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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1670 – 1676.  

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume I

June the 1st. 1676.

After the Opening and Interpretation of the Vision of the Globes of Light, that moved with me, where-ever I went, a Voice run through me, crying, The End of all Things is at hand: Watch therefore and Pray. Upon which Word I pondered, and drew near in my Spirit to that burning Center, from which the Voice did go forth, where I did further sound the meaning of the Cry, which echoed still, saying, Come and see, the first created Light begins upon its Eclipse to be. For the evil corrupted Birth of Life, had sent up such Fumes, and Unsavoury Incense, as must needs darken the first Heavens and Earth, that away they must flee before the New Foundation City ye can enter into. Therefore to thee, let it not seem harsh or terrible, that an end of all things, which came in through Mortality of Time, is determined: for absolutely despoiled of all false, glittering vain Glory and Light must be that City, which is only built upon a Sandy Foundation: Which hath indeed, according as it is written, deceived, and made drunk all Nations, with its adulterated Wine. As the Heavenly City is compacted, and made up of choice, pure, polished, and living Stones; so again is Babylon of dark, muddy, course, and earthly Metals, ponderous Bodies, Inhabitants that know no higher Sphere. Out from which I am with a strong mighty Hand bringing you my Elect Stones; therefore up, haste out, and fly away upon the Wing of my Eagle-Spirit; touch, taste, mingle no more with her Sorceries: a new state and place is prepared for you. Scorn and deny all her charming Delicacies, for Vials of Wrath upon all will be poured out, that are in combination with this Harlotry City, though it be as a Mountain at present, that hath filled the whole World, and enticed its Inhabitants with her Whorish Attire, yet in one hour all shall be blasted. Therefore with fear, draw off others, whom you see yet in her strong-holds do stay, that have not their Eyes opened their danger to see, in holding such mutual Compliances, with that which is so subtle and deceivable. Of which cease not to warn them practically, as Noah did: when he his Ark prepared, and went into it, then all the World did lie in their Unbelief, which was a Figure of what is now approaching nigh, tho’ after another method. For the second Revolution will now work, and an end of all Flesh, as Grass is come before the Alpha and the Omega.


June the 20th. 1676.

Having suffered for some Space of Time a Protraction of those Emanations, and wonted Manifestations, that still did meet me in my close and abstracted Attendance upon that sweet Intelligencing Spirit of JESUS, it returned now so much the more strongly upon me, to remind me of the Work and Calling, which my Friend and I had so solemnly put our Hands to, even the Plow, which prepareth for the Seed of the Kingdom to spring forth, through the Spiritual Inclosure. Which I well experience, is not to be given over until the end of the growth. For when all in our Field shall white unto the Harvest be, then the Sickle or Sword of the Spirit cometh forth, to reap and gather us into the Everlasting Store-house, under the Care and Custody of our Fore-runner JESUS. From whom I had about this time many Calls and Cautions, to strike up the Sail of Faith, and to watch against all those subtil Spirits, which would break in to cancel the Seals thereof, which are the Evidence of what is not at present seen, or yet come to be enjoyed. Moreover it was shewn me the Danger that we were in this Particular liable to, through the least crack or breach upon our Faith’s Seal; By which alone the Magia worketh, and raiseth Powers from that Original Might. Upon which Center there is yet such a strong Inclosure as no Creaturely Being can break open; because its Signature is compounded and made up of all contrary Properties, degenerating wholly from this mighty Engineer of Faith; which worketh all through, and in, the Central Fire of Love. O who can here work till fully uncloathed of the gross cloathing of the Animal Sensitive Life, so as to reach to this Original Wisdom and Might, which was existent in the first Paradisiacal Adam; who lost it by the Sin entering in, and can only be regained again, through the extinguishment of it, and the Dying out therefrom Totally. Which gives a full Answer to those Objections which so pestered my Mind, and which I Recorded in Writing June the 5th. receiving Satisfaction now again herein, upon a fresh waiting and inquiry. Which after this manner spake in me: Thy Queries, O searching Spirit, are to be resolved by and from the manifold Wisdom; with whom all Secrets are hidden, until the Spirit of Faith arise to find them out.

This having Opened during a Remove of the Doctor from the Author, was not found in his Copy. Whence also the Objections herein referred to, upon the 5th. of this Month, are not to be recovered; as neither is whatever else may relate to this matter, during this Interval, unto the last Day of this Month. That which next follows, is likewise from the Authors own Hand.


June the 30th. 1676.

Wisdom. Now as to the Necessity of the Use of all thy Rational Properties, it is good in its Kind, meet and suitable for the Degenerated Estate, to guide and govern the Outward Terrestrial Man; as the Head Principality of this Visible Kingdom, unto which Wisdom and Scepter all Nations do bow. But knowest thou not, what it was that withdrew, as soon as this awakened and got the Headship? Should I open thine Eyes to see all at once what came in hereby, thou wouldst not but disdain, and quite fall out with thy Rational Man, so as never to it to be reconciled again. For the Coming in of That, was the Going out of the pure Magical Might, and Power, which should have been retained after the Similitude of God the Creator; who designed to Generate Spirits to live in his own Property of Princely Purity and Power, to his Honour, and not to his and your own Reproach; as is now too manifest. For, alas! there is now quite Another Thing gotten in, than what was found in the Beginning: which Reason protects, and is a Wall of Defence about, maintaining its Soveraignty without Check or Control, so long as the Beasts Reign is to endure. Which shall be put an end to by degrees, and first in some chosen Witnesses hereto allotted, who after Sion’s Freedom do at this time importunately look, and weary are of being Tributaries to these Usurped Powers: From which nothing can you Totally free, but Total Death, after that way of Spiritual Dying, which both Mystically and Magically, by and through the Heavenly Constellations doth operate. This is a Death worthy of all Acceptation indeed, which at once shall put an End to all Earthly Sense and Sin. Then room there is, O Soul, for the Superiour Life to come in, which shall reign, as God enthroned in Nature’s Kingdom, that is restored to its first Institution. First Breath then take, and faint not, but forward to the Mount of Olives go: the Mountain is indeed high, to which you are to ascend, but my holy Gales shall drive you on, that so you may come thither to sup with the Lamb.

A Sheet here is wanting {missing}.


July the 8th. 1676.

THIS Morning after some private Ejaculations to the Throne Majesty, this Word came unto me, Will ye actually deny your Active Life, as you denyed passively your passive Life? Even that Life, which ye so often have decryed down, because it is found in that room, from whence proceeds all Unbelief, and Deceiveableness of Unrighteousness, which naturally generateth those Essences; from whence the Thoughts that are light and evil do spring. The great conquest will be to put a stop to these, till thou hast found the way utterly to undermine, and for ever to bind them. Yet thou shalt be allowed, warranted, and justified, to stifle them, before they can come to a Birth. Though Reason may tell thee, this would be as a new Entity, and that it would straitway overturn, and overthrow thy breathing Existency; yet give thou not any ear to such Objections that are cast in from that Principle; perhaps then no more in a Creaturely Being thou canst be known. Well, admit it, and suffer thy Creaturely Self thus far for to expire, as to the imaginary Life; be assured that all Peace and Safety hereby will accrue. For by this silent Vacancy, another Source will open. All dyings thou hast indeed gone through to this, which is the main Head-Vein, which doth lie so deep under Ground, thereby preserving under it self hidden even from the Vulture’s Eye. Oh this Original Root is that which must be struck at: Up, and Out with it, and overturn it, and thou wilt see what doth lie in the depth beneath it, to wit, every precious thing; which without care or toil, will voluntarily spring, when this imaginary Root is quite cast out. For the croppings of this Evil Seed will never free thy inward Ground. Come then and descend with me, and I will shew thee where this Grand Enemy doth lurk, who unconceivably doth send forth those dark Fumes, which hath hitherto prevented the overflowing Breath of the Holy Ghost. If then thou canst not to a cessation from every unruly motion come, which works from the Astral Spirit, then try the Power and Might of that Spirit, which in thee doth reside, and cross these strong Tides, and through all break, and leave behind the Flowings of Jordan, and look not back, but forward do thou pursue, and keep up to thy Region high, and as an Eagle Spirit bear up most mightily, no more returning to take up any weight of earthly stuff, which in the Imaginary Mind doth lie. But away, away, ascend with thy Jesus unto another Principality; where other Presentations will all thy Senses employ when once thou hast forgot, and lost this World, out of thy Eye and Heart. What other meaning dost thou think those Words do bear, which are upon old Records, which saith, Except ye deny, relinquish, and suffer the loss of that Life, which is bundled up, tied, and knit together with the stringing Sinews of the imaginary Mind, ye cannot enter into Life, into the Life of God and Christ; which to know is Life Eternal. Therefore it is again said, That none can receive the Kingdom of God, till they can come to be as a little Child, that is new born, who is passive, having no thoughts of reluctancy working, to hinder the opening of the Everlasting Kingdom of the Light, Joy, Love, Power and Peace. Wouldst thou know why so few have got entrance here? It is, because they could not untwist, nor get from under this binding Cord of the Natural flowing Cogitations, which beset the Spirit every way, holding it under a most slavish Captivity. Yet is it not perceived; but by most it is believed, that this whirling Wheel must run round of absolute necessity, and there is no way for it to be avoided, while subsisting in a Body of Elementary Corporality. True, O Spirit, those who in this gross state only care to be, do walk and abide with, and amongst those, which are of their own likeness; relishing and corresponding with what doth proceed from this unsavory part. But from you, I your Lord, expect another thing, who have taken the Vow of a Nazarite’s Life upon you, invocating me so often, for a remove, and translation, into the same Life and Liberty with me your forerunning President. Now then, I must plainly make known to you the Mind of God and your Father, which is to Famish all those numerous and multiplying Essences, which mutiny against the Eternal Stillness and Eternal Nothingness, where the all sublime Goodness, and Everlasting Rock of Power, is to be seen, felt, and known. Verily this is the way, I can only describe to thee, and those, who the mark of this high Calling would reach, and would be traffickers within the Holy City, which is all Crystalline. Through which none can pass, that hath the least Lumber of imaginary stuff yet hanging upon him. Now weigh these Sayings, for they are from the Yea, and Amen, who hath good-will to make riddance of all those superfluous Thoughts, that have been as the gulph separating Principle. To which thoughts by one act, God moving in the Mystery of the Fiat, yet once again, will put an end quite to them. For a New Heart will be created, out of which will flow continually such a choice Treasury, answering to the Sight of the Flaming Eye.


July the 16th. 1676.
A Vision of God’s Flaming Eye.

This Morning as I was in my Spirit, let down into the deep Abyss, attending the pure Openings, from that central generating Source or Fountain Life; In a moment there appeared to me an Azure blue Firmament, so Oriental as nothing of this, in this Visible Orb could parallel with it. Out of the midst hereof was a most wonderful Eye, which I saw Sparkling, as with Flaming Streams from it. Which I am not able to Figure out, after that manner, in which it did present it self unto me. But according to this Form it was, as much as I am able to give an account of it, it was thus, or after this manner. There was a Flaming Eye in the midst of a Circle, and round about it a Rainbow with all variety of Colours, and beyond the Rainbow in the Firmament, innumerable Stars all attending this Flaming Eye. From which the Word said, the Earth and the Heavens shall flye, and nothing abide, but what can live in this Eternal Eye, as ministering Stars of Glory, before the Throne of him: who like to this Circling Eye, which thou hast seen, hath neither Beginning or End.


Flaming Eye from English Edition
From English Edition

Flaming Eye from German Edition
From German Edition


After this Word it disappeared, leaving its Flaming Influences upon my Heart. And further of this secret Vision he did say, he would it impart, as I for its Manifestation did wait: and the signification hereof should come to be witnessed, by that rising Birth, which is called up to this Globe, among these Stars to fix, in this more excelling Firmament.


July the 17th. 1676.
The Interpretation of the Vision: or, of the Flaming Eye.

This Vision of the Flaming Eye is given for to see, that which is worth pondering for thy pure Mind continually. For glorious Idea’s will multiply, that hereupon all thy Senses may be employed, in such sweet Rarifiedness, wherein there is no danger of Excess. While this Vein from the Heart of God in thee doth run, it will feed that which doth come from the pure Font, and hereby stop the running issue of the Imaginary part. Which I will assure thee will compleat the Victory, because it strikes at Sin’s Originality, which had its beginning from the Conceptive part of the Heart, there it came in, and there it must be banished out. Then it will be a new Heart, in which the Flaming Eye will fix; Which in Vision thou didst see, with its innumerable Stars in the Firmament, which are generated from this Globe-Eye, for numerously will holy and pure Cogitations from hence arise, and so habitual strong and forceable, as to out-pass all strange Essences, that would come therein again to lodge. Therefore, within this Circling Eye do ye abide, that so you may keep out all evil Motions, which the Serpent knows are the Foundation-matter of his Kingdom, and will sting you with them, if ye do not fully exclude them. Which ye no way can, till ye hasten away, and with your Spirit fly to this bright Firmament, where this Eye all Dangers will for you espy, and know all secret Mysteries, making you wise in that one great needful thing; which will make all strait, that crooked and out of the way is. For such is the property of this Fire piercing Eye, that it will look through the Host of the whirling Imaginations, and put them to a stop, that so they may not persue, as to overtake those that are upon Faith’s flying Banner: on which keep, till it hath brought you within Zion’s Gates.

