Communications, Corrections, Admonitions, Explanations and Revelations from God given through Shaker Instrument, Philemon Stewart, 1842.  

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To: Governing Officials, Rulers and Great Ones of the Earth.

1. Great and mighty men shall be mightily tormented. Why should mighty men be mightily tormented? Have I not promised equal justice in the balance of eternal truth? Then why should mighty men be tormented more than others?

2. Hearken ye Monarchs, and give ear O Kings, and incline your hearts to understand, O ye rulers of the people.

3. Do ye stand in the house of decision for the benefit of the people, or for the benefit of yourselves?

4. Do you spend the wages of your hire in benefiting the people, or do you spend it for your own gratification, in pleasing yourselves, in wanton luxuries and carnal pleasures, wastefulness and extravagance?

5. Do you ever consider that you are mortals, and must shortly lie as low before Me, your God and Creator, as the humblest peasant in your kingdoms?

6. Do you consider, that naked, mortals come into the world, and naked go they out?

7. Do ye stand in the seats of judgment, or the civil tribunals of earth, to mete out justice by weight, and equity in the balance?

8. Do ye hearken to the cries of the needy, and take the wants of the afflicted home to your hearts?

9. Do you prolong debates, to feed your country's poor?

10. Or do ye sound forth words, in trumpets to be blown?

11. Do ye spend the rolling moments as ye would, did ye know each day was to be your last?

12. How often do you consider, and in solemn muse reflect, that soon you must appear, naked and unclothed from mortal clay, before my eternal bar of judgment, and here, on my everlasting record of true justice, are all your works portrayed?

13. Do you decree, and statutes bind to support the schools of vice, where plans are drawn, and means sought out to spill the blood of man?

14. Do fleets by sea and troops by land, bespeak the christian life? Do armies drawn in battle array, bathing their swords in the blood of their fellow creatures, bespeak the true religion of the Son of God, whose doctrines ye so highly applaud?

15. Look ye in the sacred record of his word; read, and understand what you read, saith the God of Heaven. For of one blood, did my Almighty hand create all nations, kingdoms, and all people. And all these will I convince, by my Almighty power, that the Son of God was not sent on earth for nought, either in his first, or in his second appearing.

16. Do ye administer the right of the poor, and deal justly with the afflicted? Or do you even deign to feed them with the crumbs that you trample under your feet, which fall from your full tables, extravagantly loaded?

17. Do you tax the laborers in justice, and heap up stores of their silver and gold for yourselves?

18. Do not the rich grow richer, and the poor, poorer?

19. Is not justice bribed, the weights deceitful, and the measures scanted when going out? And are they not heavily laden, when coming in to one's private store?

20. Can you all make out such records as will compare with mine, at the shortest warning?

21. Can you stand in judgment, and die in mercy?

22. Do you enslave the freedom of conscience, and bind the hearts of men?

23. Do you sway the despot's sceptre, and wield the tyrant's sword?

24 Do you make use of literary knowledge, and science learned of men, to defraud the ignorant and blind the eyes of the weak, who on you for justice do rely?

25. Just and upright rulers in the kingdoms of men, are a blessing, which my Almighty hand doth bestow, that the people may be prospered thereby: but unjust, hard hearted, hasty and wicked rulers, I suffer for a scourge and a curse, to kingdoms and to nations.

26. Do you, at all times, consider the golden rule, laid down by my blessed Son when he was on earth, "Do unto others, as ye would that others should do unto you?"

27. Do you ever lay aside, for a season, the pride and arrogance of your spirits, and clothe your thoughts in the ignorant and humble attitude of the suffering poor, and lower classes of your fellow beings, who are suffering with hunger and cold, with nought but their hands to procure the stay of life, and employment for them they cannot find? And yet, exactions are required at their hands, by such as have thousands to spend in revellings, extravagance, and wickedness.

28. Do you, in dispensing judgment and justice to them, put yourselves, for the moment in their situation, and them in yours? Think ye that the eternal record before my throne would read as it now does, had this been practiced by the rulers, and great ones of the earth ?

29. Does not this clearly account for the saying of the scriptures, That mighty men must be mightily tormented? Surely this is the reason, and so does it stand on my eternal record. In their power they are exalted above their fellow creatures, and trample the rights of the poor and needy under their feet.

30. But remember, all ye Monarchs, Kings, Rulers, and rich ones of the earth, ye must shortly appear before my eternal tribunal, as poor and destitute as the poorest.

31. Had you but exercised your power, throughout your different kingdoms [and dominions,] to put an end to wars, bloodshed and carnage, as was plainly taught by the Messiah, when I first sent him upon the earth, your kingdoms and nations would long ere this day, have been the habitations of peace, of equality and justice; and not a suffering mortal, for the want of the needful things of life, need to have walked your streets.

32. But the God of Heaven hath stooped from his throne on high, to bestow a crumb of his notice, in mercy, to mortals; and now doth call aloud, yet in mercy, to the nations of the earth.

33. Though my awful judgments slumber not, yet doth my Almighty hand, in mercy, longer stay from earth her merited reward, till she shall again hear my word in truth, as she did hear it in ages long past;

34. And doth prove herself an object of my mercy through humbleness of heart, by proclaiming solemn fasts throughout her lands, and solemnly hearing and reading this, my sacred word; or of my judgment by refusing the same, though sent by my Almighty hand to her in a way not looked for by mortals.

35. And this is the way that I have worked, from the earliest ages of the world.

36. But now, in these last days, I have condescended to visit the earth with my holy Angels, in a more accessible manner than I ever before have done; by reason that the foundation and order of my kingdom is now completed thereon.

37. But if souls refuse to hearken to my word, earth's cup of judgment is filled to running over, and this she shall surely drink, saith the God of Heaven.

38. And I do require, saith the Lord, that all nations, and in a special manner, those calling themselves civilized and christianized, cultivate the principles of peace, at home and abroad, by sea and by land.

39. Would ye be more willing to believe this, my requirement, should I bury your fleets in the bosom of the deep, and sweep your land forces from the face of the earth by pestilential diseases?

40. Like causes produce like effects, throughout all created things: principles of peace produce their like, and principles of war their like. War and bloodshed among the objects of my creation, are entirely contrary to every precept or example, ever taught by my blessed Son while on earth; they have proceeded from no other source than from man's fallen nature.

41. If mankind will learn in mercy, they will not be compelled to hearken in judgment: but they must speedily learn to hearken to my voice, where they never have, or they cannot escape the awful stroke they have merited.

42. And those who stand as heads and rulers of the nations, consider well; feel not yourselves too great and high to read this plain, but solemn warning, and consider well every sentence therein contained; for by it ye shall shortly be judged in the eternal world. And, as ye treat this warning so shall ye, in like manner, be treated.

