AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1699

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: One of her later published Prophetic Works bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead.

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Jane Lead’s
The Ascent to the Mount of Vision


The Ascent to the Mount of Vision

One of Jane Lead’s later published Prophetic Works, sent by God’s Eternal Wisdom to reveal more about  the Internal First Resurrection, the State of Separated Souls, the Expectation of the Return of the Patriarchal Life, and the Manifestation of the Kingdom of Christ upon the Earth in the Nazarite Sons and Daughters of God.  Included are instructions to make “the States of the Deceased in the invisible Regions more publicly manifest” as well as a glimpse of the recognizable attributes to be watched for, when “the high divine Magia shall be set a work.”  This authentic manuscript was made public in 1699.


This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been generally inaccessible to the general public.  It contains terminology and wording that are missing from modern edited versions.

The on-line reproduction presents the authentic old manuscript "as close to the original as possible" — rendering  the text and appearance of the 1699 printing without any interpretation or commentary — both of which are here left for the Spirit of Truth, who will always provide for the seeking and humble in heart.   Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size.





T O   T H E

Mount of Vision ;

Where many Things were shewn,


I. The First Resurrection;
II. The State of Separated Souls;
III. The Patriarchal Life;
IV. The Kingdom of Christ.

With an Account of the Approaching Blessed State of
This Nation.


By J. Lead.


Prov. 29.18.

Where there is no Vision, the People perish.


L O N D O N,

Printed in the Year, 1699







C O N T E N T S.



A Prospect of the Holy Mountain of PERAZIM, and of the Great Earthquake.


Of the Succeeding Transfiguration.


A Description of the North side of the Mountain, and of its Gates.


The City of SALVATION in the North.

5, 6, 7, 8.

A Description of the South-side, and of its Gates.

9, 10, 11.

A Description of the East-side, and of its Courts.

12 to 20.

A Description of the West-side, and of the Mysteries of Separated Souls.

20, 21.

Of Prophets and Pastors in the Regions of the Dead.

22, 23, 24.

The Manner of CHRIST’S Deputation to his Nazarites, and the Entrance of the Kingdom of the LILY.

25, 26, 27, 28.

The Restoration of the Patriarchal Longevity: and the First Resurrection.

29 to 38.

A Resolution concerning the Communion, Laws and Customs of the Inhabitants of this Mountain: and of certain Miraculous Gifts and Powers.

38, 39, 40, 41.

The Present Preparations for this Kingdoms Appearance.

42, 43, and 44.

The Great Angelical Medicine.

45 to the End.

An Alarm to the Children of the Kingdom, and the Covenant of Faith made with them, in order to a Great and Glorious Revolution Approaching.





P R E F A C E.

To the Holy Inspired Saints, who are made partakers of the Heavenly Gift and Revelation of the Divine Mysteries.

TO you who under Wisdom’s Discipline have been taught and exercised (more principally) is this little Tract Commended; as knowing you are in a deeper Capacity to receive, and take in, these weighty Treasures of the Kingdom: which you will find have been broken up, in order to be a sure Foundation in this latter Age. Wherein the Children of the Divine Mysteries shall have their first admittance into this Holy Mount, where their Lot shall be to Inherit, and Possess, those precious things contained therein. Which indeed are so Great, so Rich, so Immense, as nothing less than God himself shall your All-filling Substance be; still abounding in unmeasurable Degrees, as in passive Meekness you do attend and wait in the inward Court: where new and fresh Springs of Revelation shall open, and make known the Wonders that are now approaching. In order whereunto as a forerunner the Spirit of Prophecy has now gone forth, to signifie there is a Call to the four Quarters of the Earth, the Gates of the Everlasting Mount being set open, that whosoever can understand and discern this time, and day of God’s great Love-Visitation, may now draw near and hear what great Secrets are Publish’d from this Mount of Vision, which will not fail to have their fulfilling in, and upon, such who in the Spirit of Faith essenced are; But unto others, who are unbelieving, it’s not to be marvelled at that they excluded are from all these Royal Prerogatives, and great Immunities relating to Divine Openings, and Renewed Manifestations of what has hitherto reserved been in the Wisdom and Counsel of God. Wherefore according to the experience of this Author, Unmeasurable are the renewed Gifts and Powers hereof. And I can not therefore but excite and persuade all into whose hands this may come, to keep close to that Anointing which will be an Intelligencer, and Opener of the mind of Eternal Wisdom. In which (as in a clear Glass) may be known, and seen, what is expedient for some in every Age to be acquainted with; God not being limited to those foregoing Ages of time, (in which his mind in the Truth of the Spirit was made known:) but the line of his Spirit doth still continue, and extend it self to an unconfined length, till it have fathomed the deepest Deep, even GOD himself.

Now I am not Ignorant of the many Censures that may be passed by the Unlearned, who are altogether Strangers to the Spirits Ministration and divine Revelation: from such I expect no better Treatment than to be Judged as one gone from the Traditions generally received, especially in the part which treats of the various Regions of Souls Departed, it seeming a new Discovery. But as to this I shall give no other Satisfaction, than that it was discovered from the Central Light, and Original Copy, wherein the mind of God was made known unto me, in these things; which are now no longer to be concealed, or shut up, but are to have their use and service throughout the whole Creation: that so none may be disappointed or frustrated of what they expect in a Future State, but may strive whilst in the Body to work out their Salvation with fear and trembling.

As to the third Mystery unfolded in this Treatise, to wit, the Arrivement to the Patriarchal Age, which was before the Flood, and is again to be renewed in Righteousness: (as contrarily that was in Wickedness and Vanity of Mind) Christ being to Revive in the Souls of such as shall be counted worthy to Personate his Reign upon the Earth, in his own purity. For the attainment of which perfect State, it is necessary there should be length of Days. For as it is with a Plant or Tree, if cut down before it come to its full growth, it cannot bring forth Fruit to ripeness; even so it is in the New Birth, if it reach not to full Maturity, or to the stature of a Man in Christ Jesus, there will then be a suffering of loss, as to what may possibly be brought in time of this Life. Wherefore its a great Privilege and Blessing to live to this Good Old Age: and such a time as this is now approaching, which will figure out the true Bride and Spouse of Christ, which shall reach unto a full growth, for a Celebration of the nuptial Day with her Bridegroom. Who cannot appear upon the Earth in his Glorified Person, till she have thus put on her beautiful Ornaments, and made her self ready for his Entertainment, that so she may ascend up with him into his own Kingdom, and Father’s Glory: Who will there present her without Spot or Wrinkle.

These are the Great and Wonderful things the Spirit of Prophesy has renewed as the ground of Faith and Hope, to the growing Plants of the New Paradisiacal Earth, who shall grow and flourish, being circled with a Wall of Fire: So that no prickling Bryars, nor rending Thorns, which in the wild Forest of degenerated Nature do put forth, shall have any power here to invade or break in.

These are the divine weighty Treasures for a Motive and drawing of such who shall be the first Fruits that are to be Redeemed from out of this vile and worldly Principle, to stand with the Lamb in his Glorified State.

Now what have I more to present unto you, who in the same Lineage of Light, and Love with me do stand, but to make known those great approaching Blessings, and Glories which are assigned to be your Portion and Dowry, from that great Elohim. Who shall all these for you Command, as in the patient Waiting you with me stand, till Christ shall set on foot this, his all powerful Reign: for which let your Prayers with mine Jointly ascend, uncessantly in one band of Loves Eternal Unity, in which I shall only desire to be known to you by a Newer Name, than that of

Jane Lead.




The Ascent to the Mount of Vision.

May 24, 1698

§ I. AS I was recollecting, and casting up, in my mind the tribulated State of the Nazarite Flock, belonging to the great Shepherd, I was put upon a supplicating Inquiry, how long the Time of this Cloudy day might last? And it was Echoed in me: turn thine Eye into that Central light, which may make some discovery: by which the Redemption shall appear to be drawing near. Then suddenly there descended to my Internal seeing, from an high and lofty Sphere, a Mountain most Diaphanous, so great and large as to cover one quarter of the Earth: And round about it were numberless little Hills, of a dark Opacous substance, and (Lo) there was a great Shaking and Trembling, as if they were to be moved out of their places.

§ II. Then of a sudden came a Flaming Blast out of this lofty Mountain, which enkindled some of these Hills, and from them ran circling about the rest, Which made a great crackling noise among them: Then there was a Voice heard as out of the Mountain: Thus a Consumption is determinated upon the dark and dead Mold. Then were they changed into a pure white Earth, clear and transparent. And after this, did the Glorified Jesus stand upon the top of this Mount, with innumerable Attendants, and uttered a mighty Voice of Thunder, saying: Come, behold and see, and rejoice, O ye Heavens, in what I am going to Create an New. Then immediately did there spring up in the room of the little Hills, certain figurative Bodies, first to the number Seven, and then (by the Multiplication of these) to Seven times Seven. Then came there several rays of Light from the Glorious Body, which did enter into these Figures; whereupon it was said, the Lord from Heaven is now become a quickening Spirit. By which they did stand up and move and walk.

