A  REVERSE-TRANSLATION back into English, published on-line in 2010 from the Old German Printing of 1705

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: Her last published Prophetic Work bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead. 

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Jane Lead’s
The Resurrection of Life


The Resurrection of Life (in English)

The contents of The Resurrection of Life might well be described as a Grand Final Summary of that which was brought from the Godhead through the instrument of Jane Lead through her earlier publications.  It is very significant that this last work of Jane Lead, which was written just before her death, has come into the light at such a late state in history for the benefit of those beloved Nazarite brethren who were to come after her.  The meaning of the text has effectively been hidden in a language other than English for over 300 years.   Confirmation of much of what is missing from the modernized, 21st century Christian gospel can be found among these pages. 

Jane Lead’s last published Prophetic Work, first published in English, seems to have been lost over time. The Old German Script version which was made public in 1705 shortly after her death, has survived in various archives,  and it has been used by Pass the WORD as the basis for this collaborative 21st Century  Reverse-Translation   from the Old German Script (High Dutch) back into English. 

Notes of the original translator (from English into the Old German) that were printed as footnotes in the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size, as are the scripture references from the authoress.    Also left within the document are indicators pointing to page changes — where a new page in the Old German text began, i.e. {OG Pg 22} — should there be a need by anyone to refer to the Old German manuscript.



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R E S U R R E C T I O N   O F   L I F E

O R   T H E

Royal Characteristics and
Identifying Marks


Impressed on Those,
Who  with  C H R I S T  are  Resurrected




P R O P H E T I C      R E V E L A T I O N S

all from the known Authoress,

J A N E     L E A D E :

Received shortly before her Departure out of Time, which
Occurred the 19th of August of the past Year in Hogsdon near
London, England, who was given this and was ordered to make it known and to
have it published.

Blessed are Those who Partake of [have Part in] [Participate in]
the First Resurrection.

Graphic from OG Title Page

Printed in Amsterdam in the year of Jesus Christ 1705
And can be found at Brothers Rudolph and Gerhard


Old German to English — Reverse Translation
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About the Reverse-Translation of — The RESURRECTION of LIFE

Jane Lead’s last work, in its original 17th century English, had somehow been lost to modern readers over time.  Only the Old German version, which had been translated from English and published in Amsterdam in 1705, has been available until now.

Pass the WORD Services had located and obtained a xerographic copy of the Old German version in the Spring of 2000 and had continued to search for a copy of the original in English, without success.

Many modern readers of Jane Lead, who have seen the Old German, have prayed that somehow the original English version might be either found again, or if it were the Lord’s will, that the German Script version might be restored to English in this Last Age of Time.

In the 21st Century, through a collaborative effort between various persons, two of which were experienced translators from German to English, and more than a few of which were familiar with the other writings of Jane Lead, the text of her last work, written over 300 years ago, has been reverse-translated (from the Old German back into English).  One translator was of Amish-Mennonite background who had never heard of Jane Lead;  the other was of Catholic, then Lutheran background, of German-speaking origin, and a retired professional, multi-language, and simultaneous translator with over 50 years experience, who also had never heard of Jane Lead.  Through amazing circumstances, which only the Lord could have arranged, these instruments and their individual God-given gifts were brought to their respective portions of the task, and all have been used to accomplish the work that was to be done at this time.

Because this retro-translation was accomplished through persons living in the 21st century, the English style may be more familiar and easier to read and to understand than the other 17th century English works of Jane Lead.  But her readers will recognize the very long sentences, the many dependent clauses, and the recurring theme of the precious truths which she was often used as an instrument to convey.

Also to be noted — since there were often multiple English words that could be offered as possible translations for the Old German words, there have been left within this new document, alternatives for various words, and phrases — making this an “amplified” version of the document, thus hoping to achieve a balance that will be used by the Holy Spirit, who will always speak to the heart of each seeking reader.  Also left within the following document are indicators pointing to page changes, where a new page in the Old German text began, i.e. {OG Pg 22}, should there be a need by anyone to refer to the old German manuscript.

