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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1678.

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III, Part ONE

May 20. 1678.

The Deifying Properties of Eternal Nature.

THIS Word came with a fiery Breath unto me. The most high and perfect Rule is set before thee, but now it must so enkindle in thee, as to beget and bring forth the Deifying Properties: Otherwise Light and Revelation hath not its End answered. Having heard, and learned the Way and Model for the accomplishing this new rarified Being, for the God-substantiality to move in; Sure you are required to yield up, and comply with such weighty impressures, and driving Powers, that do stir from the Love and Life of Jesus. Which is as a Water-Pool to wash all, that is Polluted and Unclean, till no more blemish be found.

Then soon after this, a Word sprung forth in me, Where thinkest thou the Mighty Engins of God’s Power shall be Planted, that are to make such a Battery and Destruction upon what Sin hath so Corrupted, and all of God’s Purity Defaced? The Cry was then in me by way of Answer, The Lord knoweth who shall be hew’d out for it. For the Number seven are firm and strong Pillars for new Nature to stand upon.


May 21. 1678.

The Sea of Eternal Nature.

AS I was waiting, I met with this Word from my Lord and God, Who ceaseth not to give Counsel unto us, to avoid the Snares, that every way do lie, while we are waiting in this Corrupt Air. The Word thus spake. O great Soul, and Mind, beware of Worldly soil: keep the inward part all refined; that God may open there his great Name, and be uppermost in his own Nature, as a floating Sea, for Light and Discovery. In which ye may know, as ye are known: for which draw nigh to That, which is ready to meet you in the Mind of Purity.


May 29. 1678.

The Angelical Womb.

IN the Morning-Watch my Spirit was called upon to hear, and attend, for what was yet further to be known, in order to the deliverance from the Polluted State, of the Natural Birth. I was shewn how greatly it did derogate from God’s Creation, as Adam in his first Figure, and the Angels in theirs. I saw the Body and Matter from whence they did proceed, which was as a deep Eternal and bottomless space, all-flaming Breath of Air, which was said to be the pure Matter of Spiritual Bodies, and Genitrix {Generatrix or Mother} of perfect Nature.  Upon which came this Word, Except ye be born out of this Womb, ye cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Then it was cast up in my Mind, that the outward gross Image, which we now have, was not the form that God Created. Neither did he will the Propagation of Generation in such a way, as the effects of the fallen, and lapsed State of Adam did awaken. And therefore these Vile and Corruptible Bodies God doth not own, as his Make. But only that imprisoned Fire-spark of Eternity, that belongeth to the Essential Being of his divine Nature, as was known in Spiritual Matter and Figure before the World was. For the sake of which, God became manifested in Flesh, that he might change it into Spiritual Matter, Form, and Power from the inward Element, as the Fleshly is from the outward. And so produce the true Native Birth again, as was before the Sin, and Fleshly Birth was known. This is verily the great Redemption, that the Lord Christ will bring to pass: As he is born again in Spirit, under the Vail of the Fleshly Form. And therefore the Word of Life, that can pierce through Flesh and Bones, and ask no leave to come in and go out, will be the mighty Operator hereof: And first doth give Light and Knowledge into these Truths, that our Spirits might know, this is not the Body of its Originality; but a vain shew, or shadowy Image, that is to be put off. That so a perfect Figure may naturally, and durably act God, to all agreeableness of Spiritual Mindedness.


June 1. 1678.

The Fire Seed.
This Vision was in the Night.

THERE opened a Gate, wherein I did see the perfect growth and flourishing State of all Plants, in various Appearances and Colours. And my Self, and another Person walking near it, pressing to go in, but were put by. Saying, the Spirit has not done Sowing; what is still more to spring up in this hidden Region. Then was that Word ministered, The Sower and the Reaper shall surely rejoice together in God’s Harvest-Day. Then did I see somewhat scattered up and down, like Fire-sparks, and buried in the Ground. By which I understood, the Spirit had yet his own Sowing time, which should produce Powers infinite and various, answerable to the Fire-Seed sown.


June 2. 1678.
The Interpretation of the Vision.

THE former Vision did open to me again, concerning the Fire-sparks, that did appear to be in a Hand, that scattered them in a Ground, that was as clear as the Air. The Number was the same of those Stars, that are mentioned in the Revelations. But these after a while, did all together unite in one Body, into a Figurative Body, all Fire-like; but of a pale Colour like Lightning, but very Glorious. Then this Word came with it, These which thou hast seen, are the unmixed Essences of the Deity, which Coagulating with the matter of the pure Element, as Seed sown in its own proper Ground, will bring forth a Body of its own kind, in Figure and Spirit, as this is consubstantiated into the very Body of God. This is the right Grain of the Spirit, which in no Ground hath ever yet come up for Manifestation. But the Lord is refining and making some ready for it, as they shall be found yieldable to the Spirit the Sower.

[For the further Interpretation of this Vision, see what was afterward revealed upon the 14th Day of this very Month.]


June 4. 1678.

The Overthrow of the Kingdom of the BEAST.

IN the Morning the Word did sound in me, saying, The Lamb of God, who must restore the Creation, is now putting on the Horn of his Power, wherewith he will push down, that long fixed Seat of the Beast. Which yet for a little space will make great War. And all Nations will break in, as a Sea, to uphold and strengthen that, which this Mountain-Stone, will suddenly, as a Mill-Stone fall upon. Whose Head-Power is to be crushed first in them, who are to join with the Lamb, that they may go forth, (as Captains of the Lord’s Host) in Spiritual Armour, with Jesus their Head, and overturn the Kingdom of the Beast. That shall give place to him, who is called the Word of God, that doth make War in Righteousness. Be ye now wise, as know, this is an acceptable Season to provide against the Cloud, which does rise from the troubled Sea.


June 6. 1678.

The Leopard on the Throne.

IN the Night my Mind was deeply considering, and making observation of the falling and rising Powers. In what heights of Spiritual Raptures of Love and Joy, sometimes run up to, and then down into the Cloud of sense: Which both affects, and afflicts, and thereby humbles that, which would be rather in a continued Exaltation of Spirit, in super-eminent Communion with God. But I was very busie to enquire out, why there could not be an holding out in such a posture of Spirituality, as to be delivered from that part, that is so readily touched, and drawn down. Whereupon I had a very suitable Prospect from the high Sphear, opened unto me, as thus, A stately Chair was presented, and a Leopard, which was spotted got up thereupon, and held a Rod in both his fore-feet, which stood up-right, and struck at all Beasts, that would not couch to him, and fawn and lie down at his feet. Then came a Fire that formed it self into the Figure of a Man, and threw the Beast down from his Seat, where he lay as dead. But after a while he roused up like a Lyon, and got up again into his Principality, and sway’d his Rod every way, to keep and maintain his Place. But suddenly out of a Cloud, came the same Glorious appearance, and by a Fiery Stream consumed both the Leopard, and his Throne, so that nothing was more of him seen. This Vision hath its weighty significations, as we are guided in the Spirit of Interpretation.


June 8. 1678.

The Seat of the Beast become the Throne of the LAMB.

THIS Morning I was deeply encircled and covered over, as with a Fiery Cloud in the Center of my Heart, whereout a Voice did Sound. Here is Wisdom’s Root: Light and Revelation is her Off-spring. Therefore be not thoughtful to say how shall that, which is the Seat of the Beast, become the Throne of the Lamb, to Reign evermore? Know thou the Power will be also Antecedent, to accomplish what is seen in the Glass of the Spirit. God’s all-sufficiency giving out, as occasion does require. For the Holy Spirit, (that is Christ’s Agent) will renew and fetch in more force, as Batteries and Assaults are made. For the Omnipotent King is coming to Reign over all, and neither Flesh, Beast, nor Dragon shall him detain.

This Day at our Meeting, the Breath of the Power did mightily stir, and there was a transient appearance of a Circle-Cloud, in which a Flame, and a white Mist went up from it, which was confirmed to be the acceptable Incense. Which through the Spirit’s intercession did open. Oh, it is good to Pray, as the Spirit inspires, and to ascend in the Spirit’s own kindled Flame, and to watch the same at every Spring-tide of Power opening.