§ III. Then descended the bright Body from the Mountain, and became their Leader, conducting them to one side of this Mountain, which had three Gates with Inscriptions on each of them, directing the Inhabitants of the North, East and West, to enter, that should flock hereunto. Then several Persons appeared, that had past through this Transfiguration, and fiery Tryal, being come out of great Tribulation, some of which were known to me in Spirit, and were linked together as so many precious Radiant Stones, which the Lord did wear about him as his Girdle, and so he entered into a Vaulted place within the Mountain, all compacted like unto a City: Where a great Body of Ancients did meet, and Congratulate these Comers: and with the Angel Trumpeters, did give great Acclamations, and prepared Festival entertainments for them. Now the fame of this so went out into all parts of the World, that there was a very great Flocking together, some out of good Will, Love and Zeal to get entrance here: others out of envy and derision, to have disturbed this peaceable Region: upon which the mighty Lord and King of this City, raised up a Flaming Wall for it’s defense, which many did attempt to break through, but none could, except such as were refined as Gold, while others were smitten and driven back.

§ IV. The Inscription upon this City was Salvation: For that Saviours it was said were to come forth hence. Who were led out by the mighty Prince and Saviour, and stood with him upon this Mountain of Perazim. Then were given Trumpets into the hands of these Saviours, to a certain Number, who were first designed to go forth and to call in the Nations from the North, and East, and West: Then was it queried by the Person, to whom this was revealed, whether such Subordinate Saviours, under the great Saviour should appear in this present Generation, upon which there was shewn me a Square Golden Table, in the Hand of the great High Priest, which did contain the Record of so many Persons ( as Radiant Stones set in it ) who were nominated hereunto. And it was exprest that some of these were to be raised up before this Generation should pass away, and others in the succeeding Generations. Moreover it was said, there need to be no enquiry who they are, for they will be turn’d into another Spirit, after the Similitude of their Head; and will be sufficiently manifested in Purity and Power: And the Principal characters of these, because of the deceivableness of the Times, will be the 7 flaming Eyes, which shall pierce so deep as to see through all false coverings: and to make manifest Truth, and soundness of Mind, standing clear from all mixtures. For it was said, this will be the most necessary gift both in this present, and in the approaching Age: Whereby they may sit as Judges from the Infallible Urim and Thummim. This I was commanded to declare, and to make known the mind of the great King and Saviour: For that the time of his Kingdoms appearance is at Hand.


May 25, 1698

§ V. THIS Morning the Mountain that descended was set before me again, and I was brought in Spirit to the South side of it, where were three Gates at each of which there stood an Angel, which gave a call to the Nazarite Flock to enter into one of the Gates, which open’d into the Paradisiacal Land: Which was richly replenished with all that was pleasant and delightful, to satisfie all the divine senses: Then it was Queried: Whether this might not be a place for Spirits departed out of their gross Bodies? And it was answered by the Eternal new Adam, that this was prepared for the Inhabitants, as yet bearing Corporeal Figures, but perfectly refin’d in Spirit and Mind, for as there is a Paradise in the Higher Sphere of the Heavens, so there is in this lower that answers to it in a Mystical and Spiritual manner: where the offspring of a new Generation shall multiply, herein from the Eternal Adam, and his Virgin Spouse, who will have their Children, brought up in the Mysteries of all divine Sciences, which shall make vastly to differ from the old Adam and Eve’s Progeny, who are under the Curse of Terrestrial Labour, Toil and Sorrow: from the which discharged these redeemed ones shall be.

§ VI. Furthermore, the Angel of the 2nd Gate, was commission’d to give a call to those who had a desire to be made skillful in the Theosophical Science, and to be exercised in the divine Magia: This was nominated to be the Principle of the divine Sophia, who uttered her Voice and gave an Invitation to attend upon her Discipline and Counsel, and as many as she should find willing and obedient they should possess the Treasures of her Land, and thereby should become Stewards to dispense out of that Stock and Store. Then through a perspective Glass, were shewn me some Persons that did willingly comply, and offer themselves to this Noble and Worthy Employ. Some of them (as Principal Stones) were made known to me: To whom She did first give Rules of Faith, as the Foundation they were to build upon; that so whatever they set their hands to, whether it were in inward or in outward Nature, accordingly as they should hit the Mark, by the Arrow of Faith, so the work should be perfectly consummated. Motives were multiplyed abundantly to those Magical Children; as that hereby they would recover the lost Paradisiacal dominion, and all the Properties and Immunities, that would set free the Imbondaged Captivity. A call there is for this, to all that can make their escape out of the Worldly Principle, and can pass through the Flaming Wall. Here the glorious Lord will his Banner of Power and Strength spread over them: and all sorts of Provision shall meet them Plentifully; their cloathing shall be Munition-strength of everlasting Righteousness.

§ VII. Now further there was a Trumpet Cry to the Adept Philosophers, that have lain in obscurity in outward Nature, and are shut up in it, as having no vent to shew forth the Wonders of the Creator. To you this Message and Call goes forth from the divine Imperial Wisdom, that you make no longer delay, nor halts in your way: For know the time and season is come in which you are to be made manifest, and join’d to those who are internally taught the Theosophical Art. For the Tree of Faith hath spread forth its Branches, and is ready to cast its Fruit, and doth invite you thereof to come and Eat: And as divine Artists, such a Composition make of the Leaves thereof, as may be for Medicine and Healing, to all that Obnoxious {liable} to Corruption doth lie.

§ VIII. The last Gate of this side of the Mountain, was the Apostolical Gate, which opens into that Centre, where the Holy Ghost will rest upon such as are Elected and Chosen hereunto; that shall revive the Ancient Miraculous Powers, in such wise as they shall not be Transient, but go forward on to Fixation and perpetual Duration.

§ IX. Now the third side of the Mount that lay Eastward, was also described to me by the Guardian Angel that kept the 3 Gates; that each Gate gave entrance into three several Courts. The First was to be filled with Prophets and Prophetesses, that were disciplin’d and train’d up there, by the great head Prophet Christ Jesus. Who was accompanied with all the Ancient Prophets, as with Moses and Samuel, Elias and all that were from the Foundation of the World, to Christ’s time. Who took a Golden Horn and poured forth a Rich Oily spikenard upon their heads, that ran down to the Skirts of their Garments: of which it was said; “These are the Anointed of the Lord, that shall bear Witness and Declare what is to be made manifest throughout all the approaching Ages of Time, which relate to the Kingdom of the Emmanuel”.

§ X. The second Court opened: and there into descended the great Melchizedeck, with his holy Order, Constituting and Ordaining a certain Number to enter upon this Holy Priestly Profession; that were Dedicated, Consecrated, Inaugurated, and made Ministers of this New erected Sanctuary, and most holy place: Where the Essential Furniture (not the patterns only, but the very Heavenly things themselves) did here open: and the Priestly intercessions did ascend up in a most Harmonious Celebration of Joyful Acclamations passing through the high Order, of the great Melchizedeck-Priesthood: Whose Ministration from Petition was turn’d into a new Language of Triumph and Praises.

§ XI. The Account given of the third Court was this. The Thrones out of the Heavens descended here, and the King of Kings, and in the Splendor of his Majesty with numerous Spirits that Crowned were to fill that Court with Princely Powers, that were taken out of the two mention’d Courts, and certain Numbers out of the two other sides of the Mountains, were taken out and Crown’d, and received Power and Dominion to Reign with Christ upon the Earth. Thus shall the Kingdom of God in his Saints come to be made Manifest, and Established, so as to overtop all the Kingdoms of the Earth. And this came as an Excitement to wait and Believe and be found in all readiness for the Consummation of this Prophecy.

§ XII. On the Fourth side of the Mountain, which lay Westward, was the great Secrets of the Deceased, the various Regions that they were lodged in, and the Glorious Mansions that did appertain to such as departed in a high degree of Perfection; with all the great Wonders of the great Weight and Glories of Eternity. It was told me, all of this was to be concealed yet, and shut up from the knowledge of the present Age of Time: And was but only peculiar to some that should have a Light, and discovery of these Marvelous things, as they were capable to take them in; Standing in the Passive meekness, and pure Faith-expectation for the accomplishment of all what has been here declared: For the time may be nearer, or further off, as we see the gathering into these Holy Courts may be, so hasten then we may, the Blessed approach of this Rising blissful Day, as in the Golden knot of Love we tyed and knit together are. Amen.

Now if it shall be asked, Where it is that this Mountain, and Holy Paradise shall be found? It is Answered, It is founded upon Holy Ground, where the Philadelphian Knot of Perfect Love-Unity hath sent forth their strong Perfumes, and attractive Powers to fetch in those that are to make up the full Number of the Heavenly Roll, that shall stand with the LAMB: in whose Princely Power and Spirit they shall obtain with Him to Reign. Even so: Amen. All this Confirm by the Seal of the Anointing Power.