The accomplishment of this work (which took place over a two-year period) has consumed time and precious diminishing resources in these Last Days, but it has been the privilege of those who volunteered their time to be allowed to participate in the process and to make an offering of that to the Lord and to our beloved brethren.  To those who assisted in the payment of the translation services, we thank them for their obedience and pray that the Lord mightily bless them also for their offerings.  As always, we trust the Lord to continue to provide resources as they are needed for whatever future work, if any, that is put before us.

This retro-translation is for personal use and study only.  Pass the WORD Services gives notice that this reverse-translation is NOT in the public domain; it may NOT be copied and published to other websites; it may NOT be published into print to be sold; it may NOT be distributed for donation; and/or it may NOT be used as a foundation for any derivative (i.e. SDV) edition, as has been blatantly, illegally, and deceitfully done with many other of Jane Lead's works that PTW volunteers prepared for on-line access.  In other words, those who have been used to bring this reverse-translation to on-line availability are the ones who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the work and the electronic code behind it;  it is their intellectual property and thus, in the eyes of the world, it is copyrighted. 




{OG Pg 3}


by  the

A U T H O R E S S.


TO whom shall I recommend this lofty and spiritual Material, which is contained in this little Tract, except those who are truly engaged in Dying and Resurrecting with Him who is the first-born from the Dead; although I am well aware that it cannot be a well-tasting or pleasant [agreeable] Food to any Other than Those who, with their spiritual Hunger, may have come to terms; and though it is indeed strong Food, which will prove itself digestible after its own Kind and Manner, so I don’t doubt there will be Some found, who are thereto chosen to be bought from the Earth to be first Fruits, wherewith they may fit and prepare themselves to this Resurrected Condition and the Fullness of Time (which now truly approaches).  For the Angelic Armies may in Truth be heard with the inner Ear, blowing loudly their Trumpets to the Quickening and Resurrecting whatever had lain sealed under Death.  The awakening Powers will, to this End and Purpose like a gentle Wind and Breath, drip into such Souls, in order to quicken and make alive [bring to life] each and every Part.  Therefore let no One of Those, who are of the Faith of the Resurrected Life, feel inferior and be discouraged, or consider it impossible that a dried up Tree should again green by the Sap of Life, which lies hidden in its inward Parts, which will be poured into each and every Part and Branch, wherewith it may adorn with fruit-bearing Power the Spirit, Soul and Body.  However, towards this end [at the same time] great Faith [Belief] must be added, as it were, fanning [blowing onto] a hot Coal, which may purge out [dry up] the Floods of Sensuality {OG Pg 4} which are a great Hindrance and Halt to the Resurrected Life.

The stirring Reasons which may drive us to strive after the Same with Zeal and Earnestness are many-fold.  The First one gives us the Assurance, that we shall be made free from that Yoke of Oppression and Servitude (a) which pressed us down and committed us to the first Man, namely to the Law of Sin which is in our Members, so that before [until] we were separated therefrom, we could not be entrusted to Him who is the LORD from Heaven and the quickening [alive-making] Spirit. {Footnote: (a) Namely under the perfect Condition of the Resurrection of which is herein prophesied, and that we be qualified to achieve [reach] such a Status, wherein this Freedom is from the heavy Bondage.  Thus explained the Authoress herself on my Query, because this Text was somewhat ambiguous.}

The Second stirring Reason to this is the living Treasure or Dowry, which will be conferred on Those, who in this lofty Marriage-bond are accepted and joined together [bonded].  Christ will not allow anyone to appear in his old Garment but wants to alter [change] their Garments with a Radiance and Beauty of perfect Holiness, so that They may come into agreement [conformance] with this lofty [high] State [Condition] whereto the LORD has called and redeemed them.  Therefore, through the Impression and Manifestation [Characterization] of Himself in Them, He wants to distinguish [differentiate] Them (or make Them different), so that He needs not be ashamed of Them, when He acknowledges [accepts] Them as His own and adopts [receives] Them, into that Holy Brotherhood, who belong to His Kingdom.  Just as [For like-as] Christ after His Resurrection, went up (into Heaven) and down [ascended and descended], and was more with His Father in the Heavenly Places than with and among His Disciples:  Thus also is it with Those, who attain to the First Resurrection:  They will be more with Christ and the Fellowship of the Father, than the mortal Men down here on Earth are able to understand or comprehend:  For although They may still maintain [keep] [appear in] their outward Habits and Form as others do, so will this, however, not hinder, nor prevent [refrain] the free Ascension of their Spiritual Body, {OG Pg 5} which properly, according to its Nature, hastens to its central Rest.