43. If ye humble yourselves, and counsel your people to do the same, by ceasing from violence and injustice, dealing uprightly one with another, laboring so far as is in your power, to suppress all haunts of infamy and lewdness, I will notice you in mercy for the same: and when my judgment's are rolling through your lands, you may, with confidence, pour forth your souls in prayer to Me for mercy.

44. But if you slight, disregard, or contemptuously treat this my word, and regard it not yourselves, nor counsel others so to do, in the days of your calamity you will pour out your cries to Me in vain, saith the Lord.

45. And let these, the forewarning words of kindness, sink deep in every heart; read them in your palaces, and practice them in your courts; and keep this volume sacred, throughout your realms.

46. And again, hear my words saith your God; Whosoever shall destroy this book, out of contempt, derision or ridicule, I will blot out their names from the book of my mercy, and mete to them their portion in [the place of] eternal misery, where torments shall be their food, and the gall of bitterness their drink; for the mouth of the Lord of hosts hath spoken it.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 23



To: Ministers, Preachers, Religious Leaders, Priests.

1. O ye Pastors of the flock, who watch in the broad way and cry at the wide gate, hearken; hear my words and understand my voice, saith the Lord your God, whose eye is upon every sincere heart, and from whose sight no deceitful worker can be hid.

2. The God of Israel and of Jacob, in condescending kindness, now calleth unto you, in a way of my own appointing, not yours. Will ye hear my word, and in breathless silence let the same sink deep into your hearts? Or will ye, by reason of the humble means that I have made choice of to convey it unto you, spurn at the same, before my face? I will, with mine own hand, prove you, saith the Lord.

3. For what purpose do ye stand as preachers to the people, calling aloud unto them, to enter Heaven's gate?

4. Is this to benefit the souls of your flock; or to increase your numbers to be seen of men?

5. Have you firstly prepared your own souls, for true and faithful Pastors of the flock, as the Son of God required?

6. Have you traveled in the narrow way of a daily cross, and entered at the gate of true self-denial?

7. Doth your daily walk declare these fruits in open view of your flock, proving you to be the true ambassadors of Christ?

8. Are all your secluded and secret hours, to Me your God sincerely spent in prayer and humble supplication?

9. At what fountain were you baptized with divine and holy power, to lead the people unto Me?

10. Was it at the literary spring, where eloquence of words are considered the greatest [qualifications?]

11. Did you there receive the sacerdotal garment, to enable you to stand truly in the priesthood of a pure and holy God?

12. Or was the power of framing words, to make them answer the purpose of real truth at heart, there diffused, and the art of dissembling there to perfection brought?

13. Did you there receive my holy power, which instructed you to cleanse your souls and purify your hearts, by subduing the vile passions of nature, which power would enable you to bring every member of your bodies into subjection to the law of Christ, or the Son of God, whose name ye have applauded so highly, and whose gospel is a pure, sin destroying gospel?

14. Was the pure and undefiled religion of the Lord Jesus Christ, the first object of your pursuit? Or were the chief seats in the synagogues, and to be called of men Rabbi, Rabbi, and the greetings in public squares, your object?

15. Do you sincerely believe that the Holy Son of God, or the gospel he preached requires you to make long and labored prayers to be heard of men? Or to preach studied sermons by rule, embracing the words of my holy Son, but not the power and substance, to save the soul from sin?

16. Do you put your hands to work, and give your souls in prayer to God, when not immediately in discharge of duties, incumbent on what is termed your priestly office? Or do you live in pomp and splendor, regaling and indulging yourselves in luxury and extravagance, supported by the suffering poor?

17. Does the register of your hearts, which contains all your proceedings by night and by day, bear upon its face that which you are willing and ready, at the shortest notice, to appear with, before my eternal tribunal of justice? and there meet the everlasting record of my truth, which altereth not, and upon whose pages my Almighty hand of eternal justice hath stamped the deeds of every soul and the thoughts of every heart; and to which place the sound of my eternal summons will shortly call you?

18. Have the leading motives of your transactions through life, been such as will support you at the hour of death, and justify your immortal souls, before the bar of God and his holy Angels? If not, consider well the cause, make no delay. Integrity of heart and sincerity of soul, though in a state of blinded ignorance, will I, in my mercy, notice, saith the Lord.

19. The sincere and honest souls, though ignorant of true gospel light, and of the way of salvation, will I cover with the wings of my mercy, if they will hearken when once they are warned by this, the solemn warning of their God.

20. And again; Do ye who stand as shepherds to the flock, declare unto them, by precept and example, that you do yourselves possess the true gospel of Christ, which is a gospel of peace, sufferings, and of long forbearance?

21. Or do you proclaim unto them, that the pure and holy gospel admits of quarrels, contention, wars and bloodshed? Or ever give the holy church a right to compel souls to join and acknowledge her supreme authority; or be persecuted, even unto death, as the consequences of a refusal?

22. Who among you all, saith the God of Heaven, are willing to appear before my eternal bar of justice, with this doctrine between your teeth, and having also palmed it upon the holy Son of God?

23. Who among you all, think that by the traditions of men, you can make the commandments of God of no effect?

24. Who among you all, when you are made sensible that the doctrine you hold forth to the people, as being the doctrine of Christ and his apostles, is falsely so asserted, still continue, for popularity's sake, to cast the veil of deception and falsehood still longer over the multitude?

25. Will you not be met in judgment for so doing, by your Creator God, and there bewail the loss of such souls as have been blinded by your deception, or the deception of that doctrine which ye preached as the doctrine of Christ and his true followers, and by that means, spent their lives in almost every kind of sinful indulgence? Surely, you shall there be met by your Creator God, and in a path where there is no turning.

26. But for every effort you have made, and for every act of goodness you have performed, in singleness of heart and sincerity of soul, to restrain, and bring souls to walk in the path of true moral virtue, that has in any way saved them from committing sin, either upon their own persons, or upon others, shall be accounted unto you for deeds of goodness; and a reward for the same you shall receive.

27. Many among you, stand upon my record as having acted sincerely in this office and calling, according to the best light and understanding which had been given you, for the time being, not being enlightened into the true knowledge of that life which the gospel of Christ, in reality, doth require souls to live, either in his first, or in his second appearance.

28. But the word of the Lord your God is, Return unto the moral law of nature; propagate your own species according to the law of nature, or cease to call on the name of your God for mercy, or upon the name of Christ, for a saving gospel.

29. And all ye who stand as priests, or teachers of the people, teach ye this commandment of your God, respecting the law of nature, which commandment has been from of old: Indulge not in sexual intercourse, further than is necessary for the purpose of begetting your own offspring: indulge not the sunken and sordid propensities of nature, for self gratification.

30. Teach your congregations to prepare, in obedience, to meet Me in judgment, that in obedience they may receive at my hand of mercy, in the day that all flesh shall become as grass that withereth, and the kingdoms of men as a shadow before Me.

31. But [let] such as feel that they are called upon, by the light of that gospel dispensation established on earth in this their day, obey that light, and keep the law of grace.