This great and weighty thing concerning Cessation and Annihilation of all fruitless Imaginations was still the Call within me, to come into the Believing Rest, for that this was the true dying into Jesus; which passive Life is the pure Mother, out from which the Birth of the God-acting Life is to be expected. For the Faith of the co-operating Power worketh here all in all. The New Heart being replenished with ministering Powers suitable hereunto, that will perfectly bring things to pass, as the Mystery is moved in its own Sphear, driving on by the mighty force of this Birth of Faith, Which produceth great and marvellous things, according to the sublime Nature of it. For it hath no other ground to go upon, but the absolute Co-eternal Deified Will, which Will willeth in the New created Heart as in its own Royal Seat.


July the 18th. 1676.

This Morning I was in great Heart-searchings about this precious Lily of Faith, if I could by the sight reflecting from the Eternal Eye, it any where espy. Querying thus with my Lord Jesus, Ah Lord, if the right Plant be in me, as it was found in thee, why doth it not act forth? Where are the Signs which should follow, as the Seal of Believing? What makes the Birth of it stick thus long, whose going forth must make way for the Holy Ghost? Tell me, O thou inspiring Word, why hath it had a Name to live, and yet hath been as dead? For it hath not been Justified by such mighty Heroick Works as in the foregoing Ages did bear witness to it. And this hath made it as a Body without a Spirit, actless and fruitless. Thus I earnestly expostulated, that if we had it existing in us, then we might have skill to use and manage it, for the reviving of this worthy and unknown thing, which hath been a Stranger in the Earth, but is now a stirring in our Heavens, and a turning up the Mould, that hath from our Eye this all-precious Grain hid. Where then doth it lie? (said the blessed Alpha to me) thou hast to the heights for it ascended, and for it has sounded into the Depths, but thy Arm hath been too short to reach it, and thy Eye too dim for to espy it, though it is so nigh: Yet not known to any, till they do retain the bright glance of the Flaming Eye, which hath not only the specious Faculty, but the streaming Power of Might, to bring back again this worthy Champion, that hath been by the combining Powers of Reason put unto flight. Which so soon as Tydings come, that they are dead, who so wickedly have conspired against Faith’s Life, then it will return again and appear on the Earth mighty and supream, to open the door, for the Holy Ghost to enter in. Then this Mystery of Faith will be finished: To which ye are directed, that by contending for it, ye may obtain it unto Victory.


July the 19th. 1676.

As we this Morning were in our Spiritual operative Powers, each one bringing forth out of the Treasury; the Doctor being much carried out upon the Subject of Faith, it was spoken to me, This is the Ministry, which goeth before to make way for the Holy Ghost. And I saw, as a Confirmation hereof, a Flying Banner, passing swiftly by, as a Trophy of Faith’s Victory, Which each one must bear, before the Day in which the Holy Power will shower upon us, till which in one Spirit of Faith we were directed to wait together. After which also a Word run through me, There is need enough to provoke each other hereunto. For the Day is now nearer, than when first ye did set upon this Believing. Oh now let us go through, that we may reach to all the Degrees of Faith, which will assuredly make up our fallen Breach. For this is the Power that will make us all whole, as the true Weapon-Salve, which is anointed by the Hand of our dear Jesus, to smooth and make ready for the Flying Banner of the Holy Power, for to descend into us, who in this Faith do wait, within the secret Gate of the New Jerusalem state: where into by no means must we bring any Spirit that may make mutiny, for to break the holy League, which must be still maintained with him, who is the Covenanter. Who hereby reneweth our Peace, and Joy, in believing without annoy or staggering; which hinders the purchase of the Field, where the Pearl is found, which Field is called Faith’s Eternal Ground.


July the 24th. 1676.

In the Morning-Watch, this was first cast up upon the shore of my Mind, by way of expostulation with my Jesus, whom I felt hover over me with thronging Powers of Love, as an Invitation for Discourse, after the manner of a Spirit, without the noise of Words: This thing I say, was with me to offer in way of Query, How it came to pass, that after such mighty high winged Prayers, and strong Gales rushing in through them, as I had witnessed, but the Night before, in such ascending strong Center-Raptures and Powers coming down, that yet the Gulph was not shot through? That is the parting Principle, which still shuts out the Spirit of the Bride, from her native home, where she may have power of Command to act and bring down, what may make for renown to the Virgin Crown, while walking up and down in these Earthly Bounds. My Spirit took all boldness to know why it should be so fruitless in its Mediatorship now, over what it was in foregoing times, when Prayer of Faith was, as a ready Messenger, to fetch in whatever was wanting. I did lay hard upon the Mighty One, using the same Arguments, as Dalilah did with her Sampson, how, O my Jesus, can it be, that thou dost love me, without thou shewest me all that is in thy Heart; that so I may know where thy great Strength lieth: and this by coming thereto, as thy loyal Bosom Spouse, in whom thy Heart may rest in, without any suspicion, that ever I will betray so great a Trust, if thou wilt but once reveal this secret thing unto me? For I desire, I seek, I look only after this, to be united to the Lock of thy Power, and Might, as a springing Plant from thy Godhead. Which will give me all Power to answer to the present state requiring, which is made up of nothing, but Sin and Self original, and Ill Consequences bundled up into innumerable Grievances, So that verily I did see the whole visible fallen part of things all putrified, unsound, unstable, weak, low, and poorly spirited: therefore out of this deep sense, I could not but cry, Help, Oh help thou mighty Prince and Saviour nigh. For who do see themselves lie in this Golgotha state, but are willing to take the Wing of the Everlasting Morning, and herefrom fly to the Rock that hath the Clifts {Clefts or Cliffs}of Munition, to hide all that are weary of this loathed Place? Therefore with unutterable Sighs, and Requests, I did this our deplorable, and defective state, beseech my Jesus to read over, and to take away the Reproach thereof. For I argued with him, that if thus Indigent we should still be, it would sure reflect upon the Lord our New Covenant-Restorer, who nothing was to leave short or imperfect in those, for whom he became an Undertaker to his Father, to bring them back again. After all this on my part, by way of Spiritual Parley, this Word came unto me, saying, Arise, arise, yet, and wait; Why art thou jealous, that Love is wanting, or the Arm of my Power abated, because I do not tell thee where the hiding of this Lock of Strength is? I know, I know thy sore Longings after it for to partake with me, that it might free thee from the fallen state: Which is in such Shame and Derision, that thou canst not lift up thy Head with any Confidence, because the Accursed Thing is everywhere in and about this lower Sphere; where thy abode is yet for to be, in Temptation and Fear: but faint not, thy Bridegroom is near, who will the Shield of Faith anoint with the Oyl of the Holy Ghost, which will be Joy unspeakable, and full of Glory, after all thy heaviness. The reason why thy Praying, as to matters of so high a Consequence, hath wrought so little, is because Faith hath been so dry, for want of the pouring out from on High the Golden Streams out of the Oily Fountain, of the one pure Deity, which would make all Prayer mighty and operative, when this Balsamick Oyl doth flow from the Fountain-Head.


July the 26th. 1676.

As my Spirit was Contemplating, after some Breathings forth in Prayer, these Words came to me, To love the Lord thy God, with all thy Heart, is more than all Burnt-Offerings and Sacrifices; this is that which I prefer above all, and to which I do look to in all that draw near to me with Love unfeigned, and with a whole Heart transmitted over to me, and no part kept back from him that calls for Incorporation of Hearts. That so there may be but one Heart of Purity, as with thy Jesus in his Humanity. This Love is the Box of Spikenard opening therefrom, whence thy God smelleth the sweet savour, from which the Curse flyeth, and will be no more found to hurt, blast, or destroy the springing Vine about the Walls of thy Mind: From which the Wine of the Kingdom will flow to refresh the Heart; then shall you find you are not far from the Kingdom, that consisteth in Love, Joy, and Peace.

Then followed upon this, that Scripture about the Ark, being sent away by the Philistines. It was shewed me, it would not abide with the uncircumcised in Spirit, but Dagon would be smitten, and fall before it. For in contrariety, the Wrath-Vial opened, and though the Philistines thought they had got the Blessing, in regard they had heard and known what Victories and Salvations it had wrought, yet it became a Curse, where they held it in Unrighteousness, and in an unhallowed impure Temple, setting up other Gods equal and jointly with it; which by no means would be endured. God will be All, or nothing at all: to such as would retain his Ark-presence, in the mixed unsanctified Mind, there is nothing but Gall and Wormwood to be found, instead of Sweetness. The Ministration therefore that shall be afoot on Earth, must be all upon a New Bottom, which is figured out by that new Cart that the Ark was put into, which represents a new Heart, in which the immaculate presence of the Lamb will be retained. No unconsecrated Uzzah must take hold thereof, but only the hand of Faith, and the Flaming Spirit of Love that yoaked are together, as strong and able, without more addition of help, to bring this to its own place, within the Vail and Tabernacle, where its Rest is to be. For the All-seeing driving Power is with these two Kine, upon whom no breach shall be, as formerly, when the rash Bethshemites that were not purified, looked into it.


July the 26th. 1676.

Again, this Word came to me from the Lord, Up, stay not here: the Ark, though in the House of Obed-Edom, that is, in a Nazarite Heart, yet, here the Blessing is not ever to rest and abide, but it must move forward; for there is yet much Land to be possessed, which only the Eye within the Ark can spy. Therefore be sure still to enquire at it, who can tell you where the most pleasant Situations are: for to some the Lot may fall out to possess a more rich and fruitful Soil than another shall, according to the donation of Royal Favour; which in all Ages advanceth to Spiritual Dignity, according to the determination of Divine Will. Oh it is worth seeking, to be enlarged with the Borders of these Everlasting Habitations, to possess the utmost Bounds hereof, which is a Joseph’s Blessing: Who as thou mayest read in the History, Joshua 17.15. grew so strong and great, that they would not be contented with one Lot, though they had Beth-horon the Upper, and Beth-horon the Neather, which was indeed a fruitful Soil: yet they pitched forward for the Mountain or Forrest-Trees, which they by greatness of Power obtained above their fellow Brethren. So now as thou growest strong, and encreasest in People, that is to multiply till thou comest to be of mighty force in Spiritual Powers, to encounter with them, who would keep thee out of the Land of Blessing; thou must come to Enlargement to the very utmost Bounds of the Everlasting Hills and Mountains. And as there are seven Nations to War against and cast out, to answer to these, thou mayest need the Seven Throne-Spirits, which will multiply within thy Ark to an unconquerable Strength, that so all Enemies will be chased and made to fly from before this sevenfold Eye. Which shall be thy Guide, to see every way to bring thee up to the South Land, within the Borders of the high Eternity. Therefore gird up, for as I was with Moses, so I will not fail to be with that Joshua, who within thee is the Ark of the Almighty Strength, that will go before thee. For as the Father was with me, so I will be with you in this present Warfaring state.

This Word mightily raised my Spirit up, for it confirmed what went before, as to the going on to possess, what was yet behind. For when we grow so nigh the Kingdom, as to come to the matter of Possession, then Joshua must arise in the greatness of his Might, to fight the Battles for us. For the great and strong Nations will come out with great fury against us, because they see they must have no share in our Lot, but be totally cast out.

Question. Now in this great and last Battle-Engagement, What will be required of us in order to Conquest?

Answ. It was shewn me, that the rising Spirit of Faith in our Jesus, as an incorporating Power in us, must go forth with the self same Word of Command, that it did in Joshua’s time to command the Sun to stand still, and the Moon to stop; that the first should not go down, nor withdraw its shining Strength, neither the latter its meek, watery Brightness. For by the Light of this renewed Day, where no Night can come to intervene, all dark Reasonings, Doubtings, and Fears are expelled, by the Majestick Light of Faith. How easie is it, I do see to wage War in the Light of this Eternal Day, and then quite to overcome, and get the mastery, and to subdue the five Kings: Which were presented to me, as those five Senses,

Which are all armed for the Fight,
To maintain their Sensitive Right.

But so long as the Bow of Faith is in the Hand of our Jesus, we need not fear; for he hath said, He will make bare his Arm for us; therefore we need not fear any of their Weapons of Cruelty. Let us now courageously War and Work while it is Day, and the Sun of Power is thus shining upon us, to give us our Possessions with and among the Conquering Worthies. In the Name of Joshua, the Jesus which is with us, let us move forward, for Jehovah’s Banner goeth flying before us, till it shall bring us to Shiloh, where the Lots shall be cast for us, and we rest in them for ever, according to the description of our Star, Leader, and Seer: Even so Amen, dear Jesus.


July the 27th. 1676.

Oh then if ye intend to be the Ark-drivers, that so ye may bring it back again to its own resting Place; consider how expedient it is, first for you to be bathed in this Consecrated Oyl, which hath been to you presented; for who may it dare to touch, but such as are scented with this spicy Ointment, that so all their Garments may give a good and sweet savour thereof. For this Ark being retained in a clear washed Heart, in what variety of Birth Powers will it go forth, and what fresh Testimonies? To which give all heed as to the true anointed Oracle. For out of the Thundering Voices, Glances of Light from the Majesty will proceed.