May 26, 1698

§ XIII. THIS great Mystery and Secret, of the various degrees of the Deceased, and separated Souls, which opened on the fourth side of the Mountain, being permitted me to disclose to the Worthy and Believing, that desire to have so much of the Counsel of God made known, as has been revealed herein, to such as are weaned from the Mothers Breast of Tradition: even to them, it is given forth to know, what is reserved for the latter Ages of time. Now there were shewn to me seven States or Regions which were allotted to the Dead.

§ XIV. The first Order I shall mention, is of those that have Lived and Died in a most Wicked and Diabolical Spirit, without any Change or Repentance: Such as Blasphemers, Contemners of God, Apostates, &c. These have their places in the Tormenting, Anguishing Fire, of the dark Luciferian Kingdom, where they are to be Punished till the decreed Ages of Ages are expired, within those Spheres or Circles: Which is dreadful enough to endure, to fright all from coming here.

§ XV. The second is of those, that have lived in the outward Birth after the Flesh, but know nothing of being Born again from out of the Dead and Earthly Image: Cleaving to this Worldly Principle, and extending their delight and love no farther than to what is Temporary, living wholly as without God in the World: These have their places in the lower and grosser part of the Airy Region. Where tho’ they have not much Torment, yet on the other hand they have but little rest; and such lovers, they are of their Bodies that many of them visit their dead Corpses, and abide sometime with them, as finding more ease there than in that other place allotted them.

§ XVI. Now a third sort are of that Rank and Order, that have been believing in God and Christ, and under Conviction of their lost State without him, and who have made some progress in the Heavenly Warfare: Having gone so far as to live a Sober Rational Life, but have come short of that more inward and Spiritual work of Renovation, not having reached to Mortification and self Abnegation, but dying much short of it. Yet their Mansion is more pleasant, being in the upper part of the Airy Region, annexed to Paradise: Where they want not for Motives and Stirrings up to go on, and recover what they omitted and lost, while living in the Body.

§ XVII. As these Centers were opened and past before me, it was much upon me to be informed out of that depth of the Eternal Wisdom, that here opened it self, what became of all the Children that died, either in Infancy or Minority. Then the Vision open’d shewing me a very pleasant Flowery and delightful Sphere, with a wonderful bright Light, that covered it as a Firmament, and the word said, this is the Children’s Sphere and Kingdom. It appeared like a little World fill’d up with them, from the Womb, to the stature of about 12 Years. This was inferiour to Paradise, but was appropriated to Wisdom; to be under her Government and Dominion, who appointed here several ministering Angels to Discipline, and Educate them, in the Faith of Jesus: For being stained with original Sin, they were to believe in and receive the Lamb of God as their Redeemer: And so, by Union with him, they become Virgins without Spot or Blemish. Hereby it was said that Wisdom did make out her self, in the Fathers new-created Wonders, in these Children being transplanted out from the Earthly, into the Divine and Spiritual Orb of Light.

§ XVIII. Now the Three other Regions, (to wit, Paradise, Mount-Sion, and the New Jerusalem) I have already given an account of it in the Book of the Eight Worlds. I must pronounce, Happy and Blessed are they, that dye so fitly qualified, as immediately to pass through all these before-mention’d Regions, that none of them may detain them, but that (as an Arrow) swiftly they may fly into this more high degree of the Paradisiacal Sphere, for they shall not long rest here, before their Ascension shall be; where they shall see the King of Mount Sion, stretching out the Golden Cord, that shall draw them up to sit with him upon his Throne, which he has prepared for them; and so to rise from one Glory to another, till in the fullness of the Father’s Glory, Christ shall install them, jointly with himself. The everlasting Gates of the New Jerusalem here open, and wide do stand: Which properly does belong to the high and lofty Majesty, as his Principal Seat or Mansion-house. Which he will in the concluding part of all Scenes make to descend, to fill the whole Creation, with the splendor of it’s Glory: Even so, Amen.

§ XIX. But for caution, let none think they can reach to these two last degrees, at the passing out of the Body, but as Christ in them shall come to be grown up in a perfect Stature, covering them all over with his divine Nature. Which we hope and believe, may be wrought out effectually by the same Power that gave a Resurrection to his dead Body, and an Ascension to Glorification: in the Faith of which we wait and pray, for this perfect Day.


June 30, 1698

§ XX. I was Considering and Recollecting with my self the manifold Mysteries, that among the Dead lay yet hid, which in these Ages past were to be concealed and shut up: but as the nearer approach is of the finishing of the fullness of Redemption, the Word of the Eternal Wisdom has been pleas’d to make known, what is beyond the present belief of the World: but to the Impartial seekers and Worthy inquirers the secrets that appertain to the States of separated Souls, may be communicated.

§ XXI. In the first place we are to consider how these three Ranks of such as have departed this World, short of Redemption, shall come to recover the Regeneration or Remaining part of the Work, which they might possibly have attained in this Life; for which end the Mediatorship of Christ was established by the Father, and continued in the Melchizedeck-Order. And as Souls are daily Dying in this imperfect State, so Christ is daily renewing the Efficacy of his Blood, that must still atone for them. It is also further made Manifest, that the great Saints that are made Kings and Priests, as they have Thrones, so they have Seats of Judgment, and are also made Saviours with their high Prince and Saviour, being of the same Merciful, and meek Nature, as joined and made one Spirit with him. And their intercession with him, is of acceptation and efficacy, for these their fellow Members that have lag’d behind, and lost their time either in this Life or in other Centres: So that it is laid for a Foundation-truth that the great Saints may help the less, whether in the higher World or the lower. Now as it was queried in my self, so it may be by others how those that are departed, shall be brought to Repent and believe in Christ for Salvation? It was here shewn to me that there were There Prophets, Pastors and Teachers, that did exercise their Function and Office, as well as in these Regions below. For it is well to be understood, that this Converting and Regenerating work is to go forward on, till that which is perfect do so enter into every Member, that they come to be in Congruity with their perfect Head: who must see the full Fruit of the Travail of his Soul, throughout the whole Creation. For Christ the Head does not account himself perfect till every Member be cojoined with him. Therefore, also the high Saints do Sympathize with the groaning Creation, because till all are brought in, their Joy cannot be full. If it be asked, What Scripture is there for this? I recommend the same that was open’d to me from the Revelations, Chap. 5.8. Where the 24 Elders were in Office to receive the Golden Vials of the Prayers of the Saints, and to pour them before the Throne. Whereby it is implyed that the Prayers of the Saints, of a lesser degree may pass through them that are of a higher. Then another Scripture I shall superadd is that, 1Cor. 15.29. Where you find the Living, did enter into the Covenant of Baptism for the Dead; as being capable of helping them forward in their Process to Christ, by Concurrence and Union of Spirits with them. And had we more of this Concurrence of Spirits one with another, the Kingdom of our Lord had not been so long detained and kept back; but a quicker dispatch might have been made, but we are in hopes that as the day-Star shall more Universally arise in Hearts, this Light shall so spread it self, as that the knowledge of these great Mysteries shall find more kind entertainment in the World, that lyes Buried in so much Ignorance and Darkness. Then there will be less to do in those other Regions, because there will not so many dye in an imperfect State, and the Kingdom of Satan will be weakened and diminished thereby, who shall not be able to hold his dominion, either in this invisible dark Sphere or the visible Principle. I shall now conclude this Point with this Acclamation, Rejoice ye Heavens and shout ye lower parts of the Earth, for the Lord God Omnipotent is about to do Marvelous things, which shall be seen and admired by such as do long for, and Love his Appearance: Which approaching is still nearer and nearer. Even so come: Come, O Lord, in thy Kingdom, Power, and Glory; Amen.


July 10, 1698

§ XXII. IT was further discovered that the Elders before the Throne, did receive Commission from the Supreme King and Lord, as being his most near Privy Counselors, for to put into Office and Government, such in the upper Worlds as might be as the Nobles and Principalities of high degree, in the Heavenly Court. These had Power and Command given them to govern and manage the Affairs of the lower Regions of the Deceased, who had reference to them on all occasions. For these matters are transacted and agitated in various manners, unknown to Mortals, according to the manifold Wisdom that is understood there. For the increase and bringing all into Subjection and Obedience, for the bringing in and perfecting of Christ’s Kingdom There. For Christ must Reign till all in those Centres be made to know his Superiority. Nay, the Extent of this Government of the Saints, reaches to the Binding and Chaining up of Lucifer, and those that are yet under his Jurisdiction. Otherwise they would make strange disturbances and commotions, by invading of the Privileges which are above his Sphere. This was made known to me, in order that I might understand better what was the purpose and design of the great Jerusalem King, as to the putting of this lower World into a new Model of Government; beyond what has been since Christ’s time. Hitherto the Diabolical Spirit and the Worldly Spirit, have had the Superiority: but it has been signified to me that the time of this Reign of the Beast and of the Dragon, is very near expiring: When Christ will bring down his Court, and all Powerful Government, here upon Earth. And it shall be managed by such as he shall Depute, by impowering with his own Spirit, expressly by which he will act in them as if they stood in his very Person. It was further proposed to me, that some who are alive in this present Generation, should be Anointed and Seal’d with Power here for, and taken into his secret Counsel. At first a small known Number, but which should dilate and increase till they were Numberless. Then was it pronounced in my Ears from the Heavens, Blessed are those that are the first Fruits, that go forth to enlighten and bear Rule over all the degenerated Plants, that are not yet ingrafted into the true Vine.