June 9. 1678.

MUCH Counsel from the Holy One is renewed, Morning by Morning, as the Mind is introverted into God. But this Word came in special: Return, see that ye abide in the strong hold of Faith; For if ye therefrom be found, Troubles will surround, and tormenting cares will abound: but all Quietness and Joy is found in Believing in that Name, that the Spirit is sowing in us, but yet in Weakness; but it will have its rising Power, as Faith grows mighty in you.


June 14. 1678.

God doth sow himself in Man.

THE Interpretation of the Vision, of the enclosed Place, where the full grown Plants appeared of all various kinds, was revealed for a Similitude, to shew forth the Renovation of the Face of Paradise, in a far more excellent degree, as the new Creation-Glory. The sowing time is here, while abiding in a Terrestrial Body; but the springing up will appear in another Principle; into which ye cannot pass, till the first and latter Crop of the Spirit be brought to Perfection. There are divers Seasons of sowing, as the Winter, and Spring, and Summer: And the Seed and Grain, is as various, answerable to the Degrees and Climate, where this Seed is cast. So it must be considered, as to what the Spirit in us, does first scatter in the Winter-Season into the Heart of our Earth, as it is prepared. Therefore our Age also may be compared to the round Circle of a Year. The Summer bringing all of the Winter sowing, to its perfect Ripeness, as the Ground is made clear and solid. For there is that foregoing Labour and Care taken, to make that first fit, by the sharp Plough of Conviction, that breaks open into a meek Mollification of Heart, that so the Seed of Light sown, may abide and endure the ripening Winter of Death. Whose Blackness of Darkness is such, that it is oftentimes a face of covering upon it: and in some unsound Ground becomes extinguished, or so sunk down into its own AEther, as no more to rise. Which is dreadful, where ever it so happens: which is too frequently known, but we have no more to say of such. But we are to mind, how the Spirit hath sown his Light in us, and how it doth spring up in the deep of our Minds: So as no blasting Winds, nor cold cloudy Nights, nor the Storm from the troubled Sea of this roaring Principle, (that would cast up Mountains of Earth, to obscure this Light of Life) can nip or kill the same. Which if it be preserved through all Storms, it makes ready for another Substantial Grain to be dispersed, for the higher Rarification of that one entire Body, that is to be brought forth from the various springing Powers. The second sowing is the thin subtle Air, that is, as a clear White Mist, that does pass through the Ground, and Clarifies it, and alters the course roughness of it, and wonderfully sifts it, so as its harsh Quality becomes Soft, Sweet, and Gentle. For the third and most Principal matter, whereof the Figurative Body is made up, for the Holy Trinity to dwell in. It is Celestial-Fire, that is sown within the inward Man by the Holy Spirit, this Celestial-Fire is of a due temperature: it is as a clear, pleasant Coagulating Heat, not Painful or Scorching, as the Nature of other Fires are. For whatever is Simple and Pure may pass through, and also subsist in it: but indeed it will endure no defiled Matter to mingle with it. Then in the fourth Place sown is the Water, whose Nature is of such a healing, piercing Body, as the liquor of Gold is presented to be in this World, which is but Dross in comparison of this. Nay, those Rivers of Gold mentioned in the first Paradise must not equal it, therefore it hath the Title in Scripture given to be the Healing Water, or that, which produceth the everlasting Life. This Water hath no Disharmony with the Essence of Fire: But they Operate and Concur together, for the composition of a Transparent Celestial-Body, which is to be sown under the Vail of this our Fleshly Body. If it may but get over the Winter-Season, then what is sown of this Weighty and Rich kind, will be so nourished and refreshed from its own Climate, as to grow up into an united Body of Clarity, Power, and Strength. So that to speak plainly, and without a Similitude, it is this, that God doth sow himself in us, which was specified in the Vision by the seven sparks that were scattered by a Hand, upon a Ground, that was clear as the Element. But oh, it may be Cried, this is a strange Doctrine: who can it receive, or believe? It is enough, that the Seeds of Grace are sown, as Love, Faith, Hope, Meekness, and those many more Fruits of the Spirit, that are mentioned in the Writings of the Apostles, saith the Objector. But you must aspire to the very Essential matter, from whence all this doth branch forth. Yea, sure we have our Authority for it, and not only by our own private interpretation, of particular Revelation, which might be largely insisted upon, if permitted, it was to declare all we have received: But take that of the 17th of John, and the exposition as was thereupon given, (Verse 22.) Where our Lord prays, and never prays amiss, to ask that which will not but by his Father’s free given gift be ever brought to pass. Speaking here of one Essential Oneness, the Words are these, that they may be one, (or perfectly one) as Christ the Lord was in God the Father. If so that Christ’s Prayer takes effect, then we may expect Consubstantiation with the God-head, if we are enrolled in Christ’s Disciple-hood, on whom the Holy Ghost is to be poured forth in a more fixed degree, (or rather sown more intrinsically and more inherently) than in the former Day. For thus it was with our Lord and President, the God-head grew up with him, as he waxed strong in Spirit, mighty in Power to act, and to do those Marvellous works in the World, which gave the witness of God, manifesting himself in visible Corporeity. Which Power and Presence was still to be continued in the line of a succeeding Generation, through the Incarnation of Jesus in Spirit: who saith, Lo I am with you to the end of the World; though I disappear, and cease from being known to you any more in an assumed Figure, yet know I will be in you, as the Father was in me: Nay, we will come unitedly, and, make our abode, that ye may be all impowered, with that ghostly Spirit, which proceedeth from the Father and me, wherein will be your sufficiency to act, and work by the self-same united Strength. Now this Prophetical Prayer of our Lord, was in part fulfilled after his Ascension in pouring out the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles: But the more substantial part of it is yet to be made good. For Christ did not appropriate this wonderful conjunction, only to the Disciplehood in that present Age, but it runs more largely and unconfinedly to all, whom the Father had given him that might believe hereafter through their Word, that they might come to know this perfect Oneness, and to be further advanced, as to be Glorified with the Glory, which the Lord himself was Glorified with, before the World was. This is a considerable thing to be looked into indeed. For us poor Mortals, who are now in such an Ignominious appearance, it may be well worth our enquiry to find out, what Part and Portion we have in it. For which the Spirit hath made search already, and is come to give knowledge of our true and Eternal Consistency in the pure Essence of Spirit. Which is now struggling in this vile Body to come forth in pure Liberty, and to shew it self according to what was foreordained, from before all Worlds. And how is this to be, but by the renewed Birth of Jesus, springing from that hidden Virgin Nature, that is to redeem, and abolish not only in the Flesh, the enmity of that Law of Sin, which doth work in the Earthly Members: But also in the dispensation of the fullness of time, make up of twain one entire Body, as at the beginning. In such a Glorified Figure, as Christ the Lord speaks he had with the Father, before any thing was known of Adam’s Apostasy: Nay, before his more Angelical Image was formed. Our expectation runs higher, than the formation in Paradise. Therefore the matter of our Image, that we are to be formed into, must be of another Degree, more fine, Subtle, and AEthereal. As John did see, when he described our Lord Jesus in that Clarity as is thus expressed. His countenance as the Sun shining in its Strength, and his Eyes as flames of Fire. Now Christ’s Spirit hath assumed his true and Eternal Body, as the fullness of that God-head, that filleth all in all. And so will dispersively sow the same Pure and Essential matter, for the production of such like Spirit and Body, in those who have Faith herein, and are able to eat this Word down, that was made Flesh. For that is the Essential Root, from whence the Life will have its quickening Source, to get a Body all compact, and agreeable to our Lord. Whom now we cease to know any more after a Fleshly Form. And we are therefore instructed, as Jacob was, to set the speckled Rods before the Flock, that so they might conceive ring-streaked, and bear the express mark thereof. So now upon this Pure conception out of the Eternal Essence, that is beforehand with us, (as the last and Principal Birth), we therefore are to fix the Eye of our Minds: Even upon the Risen and Glorified Jesus, that from that pure Matter and Nature may spring a Spirit and Body out of this dry Husk, like unto his. O how worthy and blessed should we be, no more to know our selves in this shade of vile Flesh, but all in Christ his pure risen Body. Which is our Glory, that we are in hope to attain.