While then I lay under the pouring down of these sweet Breathings forth from my dear and familiar Jesus, sighing, after the accomplishment of them, as never thinking I had enough of these Love-Emanations, I saw a sweet amiable Person, in a solemn manner presenting himself to me, saying, I am he that hears thy Mournings, who am included in thy Suffering, and Sorrows, as thy true Dove Mate, sympathizing with thee: but behold this state shall not always be, but thou shalt arise with me into the high Dimensions of the All-circulating Kingdom of Light. Then appeared after the vanishing of this Personal Humanity, a bright Glance without any Form, but only an overshadowing Light, which left this Word with me, This is that Light, Strength, and Majesty, that riseth over all the dark mourning indigent Life. Here thy state is presented twofold, first as the Ark floating up and down upon the Deluge, not come to its resting place, till the Eternal Dove-Spirit bringeth it up to the Burning Mount of God, where the Flaming Glance of Light is perpetually generating, so as in this great Body of Light, thou with me shalt live to act, according to the Energy of the Father’s Will in the All-Spirit of Might. Come on now if ye would of my High Calling be, and therein actually employ your selves, then no more stand halting, looking with a double eye, as part upward and part downward. Since this will never compleat your business, Up ye, make you my fellow-workers in mighty Deeds, till you come to take to the One only thing; for Diversities be great stops and hinderances to the attaining of this Practical Part. Sowers ye have been, throwing here and there in various Fields with many Seeds, but this hath not yet turned to that great account, which I design to bring about for you, if ye will abandon all other Callings, sticking and Binding your selves over to me, for the learning of the one high grand Mystery. Which I cannot teach you, till coming to be ever with me, ye behold and see after what manner I do manage those Works of Trust, which concur for the full Manifestation of God’s Kingdom in its lustrous Power and Glory. Have not I often heard your Cry, for this Kingdom to be revealed, which cannot be, till you come to enter into the Holy Calling of the working Properties, which are variously manifested, according as in the Glass of God’s Wisdom is known. The one great and principal Instrument to turn, wind, move and act all by, is the strong Arm, and nimble swift Spirit of Faith, to whom nothing will be hard or mysterious to find out. This Hand of Faith hath an Eye, that is fixed in the Palm of it, so as it hath a piercing Sight, to see what was, is, and must further be yet wrought, till the whole Science of the Eternal Mystery shall be understood and wrought out. Here then is required to learn of thy Jesus all that, which was acted forth in his Humanity; there hath been a great default, and hanging off as if it were a Criminal thing to expect, or make out for the same Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, whereby the same Life might reign in Power again. Whereas much more is to be looked for, because he that was dead, liveth evermore to see greater things, than those now to be accomplished in them in this Age, that in the unfeigned Faith, and steady Eye shall search deep to know, what their part and share with him will be, in that most high and singular Profession. Which none can come to imitate till truly simplified as new-born Babes. Oh that is the great thing, to come to be little again, pretending to know nothing, but as its Knowing shall proceed from that Prophet, which is risen to destroy and nullifie all other Traditional Teachings. Which are far too short to find out what in the Arcanum of the Holy Ghost doth lie hid, which will open the Heavenly Depths. Whereof a Witness thou mayst be, if thou canst stop thy Ears to those many false charming Cries; of which beware, lest thou be swayed by the Multitude. Who will assault the Will of thy potent Might, which is, as in the place of Pilate, that hath power to reserve or release, to kill or save alive. Take heed of Pilate’s Spirit, who fearful is to displease, the great thronging outcry of People, thereby preserving Barabas, the seditious, false and faith-murthering Life; to crucifie Jesus, the inspirating Word of Truth, and Spirit of Prophecy. If thou makest this Choice, and be only owning its Authority, then he will be free to train thee up, to know every degree of the High Calling, which may make thee of mighty ability, when once fully understood. Fear not, but it shall surpass, and outvy all low Earthly Employs, that hitherto have vaunted high, above all that is called the New Creation working Property. But now arise I will and set afoot this new Mysterious Calling, that hath not yet been understood, but it shall be revealed only to those, who shall be thus wise in Heart, to suffer their Ears to be bored through, so as my Counsels to hear, and retain without demurr or doubt. Thus and after this manner did I hear the Bridegroom’s Voice, sweetly alluring to impress his own likeness, which gave me boldness, to retort back again upon him with the freeness of Espoused Mate, to offer what lay upon my Heart. Oh thou Celestial Joy of the Internal Part, how is it that thy Calls are thus day by day renewed? What more is to be done, till thou the working motion in Nature dost absolutely raise anew, to be all in all in mighty Supremacy, according to the moving of the last finishing Mystery that God the Holy Ghost may expressly swallow up all our Mortality. Thou hast said, We have long enough dwelt in the first Mount, and bid us pass on, till we this Day of the Bridal Glory see, but hast not shewn me when or how it must be obtained? or who they are that shall the first Fruits here bring to thee? Oh! I want a clear and full description hereof, my dear Jesus. Then should I be of one fixed Mind, and delivered from all Jeopardy, if once sealed up, to be privy to the Secrets that still are shut up within thee; Who must be the Revelation of that, which my Spirit hath desired with desire to see, before I lay aside the Corporality. Oh! now then in plainness declare to me the Particulars of my High Calling, which thou hast said we must follow thee in.


July the 28th. 1676.
Here follows that which opened upon this my
Inward Communing with the Spirit of the 
L O R D   J E S U S.

True, O Soul, I have strongly moved thy Will towards me, yet thou art upon the Jealousie, as if I kept much hid from thee. Now as to that, thou must be subjected, and always allow me my prerogative to open, and to shut, to reveal or to conceal, who know my own Times and Seasons best, when and to whom to break open my Seals, that am knowing in my Book of Life, who those may be that shall persevere, and look not back, but are waiting for the fulfilling of all my pleasure. But know that to thee much hath been given, the Dew hath lain upon thy Branch, while others have been dry, and thy Fleece hath been watered: and yet thy expectation may be much more abundant in, and from him who is the Alpha and Omega. Who is now from Heaven revealed, for this end, to instruct you, who are seeking to be fellow workers with me, for the bringing to pass that which will Crown the Love Labourer herein, who can with me endure to bear the burthen and heat of the Day: then for a Reward, expect the Golden Penny will come in the mouth of the Dove. Who then will make all Labours to cease, for the Everlasting Gospel will run through those who shall give themselves to be faithful Workers. Therefore be apt, wise and diligent now to every Rule, which shall be revealed unto you, who have chosen the same Calling with me, and you may know Effects answerably.

The first Rule. You are called out of this Babylonish Country, into the Land of Immanuel, where in the first place you are to learn the Language of that Country, among the Divine Magicians and Spiritual Natives there: and then in the next place to understand the Manufactory, how to deal and traffick in that high Merchandize of the Pearl of the Kingdom, with all the Precious Stones of value, as the Bdellium and Onyx, which this Land doth afford.

The second Rule. You are called to Trade from that Stock, and Golden Coin, which bears my Image and Superscription; that will procure all the Precious Goods of this Heavenly Country. For it is Expedient that you should be made skillful in, and understand all these weighty Things, that may be serviceable to your self, and those that are in the same Calling and Vocation united with you. And I would not have you, after the Manner of the World, to go on Trust, upon anothers Talent, but to Improve your own, which I have committed to you.

The third Rule. Seeing now your JESUS hath furnished you with a good Stock, the Golden Mine being set open to you, you may Adventure to Buy, and to lay up in Store as a true Joseph, the sevenfold Increase of the Corn of Heaven; that in all times of Famine, may replenish thee with all the Heavenly Family, that in this High Calling numbered with thee shall be.

The fourth Rule. Now further on thou must proceed, till thou reach to a larger Patrimony yet, which is to Adventure upon that Vineyard, which enclosed is with Love’s Flaming Wall, where the Red Wine doth flow out of the Grape. For this also thy Purchase must be: Vessels prepare thou not a few, for it will run, till thou canst no more find to bring.

The fifth Rule. Now all this Treasury Imbarked must be, and quick Sail upon the Floating Sea, which is the pure Love-Deity, must have: and here fear not to be robbed by any Pirate, which I your Pilot shall present with you be, to Land you safe upon your Spiritual Goods here, and taking New Lading in, to make still fresh Returns, for the Universal Profit and Benefit, to all those that have Dependency, and Need of such Relief.

Afterward, this Manuduction ceasing, another opened in this wise:


July the 29th. 1676.

 This Night I was much in Prayer and Contemplation, according as the Center cast up variety of Spiritual Matter to exercise my Internal Powers, as sometimes offering this and that, for to be resolved in by the Word of Wisdom, Which I knew was nigh unto me. Then sinking down into the unknown Deep, where the unmixed thing might open, which I did both feel and hear, even to a Soul satisfying pleasure; this Word spake to me thus; (as in all Cases and Matters of doubt) Whither should ye go, have not you found, that within you is the Ark of Enquiry? To which ever more do you give great heed, which shall fill all your Treasures, that so no Famine of The Food of Life shall ever be known in your Habitation. For the Tree thereout will spring, whose Fruit is ever thereupon to be found, because its Root is in Oily Ground, all from the depth beneath, answering to the Fountain from above, which meets together in the God of Love, from whom the Word of Truth doth richly flow.


July the 30th. 1676.

This Day being filled with great Zeal, Love, and Power, finding Faith mightily raised to believe that some good thing was nearer to be revealed to us that were diligent and fervent in Spirit; While we were met together in our private Exercises, the Powers did open and stir. In which interim, I saw in the Spirit of my Mind, one in the Figure of a Man, but not in gross Corporality, but rather like a Seraphick, or as a flaming Body, pouring out a vial of Oyl in the colour of Amber, upon our Heads. Which Sight was a satisfying Resolve to the large and big Expectation, for the pouring out of the Spirit. This Word attending it, wait still, for with this ye are to be filled, preserve it pure in your Vessels, and it shall never cease to run, so long as your Needs require. For this is the inspirating Power, that will fill with Ghostly Might to do the Father’s Will. Great Michael-like, who may proclaim, that he is come to give, and shed abroad of this Oyl, that will give Light and Joy, all full and sweet.


August the 5th. 1676.

THIS Morning I heard this Word, saying to me, Ye have compassed this Mount long enough. Which was opened to me further, as thus, you have gone your Rounds, and are come unto the measures of the Second Temple-Worship, which is the Holy Place: ye are compassing the most Holy City also, which is the higher Court, but ye have not yet found entrance into it. But now to this Holy of Holies draw you near each one with his Golden Trumpet and do not fear; for the Oyl of Faith must run, to make a clear and certain Sound, at which the Heavens may rend and open wide, that ye may read and see, what within the most Holy do lie. Now as you have served in the due order and course of the New Testament Ministration with an Eye to what this will bring up further into. For the Ark of this Covenant can rest in no place, till it be fixed in the beloved City, which presseth hard until it comes to the Rivers of Broad Waters, that run pleasantly within Mount Sion’s Walls. Which is that restless rising, that ye feel stirring, that makes after its own place. Now as you have been upon your daily Offerings and Services, in this second place of Tabernacle-Service, which for its time during, ye have done well to observe, yet from hence you must make a Remove, to a more excelling Habitation. Where you may come to possess, what Prophecies, Prayers, Revelations, and Faith expectations have hitherto detained you in. But you will say, how shall we arrive hereunto? for this is a great and wonderful state, we know not, whether it may be decreed for our Age? As to this matter of doubt, consider there is no date of Time determined, though known & seen in the all-knowing Eye of the Deity, when and upon whom the Godhead Power, shall descend and ascend, to fulfill all general and particular Revelations and Prophecies. Therefore here is all Liberty and Scope for Faith to stretch forth, and put in for its right, having a Propriety in this high and super-eminent thing, according to the free donation of Grace, which hath and shall still abound towards thee. Now then be assured, that no Bar shall stand before you, that ye may not summon in, and call up Power to break down whatever is Opposite, so that ye may raise the Eagle-Body by Spiritual Force and Might, that only can mount up to take this worthy Prey, that shall decide all Controversies, that do arise to cast in fear and doubt. Awake, call up, and gather together all those Celestial Powers, which within thy Heavenly Orb do dwell; For they must go forth as the Lord’s Hosts, in their Day, to lay close Siege, and by a wise Spiritual Stratagem to scale the Walls of the most Holy Place, that so thou mayst have entrance; for it is allotted, that by meer Conquest, the Prize within this City will be taken. Now then raise up all the Internal Force, you are able to make, and set upon storming it violently, sounding forth the seven Trumpets, from all the Seven-Throne-Spirits; which are filled with Oily Powers, and will be of mighty conquering force, to Alarm down that last reserved Almighty outgoing Breath, which doth bring absolute Soveraignty in all Heavenly Things, renewing that everlasting Morning, which from the Ancient of Days did spring, when all the Sons of God shouted for Joy, and as Stars of Glory did sing, knowing nothing then of Mortality or Sin. To which state ye, by this Life-quickening Ghost, are to be reduced again, that so in the Primitive Angelical Figure, you may appear, as mighty Ones to act, according to what you have by Conquest obtained, within this Seraphick Kingdom, through Love’s violent onset. Where ye shall then be confirmed Denizens, having all freedom to exercise your Heavenly Calling with me your Jesus, having faithfully fought for your Corporation-Liberty, serving out your time in the Faith and Patience, according to the Father’s Will. Which for a Recompence the holders out are to be endued with all Power, Dominion, with that unknown glorious Liberty, which shall impower you, all Wonders for to declare, by that Living Word, which was, is, and will arise up in this sparkling, consuming, all acting, dividing Flame; that is come to melt down every Metal, and to try which and which is sound, because nothing but pure Gold for this Profession will hold, or shall the Seven Trumpets in the Hands hold, thereby to ascend into my upper Sheep fold, where all my Lambs are cloathed with Fleeces of the most fine Gold. Therefore now, Oh my Friends, see who they are that must ascend up hither to me; Lo, I have the Way disclosed, yet to you more full and free, that so you may rise up, and go forward, greatly Conquering till that ye may come to the Seventh Trumpet compassing about. Which Seventh Compassing, maketh all Gates within the Pavilion of Light open for to fly, that the desired Throne-Majesty you may there espy. Which I know will suffice, and please your Eye, when in my Glorified Nature you shall be able to greet with boldness, the Father of Spirits and Glory; having upon you my tryed Golden Fleece: without which ye will be speechless, but with it ye have all freedom to commune, and with your God to talk, and to have place evermore with him to Sing the New Jerusalem Hymns, which flow out most naturally from the Seventh Conqueror, who is brought up hither to hear the great Last Shout.


