not the Mother's?

63. If We, the overruling and GREAT FIRST CAUSE of all created things, on earth and in the heavens, have, in our own wisdom, created the natural order of things, figurative of that which was spiritual, how can there be any spiritual order, or kingdom of glory completed, unless the woman is brought to stand in her place, according to the figure?

64. Have We not created an order and place for the woman, in the natural order of the creation? Was she not to travail in sorrow, and bring forth children? And in the absence of her husband, does she not stand at the head of her own family?

65. If these things in nature do exist, why stumble ye at the fulfillment of the true representation?

66. And if this is not the true representation, and this order does not exist in the spiritual heavens, why did not We create and send forth, all living upon earth, in the male order?

67. O ye blind and bigoted seers, who strain at your own pride, and must swallow your own folly! The woman you all want, and the man you all want; but the enjoyment of each other in fleshly gratifications, is your greatest desire. No longer wipe your lips, and say you are guiltless; for the God of Heaven doth judge you, the Searcher of every heart, before whose eyes, your abominations are as plain as the whited walls of your houses are in your view.

68. But hearken; Do any of you seek for a kingdom, where the pride of vain mortals ruleth not, and the arrogance of frail, fallen nature, beareth not the sway? Where the high and the low, the rich and the poor, the lame, the halt and the blind, can all fare alike, upon terms of strict equality and justice?

69. Where all yield strict obedience to the revealed will of Heaven, through such agencies as are appointed, through the order of my holy anointing power, wherever I may have caused it to rest?

70. Where all the political strifes and contentions, and party feelings amongst the children of men, are disowned and rejected?

71. Where an avaricious spirit, to heap up treasures on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt, cannot dwell?

72. And again; Do ye sincerely seek for that city of refuge on earth, where you can know and do the will of your God, day by day? Where you can receive strength to crucify your own evil natures, and be born anew, as little innocent children, into the kingdom of your God?

73. Do you seek for that home and place, while in a terrestrial state, where you can live day by day, as ye would if ye knew ye were to die on the morrow, and as ye would if ye were to live a thousand years?

74. Where the kingdom of Heaven, and the righteousness thereto belonging, is the soul's first pursuit; and where all that is needful for the body, through obedience and faithfulness, shall be given unto it? And where, to deal justly and walk humbly, to fear God and keep his commandments, comprise your whole duty?

75. If so, seek in earnest, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; ask, and ye shall receive; follow that light which I shall cause to shine into your souls, and it shall lead you to the city of peace, saith the Lord your God; but not to ease and indulgence, thinking to procure your souls' salvation in that way; not where the manna of Heaven rains down, to feed and support you in idleness, without the soul's exertion;

76. Not where each one, or any part can do that which seemeth right in their own eyes, according to their own natural wisdom and understanding;

77. But where that wisdom, that knowledge and understanding, which is revealed in the order of my own appointment, beareth rule, and is the main spring of action throughout, in all things, spiritual and temporal;

78. According to the completed order of my new heavens and new earth, which I have, in this latter day, established on the earth for all nations, all kindreds, all tongues and all people, who will make the sacrifice which I require, saith the Lord, to obtain a home therein, beneath the wings of my protection.

79. I have now declared unto you, all ye nations and people, that the spirit of my blessed Son hath appeared the second time, without sin unto salvation, in the female, or Spiritual Mother in Israel.

80. And this, my kingdom, as represented by the stone from the mountain, has been established for more than sixty years upon the earth; and yet, ye believe it not; though various publications of its principles, have been circulated when called for, yet, ye know not the Christ or his true kingdom.

81. I have never required, saith the God of Heaven, that the subjects of Christ's second coming, or the children of the Bride, should compass sea and land to make proselytes;

82. This, my Church, the assembly of Saints, was never established upon the eternal foundation of righteousness and truth, for a popular show to the inhabitants of earth.

83. But I required her people to embody their strength in one united capacity, and conquer and subdue their own evil natures within, and travel in humility of soul, and tribulation of spirit, and gain a substance of the true oil of light, and life eternal; That when my time should come, in the order of my own wisdom, she might have wherewithal, to do her duty to other souls, as I have placed her, a city upon a hill, whose light and brightness can never more be hid.

84. And thus, the days of her seclusion are accomplished; and I, the God that formed her, do now declare her to the inhabitants of the earth; and I have also declared the true characters of all who do, in truth, compose the subjects who dwell, and safely remain within her holy walls.

85. Though wolves in sheep's clothing, may creep within her gates, yet, their craving wants for flesh, or fleshly lust, will soon betray the borrowed coat they wear.

86. No ravenous beast can long remain within her holy borders; though many like the place, yet none but the true and honest hearted like the cross; nor will long endure the gospel fire of truth, which doth eternally burn to guard the tree of life.