June 23. 1678.

Separate the Precious from the Vile:   Or, the Altar-Fire.

THE Cry of my Soul was this, in the Day of my being distressed, Oh why is my Pain perpetual? And my Wound uncureable? Is there no healing for me? And in these Exigences, where is the force of Omnipotency? that it may be raised and exerted forth to bring down the Beast, that insulteth in his Throne-Power, having all from the great Prince of Darkness, to scourge and afflict withal. Oh God wilt thou be as a Stranger to me, and not know me in this way, that is Hedged up upon me, where I see no escape out? Wilt thou leave me to languish, for want of thy Arm of Strength going forth? Oh! Be not now to me, as the Waters that fail.

After this my complaint in the bitterness of my Soul, this Word was applied to me, Be stealy and unmoveable in thy trust, give no place to fear or doubt, and thou shall bring to pass the whole desire of thy Heart in Jehovah’s Strength: Yea, thou shalt return to the secret of my Pavilion, and stand before me thy God, who hath chosen thee. Therefore separate the Precious from the Vile; then thou mayest be my Mouth, out of which the pure Word of Life may go out to the joy and rejoycing of them, whose Food it shall be. Now keep up, and let not the Waters of Sense sink thee down: For nothing is so killing to the Plant of renown, whose Root is from the inward Ground. Then was shewn me, the pure Altar-Fire, that would be only the remedy to dry up the inundation of these Senses, that had made all commotion and disorder in me. But (oh!) this burning Love, and springing Faith, have dispersed those Legions, that would keep me in these Fetters.


June 24. 1678.

THIS Word came upon some occasion, in which my Mind was exercised, saying, Go thou forth, and fear no reproach. Let thy Heave-offering be the smoaking Incense of Faith: That will turn the stream of all evil indeed. This is the time wherein God’s Salvation will appear: His redeeming Power is very near. Be therefore watchful and let not the Cords of Faith slack. For hereby ye only can tread down the terrible One, who is risen out of the Sea, as a troubler to snatch away the secret Prize.


June 25. 1678.

THEN again this Word, came, look neither this way, nor that: From the high and lofty One, turn not away your Eye; for in very deed no relief can come, but from the working Power of the God-head. Lay there your Anchor of hope stedfast, and sure: And you shall as a brazen Wall be made, all the pushing Horns, for to retard.


June 28. 1678.

God spareth not whom he Loveth.

THIS Night I was exceeding restless, and my Sleep departed from me, upon the consideration of that Holy Innocent Nature of the Lamb of God, that still must suffer in us, under the reign of the Beast. Who would still keep our Spirits in a Law and Sinful Servitude, and would terrifie us with his scourging Rod. In the sense of which I arose, and spent much of the Night in Prayer, pleading mightily with God, spreading the whole case of our Spirits before him, as in Relation to the more weighty and principal Work, that we, as passive Instruments might act in the Spirit’s Hand. But when we hoped here, to be made manifest, according to those great Discoveries, and Love-drawings, and impulsive Powers moving, and were willing to go forward to the perfecting this great Thing made known, by the Spirit of Revelation to us. Behold now Satan is as it were let loose to winnow, sift, and try: And the Lord hath shewn me, it must be thus necessarily. We must first pass through the Kingdom of Tribulation and Patience: and must thereby stop the Mouth of the grand Adversary, that is most ready to accuse God of Partiality, and Love’s Indulgency; to excuse and wink at that in us, that he does Condemn in others, who are in the same relapse. Therefore the Word of Life did thus signifie unto me, that it does thus become us to pass through all sorts and degrees of Sufferings, that God may say, though he hath loved, yet he hath not spared us, no more than him, who was the first begotten from the Dead. So it was affirmed, that this was God’s method and way to pass through the Thorny-Cross with our Jesus. But this Word of Comfort, did come therewith, that from that lifted-up, we should in triumphant Faith be immediately Translated to walk upon the Glassy-Sea. Which none can ever set foot upon, but such, who have come through all Conquering Tribulations, and have dyed their Garments in the Blood of the Lamb. Oh, this is the sure way: Therefore to bear the Marks of these Dyings will be an assured Token of our reigning Life, that shall finish the whole Tragedy of the present Afflictions. Under which we shall not faint; for the Lord, the LORD, hath it said, He will sustain with living Bread, and refreshing Springs, and uphold under all with the strong Arm of his Might. All that is required of us, is that we hold fast, and keep his charge, and make him our shelter, and safe dwelling Rock, there to abide for ever.


July 1. 1678.

THIS Word came fresh in the Hour of fear, and adversity, saying, Be strong, and go yet forth in the Lord’s Might, and Work, for the Lord’s Spirit is with you, as in the Day, when he delivered out of Egypt. Consider that the Foundation of the Temple, which is God, and the Lamb is laid, which will shake, and burn the first Heaven and Earth away. Till then God in pure Nature cannot shew his Mighty reign and hereby distinguish who are his elected Train: who are to be lifted up from this Earth, in this new framed Temple-Body. Which will not be brought forth by man’s Wisdom, Strength, or Creaturely Might, but from that unknown Oily Breath, that does knit together yet again the dispersed Element, in which is no Corruption to diminish from the Deity: As in a Figurative Body; all is agreeable to what is within the borders of the Eternal Canaan. The Inhabitants of which, will be the Glory and Strength of it. To which the gathering of all Nations as to their Princedom, and to Christ their Head, will be: where nothing more of Servitude is to be known.


July 3. 1678.

The Tempestuous Voyage:   Or the Treasure.

MUCH of this Night I spent in many Tossings and Turmoilings of my Mind, labouring to rise higher, than the low Sphear of sensible things, which now as a Cart with Sheaves, did lie heavy to press the Life of Faith down. Which heaved up to cast off all that weight, which did still strive against that flowing Stream; expostulating with my God, why so long proved and vexed with dead and frightful Ghosts, that I hoped had been so Buried, as never to have rose again. For such are all self-reasonings, which have been so often renounced by a sublimated Mind, who should ever move in Faith’s Sphear, into which we have been instructed. But hereby I was made to know, that the Spirit of Faith was not grown so high, as to overturn the Seat of the Beast, that nothing more of his Name might remain, for to afflict or exchange in the Rudimental World, which doth lie in all Evil. This was the matter of my contemplation, attended with this Word of consolation, saying, Faint not at the Day of the Lord’s rebuke, who is first come to search and try the utmost ends of thy Earth, where the Grain of sense doth lie most deep, which cannot yield to Death. Which occasioneth this continued Agony, till the conquest be obtained by the Force and Powers of those three Worthys, who are not afraid to face, and encounter this whole World. Which was the Strength, I was directed to fly to Father, Son, and Spirit, who will go forth in one entire body, Conquering and to Conquer, as we can hold fast, and Center in this Eternal Unity. Which must tread down the strength of all raging Enemies. For the just One hath forewarned, and foretold a Time of shaking and an Hour of Temptation would come, where we might as in a Cloudy Night, be scattered from the sight of our Immanuel’s Tent. Upon which this Word was mightily pressed upon me, Be sure, that you in stress of Wind and Weather keep upon the broad Ocean, where Faith’s Anchor may deeply fix, spreading out the Hands of the Spirit, swimming to save that choice Life, that is brought in perils of those Senses, that clasp about to plunge it, into the stifling Mud of the earthly Sensibility, where a thicket of unsavory Weeds do aptly spring.