August the 12th. 1676.

I did hear from the Angelical World great and mighty Sounds round about me, with one distinct Word, saying, Behold him, who descends upon the white Throne. Who are there ready with their Garments washed clean and white, thus to meet their Jesus? Which Word of Alarm cast me into some Fear and Despondency, being conscious that I was not cloathed with such a perfect White Robe, as might answer to that White Throne; for to such only was this Call to.

Q. Therefore what must now be done for us that we may straitway find our selves here enthroned?

The Reply was this, Oh fear not; remember how Joshuah’s filthy Garments were taken off, and then he could stand before me; even so it is decreed; and an express Charge is given to your Guardian Angel, to uncloathe and pluck off your Purple Robe of Sin, Ignominy and Scorn. For there is yet reserved one principal White Robe, which yet was never seen; but the Body upon which it is put, must be all Immaculate, for it will be no Covering to any polluted thing, because it is pure and transparent throughout. Be of good cheer, for this also is with me, who want not Love, Power, and Strength to bring this great translation about. As for your Spiritual Adversaries, whom I see so vigilant, they shall never tire out that Spirit of Faith; which shall be animated still by that Word that riseth fresh and new. Keep but your Faith in me, and I will from all Viper Spirits secure you, that no hurt shall be to you, though their Scorpion Tongues would send forth Anguishing Fire to detain you, if possibly it were in their own hellish dark sphere, which shall fly from you, as you fixed be, to desert all but what can enter with you into this bright ivory Throne of the Everlasting Deity. Whereto I now expressly charge you, to put all things in order hereunto, and be most free for the Unbodying your selves; that I may see no more a vile Nature upon you, who am come my self to be your Body. For no other will this unmixed Garment fit, being spun out from the Golden Fleece, which is all of the working Power of the Holy Ghost, who interweaveth it in great variety, with bright Oriental Golden Clouds: For to express, that this is the Cloathing of Soveraignty, and Righteousness, in which I will avouch you before the High Throne-Majesty, my all fair Spouse, and Bride: Who may sit with me on my White Throne, freed out from all former Slights and Contempts. Until this state of Zion-Beauty shall appear, watch, and keep Company only with Lilly Spirits, feeding upon the Olive-Berries, that grow upon the Mountains of Bether, whereby you may become all lovely and fair, ready and meet for this high Princely decking. Wearing your present Garments so loosely, that so soon as I call, ye may let them fall, though you may think there is something good, which is not to be parted withal; as to that, be not concerned, for what is pure, and hath been tryed by Fire, shall still endure, all serving to make up One entire, and perfect Body, which shall be for a more sublimated use and service, than what ye have hither served in, when under the Law of Sin; but now are ye under another denomination, as Spirits made free, to walk in White Garments, within the Celestial Globe of Light. Where now we enjoy each other in Spirit, but there is yet a superaddition of Joy and Glory, when Body and Spirit shall ascend together, passing through all Vails, Clouds, Rocks and Stones, nothing being able to sever her or it from the most Holy Place; for which state do you passive stand, till acted to go forth, by the mighty and strong Lyon, who must rise the Prey to take, which hath been reserved for the Lyon-like Heart, which no fear hath, nor repulse will take, but will enter through the Everlasting Zion Gates, to which haste, haste.


August the 13th. 1676.

This inspeaking was to me. Let muddy Matter no more be cast up in thee, for thou art called among the Golden Flocks.


August the 14th. 1676.

This Morning my Spirit was all free, and serene, meet to entertain Communion with him, who is cloathed with the Golden Cloud, and Rainbow on his Head, who said thus unto me, Escape the Spider’s Web, who is always spinning to invite to come under her covering: Know you not a composition of Poyson is there? who cannot hurt you, except she can find you there to hanker, and so keep your pure mounting Spirits, from their own incircling Globe, and Heavenly Sphere; Where you know, I fail not to keep you Company, when at any time you are found there. For an uninterrupted Conversation is to be entered upon, by that which is all pure, born from the Virgin-Womb, which is distinct from the dark and all defiled part, and cannot incorporate with it. Oh therefore avoid, and quickly stop that muddy Source, the smell of which is so unsavoury to him, who can bear nothing but what proceeds from my implanted Nature, that so we may together as upon one Stalk grow, For to bring forth that choice Kernel, which may be ripe for the Golden Dove to swallow down. For herein lieth the most hidden of all Secrets; which is to come up to the full grown Ear of one and the same pure Lump, and Matter clear. Then Celestial Food ye shall know through this Virtual Consubstantiation; of which none shall have right to partake, but the Bridegroom, and his Mate. Therefore do not think, that I am slack in coming for to reap: I wait in Long-suffering with you, till I become a pure hardened Grain in you, and so become Heavenly Bread to satisfie the Life, that is born out of the Mystery. Whereof you are of the Number, appointed to grow up a pure Body, for the holy Air to pass through.


August the 15th. 1676.

This Word came, which was often repeated in me, Arise Jonah’s Gourd must fail, though it was appointed for your succour and shelter, for its appointed Season, as a Shadow from the Heat, Wind and Storm. Which was thus made out to me, with respect to the present Gospel-Ministration, as it stood in divers Services, though of the Lord’s own Institution, which carries a great force with it, consisting of pure, and Spiritual Exercises, offering up by Prayers and other constant Oblations, which have been too short, because transient Powers have only opened therefrom, wherein hath been some Refreshing: yet rest not here, for some better thing is provided for you, whose expectation must still run higher, looking to obtain that fixed Body, that can dwell among the Heavenly Quire, going out and in, by Commission from your Great King, whom only you are to fear and hasten to.

Then again this secret Word sprung, What toil you here? Have you not heard, that there is a Jubilee Year, wherein you are called to return to the Land of your Possession, to enjoy what is laid up in store, which was sown in the sixth Year of your Immanuel, who was such a fruitful Grain, as thereby ye may obtain a Sabbath of Rest, eating of the old Store, till the third Year, which will renew all things again to that Increase which never yet hath been.

Also, this Scripture was spoken to me, Ye shall not go through the Cities of Israel, till the Son of Man come again. Matth. 10.23. Which thus opened it self: Ye have had many Removes in your Israel Dispensations, yet you have not gone through all, there is one strong hold that is to be taken. Which being enter’d into, you will soon see your Son of Man so to appear, as ye shall not know him, from the Son of the Most High God in Humanity, glorious and clear, riding upon the Heavenly Sphear.

Also, this Word came unto me, The Golden Pot within shall still be filled with Manna: it is for the Priest alone to feed thereof, within the Holy Place. Where the Golden Bowl of Oyl shall also out flow, to those that can come near it, with their Consecrated Body, which scented is with the pure Unction.


August the 16th. 1676.

Being very inquisitive with that strong Rock, from whence I expected still new Aid, Counsel, and work of Direction, for going forward in the Process with our Jesus, till we were entered into the Land of Rest, Life, and Liberty, and it being made now all my Care and Concern to keep journeying on, making riddance of all that would hinder our ascending Might. In order to the prosecution thereof, this Word came to me, Knowest thou not, that the most principal City, is yet to be inhabited by you, which can only be entered upon by Conquest: now what less, than the Spirit of Courage, Might, and Valour, which did rest upon Othniel will serve you in this matter? For the taking of this strong City of Conquest, a Reward will be given by faithful Caleb, the good Heart, who here represents the Eternal God and Father. Who engageth to give Achsah, who is his only Virgin Daughter, unto Othniel, who is the Man of War, the strong Michael who feareth not but he shall still overcome: to whom is given the utmost Ends of the Earth for his Inheritance, Moab shall be his Wash-Pot, and over Edom the most High will rule. Oh Lord, it is most true, thy Power and Soveraignty is not to be questioned, I know, thou canst do all things; but what is this to me; till this Mighty Man of Valour do arise, to bring me into this strong City, or the City of Strength, wherein will be all our defence? Thou hast said, Go on to possess what yet remains behind, pointing to this Walled Place, that is fenced round with Bullworks; by which we, who have often made any Attempts against her here, have as often been repelled. How, and by whom can we make this Enterprize if thou, Oh mighty Othniel, dost not undertake this for us? A necessity there is, I do see, for thee to assume, and to take in us the strong Battle-Ax of Faith’s Magnanimity, that will force the most Mighty to yield. Oh how long must we War, before the Bride shall come for to be our own in the New Jerusalem City? Ah sweet Jesus! speak comfortably to us hereto, to whom it hath been said, Ye look for her, who never can in this Life-time be here enjoyed.


August the 19th. 1676.
This Reply was given to me.

Oh why should ye hearken to any thing, that would quench and kill your Faith. For Diffidence hath been the grand Stop and Hinderance: for how can that possibly be obtained, which cannot be believed in? By which great Absurdities are committed against the whole Trinity, whose Faithfulness and Truth must hereby be nullified, and all those Promises made of no effect, which are of standing Record. But they will not any Credit hereunto give, than which nothing more can take off from this further process, as who else might have reached to all that hath been predicted; had there been but found in any that all-Golden Grain of Faith so strong, till it had cast out all Fear and Doubting: which makes the true Masculine Spirit, that is for the taking of the most weighty Prize, that is in the Kingdom of Heaven. Who willingly suffereth such noble Violence, and would rejoice to be so entered upon, If it might find any so resolved in this present time, I will assure thee, there is no Prohibition, against the possession of this Royal thing, which I have so often to you propounded. Which stands free to yield to them, who through Faith’s Stratagem can enter through the Gates of this Jerusalem. You well know what force will be effectual, which I still incite, and call upon you to improve, summoning in all your Army. The Seven Throne-Spirits will be your aid, but be sure to set Love’s Flaming Streamer and Faith’s challenging Banner in the fore-front of all, because they are of greatest Potency: which will bring a dread with them upon the fearful and unbelieving Spirits, because terrible to them is this Army of Banners. Who the first Onset will make, with and by the sound of our Trumpet, which yet hath never been heard to sound. For which wait ye, till it shall be given into your Hands.


August the 20th. 1676.

This Word visited me with a mighty inward Cry, Let the old Creature dye and pass away. Bury this Dead out of sight, that it may dissolve into the New Earth, which I have prepared. From whence ye may expect, that new Creaturely Body, which is all available, and goeth beyond the first Fruits of Circumcision. For Renovation in the Mind may be brought forth, and yet this New Creature not raised, which is the very Body appertaining to the Ghostly Spirit, which can only mount, and give this New Creature the Wing of Ascension. Here is a new creating Word, which now upon the sounding is: what excellent new framed Piece may be expected hence from its Matter and Composition? What think you now must this New Creature be made of, that it may transcend the Old? That must dry, moulder, and vanish away, as it is decreed: that so room may be for the new Body to take place. Which is to be coagulated from the Virtual Golden Mould, as the material Matter of this All-Spiritual Creature, which is appointed for Mount Sion’s Communion. Oh! the first Adam was created for Paradise: out of the Dust of that Earth, he was made a living understanding Soul, sparkling in the pure Innocency. From which degenerating, he hath changed both the inward Principle and outward Body, into the Nature of Sin and Corruptibility. Which now must be put off, before the most Holy will know you in the way of delightful Conversation; for which end every Trumpet doth sound, till ye be framed and raised out of Holy Ground, made all of one entire Piece, a Massy Lump, which may out-balance that, which as a Shrine adulterated is, with other false Metals: as in the first Adam’s state you have seen, where the Good and Evil do dwell, that makes all the Strife and Uneasiness. For which, no other way is found, for the putting an End thereunto, but by a total dissolving of the old Creature, wherein this Mixed thing is found.