87. And furthermore, saith the Almighty Power, I declare the three first witnesses unto you, who bore record on the earth, that I, the Almighty God of Heaven, had sent forth the likeness of my blessed Son, the second time, without sin unto salvation, to poor frail mortals on the earth.

88. And through a female was Christ made known, [as a spiritual Mother,] to complete the order of that kingdom which was begun in his first appearing. And I declare, to all nations, the spirit of this chosen female to be the Bride, the Lamb's wife, the Queen of Zion, and Mother of the new and spiritual creation which shall never be destroyed.

89. Though I, her Lord and God, should purge and refine her [inhabitants] to that degree of purity and holiness, that not more than ten souls were able to abide the fire within her holy courts; yet shall these stand, and be supported by the Almighty power of my hand, though armies against them should be arrayed for their destruction.

90. Remember, all ye people who dwell within the walls of my Zion, which is pure and holy, if ye walk not worthy of your holy calling, the great privilege, which in my mercy I have granted you, shall only prove as burning coals of fire upon your heads, to sink your souls from my presence; and a far heavier stroke of my judgments, shall come upon you, than upon those who have never been blessed with such a privilege of my notice, within the walls of my Zion.

91. It is not numbers that compose my Zion; but the purity of that life which souls live; and by the interestedness of their spirits, to build up the cause to which they are called, by spending and being spent, agreeable to that example which was invariably set by the three first witnesses, who bore this gospel across the rolling deep, to fair Columbia's shore, and who, by my Almighty hand, were protected so to do.

92. And by my power, shall other faithful souls safely re-cross the foaming deep, to plant this gospel in distant lands, to feed the hungry souls who cry to Me for [the] bread [of life.]

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 16



The Coming Judgment of Mankind.

1. Hearken, O ye people, and understand, all ye nations of the earth. I AM, before Me none were, and after Me, none can exist.

2. The God, before whose bar of judgment ye must all shortly appear, hath now, in this last age of the world, condescended, in his eternal goodness, to stoop from the throne of his Almighty power on high, and come down to warn the inhabitants of earth. With thousands of holy Angels upon his right and upon his left, doth he approach the habitations of man. And how doth he come? crieth a mighty Angel that goeth before him, that the people may hear.

3. With a balance of true justice in his right hand, and a sword of his judgment in his left; and on his right, doth a holy Angel bear the sceptrer of his mercy, and on his left, a mighty Angel of power doth bear the besom of destruction.

4. Yet, saith the Lord, I send forth unto you my solemn warnings in a still small voice, in language plain, simple and familiar, that a child may understand. Will you hearken any the less on that account?

5. Would you be more ready to receive it, were the earth rocking under your feet, and opening her mouth ready to swallow you down?

6. Would you be more ready to receive it, should I, without giving you the offer of repentance, send a pestilence through your land, that should sweep three fourths of its inhabitants therefrom? Would you be more ready to receive it, should I cause a dearth throughout the earth, and destroy both man and beast thereon?

7. Or would you be more ready to receive it, should I, in my wrath, take from the earth what little peace there is thereon, and suffer the sword to be unsheathed, through every nation and kingdom?

8. Or will you, in mercy, receive it at my hand, before my awful judgments roll on you? My times are not man's time, remember; but the time of times shall not pass in vain over this earth, or those who dwell upon it.

9. But I will now show unto you, the rewards of those who sincerely spend their lives to Me, while in time, such as enter under the law of grace, and walk uprightly therein to the end of their days.

10. When once a soul has heard the sound of the everlasting and true gospel, (remember there is but one true gospel,) they no longer can be considered in a state of ignorance; but they must either harden their hearts to disbelieve and reject it, or else they must follow the best light in their own souls in obeying it.

11. But let it forever be remembered, by all the human race, that they who go through time and commit the least sin, are always the most bright and glorious in the eternal world, and come the nearest to God, their Creator; for every sinful act makes a stain, and deep impression of guilt upon the soul, which can never be eradicated, but through confession and true repentance.

12. And none have found any way or power, by which they can keep from sinning, only such as have, in full purpose of heart, embraced the one only true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in his first, and in his second appearing, which, if lived up to, completes the work of redemption in the soul.

13. Such as embrace this gospel in their childhood, and by that means, learn to love the way of purity in the days of their innocence, and continue faithfully to bear the blessed cross of Christ, to the end of their days, offer unto Me, their God and Creator, the first fruits of their lives.

14. And such souls are prepared, at any time, to enter eternity, and stand before my holy bar of judgment, justified by their God; and there is no power that can condemn them; and in this state, they are prepared immediately to enter a travel in eternity, progressing from one degree of glory to another, continually rejoicing in that God of their salvation who called them while upon earth, before they had sunk their souls in sin and wickedness, and become hardened against God, their Creator.