§ XXIII. Then was it queried in me, (because there was yet so little appearance of this,) how long it might be, before This would come to effect? The soft springing Word replied, that there was already a seed of Light sown, and an united Golden Grain of Faith, which would assuredly put forth their Heads, that the time of the Lily may be known. One full Circle of a thousand Years is already run out, and when the full point of the seventh Hundred Year shall be superadded to it, then the Thrones and Dominions here below shall begin to bow and stoop to That Reign and Kingdom, which shall (by the Spirit in meek and Holy Souls) be set afoot. For knowledge shall have a wonderful encrease, so that the Princes and Kings of the Earth shall be taken hold of thereby, to promote the Reign of Christ, and to throw their Crowns at His Feet. And a Solomon’s Heart shall revive again, whereby hands will be put to Build up such a Temple, as shall never be made desolate.

§ XXIV. As I was still considering of this great Revolution how it should be brought about; there was a Lamp descended from the seven Lamps before the Throne, and put into the Hand of a certain Person, which did at first sight burn but dimly. Then came the Angel of the Love, that poured in a Golden Oyl, that sent forth a mighty strong Odour, which immediately made the Lamp burn with such a Blaze, dropping Flakes of Light into the Oyl, that caused many more Lamps to spring; which made a good part of the Earth look as a bright Heaven. Then was it said to me, This shall be the fore-runner whereby the Foundation shall be laid, for the bright Sun of Righteousness to appear and shine forth, in his Temple Body, which is his Spouse and Bride; who shall not want to be accomplished with all manner of Gifts and Powers, much more radiant and great than whatever yet has been known and declared. All this it to confirm the Vision of the Mountain of Perazim, that open’d towards the four Corners of the Earth, and tho’ somewhat was for a time to be shut up from the Unworthy, yet as this Blessed day shall approach nearer, permission is given to make the States of the Deceased in the invisible Regions more publickly manifest: For the Seals that are upon the Book of God’s wonders must have their Day of breaking open. For there is a wakeful time, in which those that lie in a dead Sleep, shall hear the Thunder-cries that are now upon their uttering forth: which shall magnifie the Powerful day of the Holy Ghost. The visitation of which has been already known to some. Which is a binding Law for such as have received of this Unction to stand in a readiness all these Prophetical sayings to obey. From which, O Lord, let not any of thy elected Stones herefrom Swerve. But that they may hold fast their Crown in him, who is the Yea and Amen.


July 21, 1698

HERE follows another Manifestation given forth, which I did not apprehend at the Writing of the former that it would be so fully and suddenly open’d unto me. But an occasion was given hereto by some Queries of a choice and elect Stone sent to me concerning the swallowing up of Mortality in Immortality: Whether or no such a time might not be expected, wherein this vile Body might know a Translation even in this Life?

§ XXV. Which gave me occasion to introvert and sink into the deep Centre of Wisdom, where I met with various Discoveries hereupon, from that Intelligence that appeared to me in the Figure of a white and bright Dove, having three Eyes, from each of which went forth sparkling Flames. They were placed one on the Breast, and one under each Wing. Immediately this Word was given out, Behold here is the triune Eye; Denominated from the Father, with the Eternal Wisdom, and the Son concurring in the Holy Spirit. In whom has been treasured up what is now to be open’d and revealed, concerning the great things that are to be brought forth in this latter Age of the World. For in whatever Heart and Mind this holy Dove shall find entrance and reception, it shall be as the Heavenly Court and Council wherein the divine Wisdom shall unfold the greatest of Secrets, as upon the day approaching hereunto they shall be expedient to be known. There was a Prophecy run through me in this sense: What is to be established for the Foundation structure of the Temple Body, is to have each Stone this threefold Eye of the Dove for their seeing and enlivening, so that by sending forth these bright Rays, they may draw in such Stones, as lie yet dead and Buried in the Earth. For the chief and elect Stones that are already Cemented together as in one accord they abide, shall generate and multiply Spiritual live Stones numerously. So that herefrom may be expected the Reign of our Emmanuel.

§ XXVI. The beginning and method of which was thus platform’d out to me, as in the Mount was seen in the threefold Court there; in Persons so indued and qualified to be Prophets, Priests, and Kings; which are to be laid as the Foundation of that ever Springing Creation, that are born into a State of Eternal Generation. These shall know length of Days, as it was in the Patriarchs before the Flood, even to Methusalah’s Years. This good old Golden Age will presage that Christ has set his Foot to Reign upon the Earth in his Spirit, made manifest in his Temple-Body, whom he has espoused to himself as his Bride. Who will rise and shine in her Ornamental Gifts and Powers, Cloathed with that flaming Robe that the Moth of Corruption cannot eat out.

§ XXVII. So in answer to the Query made by that worthy Person, the swallowing up of the outward Body, into an immortal figure of Glory for constant manifestation and duration I do not expect to see, till the Lord of Glory himself shall appear; then such as are alive at that day shall be transfigured instantly, and be made like him, for they shall see him as he is. Not but that there may be upon some extraordinary occasion, a Transfiguration for to give a proof of the verity and possibility of it, as in the case of Christ himself, but this only transient. And further we are to note, according as has been seen in the clear Glass of divine Secrets; that such of the long-lived Stones as shall reach to the Patriarchal Ages, will be found in a more fit capacity to transcend all these Bounds and Limits of numbers of Years, by putting on of that Glorified Figure which can never need to fear the diminution and alteration of its Beauty and Perfection: as they shall bear up in the unwavering Faith hereof they may hold out till the Personal Glory shall descend; while others that may also be Spiritually united in the Temple-Body through doubtfulness, and sensible feeling of infirmities; with other temptations incident to the Corporeal State, may not be able to hold out beyond the Mortal Life; but this will no way hinder but that they may maintain their Spiritual Affinity and Fellowship with those others, that out-live them in the Body: and shall be privileged more particularly to descend with Christ, and to rejoice together with them in the Nuptial Unity. Therefore counsell’d and call’d upon, we are to keep up in the Faith and strive hard that so we may attain the Prize, and reach the Crown Number, each one standing in their Lot as it shall in divine Wisdom be decreed; and as the measuring Line of Life shall be stretched out upon them: Having no more to do but to watch and wait each one, in the inward Court of a pure Mind.

§ XXVIII. For the confirmation of these Prophetical Openings there is a Scripture-Evidence, as a foregoing and more ancient Prophecy. As Isa. 65.20 There shall be no more thence an Infant, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the Child shall die a Hundred years old, but the sinner being an Hundred years old shall be accursed. Also verse 22. as the days of a Tree are the days of my People, and mine Elect shall long enjoy the Work of their Hands. And Isa. 25.8 He will swallow up Death in Victory, and the Lord God shall wipe away tears from off all faces. And lastly, that place, Rev 20.6. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first Resurrection: on such the second Death hath no power, but they shall be Priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand Years. These Scriptures are a plain and evident Proof, that such a State shall be within the Holy Mountain of the Lord, when it comes to be established, as has by Vision and Prophecy been hereof declared.

§ XXIX. Now it may be asked, by what means and after what manner shall this be brought to pass, for in present view the highest Saints are subject to Infirmities, Diseases and Death? True it is so, and may continue so to be, till Christ who is the Tree of Life shall out of the Ground of renewed Nature spring: Which he will not fail to do in such as are weaned from that forbidden Tree, from whence the Curse and Death hath been drawn in, which is the old poisoned Root, that can only be healed and recovered again to its own Original purity, by the Juice and Sap that is offered most freely for an Effectual & wonderful Transformation; for you must know that till there be a perfect State arrived to, these two Trees will both be growing in Natures Ground within us; and as the Souls propension, and feeding is, such Fruits it will bring forth. This runs Parallel with that Representation Christ gave of himself, as the Bread of Life. John 6.50. This is the Bread which cometh down from Heaven, that a Man may eat thereof, and not die; and more Emphatically in the next Verse, If any Man eat of this Bread, he shall live for ever: So again Verse 58. Not as your Fathers did eat Manna and are dead. Now what kind of Eating must this be, but the very Quintessential Spirit of Christ, the true Tree of Life drawn into the Soul by the strong attraction, of Faith and Love.