Here arose this Objection in me, Ah my Lord and Master, I grant and acquiesce with thee, concerning this new Bodyfying, for the Eternal Spirit to act through, in pure new raised Humanity, but why is thy Word still directed to me, who find hereunto no Sufficiency: for it is the business of a God-creating Power, I do see, as thou dost take this Prerogative unto thy self, saying, Rejoice in that which I do create?

Answ. True, Oh Shunamite, this Glory thy Father only appropriated unto himself, and none else can assume it, or counterfeit it. For here are no painted Forms that can serve; for to make Images without Life will not do. Hereby shall the face of the Covering be discerned, that hath deceived all Nations, that have still cryed the Temple-Body, when it is no other but a dead piece of Formality, which is at least no way able to effect beyond the Species of a poor piece of impotent Mortality, which under great disability doth lie. Therefore the voice in thee doth Cry, Call, and Incite, that thou mayst look within for this Creating Might. Lo, it is not so lost or gone out of Sight, but it will be found upon search and seeking, being at hand to renew and change the Vile, and bring forth another Body and Spirit, that may God’s Virgin-Bride inherit, with all her Mountain Arabian spicy Wine, which is refined from the Lees. That is the Spirit, which is purely extracted from the Deity, to move in a Body that is all compacted of Sion’s Matter: For the New Creation will be filled with such Inhabitants, as mighty Princes, each one in their own Power moving, with such anointed Shields, as all Earthly Weapons will be too blunt, and too short to annoy such Spirits, or new Creaturely Bodies, that are compacted of this sublime matter. But here this Jesus, whose Spirit searcheth the inward deep of this Soul meeteth with somewhat, which is still questioning and asking, How can this great thing be? seeing I am not come to live out of sensible Mortality, that is touched with every Essence, which appeareth from that ground, sometime lifted up, then again cast down, according to the mutation of the Starry Region. Well, I know, (saith he) it is so, but art thou here confined for ever to stay? Hath Bounds been set, that beyond this thou art not to pass? Dost thou think my Calls and Invitations are only verbal? or that I put you upon that, which the Omnipotency of co-working Power cannot make good? Only believe, laying the stress of all upon my Creating Word, which will move, till the Number Three be witnessed, for the raising of this Temple, which all fill’d shall be with their own silent Company, walking all in holy Order, according to the living Testimony. Which openeth anew. To which inspiring Word, ever more watch, and it shall be your safe Guide and Guard, till you are come here to abide within this fixed Sphere.


August the 22d. 1676.

In the Night I was much in Prayer minding my Lord God of the many particular Prophecies, concerning our Jesus coming to quicken and assume his own Spiritual Body in us, being mighty earnest in Soul-wrestling for the accomplishment thereof, against which I saw a great Strife and Wars by Spirits and Powers from the high fallen Angels above, and the middle Regions and Depths below, all conspiring to keep down the Body, that is sown in that New Tomb, where none but Jesus the Lord lay. After this Conflict in Prayer, I fell asleep, where the dark Magia followed me with Apparitions from their Kingdom, which I endeavoured to adjure. Upon which I awaked, waiting for the sweet Emanations and Teachings from my Immanuel, who a present Word of Comfort ministered to me, saying, Behold the Dews from Hermon-Hill, shall distill upon what you have sown; ye shall not always lie in the Dust of the Earth. For this Dew is as the Water of Life, that will make the dead Body again to live. As my dead Body, it shall rise Metamorphosed, as the Lily all white and fair, to take in the Golden Sun, and the Crystalline pure Air. Such a Body will be meet, to move from, and to draw in that Everlasting Gospel-Breath, which will tinge whatever it doth touch. Now as to the time, when this Legacy will be due to you, you must look into the last Testament and Will of me your Testator. Who have made an Everlasting Covenant, firmly ordered in all things, where all Precious Promises concerning things to come run in general to those, who successively in time shall come into the Resurrection Body, for to be born. For none else can make challenge to that great income of the Holy Ghost, which is the principal Gift in my Will. Why have you let this lie as dead, and making no more matter about its search? And why see ye not whether this Revenue belong not to your New Names, which ye have been baptized into? I would not that ye should be ignorant of what might come to you, if you live in the Resurrection-Body, till it gets up into its mature Stature, a full grown Body, which may be of ability, for the discharge of so great a Government and Trust, as in that day will be committed. In the mean time live, and so behave your selves, as those that are known to be, not only Legatees, but real Joint-Heirs; Looking for, hastening, and minding the Father of new-born bodified Spirits, who is the Ministrator by me left in trust, to make disposal out of Wisdom’s Cabinet of this one considerable Jewel. Which will become none to wear, till they come up to be full grown, meet also for that Garment, which hath been made and wrought from Everlasting, which is ever new and fresh, through which ye may see the Comely Proportion of your New Creaturely Being. For it is all transparent and shining, answering to the Place and Company, with whom you are to walk. Though ye yet bear in Visibility your despised image, till your invisible Body be grown up big enough, to fill out this Bridal Robe, by which you shall be discerned to be in the Lord’s Body. Which will roll away the Reproach that came in by the poor fading Fig-Leaf Cloathing. Now observe and see to what an estate you may grow up unto, if ye keep up in the Faith: if ye unwaveringly believe, ye will see it.


August the 23d. 1676.

In the Night season I heard a Voice crying, Holy ! Holy ! who can enter where the Terrible Majesty of Holiness doth dwell? Then was presented to me somewhat, all over covered as with Swans Wings, no other proportion seen, and it was said, This all white Nazarite may enter in: here is no Partition-Wall, or Skreen that will intervene. After this pass’d away, it was opened to me, This was no other than the White Dove Body of the Holy Ghost, that could wing up into the Jerusalem Court, where the Ancient of Days did sit, to receive and welcome the Spirit of the Bride, thus embodied and all attired with Plumes of White, signifying the necessity of passing through the Swan-like Washings. Which do make us thus pure and white, for the bringing into this Virgin-state, where nothing is heard to cry, but Holiness to the Most High. For said the Word, No other can enter here, therefore see what you must attain to be, Swan-like, keeping upon the River pure, which doth proceed from the Throne. Where do you abide, till you come to the tenth Number washing-Tide, that may present you the all fair and lovely Bride to enter in, and footing find, where there needs no more Sea for washing, but firm Golden Ground there to walk with your Dove-Mate. Who doth wait to see you come up as Sheep from the Washing, each one bearing Twins in the fruitful Nature of the Holy Ghost, from within that overspreading Wing to put forth, and to take its Flight to this city of Light, wherein Holiness is writ without and within.


August the 27th. 1676.

Being upon my Watch-Tower, to hear and learn what further Remove we must go forward to, and Eagerly pressing to get out from under the Reign of the Ten Horned Beast, who doth daily at us push, as being exalted to that Pinnacle of Power, which doth command all these lower Worlds, imprinting its mark on the whole Universe, who are under his Planet born, and in his Kingdom found; Out from which our Lord with many Trumpets sounds hath called us; this Word anew was uttered; Ah, come and see the Thousand Years Reign of the Lamb are upon the Entering, by those who are worthy to find a part in the first Resurrection. This only will free from the decree of unavoidable Death, which is the Wages of the Sin-deformed Beast, who is to return again to the Lake, at the time when Jesus begins his Reign. Lo, the old Dragon, who in the Beastly Nature hath governed, will be laid hold upon, by the strong Angel, who hath prevailed to chain him up, and also to obliterate both his Image and Name that have lived and reigned in this visible World, in such mighty Fame. But strong and omnipotent is he, who saith, Behold, I come to sound that Trumpet, which shall bring forth a new World, for an end of the Old is come before me, in them, who will be found the first model of this new Creation, which will consist all of new raised Spirits with their full grown Bodies, bearing the Lamb’s Mark and Name as Sheep of another Pasture and Fold, feeding in such a rich Soil, as maketh fat and flourishing, meet to stand in the view of the great King, whom you must come up to, in your new risen Immaculate Spirit and Body, that he may see you are the right Heirs, now grown up for the Kingdom, to whom the Key of the Government doth belong. Being passed through this Kingdom, standing out against all his imposed Traditions, Mark, and Name, whereby you were to be proved, whether or no ye would bow to his unrighteous and pernicious Power and Scepter. Against which still maintain your Ground, and hold out, for your ten days Tribulation are not all fully expired; in which time, the Dragon will have great rage, knowing his date is almost worn out, as to those that have gone through the beheading for the Resurrection-Life sake. For which death’s hour of Temptation holding out, a weighty Crown will be sent down, and put on by him in the sight of all your Enemies, who will maintain his right upon and over the Earth with these, his tried Stones, to unite his power so as with them to reign, till you shall see all, and every thing put under which now is above you, for when my Name is known to spring within the Resurrection Body, and to open in Majesty; doubt not, but thereto every Knee shall bow and will bring their Gifts, and entreat your aspect and favour. The God, and Father of Lights having anointed you above your Fellows, and reinstated you with me to a Throne of dignity, where all in the lower Sphear shall be judged by you, having received Kingly Power, not for hours or days, but for to endure throughout all Generations. Now consider as wise Princely Virgins, what for a while, ye may yet encounter with during the Dragon’s reign. Do not fear him, nor his Scorpion Stings, which now will hardly come into you, his place being demolished and his Towers falling, and the new Body rising, wherein nothing of his Kingdom can be more found: which he seeing, it will make his Kingdom to tremble, that power is now assuming that will bind the crooked Leviathan, who still sends out his poisonous Floods, to destroy this Birth of Life which shall reign over all, by him who hath gotten the Victory over the Fall, and came up with great boldness, shewing your bloody marks through the fight of Faith, whereby ye may make claim to the Bride and the Ivory Throne, there with her to lodge, live, and reign in everlasting fame: Amen, crieth your Bridegroom from Heaven.


August the 28th. 1676.
The Guardian Eunuch.

This word passed through me, who shall among all the royal Seed of the captivity be found worthy to stand before the great and mighty King? Even those in whom is found no blemish, but beautiful and well favoured, and of a wise and understanding Spirit. Seek me out such, saith the most holy, to abide in my Courts. Whom upon search having found, a Decree is given forth, that they be committed to the custody of Melzar, the high Guardian Prince of the Eunuchs, who shall take the charge and care of these, whom I would have the most Eminent in and throughout my whole Realm. In order to which a daily portion of the King’s Meat, and of the same Wine, whereof he drunk, is assigned for them to be nourished by. Well knowing, what a fair and comely Body, such high Heavenly extracted Food will bring forth, to make strong and mighty, meet for the King’s business. Here is a time also prefixed to be kept up to this diet alone, and to abstain, and not taste of the low, gross, elementary perishing Food, which makes lean, ill-favoured, and blemished, who must not come into the Sanctuary of the most High. Against such there is a Law, to exclude them all, from coming near to the pure Majesty. Therefore this Provision is made, that ye may without exception be trained up under the Prince of Life, who himself was a pure Nazarite and Eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. Who will be to you herein a lively Pattern, giving day by day full Meals, and Draughts, out of the same divining Cup, whereof your Lord himself doth drink. That so ye may be Spirited with an all-piercing sight, to know what is done and acted within the Kingdom of Light. Interpreting and revealing such wonderful things to them which yet remain dark, to those who do abide in the dark Cell of this lower World; doing such mighty deeds as may make them for to cry out, surely the Gods are come down to dwell in Flesh. This and much more, will be your glory, if you can for a while be shut up in the Eunuch Reservatory where you may be taught the language, that is only spoken amongst the Church of the first born in the heavenly City. For you must have a time for the learning hereof, and you must entirely mind this Science. For it is the great Thing, that will give ability to stand before the eternal King, when you can understand and take in through the pure and divine sense, all the deep and weighty things. Which in and through the high Tongue are in the Seraphick Language only sounded forth. Therefore henceforth see it all needful to abide here, under the care and tuition of your worthy Prince and Governour, the true and faithful Melzar, who at the end of the three Years, may present you all fair, able, and wise. That when the King comes to prove you with hard Questions, ye may not be to seek, no more that the beloved Daniel was, who was found in all Matters excelling all the Magicians who stood before him. Out of this Similitude, there is marrow of Life to be had.


 August the 29th. 1676.

Being met together this Day, as the Doctor was praying, there was a sudden glance opened of a Person presenting himself in a way of visit to us, looking as one that had some particular care and concern, which revived that Scripture, I am come into my Garden to see what Fruits appear, and how my Spikenard outflows; as also the Word spake thus, this is the beloved Prince of the Eunuchs. After this I felt a full gale of Spirit, which breathed forth it self in Prayer, all which give Testimony of our Acceptation; and could the Eye of the Spirit stand open, we should see our Jesus often circumferring about us.


 August the 30th. 1676.