From which the Word to me did come, Escape, escape, for the tender Birth-Life-sake from the earthly Matter, which will endanger the very Head and Fountain-spring, which Nature is to Clarifie, and with its deep Die to immortalize. Therefore I was commanded to Sacrifice all of that rude Matter, which would stop the swift and mighty Sail, of that sacred Vessel, which is primarily laden with Faith’s treasury, to go forth in the weighty Sentences, which may turn all Words into Essential Powers. This is Wisdom’s rich Merchandize, the Golden Bait of which, we have been so long nibbling at: but could never take that Fish, in whose Mouth the Silver piece is to be found, which at pleasure can multiply unto the 1000 Number, and so incorporate in One; as to know, how to deal with all strong Nations, that do make War to keep off the mighty reign of Jesus, in that which is to be his New Jerusalem Bride. For such is now the violent pursuit and implacable fury, that is set forth to over-cloud this rising-Sun, that is to appear in the Glory, Strength, and Majesty, of a present Kingdom. Which we see hath been hereby greatly withstood, but the most High doth begin to stir, and call forth the Valiant in Spirit, not only to oppose, and withstand this grand Adversary with all his Legions, but to crush his visible Head-Power, who hath sway’d over the whole Earth. And how is this to be? Not by Sound or Word only, that reveals, and giveth a Foundation-Hope of Christ’s Kingdom: But by exerting and drawing out, and letting fly the Ghostly Breath of Life, that so the precious Spikenard may go out, as the Marrow, Strength, and Life from the fulness of the God-head to those, who have incorporated with Christ and his Spirit, of which we are now partakers. Therefore no doubt, but Marvellous things may be wrought, if we know the manner and method of its dispersive Power, how to drive it out from its own inward Contaction and Center, into which it retires.

Object. But oh how is it concealed from all knowledge? A Treasure that cannot be come at: It is hid from all living in Corporeal sense. Who, or what then is able to search this Golden Vein out, that may be the blessings of Generations?

In Answer to this, according to the revealing Word it was thus shewn me, That liberty to renew Eternal Nature, and thereby to recover the ancient Patrimony, that doth belong to the Eternal Spirit, was now granted by vertue of God, manifested in Flesh: and therefore the Promise is to the Seed of God: Who are made subject in an human Form of weakness, under Carnal Rudiments, in Bondage to Sin and Corruptible things. Now it is to be considered, where the Redemption out of all this must come. It is an infallible Truth, which is now by the Spirit made known, that the root and stem of Salvation riseth from within us, though as yet unserviceable to us. That ransoming Blood is a Fountain, that doth open it self, to give a new existency of Life, according to the seven Spirits that go forth in their several Properties, till they have finished the whole Mystery of the New Creation, and have wrought out the Captive exile out of all its hard Servitude, who hath so long served in Fear, Anguish, and Sorrow. The purchase-Penny, the acceptable Prize, that will do it most effectually, lieth very near, within the borders of Immanuel’s Land, God with us. Therefore it was said by the Word of the Lord, Faint not under the present Chastisement. For the strength of Almightiness will be searched out of thy own Spiritual Womb. A Comforter and Deliverer shall arise. Therefore at what hath happened to trouble and disquiet, be not therewith perplexed or over charged. For the Fruit of all these pursuing Evils, shall but hasten the Birth of that, which will restore the Kingdom and Dominion. Therefore keep up thy hopes here, and do thou look but one way, even to that Stone, and Fountain-Rock that will divide the Sea for thee. Fall thou not in with the Heathen Idols: But to thy own Fountain-Power retire. In every case of distress and strait, strongly knock: And steady in Faith to strike the Rock: from out of which all and every supply may come. And thou wilt know here alone lieth thy true Medicinal cure, that will all of Sin’s evil out-wear.


July 9. 1678.

The Bloody Path.

I WAS this Day much upon the consideration of the unknown Path, which the Lord hath called me out to follow, which is so cross and averse to the Life of Flesh, that nothing of that Birth is able to walk therein. Though many through the light of Conviction have made an entrance, and so have gone forward, till Tribulations and Sufferings, with all Reproach and Contempt have met them, and then they turned away, as frighted at the appearance of those dismal things. So that now it was set before me, by way of a Figurative Vision, lest by any means, we should be turned aside out of this strait Path, as others have been who were in holy strife for the Prize. The Vision was this: there appeared to me many dead Carcasses, that lay in that way, which we were to pass: and also many more, that were wounded and hurt, as having met with some ravenous Beasts. This was the first part of the way, that was so dreadful. But there was one that spake aloud: Fear not, but go forward, the pleasant way is yet behind, you are not without your Angel-Guard. Now charge was given, that we must stride over these dead Bodies, and not touch them; and hold no parly with the wounded: but strait pass away, in assured hope, we should meet with him, who is our Bridegroom’s Friend, who will receive us with Joy, after we have gone through this Bloody way. Then did appear a Troop, who were all of comely Stature, upon whom no wound or flaw were. These were those, who were sent from the Lamb: who all ministering Spirits hath at command, to fetch home his travelling Ones, to their own peaceable Land.


July 10. 1678.

The Girdle of Unity.

THERE was this Morning framed to my inward sight, a wreathed line of Gold, and there were Knots curiously wrought at the middle, and each end of the line, that was shewn to me: but from whence it came, I saw not. But suddenly there were some, that did look at it with a troubled Countenance, and would have laid hands upon it, conspiring to have loosed the Knots. But it was said, No unsacred Hands shall these touch, or can them ever unloose. For it is the Girdle of the Trinity that will gird up the joints of the Broken, and Sorrowful in Spirit, whose strength alone is found in this Girdle of Unity, clasped on by the Buckle of Faith, which is of great attraction. And that which was very observable, there was no end or beginning of the Golden Knots for to loosen them, so enterwoven, as nothing can parallel it. O the unseen way of God’s method to keep up the weak and feeble Lambs, that are to be brought into his own Eternal Fold.


July 19. 1678.

The opening of the Vision had July 9 before mentioned.

NOW as concerning those dead Bodies, which lay in the way, which I was to pass through. It was by the Spirit of Truth given me to understand, that it did signifie and figure out these last Ages, since Christ’s time; Those who are passing through the tempting Wilderness to Mount-Sion, under the conduct of the Spirit. Who gives Rules and daily Manuductions for journeying on, as God did visibly by Moses, give Laws and Ordinances to the Church in the Wilderness. Now as Moses had immediate access, and received all from God’s Mouth: So the Spirit takes from Christ, and delivers the whole Counsel of God the Father. Who hides nothing from the Spirit of Jesus, but admits to search as deep as it will; entering and finding out the most hidden Ground, and Cause of all Creatures, and things existing in and out of Nature. But as Moses had to do with a perverse and doubtful Generation, doubting and questioning God’s Love, Truth, and Faithfulness, nay, his All-sufficiency, though daily proofs thereof were manifested: So in these Ages, since Christ’s coming in the Flesh, there has been infused, and shed in of his Spirit to give Light and Wisdom, and the express rule of Faith to walk by: Yet what Repugnancy, and Crossness, and Mutiny hath the Spirit met with all, refusing to obey, and yield to the new Creation-Laws. So that it is no marvel, that there hath been such a dying short of the promised Liberty, and Kingly Dominion. The Spirit no doubt hath been provoked, and grieved through unbelief, and could not bring through unto the Rest, which is spoken of, where no care or thoughtfulness need to be for any thing. For the good of the whole Land, that never was under the Curse, doth lie before, (and is ready to be possessed by) such, who are steady and mighty in Faith. But where is such Faith to be found, as can clear off every doubt, and not stagger at any seeming impossibility: Such a Spirit as Joshua had, who cried Fear not, for we shall be able to encounter, and overcome all the Nations, which do strive against us? He knew the Arm of strength, which he rested on, would make all to fly before them. Even to this end the dead Carcasses were set before me, as was certified to stagger our Faith, and to stop the Chariot of Hope. For look, and see, how all these were running to enter into the new State, where all Care and Labour are to cease, but they were cut off, before they could reach the Sabbath-Jubilee, in this known Sphear. Where only Mortal Robes have been worn. Who can expect to exceed this degree? Some of whom was shewn me to be those, which pressed hard for the Resurrection-Mark, and were also strong in Faith; yet did not see Enoch’s Translation; but did let fall their visible Bodies in Suffering and Martyrdom, in common with other Mortals.