A third stirring Reason is that They are so privileged by the fact that the LORD Christ cannot keep Himself from revealing to Them the great Mysteries and surprising [marvelous] Wonders, which are concealed [hidden] in His Kingdom, that They thus may have Freedom, when They see those who are worthy, to reveal to them what may contribute to their great Bliss and Peace, all of which may serve to draw them up from the Earth, while they yet live in the Body, so that They may set down Their Feet in that City, in which They steadfastly can walk, whose Ground [Land] is plastered with Love.  And know, that these are no imagined [contrived] Fables, but essential Truths, of which winged Powers, Some have already tasted: which capture and delight the Mind so overwhelmingly [excessively], that They can’t refrain from exhorting and encouraging others, that they also may strongly press forward to acquire this hidden [unknown] Prize and Treasure, and not to rest until they have reached [acquired] and enjoyed the Same.

For further stirring Reason and Encouragement I want to direct [refer] you to the Tract itself, in which you will find singular [strange] Grounds and Experiences, which I have found myself compelled to bring together and share with you, in the hope that they may be of use and serve Some, especially Those who have read my other Writings, the greater Part of which aims to this great Goal.  And thus, dear Souls will I not need to impress onto you, in this case any Reasons that are more remote [unrelated].  Only let me recommend to you The Heavenly Cloud in its other [second] edition, which may give you further Recognition [Understanding] and Light in these Things, and just as the Same was the first Beginning and Ground [Basis], through which the Spirit of Christ in us went out, thus I know not otherwise, except that this might be the last that I may have the opportunity to write, and consequently, I want to conclude herewith, in the greatest Ardor of Love, towards Those with whom I have corresponded in Spirit. {OG Pg 6}  Be assured, that while and as long as I am in the Body, as when I will be out of the Body, you all shall be in loving Remembrance by Those in whom the Life of the Resurrection of Jesus sincerely presses forth and strives to attain the Goal.

J A N E    L E A D E.



{OG Pg 7}

The First Part of the
Resurrection of Life:


The Impressed [Identifying] Marks and Royal Signs [Characteristics]
that show in Those who are Resurrected with Christ.

IN the Year 1702 I gave in print to the Public a Tract, entitled “A Living Funeral Testimony”, because I didn’t know otherwise, but that it might be my last Departure from the World, for every Day I expected my Body’s Dissolution:   Only it pleased the Godly Wisdom and deemed it good to prolong my Life till now, because it was foreseen that there was still something that needed to be finished or supplemented before my Departure from the Body.  For I am convinced and certain that manifold supplements [Additions] of many kinds still could be made to that which was formerly revealed through me regarding that great Change that must occur within — specifically [primarily] that the Image of the earthly is to completely die off, so that through Baptism into the Likeness of the Death of Christ, room [space] may be made for the Resurrection of His Life — thereby revealing a clearer, more efficient and smoother Way to the Same.  Lately I have exercised myself considerably in the Contemplation and thinking over this:  So that therefrom new Incentive was given to me to discern the Mind [discover the Intention] of God therein:  Who has still allowed me to live my Life [who my Life still has prolonged], and has torn and delivered me out of many Deaths.  And especially out of this last difficult Accident which happened to me in this Year 1703, through an unfortunate Fall, through which my left Arm was broken, which caused me great Pain and Suffering for some Months, which commonly would have been judged that it would end my Life.  But out of the Fountain of Eternal Life is my Soul, over and against all Expectation, still preserved in Life so that I might have {OG Pg 8} opportunity to glory in the wonderful Power, which has snatched me out of the Jaws of Death.  What does all this require and demand of me other than that, for the remaining short Time of my Life, I place myself [continue] in Resignation [the most pure Yielding] or Dedication to God and to the Holy Separation, so that through these, the Well-spring [Reserve, Remainder] of the Wisdom and Counsel of God, to much Usefulness and Service, will be further revealed; and thus the Writings which through me were publicly given in print, may have their Confirmation and true Completion.   Since the outflowing Anointing still drips off Light into my Understanding, and along with that also, through Vision and Revelation, I have constantly a Lesson [Advice] and Instruction, which recently happened in this Manner, which it now seems good to me [me thinks it good] to share with you.  In this Likeness, I saw a Tree which stood before me completely barren and dried up, without any Leaves to cover it:  When seeing this it was said to me: “See yourself symbolized as a Body without Clothes”. Thereby heard I a Sound and Voice from a Light and Radiance over the Tree, which expressed itself in these Words:  “Consider it not impossible that this Tree may live again, but wait and believe, so you shall see it, like as here in the Vision, so also afterwards, substantially [materially, in reality]”.  As I then beheld it with my inner Eye, a Dew from the upper Elements fell on it, which thoroughly moistened it, and after that came a glowing Heat from the Eternal Sun, which caused it to immediately send forth golden-yellow Leaves which were a beautiful and bright shining Cover for it, and suddenly all Limbs [Twigs] and Branches began to be laden with Fruits, which were similar to Apples with a golden Tinge to them. And thereupon it was said to me:   “They shall be formed [shaped] in this Manner and perfected to this Degree [Grade] where [when] Poverty and Lowliness of Spirit, despising of Selfishness and Self are beautifully and sincerely laid down as a Foundation towards the Resurrection-Life.” {OG Pg 9}