About Four of the clock in the Afternoon, my Daughter R. came to me, with a Message, that there was Letter came from my sister Re. to Cousin Rob. Wa. that now there was an opportunity opened for my Redemption out of all Straits and Cares, being privately ordered by my Brother to send for me down to her House, and so to come to him, and to abide during his Life, where all things should be provided, and need not to have any other dependence. All which hearing, being pressed upon me with many Arguments, to dispatch and close with this present Offer, which if I did not, then I must expect that all other Relief would be with-held from me. No Friend would either pity or aid me. My Daughter laying much to my Charge, for slighting such Providences. Upon the consideration hereof, it was said within me, Thou art in a great strait, yet nevertheless stand by thy Vow and solemn Engagement, whereby thou hast given away thy Right, as to the disposal of thy self. Now thou art the Lord’s, who hath given to thee a binding Earnest, for to go on forward jointly with thy appointed Mate to that Work, which this present offer is much too low for to retard.

Then rolled upon me many great and heavy Weights, which would have pressed down my Faith, seeing many Archers drawing up against me, with out-stretched Bows, and were prevented. For I was immediately taken into Shelter up to the Rock of Strength. I found my self as in a moment mounted, where then I could charge again upon the subtle Adversary from that Ammunition-Tower, which still furnished me with Faiths impregnable Power, which soon quelled and allayed the Fury of the raging Oppressor. For I found the Captain of the Lord’s Host drew near to defend every Shot, off from me, lifting up his mighty Standard, and speaking comfortably, saying, Hold fast, let all go: but what I have in charge committed to thee, be sure to keep, and thou needst not fear any of those Sufferings thou are threatened with. Take no thought, for while thou art upon my Business, I will supply all things needful, for I have given order for thy Sustainment. Go forward, ply your Heavenly Calling with him, who to my Heart answers in this very thing also. Ye must both look to fill up what is yet behind of the ten days Suffering, for the Dragon hath great Rage, he well sees how near his Date is out, if you be able to stand out this Hour of Temptation, which I must allow, thereby to prove your Fidelity, that so ye may come off Conquerors, that your Jesus may begin his Reign, and put that Power into your Hand, that ye shall at pleasure bind and chain up this great Leviathan, that so he may no more go forth to hurt, destroy, or make Wars against the peaceable Government, which shall rest upon each one, when the great last Trumpet soundeth, to call up to worship in the Mountain of Jerusalem. Then ye shall see me Eye to Eye; which will recompence this Long-suffering, and Faith-Warrings against the Dragon and Beast, who go into everlasting Perdition, maliciously working to allure and plunge those upon whom he can fasten his Temptations; but arise, shake off all, and in his dominion no longer stay: Return, return, oh Shulamite, unto thy fair Jerusalem-Mansion, there the most Holy will meet thee, and secure thee from all beleaguerings, hiding thee within the Pavilion of his Power. To this, oh my Soul, do thou enter, and for ever rely, for here is hiding from the Serpent’s Eye.


August the 31st. 1676.

Upon these sweet Words of Counsel and Emanations, I sprung out in Prayer, renewing my Vows, formerly made, pouring forth the Oyl of Joy and Gladness upon Jacob’s Pillar, which is the standing Witness betwixt me and Jehovah Nissah. Henceforth resolving to adventure only with Jacob’s Staff in my Hand, finding fresh Power animating my Faith so that I neither feared Famine, Nakedness, or any Distress that could happen. Being resolved to abide, where my Lot was cast, and to go thro’ with my Associate, with whom the Spirit of Caleb was to proceed, and to go forward unanimously with me, till we might reach to the high Calling and Apostolical Power, which I felt mightily impulsing to hazard the loss of all, reckoning nothing of Validity, or worth making Interest for, but that which spoken of hath been, yet reserved for us in the Everlasting Treasury. Whereto upon all accounts, I will apply my self, for thereout will be given to that Eye, which waiteth steadily. Which was assured and confirmed to me, from that Example of Moses, his Hands being held up. The Lord said to me, if ye will be prevailing Conquerors over your deadly undermining Soul-destroying Foes, your Hands of Faith must at no time fall down, but when you find them heavy, call in Aaron, and Hur, the Spirit of Prophecy and Prayer, which props up and maintains the Affiance still to rest upon the Stone of Strength and Almightiness, by which great Conquest and Success will come to be witnessed. Thus happy shall ye be, in holding out firmly, because the Shield of your help shall tread down all strength for you.


September the 1st. 1676.

THE Doctor this Morning, praying with me, the Word said while he was in Prayer, Here is a Ship in full Sail, directing to that Prophetical Blessing, which was pronounced upon Zebulun whose dwelling should be at the Haven, where all rich freighted Ships should unload themselves.


September the 3d. 1676.

This Morning considering of some Passages, which were read to me, of a Fore-runner, who had wonderful things by Vision revealed unto him, with which I was much affected, they being so weighty, much answering to what I did believe might be brought to pass according to the Spirit of Prophecy, who did see into the same Mystery of Christ coming: While I was Praying in my self for to see this wonderful Time a Pair of Balances was put forth by a Hand, as out of a Cloud, where appeared a great Roll writ upon within, and a Golden Ball or Globe. These in each Scale were weighed. The Golden Globe immediately carried the Scale down, and thus it was said, Vision is not so weighty as Fruition. These Writings are as the Bonds of Obligation, but the subsisting thing is from this solid Body, which turns Vision into Fruition: which set thy Heart chiefly upon.


September the 4th. 1676.

After this passed, I considered how to be changed into this Globe of unmixed solid matter, groaning after the contraction of this Heavenly material thing, which in Vision I had seen. Then heard I Wisdom’s Word to cry within me, saying, Thy Mind must be cast into a new Mold of Imagination, that so thy thoughts may come to answer mine. That Scripture being brought to me, Let the unrighteous Man forsake his thoughts, and turn to his God. At this Word, I said, Oh my Lord, who can nullify and put a stop to his own thoughts, which is a connexion to his Life. For every sight of the Eye, and hearing of the Ear, doth stir up and awaken these Essences; therefore there is no possibility of stopping the current of them, but they will run their Course, as the Sun, Moon, and Stars in their Order will. Under whose Constellations while we are living, such common thoughts will arise, which though not wholly evil, yet because they are not holy and perfectly good, they cannot be according to what proceeds from the Heart of God, who would that our Thoughts and Ways should be like unto his. This case I presented before my God, and my Lord Jesus to be answered.


September the 5th. 1676.

Who the next day thus resolved me, saying, As thou has desired that great sublime change, which is the Transmutation into the pure solid Body; so know thou, that for the obtaining of this, there must of necessity be a super-imaginariness, from which fanned are all chaffy cogitations. For such is the Man, as the Conceptions of his Mind are. Now this is only on thy part to do, whereby the circulation of profuse Imaginations may be stopped, when wisely and foreseeingly, thou dost prevent all occasions, which administer such hard matter, for such a muddy spring to generate it self into such Multiplicities, as generally fill the whole House of the Mind. I Jesus do therefore come to be thy anointed Eye, that so thou mayst discern the thoughts of thy Heart, what to imbrace, and what to forsake. For know, that a thought is a more considerable thing, than hitherto ye have understood, for in their Nature they are most subtle, swift Spirits, who numerate as the Sand upon the Sea-shore, so as they make a World invisible in every Creature. From whence first come all Wars, Insurrections, and Mutinees, these being first inkindled from the Fire-flash, which openeth from its own center, which divideth it self part into the Evil, and part into the Good. For so it is now, that two Sources are opened in every Creature, his Will standing free, being redeemed out of the necessity as adhering to the Earthly, the treasury of the Heavenly, being free to resort to. But that part from whence the pure river doth bubble up, and spring, multiplying divine Conception, is a very deep Well, into which the Will-Spirit doth launch, sinking down into the Depths, before it can fetch up those precious Thoughts, which work from the Source of all pure Deity. They will through an habitual Course so unite, as to rise up, like an Army of great Might able to put the other to flight. Here is the great Conquest, to subdue every Thought, and first to bring down these high Towers of the imaginary part. Demolish but these, and you will do your work to purpose. Now that ye may be wise to know, how to stop this muddy Source, observe these following Rules.

Rules for the Government of the Imagination.

First,    Wind out of all occasions, which from this World may minister and present fruitless and unnecessary Objects, and Things which will kindle Essences, according to their empty and profuse Likeness.

Secondly,   Keep thy self much within thy Holy Temple, and Holy Place of Silence, where the Trinity with their whole train, delight for to descend: with whom being much conversant, the sight of the Eye, and the hearing of the Ear, within this Heavenly Sphear, will both beget, nourish and maintain pure Cogitations.

Thirdly,   Thou will see, feel, and know a fruitful Womb always bringing forth that which may grow up to the Ghostly Fountain-Body. To which giving heed, thou mayst at the Mouth thereof set, and draw up Water of Life, I say of Life abundantly.

Fourthly,    Oh then love to live within thine own Fountain, which is blessed; desire not to taste of any other, which may be Salt, or Sweet, or of a Mixed property.

Fifthly,   Wait upon the Effusion of this rising Sanctuary-River, which will run till it become broad all over. Which is the right and true covering of the Spirit. Under this no evil surmisings can dwell; all of that Nature hereout will be expelled, at the opening Source of the holy Ghost.

Sixthly,   This is the true and everlasting Sign, that shall no more be worn out, nor be cut off; but it shall be a sure nail fastened within for the more signal and lasting Impression: That thou mayst see all shadowy Ministrations of little use and service to the Substantial thing. Which will grow from the pure rarified Mind, that hath got victory from superfluous Thoughts, from which do thou divide, and then another Spirit within thee will reside.

Seventhly,   Having considered thus the Immutability and Unchangableness of this substantial Thing, growing from the pure Mind, and of all the Thoughts therefrom arising; and also considering the great Mutability and Instability of whatever groweth, and proceedeth from the Imagination; it remaineth that thou wholly divide and separate thy self from every vain, superfluous, mutable, and Imaginary Thought, looking up only to receive such Idea’s into thee, as are Solid, Necessary, Immutable and Spiritual. According to which thou art to try, examine, and prove whatever would enter into thy Heart, and accordingly to Acquit or Reject them, if thou wouldst remember to keep a true and perfect Sabbath unto thy Lord, rising in his Spirit from all that is Earthly, Elementary and Imaginary.


September the 6th. 1676.

My Friend being at Prayer, my Spirit ardently joyning therewith; This Word in the Heavenly Orb was spoke: What shall be done for these diligent Seekers, and Heaven-violators, who for the Kingdom thus persue? Upon which Word pausing, and finding that within my self to Echo hereunto; I waited to hear what Answer would follow hereupon: I then in my Spirit saw there was a demurr, or consultation thereupon, but had not at that time any positive Answer from the Lord.


September the 7th. 1676.

In the Night I awaked upon some Voice, that was uttered, but could not remember, what it spake. And then I saw a Book that was opened, of an unknown Print, that I could not read it, which also passed out of sight. Then was this Word sounded forth. Here are the Children of the Bride-Chamber, who to me do cry for stronger Meat; they have weaned themselves from the nutriment of the Breast, telling me they can digest spiritual Flesh. Then was let down a Charger to me, with a Lamb that had been slain, and the Word said, Take hereof, and eat, this is Paschal Meat. Then said I, Lord, not so, this raw and undressed, who can feed hereof ? Then this was drawn up, and behold one, as in the Figure and Stature of a Man, but not in a fleshly Image, only the fashion of a Man all bright, as the Body of Heaven for clearness: out of his Mouth went a white Mist or Breath, having seven Pipes or conveying Powers, one of each side, and another at the Navel, where somewhat was, as the Form of a Belly, but all after a very lustrous manner. Out of his Mouth went forth pure Breath and Air, then out of the Pipes, that were fixed on the Breasts, sprouted Milk. Then from the Heart went forth Streams of Blood, and upon one side grew out a Branch bearing Olive-Berries, then a Stalk, which did bear some kind of large solid Grain. Then on the other side from the Navel-Pipe did spring clear Crystal-Water. After this manner did this Spiritual Body appear, and said to me, Draw near, for this is the great Day of the Feast, where the Spiritual Body doth convey it self in variety. Here is high spirited Blood and Flesh for the strong in Spirit to digest.

Whoever can on this my Body feed,
Of no perishing thing he will have need.


September the 8th. 1676.

The Interpretation of the former Vision.