All which consider’d, it was Objected in me, How, or what was it? That should induce us to believe, to have such an expectation, as to put off this dead Body more Honourably, and Triumphantly, which must be by cloathing it upon with Christ’s risen Body, which hath been yet scarce known in any Age? What manner of Faith will carry us through to this?

Answer hereunto was given in by this Word, It is long striding Faith that leapeth over all dead Carcasses, which have come short of Christ’s immediate Kingdom. Which is brought into this World by transmuting Powers, exerted from a life-quickening Breath, that includes Faith of all kinds and sorts. Which must bear Heights, and Depths, Breadths, and Lengths, in its going forth with all impregnable force, as a Bow of Steel, which cannot be broken. Now it was verified by the Spirit from this Vision, that there is a Faith, that remains yet to be revealed, that is to exceed all those degrees that yet have been arrived to. Though of a truth great and mighty Things have been wrought and done by the Worthies, who have been of great renown for Faith, as the Scripture plentifully testifies of. And verily no such acts of believing have been known, by these last Ages. Therefore it may be well Objected we are a great way off from these higher working Powers. For if impartial Judgment be given, there is a great abatement in the very highest of Saints now, to what was before, and after Christ’s time. For it [Faith] is hardly to be found after such a way of working: either invisible in the Mystery; or visible in doing Signs or Wonders. Oh, how may it be bewailed, that this precious Grain is so lost out of the Earth; and in the more eminent also, who do dispose themselves for God; Yet in them it is deeply sunk down. The great heap of Senses, as a Mountain lies upon it, to keep them from working the mighty Works of God, in sending out the pure Acts of Faith. Well, but what is to be done to find, and fetch up this essential Omnipotence, that hath been so long withdrawn? There was never more need, since the Creation than now, for its rising: even to bring forth Salvation, to save us out of a self-destroying World. Oh! Where, and with whom, shall this dram of Faith be first found, which will give the most certain sound of the all-Powerful Gospel-Spirit?

While I was Lamenting the Being shut-up, and bound under the Laws and Rudiments of this outward Creation, for want of this all-Powerful Faith, that will set free from all Bondage. A Vision of this came before me, as thus, A pure Circle did work out it self, rising from out of a thick darkness, it was streaked with Transparent Colours, and was in the form of a Wheel: And through great Combat with a dark Cloud it was lifted up, and moved with great swiftness, and went over all things, and touched nothing; yet levell’d Rocks and Mountains, and strong grown Trees fell, where it moved over them. This was opened to be the Faith-Magia-Wheel: Which will break out, though long it have been kept down in Nature’s cloudy Body. It will make a quick work, when once it can throw off this weighty Earth, it then can make no stay till it hath finished its Race in levelling, and bringing down those strong rooted Cedars of the senses and craggy Rocks of strong Reason, that have kept off the Righteousness of Faith’s Kingdom. Which could not come into Manifestation, till they were brought low by this rising Wheel: That must mount over all, and will not touch the Dead. What though there hath been a worthy Generation, that did not reach to this full Unity of Faith to come, but dyed Martyrs in the process of this Faith; yet we, who are reserved to see the greater things, which do belong to this last Age, must not stumble at them, who may lie as Dead in our way, and judge it impossible to pass beyond their bounds. For there is a Faith that the Just and Perfect are to live by, and wholly upon: Which will bring in all kinds of supplies, when the Magia-Wheel works high. Therefore the advice of the Spirit is, that we should apply our selves fully to this study, that through the Mystery taught us, we well versed in this Heavenly Magia may be, to help, save, and succour in this distressed Age, where all sorts of Cruelty and Oppression are exercised. What will be more acceptable, than to know, how to exert forth all precious redeeming Faith, to save our selves and others, from the Wolfish Spirit, that is now so great in Power? What can this Beast else bear down, whose Kingdom is made so strong? But the rising Kingdom of Faith that will over run, and crush the Head-strength of their vile Kingdom. Oh, the Lord our King invites to come to possess the Riches, Might, and Power of Faith’s Kingdom: and that immediately.


July 20. 1678.

The Patience of Faith.

THIS Word came to me, Be not over hasty, so long as Faith’s Evidence is with you. Ye have a faithful Steward, that is Day by Day stirring up the more choice and excellent Substance, which is laid up during the time and season which is necessary for Probation. But know after this purifying Season, it will be given in with great encrease, that so ye may rejoyce, and say, the Lord is wise, and kind though he keepeth for a time the Life’s Revenue in his own hand.


July 21. 1678.

Earth to Earth.

GOING to my rest, somewhat troubled, that anything of a Worldly concern should interrupt me, in that Spiritual employ and calling, that now I had so delightfully betaken my self unto; I met with this in the Night; I saw my self imposed upon to carry a heavy Bag, the stuff that was in it, seemed to be Lime. I went with it, till I was full weary, and coming to a place which was as a Pit, that I must pass down into, and up again with my burthen, at which I was much disturbed, and stooping to go down. There suddenly appeared two Persons, having great pity towards me, saying, Come we will bear off this burthen for you, so they took it from me, and threw it into the Pit, saying, Let the Earth go to the Earth, but come thou after us to the Land: Where thou shalt know the Peaceable rest. So greatly eminent was my Deliverer, only at the joy of which, I came out of the Vision. Then I consider’d the thing, and it was shewn me, it came for support, and to relieve under the present Weight of care and concern that was thrown upon me. For the Word said, Fear not; out of this horrible Pit thou shalt be delivered also. For my great strife lay here, I knew not how to let in any gross thing into the Mind of my Spirit, which I had assigned over to God for Spiritual replenishments: Which could have no agreement with the Earthly stuff. For truly I found Store-house little enough to take in, and to stow up, what from my Father’s Treasury of Spiritual Goods was sent in to imploy my whole time upon. Therefore I could rather have chosen Death, than be put by, or prevented the following of my Heavenly Vocation. So it was shewn me, that the Pit which was prepared to swallow me up, should be ordained for to receive what had oppressed and burthened me. And by the greatest plunges, our escape and deliverance would be wrought out. For by experience I found hereby a fear, and holy jealousie, lest I should be over balanced with Cares, that did proceed from the sensitive Life. And such were the eager out-cries of the Soul, as it was heard to what it feared. For by strength of Faith I well know, God will suffer all to be brought under, that is now in exteriour Height of Dominion. O precious Grain of Omnipotency! God, even our Rock, will raise thee up, to be our saving Friend.


July 23. 1678.

The Fine Righteousness.

THIS Word came much upon me; put off thy Courser sort of Righteousness, there is a much Finer, than what hath yet been shewn to any. The Bride of the Lamb shall it soon come to understand, that it is no less than the Righteousness of God, spun out by Faith from the original Purity of the Holy Trinity.


July 24. 1678.

The Wise Adventure.

THE Word of Life did open this Day, saying, Adventure to throw and cast your selves upon the deep Ocean-Power. For thereby your sight will be so cleared, as to behold Objects and Things in the Heavenly Sphere. Which will plunge deeper into that Region, where every decree of Faith doth obtain God’s irreversible Seal. It is a good hazard to put your selves upon this open Sea, wherein is contained all Treasures, which the hand of Faith may draw up at pleasure, according as every exigence may require.


July 25. 1678.

The Flaming Tabernacle.

WHEN God shall pitch his Tabernacle for his Holy Ones, within the Body of the Sun, then shall they know, a sure, quiet, and peaceable Habitation. For all-healing Power is found there, to help the Humble and Contrite Ones. But for the rebellious and disdainful, there will be no coming near, this burning-Sphear, placed in the Heart of the Sun. And it is set apart by God, for his burning Element, that will consume all, that is not of a new created mold from God’s substantial Ground.


July 26. 1678.

The Flying Roll.