§ XXX. Now in order to the true Participation hereof, and attaining to the essentiality of the Resurrection-Life; There is a new Institution that has been Commanded and given forth to some, that in the Faith and Expectation of this great Change have waiting been; the Practice hereof being but among a certain Number that have had open’d in them, the Mystery of Christ’s Resurrection-Life. That as hitherto the Solemnization of the dying Lord, has been observed under the suffering State of the Church: so now upon the new Modification, as having the Eye of Faith upon the Resurrection-mark, there is a particular Commemoration likewise of his Resurrection, not only personally from the Grave, but also of his rising in us out of our deadly Mold, Celebrating here withal the Marriage-Union, as being risen with him from the Dead: And this Symbol, as it is received Virtually and Powerfully, incorporates with and infuses by degrees, That which is incorruptible into the outward Body also, to make it hold out the Race that it is set to run, within the Circle-Reign of our great Immanuel. The good influences of this Institution hath been experienc’d in the Partakers hereof, as greatly Advantageous for their growth, and flourishing towards this translated Life: So that it may be well worth joining in a high and holy Communion, in this true Love and Resurrection-Feast.

§XXXI. Now if it be inquired where this Reign of Christ, in such choice Spirits will first appear: it is not limited or confin’d to any Nation or Kingdom, but Persons out of all Ranks and Degrees, high or low, from the Monarch to the meanest of States, may come to be Subjects of this Kingdom and Dominion. It is not the Locality of the Place, or Difference of Degree, that can hinder the Combination and Entercourse with the first Born from the Dead, and with those that are in Joint-Possession with him in his Kingdom. If so, then it is no distance that can separate the Spirits of the Church of the first Born here upon this visible Stage: But there will be a Sense and Knowledge, of the State and Condition of each other, how far removed soever. Several instances there are for it, both in Ancient Records and in present experience; hence it is that St. Paul being absent, was present in Spirit to the Corinthians beholding their Order. Nay, further when this Estate shall come to its high Magnitude, that the Ethereal Body shall penetrate through the Grosser part, they may walk upon the Waters, or pass through the Doors, and be of that swift flight, as to outrun the Chariots and Horsemen. But all of this we pass over as not knowing the time when this high divine Magia shall be set a work. For if the false and dark Magicians can do marvelous things out of their Centres, much more then, may the Wonders be brought forth out of the true Original and Creating Power, from the Abyssal Eternity. Which will have their time of Reviving again in this new modell’d Reign, as God shall move in Nature, and Creature in this last Period of Time.

§ XXXII. Now it remains further to be considered, what are the Laws appertaining to this new modell’d State; which will not be after the manner of the old Covenant, written in Tables of Stone, which gave not force nor Power for Obedience: for that Law being weak through the Flesh, Christ became the end of it, and so is become a fiery Law in the Spirit of Life, engraven upon the Mind and Heart; there Springing and Rising according to the pure dictate of the Holy Ghost. Having reference only to what shall be immediately taught from God, as a Fountain still flowing in. Now as to the Particular Laws, I shall refer to a Book put forth in the Year 1695, Entitled the Laws of Paradise. I shall offer at present only what is the Sum of them, which is Love to God and Faith in him. For this new Creation-State and Life is all founded thereupon, and so the Building must be carried on and supported by these two great Pillars, from whence may be branched forth the manifold Wisdom, that will from the high and Heavenly Court be given out. For as it is there, so it must be here: that the principal Elders in the Love and Faith, as they are deputed to bear Rule and Government here, so must they have recourse to the King of Kings and his Privy-Counselors, and so derive down and give forth what has been confirmed, and sealed by Him unto those that are under their Jurisdiction. Thus it shall be according to what is mention’d, Job 22.28. Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be Established to thee. That is, whatever they shall believe for, as Springing from the root Law of Life, Christ in us, shall be fully accomplished and made good. Otherwise there could be no maintaining this Soveraignty and Power, over the Contradictions of Spirits, that would still keep up and make opposition by their Traditional Laws. Which must be subdued and brought under to these highborn Spirits, into whose Hand the ruling Scepter is given. The mighty God confiding in them, in their Humility, Meekness and great Wisdom, for the Management of this Trust reposed in them.

§ XXXIII. It may further be asked, Whether these Children of the Kingdom shall not stand in need of the outward Accommodations, as may be meet to supply and support the outward State, and how they shall come by them? It is answered, there will be a requiring of these things, but with a very different use of them; as in the degenerate Life, they take their pleasure and pride in the abuse of them, making them as their Mammon God: which our Lord does caution us, was not to be allowed in a Redeemed State, wherein they were to take no thought for these things as the Gentiles did; but absolutely to pin our Faith upon the All-sufficiency, who will give the Blessing of increase to such as shall make them only as Steps, which they set their foot upon, that they may with a greater freedom be advancing to a higher Sphere; as having Matters of greater Consequence to mind, which are the manifold Affairs, that appertain to the Government and Kingdom of Christ; which indeed is so considerable as will drink up their whole Time, so as they will have little leisure to mind Trivial and Transitory things. And therefore, ‘tis not to be doubted, but such shall have more than enough; so that they shall not have only for their own use, but also as Stewards to dispense out of God’s Stock and Store. For this we have not only private experience in manifold Instances hereof, for the Building upon this Foundation of Faith, but also many Scripture Prophecies, that must have their fulfilling, which is to be expected in such an Age of Time, as this is which we have been Treating of; which will be the true Solomon’s Lily-Day. That in the 45 Psalm, verse 12 is so considerable, I cannot but mention it; And the Daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift, even the rich among the People shall intreat thy favour. Such likewise is that Isa. 61.5,6. And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the Sons of the Alien shall be your Plow-men; and your Vine-dresser. But ye shall be named the Priests of the Lord: Men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the Riches of the Gentiles, and in their Glory shall ye boast your selves. By all this you see the high Prerogatives and great Immunities that do belong to the Royal Seed and Offspring, that into the Priestly Court are taken in, as the Anointed ones to Minister in the Holy Tabernacle: whose Lot and Portion will not be among the outward Tribes of the Earth, but out of the Treasure-house of Faith.

§ XXXIV. The Day is already come, wherein these Prophecies begin to be fulfill’d. For there shall be a bringing in from far: for it shall be as in Solomon’s Time, Materials for the Temple-Glory of this day and the Magnificence of it, shall be heaped up and given in, in all abundance. The Renown of which shall go throughout all Quarters of the Earth. So that as the Queen of Sheba did then, now shall the Kings and Princes and great Ones of the Earth both from the East and West, North and South, come to the Mountain of the Lords House, and bring their Glory and Honour into it; and highly favoured they may reckon themselves to hear this Joyful Sound; which many in former Ages have desired to hear, but have not heard. Therefore this gracious Call is all worthy to be taken hold of, that they may be Installed in that Dominion and Power, where Mortality shall not supplant them of a true and unfadeable Felicity. For know there is a new Time approaching, such as never was: for the Kingdom and Dominion of Christ, in Power and Authority has never yet had any establishment upon the Earth, nor could indeed, because this long Life and Age was not yet to be. For by this length of Days there will be Time given for the finishing Transgression and Sin, and bringing in that Perfection of Righteousness that shall have no end. As there was Folly in not improving that long State of Life by those before the Flood, for which end God allow’d it them to try if they would recover their Angelical and Paradisiacal State, and remove the Curse from the Earth, for which end his Spirit did strive with them, which being resisted, God shortened their Days; So now the eternal Wisdom of God provokes for the Recovery of that lapsed Age again, that a second Proving may be made in this last Age of the World, having now the Assistance of the Spirit of Christ, which shall now be poured forth as a Flood of Flaming Love, to burn away all the compacted Matter and Mould of the Earthly Image; so as in this Day it shall be said, Christ lives and walks upon the Earth in and among this selected number, upon whose Shoulders the Government of his Kingdom is to rest. For the Spirit of God and of his glorious Power shall rest upon them so evidently, that all shall be forced to acknowledge that these are the Anointed Ones, as bearing the Royal Priestly Mark of their God and King. For upon them the Heavenly Power shall descend, for the Heavens that have been shut so long, shall now open stand for a free recourse to our mighty Redeemers Princely Court, that from that upper Kingdom, Orders and Commissions may be brought down for the management of these lower Regions; that they may run parallel with what is transacted among the Saints in the higher. With whom in this State there will be a great Freedom and Familiarity; so that a Council and Senate both of the higher and lower Court, shall meet to determine what high Miraculous Works shall be expedient to be wrought.

§ XXXV. Now it is already so far made manifest, that whereas the confusion of Languages was a great Judgment and Witness of God’s displeasure against that Age of Time. So that it caused a scattering and loss of the one pure Language of Nature. Which now in this new State and Kingdom will be restored again. About which I had some inquiry in the Spirit of my Mind, how and by what means the Unity of Speech might be opened again; for as it is in Mount Sion above, where Christ Reigns personally, so it must be here on Earth, where he is now to set his Reign up Spiritually. They all that are above do Harmonize together in the pure Language of Nature. And thus it is expedient, that it should be in Mount-Sion here below. For it was said this Gift should come upon such as were Principal Stones and Builders of that new Jerusalem, the City wherein the Reign of the mighty God and King may begin.