It was also given to me to understand that this Likeness of the dry and dead Tree had a twofold Meaning.  First a Likeness of our outward physical Life which was made bare of visible Beauty and Honour through various Afflictions and Trials, and as a scorned and despised Body, made it to appear as corruptible.  And as a second Meaning, in a Spiritual Sense, the bringing again to Life and the rising of that Body at the Resurrection, so that what was as nothing, pitiful and decaying would be made the First-Fruits of this new State, becoming most delightful and beautiful in Christ.   And thus far, in the framework of what I have just mentioned, may my own particular case be viewed, only it must go forth in a wider, and general [all inclusive] Extension, as was shown to me, through a Vision of countless Plants, which sprung out of a Plot of Ground and Earth which at first were also naked and bare without any Covering or Leaves, till a Stream came forth and watered and moistened the Earth where they had sprung up.   Then a Voice said: “Go [Arise] and live, you who have walked [passed] through the Wintertime of Barrenness and Mortality”.  This Word had such Power and Emphasis that instantly Leaves and Fruit appeared.  All of which truly signifies that Christ the LORD wants to awaken His Bride, because no Marriage can be accomplished with Him until she becomes changed into the Likeness of His own Person.  This is the great secret Mystery, which shall not only be discovered [uncovered] and revealed in this last Age of Time [in these last Days], but also shall be figured out [manifested], completed and restored [replenished] in such a Number which hereto [to this end], are the yearned for [intended] and appointed [pre-ordained] First-Fruits.

In order to attain to this Status of Life, which will be the Bride’s Crown [Bride-Crown], {OG Pg 10} the Most High will lay down Conditions so as to pave the Way thereto, which are not pleasing but vexing to the first-born Image, that it should be called to go through the Valley wherein nothing except the cruel Face of Death appears, which is to be understood [viewed] in a mystical Manner.  Since an irrevocable Judgement [Sentence] has gone forth, that no one shall be Partaker of the Resurrection of Christ, except only such as were slaughtered and killed with Him;  now One may ask, in what Way [how] this Death should be demonstrated [effected] and proven?  It serves as an Answer, that there is no better Rule than what Christ, Himself, gave, which is, that a Person shall deny Self and all Selfishness, for it is like a strangely intractable Child, which never has been and cannot be obedient to the Will of the Eternal Father.  Therefore it must be offered up;  for all the Offerings under the Law symbolize only this, that the Sin [Self] must thereby give up the Ghost.