THIS Morning it was given me to consider of the Flying Roll, that hath spread over the whole Earth with its Curse. That no one in part, or Person in this visible Creation, but have felt the effects thereof in the various Evils, that hath been inflicted upon that Birth. Which is included under that dreadful Sentence, which God denounced upon Adam and his Off-spring, upon his and Eve’s Apostacy. So that the Earth should bring forth no more after the first Paradisiacal Institution; but with Care, Labour, and Sorrow, as we have had daily proof of this heavy Doom. But there was a secret Word cast into me, Look out from under this out-spreading Curse, and come under the saving Wing of your Jesus. For know as his Birth doth grow up in you, so it will come to make void all of the Bitter Worldly Curse. For redeeming Blood will set you free: The rich and deep Dye thereof will recover the Blessing again, according to the new Covenant, which is established by the Law of Faith upon those, who can live up thereunto. To whom the Spirit doth now expressly give new Laws according to the new Birth, Which acquits us from the old Traditions, Customs, and Manners, which the Curse hath followed so hard upon. A Door is now opened for our escape, at the entrance of which, we are to leave those Burthens, that have made us bow, and sink down so heavily. From which the Spirit of Jesus is come to set us free, as we do keep the Law of Faith: who is that Anointing, which will break these uneasie Yoaks from off our Necks. The Lord of Truth hath spoken it.


July 27. 1678.

The Tree of the Divine Magia.

THIS was the Matter, that first cast up itself in my Mind, concerning Christ’s Inherency Immutably in this Corporeal Figure, which we do bear answerable to his own Word: He that abideth in me, and I in him brings forth much Fruit. Now it was opened to me, wherein this Fruitfulness did consist, by the Word that expressed it. That it was not only to be consider’d in a sweet Habitual flowing out of Love, Humility, and Meekness, with all the mention’d Fruits of the Spirit: but it must come up to the Works and Deeds of Wonders; for so we are to shew forth the Praises of him who is the Root of our Life. For the promise is yet to be fulfilled, that the same, nay, and greater things may be wrought, than the Wisdom of God saw necessary to be shewn forth in Christ’s day. For this advantage the true incorporated Branches of this Vine have, that being once favoured with the Knowledge, Skill, and Discerning of that very near Union, through the Spirit’s Birth in us, we may attract and suck in Magically great Ability, and Power, if we expressly keep to that divine Science. For our Lord being possessed with an immense Treasure, can afford to give Gifts and Powers, very plentifully to furnish out those, who are yet reserved in this World to Glorifie him, by his own Life-rising. But now the great thing that is to be considered, is what Medium shall be used, for the drawing out these working Powers, that may make out Christ’s manifestation, in his Godhead Spirit and Power. For chosen Witnesses will be known here again. Now then what will be the divine Art for this? Truly it was revealed to me, that it would be the constant unwearied pursuit, and eager Magical-Hunger, that would work it self Essentially, through the Mystery of Faith: that is an ascending, penetrating Spirit, that Christ the Lord will permit to take of His, and infuse all Powerfully; as if he himself were come into a distinct Personality. For after this high appearance, he will move in his own elect Body, and will Spirit them in Wisdom, for bringing things to that effect, that none else can do: because the access to the Lord Jesus is found through the Unction, that as Oyl doth flow out.

Now it was further evidenced to me, that hereby we should come to know the Father and the Son, Christ’s Life being lively drawn in us. And herein would be the most sure and excellent way of knowing him, in beholding him, as with open Face in the Mirrour of Faith’s Righteousness, as that which may become the covering of Strength to our impotent Nakedness. For till we put on the Lord our Righteousness, the reproach of what we have born in ignominy, cannot be obliterated. O therefore the Spirit hath now plainly demonstrated it to me, that we must look to know God and Christ in our selves, through the Spirit of Faith, which is the clear Glass, in which we are to behold them, and witness the Power of Salvation going out from this essential Union, answerable to this Similitude, that was set before me, of a great Tree, that was stretched over the Face of the whole Heavens, and from under the shadow hereof, various Roots of the same Nature of the Tree, did come up from the shedding of the ripe Seed, which did fall from the Tree. These young Stocks were of the same Nature, although distinct, and but of young growth. So it was revealed to me, that from the pure Essences of the Deity scattered into the pure and Heavenly soil, so fitted and prepared, choice Plants would come from the great and infinite Body, and through the waterings from the upper Springs, and depths from the Center below, a Heavenly Body or Off-spring, will come forth to bring Fruits, according to its original, from whence it had its Life-quickening. For the confirmation whereof, that Scripture was given in to me, I am come to give Life, and that more abundantly. That as I have Life in my self, so every Plant, which the Father hath engrafted into me, the Tree of Life, may become Fruitful from a Life in themselves, fixedly from the Birth of the Spirit. So that ye may well know the true Life-Tree by its Fruits that it brings forth. For the works that are to be brought from such springing Stocks will sufficiently testifie, from whence they are, and to what they are to return, as Rivers to their Head-Fountain, from whence every individual stock fetcheth in its Life’s Essence. For verily the Spirit doth shew it, that it must again come up to this Degree to have all our works wrought in, and from God’s essential Omnipotence: For that must only give Credit to the Heavenly born Ones. Who live amongst a perverse, carping, and unbelieving Generation, that will resist and deny all of God, which doth not exceed all that can be imitated by way of Regeneration, which may express it self in a most Holy and Blameless walking, as to all just Actions, and doing all righteous Things in this World. But something of a greater Evidence, than all of this inward Sanctity, and visible uprightness will be needed. For which end the Eternal and Divine Magia doth assuredly begin to move from its own Eternal Root, and will drive forth such kind and sort of Fruit, as is not to be known or tasted upon any other Trees, though called, and termed Trees of Righteousness. For our Lord speaks of Branches in him, that do bear Fruit of some sort, and degree: But yet they are to be Purged, that they might bring forth in a more plentiful and wonderful manner. For so it becomes those, who are the new Creation-Plants, to hoist up the Sails of Faith above others, and to put in practice the Rules of the revealed Mystery of Faith, and to wing up, though an Ephah of Lead hang upon them, that is, though all those heavy and ponderous Senses, that as a Stone would sink them to the Earth; but the rushing Wind of the Spirit, keeping up the Wing, may do great exploits, in and according to the Almighty working Power, that Christ the Lord wrought in his own Person. For so it will come to pass, that there will be a believing, and owning the true Birth of the Spirit only, for the very Works doing, and extraordinary flowing out of the divine Power.


July 29. 1678.

The Refining House.

IN the Morning I had the Figure of an House shewn me, that was but Plaistered over in the outside, and it was assigned for me, and such as did seek hiding from a tempest and overflowing Scourge; that would certainly come to devour much Flesh, who were not found under the Eternal shelter. And for the confirmation of this, I did immediately see in a Vision, a Regiment of Creatures rise, that looked Thin, Ravenous, and Hungry to get Prey. And after this arose a strong and fierce Company, cloathed in red Soldiers habit; they were very mute looking upon me, and I on them, but they had no Force or Power to harm me, for they were appointed to make spoil far away from the Place, where I was. This last Company seemed to be of some other Nation, differing in Looks and Habits from the English. I found my Spirit rise against them, and I did haste away to the Plaistered House, which within was all inlaid with Gold that shined, and in the Midst there rose a burning Flame. And one did set there in a pure white Garment, to cast in all rough and unpolished Grains of Gold: and all sorts of Mettals {Metals} were to be tried and separated for the use of him, who was the refiner. And I heard him who was in White say, Here is no hiding, but for those, who can pass through this burning Furnace, as Spirits transparensed from the courser Grain, that can endure this Flame, and sustain no loss.


July 30. 1678.

THE Word spake, Move far away from this Polluted place: And they who are the Lamb’s true Mates, strive hard to come to view the Glory of your own Land. Be afraid to set your Foot where is no bottom-Foundation; but know your true Habitation is elsewhere prepared; where are Stable-walkings without cause of Fear or Jeopardy.