15. Such are crowned with eternal crowns of glory, having palms placed in their hands; and such are made kings and priests unto Me, for they are worthy. They lived in a sinful world, but they defiled not themselves with her sins, that they might not partake of her plagues.

16. And now, they are prepared to stand in truth with the Lamb on Mount Zion; therefore I will clothe them in white, and gird on them the breast-plate of righteousness, for they have no need to taste the second death.

17. But such as pass a long life in every kind of wicked and sinful indulgence, to which their natures are prone, often feel a stroke of reproof from the monitions of conscience, while passing through time, which awakens in their souls, at times, solemn feelings of reflection and sorrow, for the time that is past and gone, which they have spent in wickedness, against the laws of their Maker. And in this state, many form strong resolutions of mind, that they will mend their lives; but when temptations again appear, their resolutions are gone, and so they again become an easy prey to nature's vilest passions.

18. And, as they approach the close of life, they feel an awful horror and condemnation, thrilling through their souls; a dread of death, judgment and eternity now stares them in the face.

19. They know they are unprepared to meet their God, for they have gone far aside, from doing the best they knew; they now try to pacify their own feelings, by that doctrine which they have so often heard advanced, while passing through life; That if they will, before they breathe their last, only confess themselves to be sinners, by calling on my name; by the merits of Christ, the Savior, all their sins shall be pardoned.

20. But how awfully mistaken on this point, do they find themselves, when they enter eternity! Though many times, my Holy Spirit, saith the Lord, suffereth such souls to wander, and grope in darkness, for hundreds of years, before they are called to judgment; yet no enjoyment do they find; but are similar, in situation, to a man lost in a dense wilderness, among wild beasts. And when their time comes to be called to judgment, they find, that upon my eternal record every deed of their lives is recorded; the good upon the right, and the bad upon the left.

21. And these are weighed in the balance of my eternal justice, which finds them greatly wanting; and their doom is sealed in the flames of hell, with the devil and his angels, till they have paid the utmost farthing, by suffering the demands of justice.

22. I now send forth ministering spirits, to offer them this self same gospel which is offered unto you, O ye children of men. They thankfully embrace the least offer of mercy which I now show unto them; and they now have to begin, exactly in the same way that they would, had they begun in their childhood, or in any period of their lives while on earth, to embrace this gospel of Christ's second coming, without sin unto salvation.

23. After losing their time on earth, as to gaining any treasure for their souls, and all this time in eternity, enduring all the heartrending sufferings they have had to pass through, as their due and just reward, they now have to begin, and travel out of the nature of that loss, with all its increased strength, which is added many fold by indulgence, just the same as they would have had to do, had they begun in the early part of their lives. If they had done this, they would have saved all the time lost in eternity, and their souls from the deep impressions of guilt, darkness and disgrace, and of a sin-stained life, saith the Lord; and been preserved from all the sufferings therewith connected.

24. And be it known unto all people, that it is much easier for them to find a fruitful travel in this world, by yielding obedience to the cross of Christ, while they have strength and activity, of both soul and body, than it is for them to find it in eternity; for there they must pass from prison to prison, from one degree of sufferings to another, seeking the mercy of God.

25. And for those who have once tasted the true gospel of Christ, and the good word of God, and of the powers of the world to come, and then turn back to serve their own corrupt natures, it would have been better for them never to have been born; for such crucify unto themselves the son of God afresh.

26. But such as do not feel themselves called upon by the awakening flames of conviction, in their own consciences, to obey the law of gospel purity, must return to the moral law of nature, saith the Lord, or they cannot escape the heavy hand of my awful judgments.

27. I have not sent forth this roll of solemn truth and warning, to threaten, or terrify the inhabitants of earth; neither have I sent it forth for naught, or to be disregarded, trampled upon, and treated with scorn and contempt by any, either Monarchs, Kings or Princes; but those of you who believe it not, let it alone, and both time and eternity will convince you, from what source it was sent forth.

28. You shall be fully convinced, in the event, that it is not the invention of the people called Shakers, whose religion is so universally despised throughout the earth, nor the invention of man or of woman; but in obedience to my imperative command, and that alone, was it sent forth unto you.

29. For the [inspired] mortal instrument, whose hand I required to pen the words of this roll and book, to the inhabitants of the earth, would sooner have laid down his life, than been compelled to draft what the Angel read, for mortal eyes to view, could he have been accepted of Me, his God and Creator, in so doing.

30. But mortals are but worms of the dust; and whosoever shall refuse to do my will, (when I make it known plainly before them, with indisputable evidence,) are banished from my presence, to suffer in torment and anguish of soul.

31. But if they trust in Me, and obey my voice, let the inhabitants of the earth to whom these warnings are sent, do as they may, they clear their own souls, saith the Lord.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 21


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