The Representation of this former Conveying Body of my Lord Jesus, did not only affect my in-seeing Eye, but by it I found my Life-Spirit fed, succoured, and strengthened. The very sucking down these Spiritual Sweets, (as compounded all at one draught) had their operative Power for some hours after. And again this Morning they did plentifully give out themselves, after the manner of a Conduit, that hath many Pipes at once springing; yet all in their Order, and as soon as one stops, another opens. Oh who can of these deep Manifestations judge, but such as are overtaken with these Golden Floods, that from the glorified Body do thus open, for the nourishing up of every part, till we answer hereunto in a perfect lustrious Body, like to like. Which my Spirit prayed vigorously for, seeking also to have a clear understanding of this Vision, waiting in great and pure awe, for my Immanuel to give me his Mind herein. Who said to me, By this is shewn thee what the Counsel of the Trinity hath determined to do for you, that have out-grown the Child’s Food. Here are new and fresh sprouting Powers, which will make my imbreathed Spirit grow into a Body. As a Nazarite it is to be, who must wait continually hereupon, and must be under a restraint, so as only to take in what these Pipes shall give forth, that so the pure Crystalline thing may live in you, which will Leaven you throughout. Whereby the Most High and wonderful Consubstantiation will be effected to the glory of the New Creation. Then I further queried about the Book, and the Lamb which was first presented to feed upon. It was said as to the Book, though opened, none could it read, because we were not come to such a growth of understanding, as being such as are newly weaned from the Breast. Then it was opened to me concerning the Lamb, that it was the Dying Dispensation, which did go before the rising Living Body, which quickens and brings to Life again, as it is written, I am the Lamb slain, that is risen, and do live to feed my Flock for evermore, from that Body, wherein is the chiefest store. Then it was revealed to me, that the Book which I saw opened was, and still should have been sealed up, had not the Lamb in me over Death prevailed, but now the Seals are undone, and it is given to the Redeemed for to look into it, though not learned yet high enough, to comprehend those great and wonderful things, which are reserved for the full grown Spirit: Who understands all of the high Tongue and Seraphick Canaan Language, in which we shall be taught, as we are strong, and have aptness of Ability to take in, from this sevenfold Fountain-spring, of which evermore, Lord Jesus, give thou us in to take.


September the 10th. 1676.

This Morning I was in a most deep inward converse with my glorified Jesus, putting such weighty Questions to him, as I found rise in me, one was this, saying, Ah Lord ! by what shall I know, that it is now thy very self, that talks daily with me, and that hath unsealed thy fountain-Body to me; for there is somewhat of a greater proof, must yet go forth to make thee ownable and Praiseworthy, where Contempt hath been poured out. Now then, what wilt thou for such yet further do; and that thy Name may carry all through in Power and Authority, according to the Example of thee our dignified Lord. Who will not in thy Redeemed scarce be known till they see the self-same Chariot come down, in which thou thy self dost ride with thy Scepter and Crown, throughout the created Heavens and Earth, and therein to be glorified. Oh for this I am pressing, because nothing less than this thy great Appearance in us, will overturn the Nations within and without. Therefore shew us, Oh Lord, and answer, what may make the way more clear and shining to us? After these Ejaculations emptied into the Bosom of my Immanuel, I saw a pure stream of Golden Colour, wave up and down, which pierced through me, feeling a new kindled Heat from it. The Eye of my Spirit saw it as thin as the Mist, only as the colour of the Sun Beams. Then said the Word in me, What dost thou now see but the Spirit and Breath, which giveth Life to the conveying Body, which thou didst see. Who also shall be the harbinger from me to thee, as the living Sign and Witness: no greater ye will need. It is that deep searching Spirit, who will go and come with speed, and will take and bring from my Fountain Blessing, and give forth, as ye shall be able to suck and draw from it, as from a pure attractive Will. Then shall you know it to be your Comforter and Friend, who will for you search out all hidden things, which are freely given by Decree. This is the Spirit that is appointed to be your Overseer, an holy Watcher, and to find out, if any thing be defective, within the Temple of the most holy Body. Where he must agitate for the Father, and me, all those high Affairs, which may answer to the bringing in, and establishing that desired Kingdom, from which the Scepter of Love, Power, and Righteousness, will never depart. Because this fiery Mist shall still purifie the Heart, and be to it a safe and defensive Guard, from the Poysonable Waspish Spirits, who move from the Serpent, to disquiet this your peaceable dwelling within this circling Breath, which from the Deity doth proceed. And it is a Gift worthy of all Acceptation in deed, as ye may find, if you be not to it unkind by oppressing and laying Burthens on it, which it cannot bear. For it will take no burthen, or concern upon it, but what may augment the Heavenly growth and flourishing state. Where it may dilate the Powers of a Supersensual Faith, and Love-mounting Life, and ever of it speak. Know you then, for what use I do send down this ready swift Messenger, not to minister about any thing, which is of a worldly Sanctuary, or that which worketh after the Traditions of Men, in all deceiveableness of Sin, whether considered in the more gross or refined part. This pure Breath will fly from all Putrefaction, and will be detained no longer with you, than ye minister what is pleasing to it. For as it receives from me to give to you, so it expects to bring some pure offering from you, that I may have an express of your growth and fruitfulness, that so I may not repent the Watering you with this Golden Mist, which may Produce a new Face of Covering upon the Earth, which will be all invitable to your God and King to walk and delight himself therein, finding nothing that may therein offend the Trinity. The Spirit seeketh all, in which he may present you a meet Habitation, for the God of Love and Peace to dwell richly in his own Temple. Then fear not, but you will excell all Counterfeit Christs; for this Spirit of Truth will search out all deep, high and mystical things, that are of service and use to the Reign of your King Jesus. Who is to be exalted over the Earth, first in those who close with his Will and Commands. Then in the second place, this inspiring all-breathing Life highly regard it, for it is that noble thing, that will not give over searching, till it hath found that rich Stone, which is the Introduction to the Kingdom.


September the 14th. 1676.

The Holy Incense.

Being in Prayer, I saw somewhat like a Cloud or Vapour of Smoke rising, turning into a Flame, and so ascending upward. Then said I, Lord what meaneth this? Then was replyed, This is the Incense which doth scent and perfume thy Supplications. All Intercessions are weak, and no ways prevalent, but as the Spirit entereth the secret Holy Place, and doth bring down from that Altar, which is fixed between the Cherubs, and from thence to let fall a perfuming Coal among the spicy Odours. Which are all compounded by the Artificer, within the inward Sanctuary, who hath the Charge of all the Holy Things. Therefore it is such a principal Ointment, as none is to be made like to it, being so rare, pure, and sacred, that it is not to be poured upon Man’s Flesh, but it will devour and consume them, if they shall but go about to counterfeit the same. As it was by those, which offered strange Incense before the Lord. Therefore none hath Right hereunto, but the most harmless, holy, and separated, who have not defiled themselves with the Dead, and creeping things of the Worldly outward Court. But know and consider whereunto ye are come, upon whom this Spicy Union hath fallen; into whose Hand the Golden Vial is given to offer with your Prayers this cloudy pure Incense, which is of a most high deified Nature. The all-searching Spirit hath found out this sweet perfumed Matter for you, that so ye might have success in your Altar-Oblations. Oh then now with Joy enter the Tabernacle, that is anointed with this perfumed Oil, for ye may expect this Golden Incense upon the flaming Altar will have all prevalence. Because it is derived from the Everlasting Mountain of Myrrh and Frankincense, which is the most precious Fuel for your Offering; which must ascend beyond the Sphear of Seraphims, to reach the Heart of your great High Priest. Who is set over all the lower Priesthood to view and see, who in the holy Order of Consecration do keep, bringing their Censers to be filled with Fire, from those perfuming Coals, which can be found no where but in this Altar, which are exalted within the Heavens. The Spirit taking and scattering these Coals, that so the Earth in you may be all a flaming Light, burning from this Incense Matter, which perfumes the Breath of all your Prayers, so that your God may smell that which may bring down Blessings according to your Will. Being so compounded in every part, with the Spikenard and Altar-Fire; as to be one continual ascending Power and perfuming Pillar of sacred Fire. With which my dear Lord, do thou mightily shine upon those who appointed are hereunto, and them more highly inspire.


September the 18th. 1676.

Having for some few Days met with some exercise of Illness upon my outward man, whereby I was made sensible how great a disadvantage that was to the Spirit of the Mind to do its Office and Work in, as to its House and Habitation, where it displays itself; making the very outward Animal Spirit of the Body intelligible of Divine Things: which when depressed by Sickness, is much otherwise, for that then the receptable Comprehensive part is much shut up. The feeling of which made me bewail the defectiveness of this outward Body, because it was disproportionable to that high graduated thing, which acted within it. Upon which I sought the Lord with great earnestness, to give such soundness to the Terrestrial Man, as it might answer to the Spiritual Operator, who was the moving Wheel. After some little space of time, I heard this Word run mightily through me, I am thy Saving Health, which shall arise, and get the Victory over thy present Infirmities. To which Word I gave credit, and did see all the dark Magick Influence fly, as a dark Vapour from me, A hail Body is of a necessary connexion to a sound Spirit, for the Lord’s Service, whereby the Heavenly Calling may be perfected. Against which, the working Powers of that grand Enemy are always at work, by one wile or other still to prevent me: running to and fro, as a most busie Agent: but to my God I did fly, who said, he would spread over me the healing Covering of his Soveraignty for my security. Then I prayed for the Guardian Power to surround them, who with me were obnoxious to the stroke of the Dragon’s Enmity, letting his Arrows fly every way upon the Heaven-Setters. But it was said, Fear not, for on them also is set an impregnable Guard. Thus I was comforted over all Fears, Distresses, and Tribulations, being assured no Weapon should prosper against the Work, which we were charged with. For if on our parts we did not flag, the Right Hand of Strength and Power did engage to be with us, and for us; even so Amen, let it be, O Lord, evermore.


September the 20th. 1676.

The Expostulation of the Spouse.

I was in a Spirit of Mourning, for the Personal Absence of my Lord, whose Representations and Touches had awakened and drawn all the Virtual Powers of my Spirit after him, insomuch as I took freedom to tell him, whom my Soul thus loved, that sith, he had after such a high and total manner engaged my Heart unto him, above all others, that now it was but right and equal, he should marry me, and so in every respect answerably provide, and settle me, according to the greatness of that Marriage state; Preferring also to him this Argument, that it was his own free offer to Love first, or I should never have presumed to have claimed such favourable Aspects, or such kind of Spiritual freedom with one, so much raised above me. But verily now since my Lord made the first Proposal, and thereby hath gained my Interiour Will, with all its attending Affections, it is now but reasonable that I should be answered in my foundational Hopes and Expectations. Which are not grounded upon old recorded general Promises, but upon new and particular Words, dropping fresh from the Mouth of my Jesus, or else those deep Impressions had never took hold of me so, as to make me set light by all Creatures, and Things: Believing I had made such a choice, as was sufficient to answer to every requiring, and to set me free from the Servile Bondage, to these sort of Creatures, that knew nothing of the Mystery of Faith. I did set home these and many more Arguments upon my Lord with all ardency, and I said that I did now look for Performance, and entreated further, that he would consider, that the Honour of his Fidelity was herein concerned. For I had declared to the World, that I was his, and he was mine by Covenant and Contract, and therefore with what shame should I come off, who had rejected all Loves and Lovers, for to tye my Spirit in this Espousal Knot, to this great Heir and Prince of Glory, unto which Royalty, I did believe er’e long, I should be invested; If my Jesus would be true unto me, according to the various Promises left as an Earnest with me. Who being so right and just a Person, as I had no shadow of ground on his part to suspect, neither would I knowingly act any thing defectively on my part, or delay the mutual Nuptial Day, which would make much for the Praise of such a restored Glory. Therefore I was much importunate with my Jesus, that he would do now, and act according to the earnest Expectation of the New Creature, and the Honour of his exalted Name, that it might be no longer derided or defamed by those, who would rejoyce to see wholly self-denying Spirits frustrated of their Bridal-Joy, and Coronation-Day. And that he would be pleased so to act, as not to let them stand upon the visible Stage of Dignity as they have been of Reproach and Defamation, despightfully used for their Bridegroom’s sake: As also to bring off all their disgraceful Calumnies, who hath now the disposal of all princely Majesty, to put upon his present disguised Bride.


September the 21st. 1676.

I having after this manner unburthened my loaded Mind, by way of Expostulation, hearkening what answer herefrom would proceed to a suspended Lover; I heard this Answer.

Here now follows the Bridegroom’s Answer by his Spirit.

Oh thou desponding Lover, I perceive thou art still upon the doubtful and questioning part, suspecting my Truth and Loyalty, lest I should despise and slight thee in thy mean estate. First thou hast charged me to draw and steal away thy Heart, not only from thy self, but from all others; so as thou sayest, thou art as a lifeless, useless, actless Creature, having emptied all into me, so as now nothing will suffice, but the Conjugal Knot to be knit, or else thou thinkest thy self never sure of me. Thus I have born thy Love-passionate Charges and thy unkind Surmises, because I had deferred, upon deep grounds best known to my self, the publication of my determinate Marriage with thee. But O Soul, may it not suffice thee, that I do maintain all intimate Friendship with thee; and though I cannot as yet, make a visible Personal Appearance for duration, and for demonstration to the World. Yet in and by that faithful Witness and true Unction, I am still present with thee; I am no Stranger to thy Affairs; my Spirit gives an Account of all things unto me. I have left all of thy Concerns to be brought before me, and administered unto, as occasion requires, by this Life-Breath which I have so secretly infused. Where-ever I bestow this Gift, it gives a sufficiency from it self to do and act all, that is above and beyond a Creaturely Power. For it is of an Eternal Almightiness, proceeding from the Father of Spirits, who generateth what is like himself essentially into me, the First Born of this Second Creation; That henceforth the Power of Donation might rest with the Principal Head to pass and convey my self in Spirit. And I see the way of Holiness made for this pure inspiring thing to walk in, which must find an Habitation suitable to its own Purity, that so all may be at an agreement. Then in mutual Loves and Joys my Spirit conversant is, and will take in the Sense of all the Grievances, and report them unto me. Who now have all, that is the Father’s infinite Stock of Life, to enrich with Wisdom, Honour, and Dignity at my pleasure. I long and wait to have it drawn out from me, therefore now make use of this all-searching Spirit, whom thou mayst make a Friend of, that may advance thee to a high estate, even in this present time wherein thou are spinning out, as others, Times Mortality, which hitherto hath brought forth very little of this Life’s Treasury. No eminent thing hath yet been wrought, for to illustrate, and make me shine through the Cloudy Body; where through I would manifest again the Name Jesus. Come, O thou Complainent, rise out of thy fainting disponding Bed, and stir up this Gift, which is with you, work, and keep Pace with it. All must be brought to pass by the diligent Hand of this Spirit, uniting with thy Spirit, and thy Spirit with this Spirit, who will work all in all in thee.