July 31. 1678.

The Seven Counsellors.

MANY things from the inward Kingdom opened to me; and this in particular was advised, that we should bring all our difficult Cases to be Resolved, Judged, and Determined by those seven Principal Counsellors: Who were to be found in their own private Court, within the circumference of the Heavens, that were very near (and in) us. For we might fetch back the Kingdom by sound Counsel with these chosen Senators, that now are only manifest in the invisible Region. And to get it established here, would be the worthy undertaking of such, who were Spirited for it, and did hold in a joint Union, to pursue this thing in all resolvedness. Since it was by the Word that is Essential thus expressed to me, that the way was described to none more truly and livingly than to us, having Light, Wisdom, and Counsel, for the bringing down this Kingdom, as the Victorious Prize. Therefore it was specified, that great need there would be for our Eternal Spirits, that are appointed Agents in this matter, for to be used therein. Therefore be very much in a private, secret way of Consultation with these seven Counsellors, that know the whole State of the invisible World: For they are before the Throne of God, and the Lamb, and as all seeing Eyes do run to and fro the whole Circle, of the Heavens and Earth; and all imaginariness, whether Good or Evil, is evident before them. So that it was pronounced to my hearing Ear, High Blessings and great Blessings will be upon them, who attend, and are guided from this Counsel with whom all the secrets of the Holy Trinity are known. And it is of no light importment, to be brought up under these wise Senators, who will make us so wise, as may out-baffle all the Serpent’s subtlety. Which to this Day this visible Creation, stands under the Enchantment of, and hath not found the way out; having closed in with that evil Counsel, suggested by the treacherous Council, that is uppermost, and ready at hand, always sitting in the common and outward Court of the sensitive Mind; which hath introduced that wretched and evil Government, throughout this whole Principle. From whence are all Cruel impositions, and sinful traditions, that make those who accost Christ’s Linage, to complain of the oppressing Spirit, that ruleth from the consultation of the Prince and Power of darkness. Which verily do at present bear the great sway in, and throughout all Nations. But a certain secret hath been revealed by the Spirit, who is of this Council, and doth testifie, that the Prophecy will now be suddenly fulfilled, by which Decrees shall be established, going forth from this Privy-Council, that are constituted by the Great and Almighty King, to over-turn and defeat all Counsels, brought out from the Hellish Source. For these seven Princely Powers, erecting their Counsel-Seat in the most deep purified Mind, they will not give forth barely Wisdom, Knowledge, Counsel, and sight of Eternal Things; but send out Force and Strength, for the accomplishing and obeying this great Authority. For without this, little progress will be made, towards the bringing in of Christ’s Kingdom: except superiour Might do attend, for to perfect what is revealed as absolutely needful; or else the Armies of the Lamb, should be worsted by the potent Power of the Beast. Thus would it be, if Power should not rise from the seven Spirits, to lay him and his Harlot waste, whose Place and Palace, hath been spread all over the Earth in great Dominion.

But now it may be Objected, who or what Spirit (though all desirous) can intrude into this secret Council-Chamber? Who can find here the Door of entrance; they are so reserved in Wisdom and Counsel, as being of that Holy Train and Fellowship, as they do keep great distance from all that are of an earthly Mould and mixed Spirit? What hopes then can we have of admission into their secret Council, being found of polluted Lips? These Alledgements being raised and presented, I had the Vision, which I saw of the Refiner, that was in the House in-laid with Gold opened, and from this occasion interpreted to me, saying, Who would be joined to God’s free Counsellors, the number Seven, they must necessarily come into the refining House, for to be made fit and meet, to stand within the Circle-Throne of God’s Council deep.

Now as to the first part of the Vision, the mean appearance of the House, as to the outside, which was so Glorious within, was shewn me to be the Mortal Figure of this Terrestrial Body, that we do bear, into which the Refiner is come, and hath inlaid his own pure Nature, as Gold for the most Holy place, that God himself may appear there, with his Holy Train in Council, all matters to determine, within the circumference of the purified Mind. And for this very cause, the Spirit of Burning, as the Refiner is never to cease his Office, which is, to keep all Clarified, that so no soil of any Corruptible thing, may have any abiding there. Because designed it is as the place, which the perfect number seven will descend into. It was also certified to me, that our Hearts and Minds were taken up for this and no other use, and therefore we are willingly to suffer the Consumption, of what doth arise so fluently from the outward Senses. Therefore there is all need, for the Refiner to maintain the Furnace, and if there were not a continual devouring Flame, to take hold of every wild Briary imagination, the Holy place would never be vacant, nor free from those bustling Crowds and Waves, that would altogether drown the Arch-Angel’s Trumpet-Sound, that is to awaken the Dead, who in us is yet to rise in its Spiritual Body, that is able to subsist and pass through the burning Flames. For we must be refined to this degree, before we can be admitted to God’s most secret Council. For the which, it may be well worth the giving up of all those evil and perverse Counsellors, which would join to the Spirit of Mortality; for the promotion of a Life, that must die. Which the wise council of the Holy Trinity would not have gratified.

Further-more, the Spirit declared, that this Vision figur’d out the last and highest degree of refining, which should consummate and make way for the everlasting Council, sitting in the Seat of righteous Judgment. From which Decrees and Laws shall go forth, that shall be no more grievous; because the Mind of the Spirit that is refined, will be all agreeable hereunto with Power and Ability. Which for want of this through refining, could never reach to know the Hands of all-sufficiency, to act out the Omnipotency withal.

But here riseth a Query to know, What sort of refining this is, from which is expected such wonderful Effects? For many and divers have been the fiery Trials, that we have already pass’d through for purifying, that the inward Mind might be clear’d of all superfluities, which offend the Deity. Who will take up none for his abiding, but where is a clear burning Furnace: Because Celestial Fire is God’s Element, in which he is to be found and enjoyed, as in pleasant Light. The Truth of which doth well answer the Query that is propounded, that all need there is, for this Spiritual Furnace to be kept up, through the springing and feeding Oyl from the everlasting Olive-Tree. Wherein is the last and highest degree of Purification, for it will devour all, but its own Light and Spirit: That so all may be capable to receive it, as a pure Mansion for the Holy Trinity, and their Throne-attendance to dwell in it. And from which the thundering rushing Powers, will go forth to Act and Work, after the manner of an infinite God. That so it may be said, God is come to Tabernacle in the Earth, to fulfil his Will as in Heaven, by this burning Furnace of the Spirit, that shall make Man more precious than the Gold of Ophir, every way suited and adorned for Co-habitation with God, our original Being. What but this refining House will be our defence, keeping here till the grossness of mortality be consumed, that so we may meet and greet our now Glorified Jesus, in the midst of everlasting burning Flames. And then we need not fear the facing of that Soldiery, who are sent out from the Prince of this World, to watch and see, whether or no, we are naked without our flaming Armour, as our fence and covering. For which the Spirit does give great charge, that we stir not out, till we have it all quite about us. For it is said, great Perils will break in, and throughout the World.

The Vision some time after this was again renewed, and I was made to behold the seven Spirits before the Throne of God, as the seven burning Lamps within the House of the Holy Ghost. Who is coming, & is already come, into his House, as Refiner, having prepared and enkindled his Furnace, wherein must be formed the Pearl of the Kingdom. Which cannot be done but by, and with, the Assistance of these seven Principal Counsellors: who do therefore Qualifie and co-Work with the Operator; that so admission there may be, to stand also with them before the Throne of the most High Majesty, when manifesting himself in Earth as in Heaven, and to receive thence his immediate Commands, and the hidden Knowledge of his Will, with respect to the Affairs of his Kingdom, that is suddenly to be revealed, and the administration of the same by elected Instruments, rightly qualified herefor.