32. But let not any souls seek for a refuge in the Zion of my likeness, or, in other words, let none who do not feel [that] they are called upon by my Holy Spirit, to forsake all for the gospel's sake, seek to enter into that completed order of my new Heavens and new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, now set up, no more to be overthrown.

33. Souls had better remain under the law of a carnal commandment, or in the works of natural generation, if they will but keep that law, than after having set out in a dispensation of greater light, and a more perfect law, to turn back again to their former lives, in the law of nature: for by so doing, "They crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame," through their own weakness, by reason of the flesh.

34. For they that have been called, and have had a privilege to taste the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, and have tasted of the same, if they then fall back, they have nought to feel, but a fearful looking for of the fiery indignation and judgments of God, to be revealed from Heaven, against sin and all unrighteousness.

35. But where the law of Christ is in truth not known, and there are many transgressions committed through ignorance, they will be lightly passed over, saith the Lord.

36. And how is it, O ye Shepherds, that the earth is covered with so many different denominations and persuasions, clashing and quarreling, both priests and people, one with another? yet all professedly maintaining the true religion of Christ!

37. Do you expect, or have you any reason to expect, that all these roads lead along the narrow way, and enter the strait gate that leadeth unto life?

38. Was it not plainly testified by the holy Son of God, that there was but one way that souls could enter his kingdom? And do you expect his words, which he received from my eternal throne, are going to prove false?

39. Have you not carved out ways of your own, to find salvation?

40. And have you not, by that means, been under the necessity of always placing salvation in the future tense, by reason that you never found it in the present?

41. [Therefore you] found nothing that could protect the soul from the temptations, snares, and enchanting allurement's of this world.

42. And what do I, the God of Heaven, behold spread over the domains of earth, but a religion said to have emanated from my blessed Son, whom I sent into the world to open the way of life, yet, possessing no power, [in the present tense,] to save the soul from sin and death. And more than this, it admits of their staining their hands in the blood of their fellow creatures.

43. Have not many souls, in consequence of the wickedness and abominations, bloodshed and carnage that they have seen practiced, and cloaked under the name of being sanctioned by a religion that emanated from the Son of God, been induced in their spirits, to abhor the very name of a religion that would admit of such awful wickedness?

44. And have they not even been induced to believe that the whole is a deception, from beginning to end; and by that mean's, almost or quite deny the being of a God, or of any supernatural agency operating on the earth; or that there is any existence in eternity, of future reward's and punishments after death?

45. Call not such a pretended religion, the religion of the Son of God. Blasphemy, in very deed, is recorded on my eternal records, against those who have light and understanding, and do this. But let it stand for the inventions of man; disgrace not the name of Christ with it.

46. Nothing belongeth to Christ, my blessed Son, either in his first or in his second appearance, that is impure, unholy, cruel, wicked or unjust in any shape.

47. But all such as will live a moral life, after the order of nature, and humble themselves at my warning, put their hands to honest employment, and give their souls in prayer to Me, according to the best of their understanding, they shall not fail to receive in mercy, at my hand, of that which I have provided for them.

48. And unto all of you who stand as leaders of the people, in sacred and divine service, do I require, saith the God of Heaven, that ye should often bow yourselves low, and call upon the assembly to do in like manner, and supplicate, while clothed in sackcloth and mourning, the mercy of that God, whose hand is stretched out towards the inhabitants of earth, both in judgment and in mercy.

49. Let mortals cease their pleasure vain,
And learn my name to fear;
Though I'm a God of all domain,
Yet, penitents I hear.

50. And, it is my commandment unto you, all ye who stand as Pastors of the flock, that, as fast as ye can obtain these sacred volumes of my word, ye cause one to be kept in your pulpits; and often look therein, and exhort the people to repentance; and, in your obedience, I will often cause a portion of my spirit to break out in your assemblies.

51. Dwell together in peace, and let harmony pervade your meetings. The GREAT I AM visiteth the earth with myriad's of his Angels; yet, with your natural eyes you behold them not: but, as you feel the wind, and see it not, so shall our Almighty Power yet be felt.

52. Say not within yourselves, "Our God delayeth his coming, and these pretended words of warning are all false, they are of man's invention:" For upon such, will I break forth as a thief in the night. Therefore prepare, all nations, prepare, all people, for the God of Heaven will weigh you as the small dust of the balance; therefore, prepare, prepare ye for his coming.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 24



To: Lawyers, Judges, Workers in the Legal System of the World.

1. Listen to my words, and hearken to my voice, saith the Lord your God, all ye who sell the truth for hire, and turn the scales of justice for money. Can ye, by word, turn falsehood into truth, and truth into falsehood?

2. Do you look at the silver and gold, and then engage to sell the rights of justice for a certain price?

3. Do you, for hire, turn the right of the poor from the bar of equity, and cause the penniless to suffer under the heavy hand of oppression?

4. Are you not called to plead the cause of the widow and fatherless, and use all your influence, that true justice be done between man and man, without regard to gold or silver?

5. Does the popular liar stand justified in my sight, or excused by the usages of men?

6. Does the habit or custom of selling one's self, for a given sum, to pervert the truth, render it less wicked?

7. Do you remember the declarations of my mouth, through my servant John when on earth, That all liars should have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone?

8. Do you remember, that for every idle word, man must give an account in judgment, unto Me, his God?

9. Does equity balance your accounts, and justice settle your demands?

10. Is the golden rule that your Lord and Savior gave, first and foremost in your hearts;

11. "Do unto others as ye would that others should do unto you?" And [do you] never from this depart?

12. Do you make justice your study, and uprightness your daily companion? Or is deception your study, and false coloring your constant companion?

13. Do the records of truth, rest upon the table of your hearts, supporting the deeds that are past, and resolving the course to pursue in future?

14. And are you prepared for the summons of an eternal charge, to appear before the tribunal of the Almighty, and there to receive your reward according to the record of my eternal justice?

15. If ye knew, each day, that it would be the last you would have in time, would you not be in possession, at the return of night, of a different record in your hearts?

16. But remember, saith the Lord, Truth will stand, and justice will not be perverted, in the end.

17. No one can take from him, that which is his just due, nor give unto him, whose right it is not.

18. All classes, all nations and kingdoms of one blood I have created, with immortal and never dying souls, which are all alike accountable to Me who gave them, saith the Lord.

19. Though the pathways of men through life are very unequal, and the inequality greatly increased by their injustice one with another, yet shall all, in the final event, be arraigned at my bar of eternal justice, to receive their just due, according to the record of their lives, which they lived while upon earth. Here, wealth, riches, grandeur or popularity; turn not the scales of justice.

20. Do ye, while pleading the laws of man, keep in your hearts the law of your God, which is, Deal justly, love mercy, walk humbly?