§ XXXVI. While I was considering this thing, there was a sudden opening of the Temple-Glory in the Heavens. Which drew away my Spirit thereunto. Where I did see in the Hand of a bright Body, the Figure of a Heart clear as Crystal with Strings or Veins of Gold; in the midst of which there was fixed a flaming Root, from whence branched out Tongues as so many divided Flames: by which I was answered that according to this figurative Representation it might be given me to understand, that the Root of pure Speech must proceed from the pure Heart of the Tri-une Deity, and so formed into Christ the Essential Word it self, first going forth in pure Cogitation, without Sound or Voice; whereby in this internal Stillness, God discourses with the Soul, and the Soul with God, out of the Flaming Centre of this Tri-une Heart; and from whence it may proceed and form it self into outward Organical Speech. Which will carry such a fiery flaming Power and Efficacy, as shall beget the same Native Language in others, and open the Centres that have been shut up in them; that is to be understood of those that are prepared and qualified to receive it, through the Faith and Expectation of these Gifts. And it was said further, when ye see this great Gift put forth; it will be a certain Sign that the gathering in of all Nations from far will be; to the beholding and admiring of the first Appearance of Christ in his Kingdom and Reign. Through these impregnable and extraordinary Gifts, the Holy Ghost will be made apparently manifest, that he is return’d in order to restore and Build up what has been laid Waste and Desolate, here upon the Earth.

§ XXXVII. The next Gift that is to accompany this Blessed Day, is to find out and open the All-healing Pool, where the Corrupt and Putrifactious Matter, in the Body Elementary may through the continual rising spring of this Water of Life, receive Clarifying and Healing. And where-ever these Waters of the Sanctuary do rise, there every thing shall be healed and maintain’d in Life, according to that Scripture, Ezek. 47.9. So that according to the long date of Life designed for this State; this River for Life must never cease to run through the Corporeal Forms. And whereas in the first appearances of this gift of healing in the Elijah Spirit, as a Type fore-running Christ, and in the following Century of the Apostles, it was appropriated to them to convey vertue out of themselves for healing; which they could not command at all times, for then they would have conquer’d all Sickness and Death in themselves; But when this mighty Gift shall be restored again, it shall go on to Fixation and Conquest of all Maladies. For the great evil of Sin will be taken out of the way, and so the suffering must cease. For the Inhabitants that live in this new planted Region shall not complain they are Sick: For they shall be forgiven their Iniquity. Isa.33, 24. So that where Sin is taken out of the way, Sorrow and the Curse, which are the product of it, must needs cease. Also Zech. 3.8,9,10. For behold I will bring forth my Servant the Branch &c. And I will remove the Iniquity of that Land in one Day. In that day saith the Lord shall ye call every Man his Neighbour under the Vine, and under the Fig tree. For if there should not be an Antidotal Medicine provided against all Corruptibility, it would be rather a Punishment than a Pleasure, to live in such a Body as should not be free from Infirmities, whereupon it was made manifest to be, that each one who should be counted worthy to be numbered among the first Fruits of the Resurrection-State, shall be as so many Trees of Life, that shall put forth the Golden Leaves for Medicine to themselves. Which shall be as a constant Imbalming to render their Bodies durable and incorruptible. O Blessed and highly Marvelous and Wonderful, will this great Appearance of Christ in his Saints be in its Time. For which it is only required of this Generation, that they gird up in the Faith, and be found in Waiting and Preparation for it.

§ XXXVIII. Now I do see in Spirit some Footsteps are already taken, in order to this translated State. An election has been hereunto from the Eternal Court and Council in the Heavens, for the gathering such as shall be steady Pillars to bear up the Mountain of Holiness: upon which shall be written Emmanuel liveth and resteth here. But let it be known that this Ascent to the height of this Majestick Reign of Christ, and Arrival to this length of Days will not be all at once, but rising by Degrees; There will be several Signs that will fore-run it. The Messengers for this end must go forth, to Preach up the Faith and to draw forth an expectation of it, in such as shall be Selected hereunto: So that there will be some Bright Stars that will rise, and go forth as Lightning upon the Earth: receiving special Endowments and Spiritual Gifts; and in an eminent manner the Gift of discerning Spirits; piercing into the very thoughts and intent of the Heart; As Peter perceived the perverse design of Ananias and Sapphira, the Spirit of God within him opening it unto him. And so in the same manner will these things be made manifest again. For as the World in Age grows old, so the Mystery of Iniquity will wax greater, by putting on and Counterfeiting the very Robe of Christ’s Innocency and Truth: and also by a breaking forth of the dark Magick, as the more true and divine by Way of Miraculous Working is coming forth. Therefore the Tri-une Council in Heaven foreseeing this will raise up such as shall be of quick-Sight, and sound Judgment to detect and countermine, what would make the true thing questioned and invalued. Therefore the Lord will see it necessary to set his own Stamp, first for Immaculate Purity, and next for great Powerfulness, to do and act in such a Manner as none of the false Magicians shall be able to imitate, or stand before them. Thus the Lord will move himself step by step. And for length of Days, at first it may not arrive to above a Hundred Years, and so in every Generation there will be an Increase, as they grow stronger in Spirit, and work themselves more out of the Gross and Elementary Life; for there will be skill and understanding given to draw in from the one pure Element. and there will also be outward Medicines discovered that have not yet been; that will have a wonderful Efficacy for the preserving and fortifying Nature, and recovering the lost Paradisiacal Body. There is a Vein of Gold in Eternal Natures Garden, that has not yet been pierced into: which, when the Divine Artists shall be sent forth, shall be broken up and run most free, as the true Elixir appropriated and reserved for this Age, and a Soveraign help and Blessing to the Inhabitants of this new Kingdom. Now who would not rejoice to see the Dawnings and first breakings forth of this most Wonderful time; for which end these Discoveries and Manifestations of the approaching time, have been given out through one that has been upon the Watch-Tower. Who has received Commission to declare what is here Written: for inviting and exciting all the Unbelieving as well as the Believing, the Ignorant as well as the Knowing, of what Name or Profession soever they be: but especially the Philadelphian-Flock, that they may all take good notice of the present Season, or the Beginning of the Love-Reign. Wherein the True Philadelphian-State will be better understood, known and established. The Foundation whereof is already laid, whereby as flaming Stones of Love, the Fountain-Heart of God’s Love they will reach, to multiply therefrom as numberless Golden Sands and Drops of Love, as Seeds to overspread the Earth. For Loves-day shall now bear the Dominion over all the wrathful Properties, which shall all sink away, as this day of the Lords shall in Mortals Reign.

§ XXXIX. One considerable thing I have more to open, which is, concerning the great Wonder seen in Heaven, (mentioned by St. John) of the Woman Cloathed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, of which there have gone forth many Interpretations, and Calculations, of the time of her Travail and bringing forth the Man-Child. Now as to this, it is made manifest that her coming forth out of the Wilderness, will signify this great day of Dominion and Power over the Earth, as has been here made mention of. For there can be no Soveraignty of Rule and Command, till she has brought forth that Man-Child that is to Rule the Nations with a Rod of Iron. Now this Wilderness-State, (according to the Spiritual and Mystical sense thereof) is to be understood of a quiet Retirement, Shelter and Defense from the Fury of the Dragon, where she is fed and nourished with the true Manna and Eternal Word of Life, having free Entercourse as St. John had in the Isle of Patmos, with the superior Heavens for Communications and Discoveries, for such a Time and Season. As also that holy Birth that hath proceeded from her, is to remain in the Heavens till the number of Time shall be finished. Who shall come forth in the Male strength of a Godhead-might in some Persons both Males and Females, that shall be fitly Qualified to bear rule and to manage the Rod of Power; according to that Type of the Rod put into Moses hand, by which he did all those great Miracles. For thus the Regency will be with a Superiority over all the outward Constellations, and changeable motions of the Planets; all Sublunary things being put under their Feet. For the united Number of these High-born Spirits, will have their Cloathing from that Sun, whose fixation is in the one unchangeable Element, unto which all other Elements must bow and be made Subject. Tho’ there will not be wanting after all this, attempts by the Satanical Spirit and Kingdom; who will encompass and encamp against the Lamb and his Bride. But this will be permitted for that end, that the Omnipotent Rod put into their Hands, may be more signally stretched out, to break all Combinations, and bring to nought all that would deal Treacherously against those, whose Persons the God-man hath taken up, to magnifie his great Reign and Power in, over all Nations of the Earth. And so that saying may be made good; Micah 4.8. And thou O Tower of the Flock, the strong hold of the Daughter of Sion, unto thee shall it come, even the first Dominion; the Kingdom shall come to the Daughter of Jerusalem.