The Word CABALA then much run through me. And I could not tell what to make of it. It continued upon me for a whole Day. But the next Morning pondering upon it, it opened it self thus: That the Word signified to me, the Privy-Council of the Trinity, with the seven Spirits. And Blessed indeed are those that are worthy to be admitted into that Privy-Council; having been for that end admitted into the Refining House, that was shewn me. Which gave me occasion to Pray, that I might find that favour, with some others, that I made mention of, who might be taken into the Divine CABALA. Then it was answered. “So it shall be, when yet more Qualified for it. For know, it requireth special Endowments to make meet for so high a Dignity: which by my Spirit must be performed, to stand in Counsel with me in the inward Court, where the Affairs of my Kingdom are to be determined, and renewed Commands therefrom to be given, with Decrees that my Counsellors (so admitted) shall jointly with me, their Kingly Priest, send forth. For the which consider what manner of Persons ye mutually must be: first in high Sanctity; then, in Wisdom and soundness of Judgment. For ye shall pass Judgment upon all Matters and Things, belonging both to the Old and New Creation-State: And also know things present, and what is yet for to come. For my two great Witnesses shall rest upon you, which are the spirit of Prophecy and Reveleation, that shall give Ability, as Princes, to stand in my Council: and therefrom to deliver out my Laws and Decrees. So shall ye be ministering Spirits, to open the Ark of the Living Testimony; that hitherto hath been much shut up. But to the Generations that are, and shall yet be born in the Spirit now in this Age, to whom will be given a seeking and an inquiring Mind, it will verily be opened: to them shall my Secrets be revealed, that is,
     To such as of the Divine CABALA do stand, with the Ruling Scepter of Faith still in their Hand.”

Thus my LORD did most freely commune, and open the Sense and Mystery of the Word CABALA. Upon which obliged we are to attend diligently; retreating therefore from all that Terrestrial is.


August 2. 1678.

The True Shepherd’s Call.

THIS Word was given in, follow on with the Eternal Powers of Eternal Might, now that ye are set in the true Race-way, though many Stones of offence may stand to block you up. For which exert the Power of Faith to remove all out, that would be a stop to the attaining what is yet remaining, for the consummation of the Lord’s own free engagement. Which is to set the Seal of his Might to Authorize our present flight, from Mortal Creatures, and all Terrestrial Things, that would drive us back, as by a forcible Storm. But the true Shepherd hath it said, That he will hold fast, and carry us, if weary, in his own Arms, till we come within the Walls of strong Salvation: therefore faint not.


August 10. 1678.

God in Nature.

THE Word of Council, which came to me this Morning was this, Strive withal Internal Power of Might to put away the Earthly Life. The which, if thou canst once but come to cease from, then thou wilt know those rising Essences from the pure Center deep, that may cause, through the fiery thirst, the Water of Life so forcibly to flow in: for the essential rising of God in Nature. That may go forth again in all Spirit of Power, to make known the inherent Life of Christ, as forerunning the coming of his Mighty Kingdom into Manifestation.

Trim the Lamps.

THIS Word also of Instruction came to me, saying, I have made known most excellent and worthy Things, tending all to the Translating State. Be wise, and let nothing of my Light be dim’d, but while the Oil doth run, trim daily your Lamps therewith, that ye may clearly see, and not stumble at those Stones of offences, that may be thrown in the way. For as ye move here, my Presence shall move with you; till ye come to possess the Land of Peace, and Promise.


August 12. 1678.

What cometh Late cometh Double.

THE Dove-Mourning State, is attended with Sorrows daily meeting upon me: because the expected Salvation is still deferred, looking for the coming of that Kingdom, that will release from all Captivity. The detaining of which, puts me into a real Soul-sickness oftentimes, which brings me low in my Spiritual Nature. Which no one sees or knows, for it is all invisible. No Creature can minister in this case any release, God alone must be all herein for raising. Therefore we are taught only to repair to this Living, Healing Rock of Ages. And truly, thus far I have experienced in low Ebbs, when scarce any Life-Water hath run, which hath occasioned Spirit-failing in me, then suddenly a reviving hath come from the Word of Life, that hath raised up again. Which brings to remembrance that Word of David, How hath the Lord quickened me, who had fainted, if I had not believed to see it made good, though for a time prolonged. Yet the Spirit as a flowing Stream, doth come in for healing. And this Word was given in for to sustain the weary inward Mind. The Lord that doth number the Days and Years, of your sorrowing Pilgrimage, shall certainly return Double Peace and Joy. Therefore in patience run the Race, that is prefixed. For the everlasting Counsellors will not forsake those, who do pursue the most hidden Pearl of the Kingdom. Therefore follow it on most eagerly, considering who it is that will be for you in the greatest of Adversities.


August 13. 1678.

The True Priestly Habit.

THIS Morning it was revealed unto me, by way of Conference with the Anointing, that it was absolutely necessary to decline all whatever would interrupt, pure Conversation with God. And this Word in express was, That Times and Seasons should be observed hereunto. And as the Priests under that Mosaical dispensation, never undertook to perform anything of Spiritual Worship, relating to God, but they put on outward Habits for Distinction and Consecration, for their drawing near to God more peculiarly: so it was warned me never to approach near to God, without such a Spiritual Habit as it may be said, that we are Sanctified through the putting on of the Lord Christ, as our white Linnen Ephod; which signifies perfect Righteousness, that thereby we may answer the requirings of the most Holy God, who will be Sanctified by those, who are his true Worshippers. Who must act, and perform all from the Spirit, so adorned and separated from every Polluted thing. And then the Lord by his Spirit doth affirm, That the everlasting Testimony within the Ark and Holy Tabernacle, that now are concealed within the Heavens, shall be revealed, and given out by the hands of Christ, our great and most Holy High-Priest, when being found thus in his own Spiritual Garb, will meet us most frequently, and make known such Secrets, as are not to be committed to any, but such as are hallowed Vessels, set apart only for this very use.


August 14. 1678.

Celestial Nitre:   Or, the Antidote in Persecution.

THIS Night after some contest with the rational Mind and Will, which did set hard upon me to shatter, and unfix my confidence, because the Yoak {Yoke} was strait upon me, and the burthens {burdens} heavy, and the grand Adversary had every way consider’d, how to add more grinding weights to bow me down: I found the everlasting Arm was under to bear us through all. And it is clearly shewn me, the same Almightiness will ransom me out of the Hand of the Violent, that would take me by force. In which pursuit I saw my self chased up and down by two Men, that were fierce, striving to have me, and when they did meet together to encompass me, they had no Power to take or hurt me, but I escaped from them. Whereby I was shewn the hard besetments, which I should still have. For it was said to me, That a set time was given to Satan, to try all ways and means to prevent and make void the Birth, that was Heir to the Blessing. And therefore he is all Vigilant to make use of his time, which hath a period set. And if he can within the limits hereof dispoil, kill, or make waste by invading the Holy Place, he hath liberty, and may make great Spoil and Ruin. If not resisted by all the Force and Might, that the Eternal Spirit can call in to make the Heavenly Michael its Friend, else no possibility to hold out such pursuits. Therefore the Word cryed in me, ‘Be ever watchful, and feed upon the white Salt-Stone, that may keep from the Serpent’s Venom. It is given for a healing Medicine. Thy Life is in it. Therefore attract this Celestial Nitre, as the only Antidote to keep from the earthly Poyson, that the evil One hath prepared.’


August 15. 1678.

A Visional Parable of the Sheep and a Wolf:   Or, the Thorny Passage.

THIS Morning there appeared to me some Sheep, that were hunted out of their Fold, by a fierce Beast that sought for Prey, but they got into a strait Lane for hiding: but it was grown over with such bushy Thorns, that oftimes the Sheep were stopped from passing through. The Thorns taking hold of their Wool, which they suffered the loss of, for fear of the Pursuer. And at the end of the Lane, there stood one with a Shepherd’s Crook, and caught one by the Horns, and guided that Sheep along, and the rest, which were but few in Number followed into a strong Walled Pasture, where many more Sheep were, feeding as without danger and fear. Many Tents I saw there also. This Vision doth shew it’s meaning.


[ From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead's Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries from May 20th through August 15th, 1678
from Volume THREE,  Part One,  of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 3 of 4. ]

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