September the 23d. 1676.

Being in deep Meditations, I was saying in my self, Oh that I were beloved of my Jesus with that Love, with which he loved John: To whom he did appear so, as it is written, by which his Spirit was drawn to hear and see those wonderful things, that are to us reported of. Ah Lord, why wilt thou not give me to lie as near thy Heart as he, and as close at thy Feet as the beloved Mary, that I may drink in every Word, which falleth down from thy precious Lips; out from which are the very Issues of Life. While I was thus pleading and invocating, there was presented a Triangle-Heart, clear as Crystal, that you might see through them; linked thus.

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From English Edition
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From German Edition

1. The Heart of Love.
2. The Heart of Joy.
3. The Heart of Peace.
4. The Heart of the Bride.
5.5.5. The Golden Chain with Seven Links.
6.6.6. The Communications of the Hearts, 1.2.3. to the Heart 4.


Then heard I this Word, Here is place for a Pure Heart, within this Triangle Heart of the Deity for to joyn. Then I saw another Heart within the Circle, to spring with many more, which were still generated herefrom, all White and Crystalline, but they were without the Chain, this only one was within. Then I enquired, what Heart this was, which was so nearly admitted? It was Answered, It is that Heart, which through mighty ardent strong force of Love, hath broken through, and got into this Secret Enclosure. Where it hath great opportunity and advantage to search and know what from this threefold heart doth flow. Which have their several diffusions, according to their Titles: The first was under the denomination of Love: The Second was Joy: The Third Peace. All which agreed to empty themselves forth upon this other Heart, which had pressed in for Shelter. And what-ever Heart can abide within this Circle, may attract strong infusing Powers, that are all pure and vital, to act in the Triangle-Might. From this Idea, I had great and full Confirmation that the Heart of the Trinity was most free, and ready to embrace and receive them, who of one Spirit and Heart were together fixed, to break through the Golden Chain, so as none might be nearer to the Heart of the Trinity, than such who have rent and divided, from all Creaturely Hearts, that so they might know what from this Triangle-Heart of Love, Joy, and Peace, doth ever flow.


September the 24th. 1676.

This Morning I was much upon the Consideration, when I should begin to work in the Name Jesus, as I did believe in it, and had Promises from it. Now this was all in my Eye, to have the Spirit manifested for Activity. For I know, this only would be profitable, as it refers to the Glory of the Most High, when Works do express the working Source that is opened from the Deity. Being with my God very urgent on this matter, according to the impulse upon me, from the Expediency that I saw, for the Life to work out this way in variety, according to the measure of the Gift of the operation of the Power: This Word of Counsel and Caution sprang, Oh thou, whom I see restless and tossed to and fro in thy Mind, no rest thou art indeed to find, till thou comest to the working Mines. For there is the Tryal and Probation, who can be skill’d to work in the Furnace of an hot burning Sphear, which is not remote, but very near. Henceforth know, O thou fluttering Dove-Spirit, that I have not left thee without a weighty and rich Talent, which is in thine own Custody, though it lieth deep with a threefold Cover upon it; which must be unfolded, before thou canst see this precious thing. The first is the gross dark Mould of this Earthly Climate, which is very stifling to this pure thing. The second is the strong binding Reason, that lieth as a Mountain weight upon it. The third is the low natural Senses, which multiply as the Sand upon the Sea-shore flowing in, to stop and discourage thee from this great Attempt and worthy Service. Which if once fully set upon with a Resolution to go through these Three Removes, thou wilt then come to the Golden Wedge, which will make thee great, rich and mighty in the pure Ghostly working Property. I your Jesus, do tell you faithfully, where the subject matter doth lie to work upon. Your Complaint hither to hath been to me, as if I had carried away all the Stock and Treasury, and ingrossed it to my own proper use, or reserved it only for you, till you had slipped out of the Body. But know it is otherwise, do but knit and joyn all your Force and Power with my deep Fathoming Spirit which is given to you; and he will find, and also work out, what concerns your Freedom, and Investment to the high and self-same dignified Glory with me. Hither towards ye have indeed prayed, and sought, and believed, and hoped; but ye have not wrought in the Furnace, where this Golden Wedge is to be all melted down, to run into every part of your Body, as the Life-Blood doth in your Veins. Then you will know that unquenchable and fixed Efflux of the Spirit, that will be all Virtue and mere Power to work and act according to its sublime Constitution, that by virtue of this dissolving Stone, will put forth to do marvelous things. Which may be revived after a more wonderful way, than yet in and through frail Humanity have been existent. Oh now then, seeing that is made known unto you, where the Treasure doth lie, and that you have my Spirit, not only to espy, but to work hand to hand with you mightily. Therefore resolve as in one Spirit, ever fixed to be to break up that, which doth lie upon this Princely thing, each one in your selves, to whom this Secret is revealed. Do not only Pray, and wait, but War, and work together, till ye have wrought out this imprisoned Power, that may yet be exalted upon the Throne of Sovereignty. For verily no better, than a violent unjust deposing of your and my Spirits reign hath been. Call and engage all Might and Force, to recover this Kingdom again, that ye may sit in the Place of Judicature, and have all Nations come in at your Beck. All which by mere Conquest you must effect, if to the Crown and Dominion ye seek to get. I shall now leave with you this worthy, and all desirable Jewel to the courage and liberty of your own potent Will, and my Spirit shall not fail to assist you with all its Armoury. So that ye may have Victory over that, which would still enslave, and confine you within the compass of Mortality, with all its appertaining Enormities, which this Stone upon its breaking through will certainly free you from. Now as there is a strong Guard of Rational and Sensitive Spirits, which do multiply out of the Earthly Center; so be of good cheer, that this one Spirit shall multiply to the Thousandth Number, and stand up as a mighty Army to win the Field, where this Golden Mine is reserved. As mighty Worthies march ye forward: hold out the bloody Cross of Defiance, spare nothing which doth plead for the first fallen Creation, because nothing of it can subsist with this pure Stone, but what is Crysolyte. Ah my dear Jesus, hasten this Stone out of this Burning Furnace in my Altar-Heart.


September the 29th. 1676.

This Night approaching to Morning, great Spiritual Travail came upon me; and I was in Soul-heaviness, through the sharp Pangs which I was overtaken with. For I felt the Birth strong to make way for its deliverance: mighty throws of the Spirit did work, and I therewith co-working was, that if by any means I might embrace the first-born of Might, to whom the Throne-Power and Government was to be established. While I thought on these things, my Spirit thus burst out, Ah my Lord, I have often been in these strong travelling Cries, but yet too feeble am, to bring forth that which is to be the Ruler of Nations, even he, who is to be cloathed with Royal Glory, Strength, and Majesty, to attend the Throne of the Deity; who will admit only such dignified Spirits there to resort and dwell, who are born again of equal quality within; so as it may be no Robbery to derive from thee, O God, this Fire-Birth, which makes the pure Nazarite: Whose Proceeding, as also Working forth must be, from that everlasting Womb of Eternity; which does miraculously introduce it self into a poor despicable Corporeity, which is not perceived, till it cometh to a full grown Body, impregnated with Life in every part, and so growing till it comes to its full Birth-hour: which I did believe was after the manner of a Spirit to be effected. For this Word was expressly spoken to me, Fear not, thou shalt have this same also, which shall be caught up and nourished for a certain time, and then shall come again to thee; For while he is a Babe, and in Minority, Dangers and Perils will beset him, from this envious world. Therefore his Birth must be hidden and concealed, and there needs to be no Proclamation of it, because none but Spiritual Powers and Invisible Hosts were called forth to be privy to this secret Birth.

Then I beheld, till I saw the Virgin, who travelled to ascend, after the Child, being overshadowed by a White Cloud, therein wrapped up out of sight, freed from all Malice and Despight, being kept, and for while reserved within the Eternal Circle of Light. Then the Voice in me cryed, and said, Behold that which thou hast seen to ascend out of the Forms of Nature, shall again descend in a full grown God-Manhood, to accomplish all, that hath been predicted and declared by the Spirit, who hath searched out the Depths of the Birth of Wisdom. Then upon this was revealed and presented to me, the Figure of a Lamb all white, having Seven Heads, upon which were Seven Crowns like Garlands, with fresh Roses and Lilies. And one riding in the similitude of a Woman, cloathed with a Flaming Garment, like the Sun for Glory and Brightness, with a Cup of Pearl-Royal in her Hand, filled full of flaming Liquor of Gold. Then the Spirit said, This is the Lamb and the Bride, which shall the Dragon and the Beast, with all his horned Power ride down, with all his Mark and Name, which the whole World hath worshipped and admired. He hath had long his Time, to impose strange Laws, and Injunctions: and hath been in, Universally obeyed. Whose Sorceries, Witchcrafts, and Deceits have worn out many Generations, who were ignorant of the Depths of this subtle Serpent, and who hereby have died short of their Kingly Crown; The seducing Prophet perswading them, that they were under a necessity, of owning this false usurped Power and Authority, which so well agreed, and answered to the Apostatized Life of Sensuality. But oh, to you, whom I have seen Revolters from this strange King, and his Government, I the Spirit of Jesus am sent, to declare to you the Father’s Love and Intent. Whose Heart is set to redeem you, from all Sins oppressing Tyranny, from the World’s Spirit, and all that is Rudimental. I have sought out for such, as for my purpose might be, who are resolved to deny, and throw off all weights, and thronging Spirits, that would traffick within my Holy Place. For assuredly, I do of such take special notice, who do forsake all this low Orb for me, to follow my new revealed Tracks. Then cryed my Spirit, since, O my Lord, I have thus far found Grace in thy sight, give me to understand the meaning of this last Representation, to wit, of the Seven Crowned Lamb, with the Effigies of a Woman riding on him. So this was opened unto me by the divine Intelligencing Spirit, which informed me, that the Lamb, which I saw with Seven Crowns, signified Jesus, who yet never assumed his Reigning Power on the Earth for any duration. For while he was Personally in the World, he was under Suffering and Reproach: and ever since he hath been vailed and obscured in his Spirit; the Earthly part hath yet been too hard in the Lamb’s Warriours. But now to any such, in whom the Virgin Bride is come down, to travel in the greatness of Strength, to bring forth this mighty Birth of the God-like Nature, they may expect and look for great things to be produced, as the effects of this wonderful Birth. Which is caught up to the Throne of God, and will not return back, till he comes with all full command, to give the Seventh Number-Crown, and fix it on them, to whom he is first to appear; conveying most freely and clearly his Soveraignty to them. But that which is the most deep thing in the Vision, is the great Mystery of the Woman, which sate upon the Lamb, with a Cup in her Hand. Whose Representation is to shew, that this is the Virgin of Sion, the Mother of the New Jerusalem, who is come to divest, and lay open the Harlotry Spirit, that hath brought in the Abomination of all Idolatry, and hath made drunk the several Sects with the Wine of a Luciferian Spirit, enchanting all Nations through her Magnificency and Power, having the Riches and Honours of this World, to give as a Reward to her Worshippers: Therefore to countervail, and the more highly to excell all that, this Princely Virgin, the Eternal Wisdom and Power of God, hath appeared with the Lamb in the Spirit’s Soveraignty, to let thee know, she is the only Mother and Bride to whom is given the Cup of Blessing. From whence are substantial, durable Riches, Power, Dignity, and Soveraignty, that shall know no limit or end of Glory and Kingly Dominion: and thereof also will be to all Eternity and encrease. Therefore let it not repent you, who have been Lovers and Admirers of this illustrious Stone of Wisdom; trust to her, expect all from her, looking only to her united Power with the Lamb; who will assuredly come in you to Reign. For the Anointing Oyl is in his Horn, and the melted Liquor of Gold in the Cup, to which you are called to take a full sup: then you will know another manner of Reward than all the Enchanting Principle of the Beast, and Sin-trimmed Whore can afford; who will be all dispoiled, as the Lamb and Wisdom in you shall yet more evidently appear, to imprint the Mark and name of the Great Salem. Upon whom saith the Spirit of the Bride-Love, wait, and fix, and stir not therefrom; for so she will be your Springing Garland.


[From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead’s Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for June through September 1676
from Volume ONE of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 3 of 4 ]

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