§ XL. Now ‘tis given me to declare, that this is not only in future expectation, but that there has been already some consummation of this Prophecy. For a true Travail has gone forth, not by one only in singularity, but by many, who have been carried into the Spiritual Wilderness, in Abstraction and Separation from all Worldly Conversation, ascending upon the Eagle-Wing so high, as to acquaint themselves with the high Throne Dominions in the Heavenly Places, that they might behold the Patterns there that are to be imitated here below. And in this present Time it is to be understood, that there is an earnest expectation, and waiting for that Holy Birth that is ascended, for to descend, as a rising Star in the pure Virgin-Heart: which will pass as Lightning from one to another in Wisdom, Power, and great Excellency, dilating it self as well into what is Visible as Invisible. And thus shall the Dominion be given to the Saints of the most High, according to that of Daniel. Chap.7, Verse 18 and 27.

§ XLI. Now I shall conclude this Subject with that Word of Love-Caution and Command, which has been given to my self upon the opening of this Manifestation; Which is, that ye to whose Hands this shall come, do not put this Time and Day afar off. But be found in such a Posture and Spiritual Habit of Mind that you may be prepared, and have your Ear open’d to hear the Voice and Sound of the Seventh Angel, that goes forth to proclaim that the Kingdoms of this World are become the Kingdoms of the Lord and his Christ. Even so let all Unite with me in Spirit, to intercede for the descending of this Holy and pure Reign with Christ in Spirit; till he shall appear in his Glorified Person, to consummate all that may make for the full Restoration of the whole Creation. Even so saith the Spirit and the Bride in him, who is the Amen.


August 30, 1698

§ XLII. BEING awaked in the Morning, not only out of the Natural Sleep, but out of that which was more internal, there open’d in me an Expostulating Prayer, with my Lord for the full Manifestation of that Spirit, that might bring forth it self into a Working and Acting Power, for silencing of all carnal Reasonings, which proceeded from the fleshly Birth. Still querying why this Birth of Almighty Strength did stick in the place of breaking forth, seeing the Age of time every where call’d for it. Then was it Answered me, there is That wanting which has not been so clearly conceived and apprehended. Therefore in regard of this diligent inquiry made, behold now and see both thine own State and the State of others, that have travailed in a big Expectation with thee, what is portrayed before the deep discerning Eye which is the divided Tree of Good and Evil. The Root hereof was fixed in a twofold Soil, the one part of a dark Earthly mold, the other Transparent. That which grew up from the former was dead, dry, and withered, bearing no Fruit. In the other part one might see through every Branch, springing upwards from the Root such a Crystalline Water of Life, as gave Nourishment to each part. Hence were sent forth heavy Groans, because of being burthened with the Corrupt and Dead part. Then was figured out the perfect Tree of Life, that fixt it self by this other. And the Fruits thereof by an Angel-Officer were pressed into a large Vessel, and emptied forth at the Root of the evil Part, which caused it to spring up in various fruitful Powers, which put forth from the Root and Essence of the God-head-being.

§ XLIII. This was shewed to me to figure out that in the Original State of Mankind, there was nothing of the divided Property known; as after his Deviation from the infinite being of Good: which follow’d the evil Essences of Sin, that brought in Sorrow and Death, which could no way be cured but as the Fountain of Love open’d it self in that Spark of God, which was yet left alive in him, springing up with an Oily healing: Coagulating and mingling with that Firelife, that did lie as smothered under the Earthly part. Which through a warm breathing thereupon from the Tri-une being, gave a new Existency to a Divine and Spiritual Life; which gradually put forth into every part appertaining to the Soul, with it’s Bodily Members, which is the true and full Regeneration, that perfecteth and bringeth forth the new Creation, so that the Mortality sinks away into its own Abyss, from whence by the Serpents Guile it was stirr’d up and awaken’d. So from Christ the Tree of Life over-cloathing, the Tree of Death must disappear; as the Darkness is swallowed up in the Light, so Death is swallowed up in Life. Fulfilling that saying, O Death where is thy Sting, O Grave where is thy Victory? When the deadly Poison thereof shall be extinguished, and the Lord who is the quickening Spirit enter into the Soul, and raise himself up to be its transfigured Body. No less than this may be expected when we shall be Glorified with the self same Glory, wherewith the Father hath Glorified him; having put Christ our Head into a Kingdom of all Power and Dominion. For if the first Adam had this Prerogative given to him, much more abundantly will the second, have it not only appropriated to himself singly, but to all that are incorporated into his Life and Nature. This must have its Birth-Day, brought forth into Manifestation in its appointed Season. The Signs of the near approaching of this Time, will be known as a fore-runner in the holy Seed that is sensible of its great Oppression, by the unutterable Groans and Travailing in Pangs of Sorrow, till this mighty Lordly Birth of Power shall stretch forth beyond all Weakness and Minority: And hereby come to understand to what it is begotten again, and who is its Father, as belonging to that heavenly Family and Progeny, to whom all Kingdoms and Worlds do belong. Which being once made knowable for believing in the truth hereof, it would call up from all these Terrestrial and inconsiderable Objects and things, wherein nothing but Mutation, Dissolution and Death can be hoped for. For it is the Policy of the Prince of Darkness, to keep Souls ignorant of their Purchased Dowry and Crown. By presenting Terrene and Worldly things to baffle them out of their true Original Pedigree, and Right unto the Tree of Life.

§ XLIV. Against which a particular Alarm I have heard for Caution and Warning: not only to my self, but to all those who would not lose that Right that belongeth to the First-born Heirs. Who are with me excited to make our Claim to all that has been here mentioned of the Royal Immunities, which through Overcoming and Conquest gain’d over the Temptations and Insinuations of the divided Tree, may each one come to be as Trees of Life, Springing from a new Modelled Paradisiacal Ground. Then shall we know what it is to have an eternal Life subsistency in our selves, with the true Antidote and all Soveraign Medicine, that may run into every Part for healing. So that while in visible Forms we yet appear, the Source from the God of Love will so diffuse himself as to preserve Immortality of Life, whereby all the latter Age of Miraculous Wonders and Amazing Works shall put forth, as Bodily Vehicles are thus fitted and Sanctified, by the residing of the Holy Ghost. O Blessed will those Souls in a Thousand Degrees be, that shall live this time to see, wherein Redemption shall be completed fully. No Verbal Tongue, or Pen, can to the utmost Everlasting Bounds of this Glorious State, be able to express. This Watch-word I only give as it was Sounded in me. That we rouse up from out of the Sleepy Earth; Girding up and stretching forth our Angelical Wings, with our Eyes fixed upon the Heavens; that they may so open as we may behold and see our Glorious Lord, who within that Sphere of Light, may descend into our own Essential Heavens. By and through which Sight we may become Metamorphosed into the self same Glory, and with him of our lost Kingdom again be repossessed; as our Everlasting Rest. So shall exulting Joy and Praise throughout all Heavens and Earth be raised to him: who was, and is, and shall be the Everlasting Elohim.

§ XLV. As I was now much exercised in my Spirit, about the things relating to the Kingdom of Emmanuel, which moved me to supplicate ardently for it’s appearance; a quiet Stillness of my Mind I did feel hereupon, and this Word came to me, be not doubtful for in the Heavens there is a moving Power at hand, for the bringing forth of a new Model, as it shall be seen according to the Similitude, presented to the deep seeing Mind. To which appear’d a vast tract of inclosed Ground. The Walls thereof were very high and Splendorous in Light; but the Earth at first sight seemed to be but dark Mold; But immediately there did rise such a flow and inundation of Chrystalline Waters, that no more Earth did appear, and in the midst thereof sprung up first a mighty Tree. And just at the dividing of the Branches, there was a glorious Face transcending far the Brightness of the Sun, the Branches were laden with such oriental Fruit, that shed and dispersed it self into this Crystalline Earth, which caused a springing up of many Plants round about this Tree. And there was a Voice Sounded from this Tree, saying Come and see where your shelter and hiding may be. Then a two-leaved Gate did open, and I with some others known to me, were by a Guardian-Angel brought in, each one was to know their Lot wherein they were to stand, and their proper Tree. For as these Plants did Spring and Flourish, so it should be an Emblem of the new Created Form, which was Christ in us, whose Name we are to bear: the Lord in Righteousness Springeth and Liveth here. For the overshadowing Tree in the midst, should them nourish and feed continually, till unto a full grown Stature they should reach. This was said to be that inward and secret Fold, that no devouring Beast, or any thing that was hurtful should hereinto invade. For it is the Glorious Lebanon, which according to the Prophecy shall have its Day for all powerful Fruitfulness, each one sitting under his own Tree shall Eat and abundantly be satisfied: So that there shall be no occasion for wandering out. For a strong Inclosure here shall be for the Elect Ones, to possess great Bliss and Felicity. Then it was further hinted to me, that a new date of Life here should be known, different from those that Scattered are, and have not found the way of Entrance into this Fold.