21. Do you extort from the poor and needy, and spend it yourselves, in rioting, luxury and extravagance? Do you give place in your hearts, for sober, serious, and solemn reflections? Or do you put far away the day of my visitation, saith the Lord?

22. Let all flesh tremble at my word, and bow at my command, saith the God of Heaven; for I will sweep, with the blast of my destruction, from the face of the earth, the hard and impenitent souls.

23. For the earth and the inhabitants thereon, have become sick, and covered with putrefying sores, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 25



To: Health Care Professionals and Workers.

24. And all ye physicians of men, how do you deal with your fellow creatures? Do you prolong sickness for money, and protract disease for gain?

25. Do you make just reckoning, and exact no more than your just due? Do you administer relief to the poor, and comfort to the afflicted, though they be penniless and have nought to reward you, but thanks of tongue and blessing of heart? Or do you only prescribe for silver, and administer for gold?

26. Do you pursue the golden rule laid down by Christ, your Lord and Savior, in all cases; Do by others as you would have them do by you in the same condition?

27. Are you guided and dictated by kind, benevolent and humane feelings, towards your fellow creatures; or do rewards control you?

28. Are you prepared to meet, in judgment, the souls of those upon whose bodies you did protract disease, until you acquired all their temporal substance, then did leave them to die at last, and by this means their families were made greatly to suffer, and wholly through your avarice?

29. Remember, the day of truth and justice must come with all. And are you prepared, while in the midst of life, and prospects of enjoyments great, to be in death summoned by my Almighty power, before my eternal bar of justice, there to receive the just recompense of your labor, and meet the souls of those whom ye did wrong upon the earth, and cause their bodies much distress and pain, for the purpose of getting gain to yourselves? Behold I shall call, and from my call, no man can turn.

30. I am the God, who respecteth not the persons of men; but who visiteth the inhabitants of earth, for the greatness of their abominations; and in mercy to them that will hear, and in judgment to them that will not.

31. Therefore, prepare your hearts, my name in truth to serve, and study first, the duty you owe to Me, your God and Creator; then, the duty you owe to man, your fellow creature. And live each day, as ye would if ye knew it was to be your last: then you will he prepared to do my will, wherever your lot is cast.

32. For behold, the powers of earth shall he shaken, and the heart of man shall be seized with consternation and dismay. Loudly and quickly, would he then call upon my name for mercy! But such as have had warning at my mouth, and have heeded it not, their cries will be in vain.

33. For have I not declared unto all flesh; that my spirit shall not always strive with mortal man to no purpose? Therefore, be ye warned by my words, saith the voice of the Most High.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 25



To: General Populace.

1. Give ear, all ye people, and understand my words, all ye who walk in paths of life, and grope your way in time's dark vale below, saith the great JEHOVAH;

2. A God, the record of whose word, in dispensation's long past, ye have; which record, by my Almighty and over-ruling power, hath been preserved unto the present day, as a couch to the frail, and lamp of true light unto the children of men, that the path before them might be plain, and the way in which they should walk not hedged up; that wickedness might not cover the earth, nor gross darkness the people.

3. Have these purposes, for which my sacred word was given, and preserved among the children of men, been accomplished according to my will? Or hath man perverted the order that was intended he should forever keep, as a safeguard to his soul through time?

4. Remember, all ye inhabitants in time below, that your God remaineth the same, both in the past, the present, and the future. God is spirit, an eternal and everlasting substance of light, power and truth, filling all immensity and space, through endless worlds unknown; yet, a God that is near, and can be sought unto in mercy and loving kindness, by such as walk in obedience to his commands, and seek after Him with a sincere heart.

5. But where, saith your God, are the ensigns of your creation, or the credentials of that office for which you were created? Were you not required by these, always to be in a state that you could show forth, at any time, to that power which created you, the ensign of honor, and the credentials of glory? That the day in which you were created, might not be repented of; by Him who formed you to be an honor and a glory to Himself.

6. But they have sought, not to give honor unto Me, but to seek for themselves, honor from men. They have not labored to glorify any name, but have sought glory in their own shame; and I, their God and Creator, have not received tithes at their hands; nor offerings acceptable, have they brought before my face.

7. And the countless millions who have entered eternity for thousands of years, testify these solemn truths; That the whole world hath wandered afar off from the law and order of their creation, and made unto themselves other gods to worship than Me, the only true God and Creator.

8. But, as the inhabitants of the earth, for ages and ages, from the earliest period to the present day, have refused to bring forth offerings, holy and acceptable unto Me, or sound forth praises and thanksgiving unto my holy name, with clean hands and pure hearts, according to the age in which they lived, and have, from time to time, refused the most merciful offers at my hand, saith the Lord;

9. Yet, in the dispensations of my eternal goodness and mercy, to the objects of my creation, I have, in this your day, established a work, and set up my kingdom, which by Me was foretold in ages long past, that shall never have an end or be destroyed, so long as I suffer life and breath to exist upon the earth.

10. And this I have done, that the progressive order of my work, through all preceding dispensations, may be fulfilled, and accomplished; in this, the last and final dispensation of my grace to man.

11. But as it has been in all preceding ages of the world, so it is in this day, as respects mankind being prepared to work together with Me, their God and Creator, in my time; and not lay out their own way and time, in which they will work, or not at all.

12. I find, saith the God of Heaven, that mankind are replete with the same excuses in this day, that they were when I first sent my beloved Son upon the earth; and they are no more ready to believe that my Almighty hand hath established a work, and set up a kingdom on earth in a way that I declare it unto them, in this age and day, than they have been in any age that has preceded it.

13. But I created man; and as I have given him warning in all preceding ages of the world, so will I, in this age and day, as a kind and tender father give him solemn and sacred watch-words of warning of the awful state and condition in which he stands, sunk in sin and wickedness, and every kind of abomination, with cruelty, bloodshed and carnage, on every hand and side impressed.

14. In this awful and sunken situation, in which the inhabitants of earth, as a body, now stand before Me, do I, as a kind father, their watchful and eternal Parent, loudly proclaim in their ear's, that every heart may understand, that the face of the Almighty is turned towards the earth, and that awful judgments are about to break forth upon the inhabitants thereof; if they repent not, and that speedily.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 26



To: Merchants and Business Owners.

15. Give an attentive heart, and a listening ear to my word, saith the Lord; Do all ye merchants of the earth, keep just reckonings, give true weights and honest measures to your fellow creatures? Or does the love of gold and silver, cause deception, lies and fraud to be practiced upon your fellow mortals?

16. Do you live, from day to day, as you wish to die; or do you put the day and hour of death, at a great distance, hoping it will be more easy to prepare by and by? Do all ye who call yourselves the common class of people on the earth, keep the golden rule given by your Lord and Savior, which was, Do unto others at all times, as ye would that others should do unto you? for this is the law and the Prophets, said the Christ.