§ XLVI. The next Morning waiting and considering this Opening; it was shewed to me further, that all this did but make ready and prepare for Christ, to present to his Father the First Fruits of such as he hath fully Redeemed. Upon which did open a further Mystery by way of Similitude: of a Rock all set with Fire-sparkling Stones, by which all the whole Earth was enlighten’d with its Glory. And it was signified to me, that the Plants I saw in the inclosed Ground when to full Ripeness they did attain, they were to be delivered up to the Father by the Lord Christ, to be fixed so in God as their Munition-Rock, as to be in no danger of being shaken or shattered any more. All Impower’d from this rock of Wonders these Stones shall be: so that the Worldy Inhabitants shall be amazed and tremble for fear, at the brightness of their Appearance, as being the first Fruits the Lamb hath offered up to his Father. Blessed are those that shall be counted worthy to be thus taken into God, who their Covering, Strength, Power and Glory, to the rest of the Creation for Provocation and Emulation evidenced shall be. That they may also know that they must first become little Sprigs and Plants, to prepare them for this higher State. For none can come here to be fixed, till to a Christed Stature they can reach. Thus the Kingdom of Christ must have its beginning and increase upon the Earth; which must be surrendered up to the Father, to make the new Creation complete. In swallowing up all into his own Deified Being, and so out of his Eternal Virgin-Womb which he has in himself, brings forth distinct Figures in the Image of his own Glory, as so many bright numerous Stars out of the everlasting Morning: in which there shall be no fear of any Mutation or Change, for God will fix himself upon them in the All-fullness of his Deity, creating new Heavens, for their Habitual Place of that God that shall never be defaced; this will be exulting Joy, when all pure Spirits shall again return to their Everlasting Rest, and Dwelling place which is God, All in All.


[One thing Omitted in the former part of this Vision,(viz.) That each Plant had the face of the Person whom it was assigned for, which darted forth from that Face which was fixed in the middle Tree, whereby each one might know their own, and lay claim thereto.]


February 25.

A Call to the Shunamite to put on the Armour of Light, with her Shield of Faith.

§ XLVII. AWAKE, Awake, O Shunamite, lead on, lead on the narrow Path of Faith: a Track that few have understood, but now the Time and Age doth require that this hidden Way should be made manifest, for great Conquests. No carnal Weapon or outward Battelier can compare with these that are to be exercised as Divine Archers in the Faith: In the Lamb’s Battles no Noise is to be heard, but all Softness and Meekness is, by which the Arrows do hit, and whereby the great Goliath doth fall; so that this Conquest shall appear not to be of Man, but God shall here act from the Stillness of his own Deep, wherein he will manifest himself to be all in all.

§ XLVIII. After this there appeared a strait Line of a Scarlet Colour, which by an Angel did seem to be fasten’d on the Top of our Habitation, and it reached up to the Heavens. Then my Spirit asked what this meant, and it was answer’d, It is a Sign of the Covenant of Faith that is confirmed betwixt me and thee and thy Household; that so ye may be saved from the Jerico Curse that will come upon the Earth, which Curse is spread over all this outward Principle. For there is Confusion and Distress to be read every where, and that not only among the Earthly minded, but even among the more Enlightened and better Discipline’d; all which carries a direful Face, so that no Peace is to be found neither without the Fold, or hardly within it, but Divisions in every place. Therefore this Word of Advertisement is given from the true Natural Mother, cautioning you to retire and keep out of both the Outward and the more Refined Societies of Mortals, that are not yet redeemed out of the Animal and Sensitive Life. Then further it was intimated that our Spirits should fly up by this Scarlet line of Faith, which would direct us there where a Door of Heaven is open; through which we should pass, and have an immediate access to the Father of our Spirits. And accordingly Entrance was made by the Spirit’s might, that did Mount the Soul up, where was sitting the Glory of the Majesty, Co-mingled with all variety of Glories, that is not to be described, with the Glorified Person on one side of it, and the Princess Wisdom on the other; the Court being all filled with Angelical Spirits: that waited in all Obedience to receive their Commands, and moved in and out in that Principle. Then was it said to my Spirit, This is the Peaceable Region, which I know your Spirits do delight greatly to be found in; for in the Mortal World, where your visible Figures do stand, Wars, and Confusions are apt to meet upon the outward Part: therefore here is prepared for you quiet Mansions in this City of Refuge, which is allotted to be the Dwelling Place for your high-born Spirits to resort unto. And know, that this Priviledge you shall have above others, ascending out of Time into Eternity, and descending out of Eternity into Time. Whereby ye shall know and understand, what is expedient to be known, that relates to you in your own Native Kingdom; for ye are but Strangers in the Visible World, and are not thence to regard, at all that which lies in a Changeable State, but to trust and confide for what your eternal Patronage shall from that upper World produce; which will be Blessings of another kind than what the Earth can give, which ye are to rejoice exceedingly in: Then said the true Mother of our Spirits, ye now know full well where your Treasure is, to the which let your Hearts be evermore ascending, and taking your Residence in Heavenly places with your Jesus.

§ XLIX. Then did I enquire, How was to be the Conveyance of these Blessed Heavenly Stores that so necessary is, to shew forth from what descent we come according to our Spiritual Birth? To which Answer was made, you know the Way is only by the Spirits Flight, which in the strong Power of Faith you must take from the Fullness of the God-head, which dwelleth in your Christ, the manifold Powers and Gifts, that may be for the adorning of that high and holy Calling. Your Lord would not be spared in this Matter, he grudgeth not to give plenteously, because it makes for his Honour, that his Spouse and Bride, especially such as do Represent her, should be extraordinarily Dignified and Endowed. But the Way for this, is to be as a Bucket that goes down deep into a Well, so the Spirit of Faith is to ascend into the Heights, and then to descend down into the Deeps, whereout the Excellency of all Massy Treasure must be brought up. For it is expedient that when the Spiritual Births, are near to the full Age grown up, they should come into some Possession of the Revenues and Dowries that are allotted to them: These are not to live so Poor and Mean, as others that have not hereunto attained. Therefore ye of This Society are called to be upon your Strict Watch, and gird up your Strength of Faith hereunto; for it is Spiritual Industry that must give the increase of these Celestial Riches: consider therefore and know what is the Hope of your High-Calling hereunto, for where God has given great Manifestations of his Mind and Counsel, there he expects they should accordingly pursue; to fetch out all of the Weighty Prize.

§ L. Now this high Favour will not only be appropriated to a Peculiar Number, but more generally will be extended even to the saving of Nations and Kingdoms, from those Calamities and Judgments that might well be feared and expected, by Reason of the Violence and Oppressions every where, with the Abominations and Spiritual Wickednesses. For what Cure else can now be prescribed for the repairing of these Ruins, and making up of these Breaches, whether they be Spiritual, or whether they be Carnal? Must it not be by the Rod which shall strike the Rock, so that the Waters of the Spirit shall gush forth, and overflow, for Healing? These Waters verily will be for Destruction to all that springs out of the evil Ground of Nature, and will overwhelm and drown the Briars and Thorns of the Wildernessed-Earth. So on the other side, these Holy Waters of the Spirit will Feed, Nourish, and Strengthen, every Birth of Life that hath been conceived by the Spirit; till it shall grow up to that Maturity, as entrusted it may be with a Kingdom. And these are those that shall stand up in this latter Day on the Earth, to bless the Nations with the good Things and Treasures out of This Mountain, that standeth open to all the four Quarters of the Earth. To which there will be a flying as of swift Dromedaries from the North, and from the South, and from the Rising of the Sun unto the going down of the same. For Reports, will so sound forth every where of the great Powers, Goodnesses, and Glories of the Majesty of Christ here appearing with his Saints, that shall draw together the Scattered and Dispersed: that through all the thick Clouds and Darknesses they may break away, and make their Entrance hereinto.

§ LI. Then it was further shewed to me concerning This Nation, that as Light and Knowledge was breaking forth as a mighty Stream upon it, so it should still go on further to increase and multiply, and many should now run to and fro here, for the opening of the Fountains and Deeps of such Blessings, as therewithal the whole Earth should be covered: and this Land become as a Springing Paradise. And no devouring Beast, or Hurtful Thing shall abide in it: but the Holy People shall be for Bulwarks, and a Flaming Wall of Defense to it. Which Blessed Day is near at hand: for which upon our Watch-Tower we are all charged to stand, and to be found in a Readiness to entertain this Joyful Message, with all the Precious and Weighty things that therein are Prophesied of. But here Caution is given, that all do stand in a ready posture, yielding to Wisdom’s Divine Discipline, who well instructs her Children to be obedient to the Law of Love, whereby they will be able to stop that Flying Roll of the Curse which is going forth: and to open the Heavens, out of which may descend Flying Angels, who will proclaim to this Island, and to all Nations and Tribes of the Earth, the everlasting Gospel of Love, Good-Will, and Peace; whereby all Internal and External Wars may cease. Which will open a Torrent of boundless Blessings upon the World. In the assured Faith of this, and all the Prophecies here mention’d, let us in Harmonious Concord and Unity wait and agree. Amen.


F I N I S.

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