17. Do you hearken to the rulers of the land, by obeying the laws they do enact? Or do ye transgress the same?

18. Do ye speak evil of the rulers of your people? Or do you give honor to the same?

19. Do ye observe and obey all they teach you, and yet follow no bad example?

20. Do you come at their call, and go at their bidding, to bathe your swords in the heart's blood of your fellow creatures? Or do you do it because you yourselves delight in deeds of blood, to prey like ravenous beasts upon your fellow creatures, to rend and tear in pieces the objects and image of my creation, saith the Lord?

21. Have not I plainly declared unto you, that vengeance is mine, and I will repay in my own time and season?

22. Do you consider, day by day, that for every deed you do, while in the body, against the laws of Christ the Savior, ye must answer in judgment, at my bar of eternal justice?

23. Do ye keep sacred my holy Sabbaths, by bringing forth offerings acceptable unto Me, with clean hands and pure hearts, according to the best of your understanding, not having aught against your brother?

24. Do you love God, your Creator, by rendering praise and thanksgiving to his holy name, with all your soul, might, mind and strength? Or is your strength far more engaged to heap up earthly gains, for selfish purposes, where moth and rust doth corrupt?

25. Do you rise early to praise the Lord your God, and give unto his name the glory due?

26. Do ye abstain from revelings, riotings, drunkenness, lasciviousness, wantonness and debauchery, and live a moral, temperate and sober life, meditating upon the law of the Lord by day, and resting in a state of justification beneath the providence of his protection by night?

27. Do you consider, that my All-seeing eye is continually beholding all the doings of the children of men? Or do ye think that I am a God who only spoke from Sinai's top, parted the red sea, sent fire down from Heaven, and sent the Lord Jesus Christ upon earth; and since then, have taken no knowledge or concern respecting the inhabitant's of the earth?

28. It is true, saith the Lord, your sin, and iniquities have separated your souls from the protection of your God; that is [the reason] why I appear at such a great distance from mortal man in this day: It is his transgressions that have carried him so far away from his God.

29. But they that will do as their Lord and Savior taught, when he was upon earth, will always be nigh unto Me, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people, in deed, and in truth; and unto such I will often draw very near, and teach them of my ways that they may walk in my paths.

30. The humble and contrite soul is near to Me; but the proud, the high, and the lofty, I banish far hence, for they are an abomination in my sight.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 26



To: Suffering, Confused and Seeking Souls; Answering Many Questions.

1. O ye people on the earth, who are as sheep having no shepherd! Why are ye thus confused, and broken to pieces, divided and subdivided, throughout your kingdoms? Why is the integrity of your hearts shaken, and your confidence in one another destroyed?

2. How can two walk together, except they be agreed? And what is it that destroys your agreement? Can you not search out the cause? Confusion is an effect proceeding from some cause. Did I not, when the children of men were building Babel, confuse their language, so that they could proceed no further in the unlawful enterprise which they had undertaken?

3. And hath not mortal man upon earth, in this day, gone as far out of the way, as the builders of Babel were in that day, considering how much greater knowledge, light and understanding, my Almighty hand hath suffered to beam forth upon the earth, in these last days, than there was at that early age?

4. Have not the children of men in this age, in their self-exalted imaginations, built castles into the air? Do not their senses soar above all that is called God? Do they not trust in their own hands for strength, and in their own arm of flesh for protection?

5. Do not they say, in their own hearts, "Who on earth do bear rule, but us? We have plenty of silver and gold, and of our treasure there is no end.

6. Whatsoever our hand listeth to do, we can accomplish, and no power can hinder the work of our hands. We are strong by land and mighty at sea. Our armies cover the fields, and our fleets the face of the deep; and who standeth before us? Great is our strength, and mighty is our power." They, in their hearts, defy the God of Heaven, and mock his righteous words to scorn.

7. Doth not the spirit of man, cry out against his fellow, "Come not near me, for I am holier than thou? I am rich, but thou art poor; I am good and righteous, but thou art a publican and sinner." Is not the heart of man, most intently looking for gain, each one from his quarter?

8. My record in Heaven, saith the Lord, declares and proclaims to all the world, this truth.

9. And again do I sound forth my voice unto you, through the spacious arches of Heaven; Man may build, but his God will pull down. He may build again and again, but I, his God, will as often pull down, until he can build no more.

10. But he that humbleth himself in truth, I will exalt, saith God; but he that exalteth himself; I will bring him low, even to the dust of the ground, and the foot shall tread him down.

11. He that humbleth himself; and cometh down low at my warning, will not have need to fall, and be dashed in pieces; but he that standeth against my word, seeketh to stand in vain; for I live, saith the Lord God, and he shall fall, to rise no more.

12. And whatsoever kingdom she be that shall stand against my word unto her, and pass it over as a matter of little or no consequence, but shall stand against Me her God; I will cast her down in my fury, and recompense in my wrath upon her own head, the just reward of her doing, until she learn that I AM, is God, who ruleth in every nation, and greatly to be feared.

13. Yet to the weary, the heavy laden, and humble seeker after Me, do I draw near; the broken hearted I bind up, the weary soul refresh; and to the feeble and tottering knee, do I give strength.

14. But man's exaltedness before Me, is as stubble, and his greatness, as chaff of the summer threshing floor; for at one breath did I create him, and in one breath can I sweep him from the face of the earth, and leave her without an inhabitant. Therefore, fear the Lord your God, and walk humbly in his presence.

15. As I have before said unto you, so do I now again repeat it; Man's trouble, distress and misery, grow out of his disobedience and rebellion to the will of God, his Creator.

16. But had he been as much engaged to keep my commandments and fulfill my laws, as he has been to pursue his own plans, by carving out ways and means to please and gratify his own wicked propensities, I never should have been compelled to visit the earth in judgment, for the wickedness committed thereon.

17. But man hath never ceased to pervert the record of my sacred word, by framing plans of his own to shun the cross, and wresting the scriptures to his own condemnation. Therefore, by his own tradition, he hath made that which is an abomination in my sight, lawful and commendable among men.

18. And let all remember, that long established habits, customs or practices, [together] with the common usages of men, never alter the nature of my work, or the purity of my word: they change not the times and seasons which I have established; they sanctify not that which I have pronounced unclean, nor in any way make it appear commendable in my sight. They change not the nature of truth into falsehood, nor of corruption and filthiness, into purity.

19. Man's greatness in knowledge and understanding of natural things, purifieth not the heart. His great attainments of knowledge, in learning, arts and sciences, commend him not unto Me: though these he might render useful, if rightly applied; yet, what wickedness is committed thereby.

20. Doth he not, by these means, exalt himself to his own destruction? Doth he not grasp power, and use it to oppress the ignorant and unlearned? And doth he not, in general, feel above putting his own hands to work, and by his meritorious industry gain his own bread? Doth not his great knowledge, as he calls it, if wrongly used, prove in the end a curse, rather than a blessing to his soul?

21. Doth he not, in his self exalted state of greatness and independence of feeling, seek after gain without right, and power without virtue? Is he not continually seeking at heart, to be called of men Rabbi, and to be supported by the hard earnings of others?

22. Do ye consider, O ye inhabitants, that discord, confusion, wickedness, and every kind of distress and injustice, increase upon the earth, in proportion to the self exaltedness of man, relying upon his own bigoted knowledge and understanding, instead of relying upon the moral principles of justice and equity, having the law of his God planted in his own heart, "Do to others as he would that they should do unto him?" And in this sense, a man is enabled to make a beneficial use of all the knowledge that he can acquire, for the good of his fellow creatures.

23. No one is fitly prepared to rule amongst men, or to stand in the place of decision and judgment, until he has first ruled and controlled the evil passions of his own heart. When he hath done this, he can rule, and the people can prosper; for the blessings of my providence, saith the Lord, do rest upon such rulers.

24. But where difference of opinion, in the house of rulers, is carried so far as to break out into hatred, animosity and revenge, even until they thirst for each other's blood, it proves a curse to themselves, and a curse to their kingdoms and nations; and under this curse, saith the Lord, I will suffer that people and government, to break in pieces.

25. But where equity reigns, and justice pervades the hearts of the rulers, by the providential hand of my blessing, that nation will be supported, and made to stand.

26. And when the inhabitants of the earth, learn to use and apply all their knowledge and understanding to honor and glorify God, their Creator, and deal justly between man and man, they will then learn and know by experience, that which the inhabitants of earth, as a body, have not known, for thousands of years past.

27. But the judgments of my Almighty hand will yet bring them to learn, by the things which they suffer, that there is a God who beareth rule in the kingdoms of men.

28. Thus saith the Lord God of Heaven, to all nations and people; Again I do warn you to hearken to the voice of the Holy One, when it is extended to you in mercy; for I have sent forth no requirements hard to be fulfilled by any honest hearted souls: but you are required to proclaim solemn fasts through your lands, humble yourselves before Me your God, and repent in low humility when this word shall reach your ears.

29. And read this, my sacred word, in your assemblies with awe and with reverence, not unto man, but unto God, your eternal Creator, at whose mercy you daily draw the breath of life.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 27



To: Discerners and Seekers of Truth; Preview of the Judgments to Come.

1. Hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God, all nations, kindreds, tongues and people. The Great I AM is beginning to pour out his spirit upon the earth; and many will be struck with consternation at what they behold; and many will be provoked in their spirits, to persecute and abuse those who are the subjects of strange and mysterious operations.

2. But take heed to your doings, all ye people, lest, unhappily for you, ye are found even to be fighting against the work and power of the Most High, by resisting and persecuting those whom He hath chosen as instruments, or vessels for his Spirit to operate in, to make itself manifest.

3. The operation of my Spirit leadeth not its subjects to shed blood, nor to commit acts of violence upon their fellow beings; but where those whom I have chosen as my vessels, or instruments of divers operations and exercises are abused and persecuted, I shall, saith the Lord, in my own wisdom, defend them by my own power, operating through such agencies as I may choose.

4. Therefore take heed to your doings, all ye who seek to oppose the workings of my Spirit. As well might ye fight and resist the rolling waves of the deep, and think to put a stop to their motion, as to strive against my work, or the workings of my Spirit.

5. Though it may appear never so strange and singular to you, though it may differ never so widely from your traditionated forms, habits and customs of worship; yet, if you have learned wisdom by the words I have spoken, you will humble your proud, exalted feelings, and unite, so far as not to be found opposing.

6. Though you may have reason to believe that many of its subjects run into wildness not required by my Spirit, which will, in some instances, be the case; yet, remember I have come to confound the wisdom of the wise, and remove the veils of deceit and hypocrisy.

7. And, as the greatest friend to your souls, do I give you a little foreknowledge of the many strange operations and exercises, which I shall cause upon mortal bodies, like the following: Violent shaking, until thrown heavily upon the floor, or ground; Every limb of the body made stiff and unyielding; Eyes set with a deathly appearance; Pulsation of life nearly extinct; Gestures and bodies exhibiting frightful attitudes;

8. Little children speaking with great power, and declaring, in bold and undaunted terms, my word against the wickedness and abominations of mankind.

9. The power of speech, for days together, entirely taken away; The power of utterance given in language that mortals cannot understand. Females greatly exercised in turning and suddenly stopping, declaring to the surrounding multitude the visions of God they have seen.

10. [Also,] The comfort and happiness of the saints in Heaven, and the awful cries, screams and screeches of those who are bound in hell, suffering for the wickedness they had committed while upon earth;

11. And withal, holding forth sublime testimonies, with power and great eloquence, against the filthy and beastly abominations practiced by mankind, and of the awful judgments of a righteous and just God, about to come upon them for the same;

12. Singing melodious and heavenly songs, given directly from the spiritual world; conversing familiarly with unbodied spirits; In extreme distress, and then immediately in transports of joy, to all appearance enjoying the greatest degree of the sweets of Heaven, in the presence of justified spirits.

13. Often breaking forth upon formal preachers, when sermonizing to the people, [and not preaching the true gospel of Christ,] contradicting certain passages, and declaring what the truth of God is; Often setting aside all forms, creeds and ceremonies, and denouncing in strong terms, against the religious intolerance of man.

14. Many times, loudly proclaiming against the lives of both priests and people; protesting, with great power, against all laws of inquisition, of persecution, or compelling by mortal power, either by law or violence; or in any way binding the freedom of the souls of men.

15. Thus saith the Lord, My spirit never did, and never will, operate in the hearts of the children of men to make them increase in that which is accursed in my sight; such like as wars, fightings, shedding the blood of their fellow creatures, or persecuting and abusing them in any way; or swearing, lying, stealing, defrauding, cruelty either to man or beast, giving way to passionate fits of temper, indulging in feelings of lewdness towards the opposite sex; or to promote places and acts of prostitution by their examples of frequenting to indulge in such places.

16. Or bestiality, or adultery, or bigamy, or of any filthy pollutions or abominations, or of hardness of heart or feelings of unkindness towards the poor and distressed, or of any sexual connection in the actual works of the flesh, farther than is indispensably necessary for the purpose of procreation; or in any way to profane the holy Sabbath.

17. Therefore, saith the God of Heaven, inasmuch as my holy and divine Spirit hath never, and will never, operate in the hearts of the children of men to make them increase in any of the before-mentioned evils, or sinful indulgences, but to cease therefrom,

18. I have never, and will never, commission mortal man with power to usurp authority over the hearts and souls of the children of men, as respects the law and worship of their God.

19. For man to control the volition and free agency of man, is usurping authority that I, his God and Creator, never gave him; and it is that in which my Almighty power never will sustain him; but will surely visit, in judgment, such as contend for the right of exercising it.

20. My holy influence, operating upon the hearts of the children of men, as I have before stated, leadeth directly away from indulging in any kind of vice or wickedness whatever.

21. But the evil influence, or the devil operating in the hearts of the children of men, leadeth them directly to indulge and increase in all those evils before mentioned, and in every species of vice, productive of misery and mischief in every sense of the word.

22. Therefore, the laws that man is empowered to make, are for those who have a disposition, through the influence of evil, to transgress the righteous and moral laws of their God, which I gave them in the beginning, and which were again sent forth, with an increased degree of restriction, when I first sent your Lord and Savior upon earth; and for the transgressing of which, all those evils have been suffered as a scourge and judgment upon man.

23. He brought with him the law of grace, which not only fulfilled all previous laws, but wholly superseded the necessity of them, by a law which was far more perfect, and went directly to accomplish that work, for which all previous laws served only as directors, or pointers towards this very law, which your Lord and Savior did now establish, and [which] comprehended all the law and the prophets before him, in these few words; "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so to them."

24. And again, of the operations of my spirit abroad in the earth; strange signs shall appear, both in the Heavens above, and on the earth beneath; and strange signs shall be made by mortals; and when these you behold, again renew your zeal to prepare your souls in the lowest of humiliation, and cry unto your God:

25. Remembering at all times, that my work, saith the Lord, will always prove itself: I need not, that mortal man should undertake to decide in his own wisdom, whether the work emanated from my Almighty hand.

26. My work, saith God, cannot be overthrown; though the wickedness of man, by violence and persecution, may be suffered for a short season to suppress its subjects in certain places;

27. Yet, it will keep breaking out here, and breaking out there, with greater and greater power and evidence of the Almighty hand that guides it, until man shall fear and tremble before it as a leaf shaken of a mighty wind; and all his sins and abominations staring him in the face upon the left, and the indisputable signs of an Almighty power, approaching him on the right.

28. Now the hearts of men shall fail them, their joints shall tremble, their knees smite together with fear. Then shall their eyes be turned with an imploring look, for mercy from that God whose words they have laughed to scorn, and whose kind and fatherly admonition, with solemn words of warning, they have set at naught.

29. But alas, for mortal man! The time has now come, that an eternal separation between flesh and spirit must take place.

30. Now, man laments the day and time that is past, but he cannot recall it; now he sees the folly of his own doings, but too late to retrace his steps: Now he sees that he has outstood the day of God's visitation in mercy to him; now he takes a realizing sense of the power of that Almighty hand against which he has been fighting; now he beholds, at a glance, the exaltedness of man, with all his might and power, sink quickly into oblivion, as the small insect is crushed beneath his foot while walking upon the earth.

31. Then why will you, O vain mortals of earth, harden your hearts, as your fathers before you have done? Why do ye delay the day of preparation? Because your natures doubt whether the work is of God, or of man?

32. Why do ye stand in your own light, fighting against your own best good and comfort, and thereby hazard the awful consequences of being found fighting against your God, since He requires nothing but what is conducive to your peace, comfort and happiness, with a justified conscience in the present tense, and an inspiring hope for mercy from his Almighty hand, in the world to come, however quick you might be called?

33. Turn, turn O Israel; turn, and change thy goings O Jacob! Turn to the Lord thy God, while he calleth unto thee in the still small voice; lest his heavy thunders from Sinai's top, in forked lightnings play upon the earth, and destroy both man and beast.

34. For I testify unto you all, saith the God of Heaven, I testify unto all human flesh that presumeth to stand in this day, against the tender mercies of their God, their delays are big with danger, and fraught with consequences far more dangerous, both to soul and body, than in any age that hath ever preceded it.

35. Therefore, bow down, in low humiliation, that your judgment may be lightened; for I have a controversy with all flesh, saith the Lord. But they that truly put their trust in God, by walking in true obedience to his will, shall walk and not faint; for I, their Lord and God, will help them, and that right early; and in Me shall their strength be renewed.

36. And again, many will be wrought upon, by the troubling of the waters, whose previous lives and characters have been quite exceptionable; but stumble not at this. And you will see some who have been the most forward in these strange and supernatural exercises, again turn to their wicked lives, and deny that they ever felt any thing but what they could avoid, saying it was all made; neither stumble ye at this.

37. Does not the same wind that bends the suppliant willow, try the strength of the sturdy oak also? Do not the same waters over which the honest merchant-man doth glide, also bear upon its surface the piratical brig? And do not some start from their own shores, on an honest enterprise, and turn pirates, or traitors to their country before they return? Does this act declare that they never have had any honest intentions? By no means.

38. But wait with patience; all things will prove themselves by their fruits. God's time, remember, is not measured by the span of mortals, nor are his judgments weighed in their balance.

39. You will hear of awful denunciations in my name pronounced, that will take place at certain fixed periods of time; some you will see fulfilled, and some you will see are not fulfilled, according to the prediction, in any way that you can discern for the time being: wait with patience, also, in this situation.

40. For as a ship having no helm, yet plenty of sail, must drift before the wind, keeping no direct course, so, in like manner, shall the pouring out of my spirit upon mankind, cause them to drift before it for a season, until antichristian superstition with fixed forms and creeds, is greatly broken up; then I will provide means by which they may have a helm, that shall steer them safely to Canaan's happy land.

41. Be not hasty, O thou mortal man of flesh and blood,
To judge of the immortal things of God;
But wait, thy judgments to portray,
Till fruits do prove the truth in every way.

42. You will see many vessels, when hard pressed by this celestial breeze from the eternal regions, that will run, for a short season, with great speed; but, for the want of helper Wisdom, whom I have not yet sent abroad into the world, saith the Lord, they will, to all appearance, dash upon the rocks and sink to rise no more;

43. By reason that they had run before their tidings were ready, in predicting the particular periods of time and season in which my awful judgments should be accomplished upon man. Yet, many there be, who understand not the predictions of their own mouths.

44. The times and seasons of these things are, as yet, reserved in my own power; not even my holy Angels are yet furnished with the knowledge.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book: Chapter 29

1. It is very true, saith the Lord, my spirit has begun to work in some measure, among the children of men, by causing them to stir up one another to prepare for the day of my coming, and [warning them] that my heavy judgments are about to roll upon the inhabitants of earth.

2. All this, saith the Lord, I acknowledge to be true; and many are the inhabitants of earth, that can witness to it, from their own experience. For several years past, they have been feeling more and more of an inward restlessness, that all is not right; an inexpressible something working in their own hearts, that created fearful apprehensions of the day and time that is near at hand;

3. Which causes strong forebodings of mind in some, that an entire dissolution of all material matter is speedily to take place; and so strong is this impression, when supported by the passions of nature yet unsubdued, (which are as prone to self exaltation, as the sparks are to fly upward,) that they venture, (yet sincere, according to their understanding,) to predict and foretell the times when my Almighty hand should accomplish an entire dissolution of the earth.

4. The wind and breezes by which these vessels have been impelled, saith the Lord, I acknowledge to be in the main, correct; but, as to times and seasons, they should have waited for further knowledge; for, as yet, they have no helm by which to steer their bark.

5. Therefore, it is their wisdom and duty to labor to prepare the people; but should state no times, saith the Almighty Power of Heaven.

6. And again, you will often behold mortal bodies, while under the influence of the spirit which I shall send forth, apparently eating that which natural eyes cannot behold, and, to all appearance, that which tastes exceedingly delightsome and pleasant; Also drinking freely from cups invisible to natural eyes.

7. And moreover, mothers will see their proud daughters exercised by involuntary power, with the most foolish, silly, and mortifying gestures that the human mind can conceive of; until their pride is humbled; then their exercises will become beautifully striking to the beholders.

8. And fathers will behold their haughty sons, who pride themselves in their dress, rolled in the mire and dirt, compelled to go forth in the most humiliating, and, (to the natural mind,) preposterous attitudes of body, that can be imagined, until they feel their haughty natures subdued, and are willing gently to bow and bend to the impulse of the spirit given.

9. You will again see those whose sins and abominations stare them in the face with such terror and consternation, that they will cry mightily to Me, their God, that I would open some way whereby they may be delivered from the condemnation of their sins.

10. Others will be heard to cry aloud, by reason of the insupportable weight of condemnation that rests upon their souls, and lament the day they were born. And others you will see swoon away in trances, and lie upon the floor like so many dead corpses; and to all natural appearance, the vital spark hath fled.

11. But they will again return, and relate that which will astound the heart of man. Some will lie in this situation many days together; and again, some, while in this situation, will talk out, to the understanding of those present, that which they are told by the spirits in eternity, which will cause the by-standers to fear and tremble, and many times to blush with shame.

12. And when ye behold these things of which I have spoken, and many more of the like taking place; of which I have, as a kind and tender father forewarned you, then see that ye are not found fighting against the operations of my Spirit, or trying to stifle it in your children: for if you do, I shall send it upon you in judgment.

13. But to all who will [hearken,] saith the Lord, I send unto them in mercy; but my work cannot be trifled with, and the soul escape unpunished.

14. Yet, I consider, saith God your Heavenly Father, the exceeding great frailty of man, by reason of his long and continued pursuit in seeking for all the pleasures and gratifications time could afford him. And by that means, the labor and pursuit of his mind have scarcely reached beyond the shores of mortality; but have been wholly absorbed by the fading, transitory, fleeting and perishable things of a terrestrial state, whose stores do fade, and treasures turn again to earth and perish in the dust: therefore, his blindness and frailty have become very great.

15. But in loving kindness and compassion, have I, his God, considered him, and sent unto him a timely warning, that all flesh might be left without an excuse before Me, in that day in which all eyes shall be turned to their God, to supplicate his mercy, and escape his awful scourge. But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be verified unto you, if ye heed not the solemn watch-word of your God.

16. I know full well, the inability of mankind at large, in their darkened and sinful state, to receive the solemn warnings of an Almighty God, from the eternal Heavens, with that degree of thankfulness and gratitude of heart, that such an unmerited act of condescension from the Most High, to poor finite beings on earth requires.

17. Yet, those who receive it in thankfulness of heart, and give thanks, honor and glory to the God of Heaven for the same, by hearkening to what is therein contained, will be accepted at my hand.

18. And I require all nations, to hail this as the greatest notice of kindness and favor, from the ETERNAL SOURCE of all power and goodness, that was ever sent forth directly to the inhabitants of earth since the days of the Messiah.

19. And all such as believe and obey it, by turning from the error of their doings, are required to keep [the second day of February annually;] the day bearing the date in which this was brought forth to earth, by the mighty and holy Angel, to be written for mortal eyes to view. And after the following manner, I require you should keep it.

20. Assemble yourselves together in your places for sacred worship, and there humble yourselves upon your knees, and supplicate my mercy, by praying earnestly unto Me, that my All-powerful and protecting arm may yet longer be extended in mercy over you, and over your herds, and over your flocks, until you learn to do my will and keep my statutes holy. And sing solemn praises unto my name, exhorting each other in godly fear.

21. But suffer not your hearts to spend this day in recreation; for it is not in vain delight and pleasure that the heart of man draweth nigh unto God, his Maker; but it is in cheerful resignation unto his holy will, when made known to him.

22. I have sent forth nothing unto you, O ye inhabitants in mortal clay, that does in the least militate against any doctrine contained in the sacred records which I have sent forth in past dispensations, but that ye may, in truth, fulfill them according to the requirement of the law, and according to the requirement of Christ, both in his first and second appearing.

23. For this purpose have I condescended to send forth this Book and Roll of one hundred seals unto you; and this regulation I require you to keep, as an evidence of the contrition of your hearts, that my holy Angels may pass and repass throughout the earth, and behold the doings of the children of men upon this day.

24. For I shall command them to mark upon the posts of every door, with the seal of mercy, whether in places of public worship, or in private dwellings, where they find the people assembled together in sincerity of heart, truly supplicating my protection. And this I require to be sacredly kept, until, in my own power and wisdom, the time does come that I send forth a further word to the inhabitants of earth.

25. Also remember, all ye people, to keep my sacred Sabbaths holy; profane them not with any kind of wickedness; nor the day I now require you to keep in special homage to Me your God.

26. This sacred word will strike with consternation many a heart, and break forth upon the inhabitants of earth, at an unexpected hour. Therefore, beware of my after-coming. Prepare, prepare yourselves to meet your God, as ye would, if ye knew tomorrow would close the scenes of your mortal existence.

27. Then, if in the order of my providence, you are still longer permitted to enjoy life in a terrestrial state, you will be able to honor Me, your God and Creator in so doing; or to leave the world, having made your peace with God, and all your fellow creatures.

28. Hear my requirement, saith the Lord, ye leading characters of every nation. When you receive this Sacred Roll of the word of your God, you are required to enter it upon your most sacred records, and let it be engraven on the table of your hearts, there to remain while passing through the remaining moments of your lives below.

29. I do not require that any should make a wasteful sacrifice of property; but let all be diligent with their hands, to work in some laudable pursuit, and let those who have more than a competency [of the necessaries of this life,] help their poor fellow mortals. In so doing, saith the Lord, you will lay up a treasure far more precious than gold or silver.

30. Let no one be rash, nor wild in their doings, in respect to temporal things; but let true wisdom and reason guide your steps; for I have given you way-marks, saith the Lord, by which you may safely steer if you will.

31. I would that man pursue his various employments, dealing justly with all his fellow creatures, and be willing to work with his own hands for his daily support; for idleness leadeth the soul directly away from its God; it is, in truth, the parent of misery.

32. Let rulers do their duty faithfully; rule in justice and equity, and suppress the haunts of infamy as much as possible. This is the command of your God.

Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book:Chapter 30


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