This dying Death consists of so many and varied types of Things that the sharp-cutting Axe must be set down to the very Root of this rotten [spoiled] evil and bitter Tree, to the chopping off and complete Destruction of all that which appears [seems] good to the Eye and Mind.  Particularly because, through the Light and Spirit of Faith, something else entirely is perceived and understood, which clearly uncovers and reveals what kind of Betrayal, Deceit, and Unfaithfulness is unceasingly devised and schemed [hatched] by the outer [old] Nature to keep itself alive, which however shall and must die, which (Nature) is the Sensual Life, which openly and freely stands willing to take in [accept] all worldly [earthly] Splendor, Lusts and Delights [Pleasures], to contemplate [think on] Things which are only carnal [temporary], to amuse oneself and enjoy them, and thus split apart [divide] the Heart between God and Mammon.  But this Kind of Mixture is not pleasing to God.  He wants to be God alone [the only God] or no God at all, and demands thus that a Person love and trust Him above all visible Things.   For the Spirit of this World, which People so strongly seek and cling to {OG Pg 11} is today the Idol of almost all People, just as in previous Times, when they erected [set up] outward and visible graven Images:  Indeed this is to God a greater Abomination, because it is more inward and hidden, and consequently more dangerous and harmful to the Soul;  for Christ now wants to be so close to the Heart of His Chosen, that nothing shall come between Him and the Soul:  He cannot tolerate anything less [nothing is harder for Him to bear] than that a Person should be unfaithful to His Bed of fragrant [sweet smelling] Spices, in which He desires to receive the Soul and to feed [satisfy] it with His Love.  For it cannot be otherwise than that it pains and insults His Love when He sees that a Person in his Heart pursues other Paramours [illicit Lovers], which do not cease to [incessantly, unendingly] allure [beckon], incite and tempt us, as long as we are in this beginning [first] State.  Therefore let us consider that it is more honest and useful to bear the grinding [grating] Signs of Death rather than to bear the earthly [carnal] Life.

Further it may be recognized [observed, perceived] as a true identifying [distinctive] Mark of a dying (to Self) Soul, when it has a disgust [loathing] toward the Acceptance of all Things that would tend to give Nourishment and Strength to the Sensual Life;  it absolutely refuses [denies] support to that (Sensual Life) which must fall and dissolve [perish];  even at any moment, it expects to give up the Ghost.  In this Manner does the dying One in Christ come under the Pronouncement of the Blessing that “They who die in the LORD shall henceforth rest from their own works [labors]”.  Those, who through Deeds and Truth have recognized this, who are acutely aware of what it means to experience this Dying Life with Christ, are instead at all times valiant [brave], guarding and striving against the Enemy in order to preserve their Spiritual Life;  so that there can be no celebrating, but rather a continual struggle [care] to maintain [keep] the shifting, wandering Wheel on its uphill Path.   And just when the Soul might perhaps hope that it has attained the perfect Death, a new (internal) Stirring [Attack] and Temptation may suddenly occur [present itself] such as we had never before met, whereby it will be found out and proven whether we are truly dead or still yet alive.  For if we, through any new Temptation {OG Pg 12} become concerned or anxious, this shows us where we still are, namely in Strife and Battle between the two Principles;  so that a Person must conclude [deduce] that the Perfecting and Accomplishment of this Dying is by steps [gradually] being granted:  For wherever the Sentence and Judgment of Death be executed and carried out [accomplished] all at once, it would be too bitter and too sharp;   therefore has the precious and loving Saviour given us yet Time, that the Same may have its effect with less Force and be more bearable.  For the LORD is considerate of those who are His own, to extend to them reviving Drink, which may refresh and strengthen them in all their Powerlessness [Faintness, Weakness, Helplessness] wherewith they may become encouraged to persevere further, when they consider [realize] that it is an unavoidable [absolute] Necessity to depart out of this Life (of Selfishness or Estrangement) which the Law of Purity, which brings a Person closer to God, always stands in Enmity against.  The Soul must become this Sin-Sacrifice in its own Person, just as it was in Christ’s own Person, to which the very same Spirit will be required which was in Christ; which (Spirit) may persuade the Soul to act against everything that revolts against it (the Spirit) and which (Spirit) doesn’t lack to supply such stirring Reasons and Encouragement, to which it (the Soul) in that Manner may be induced to a voluntary Agreement thereto;  as particularly, that we may be accused of and admit to the living of that Life which keeps us, as we know, from our LORD’s Bosom of Rest [from the Rest of the Lap of our LORD].

Therefore it is not the true Wisdom of the Soul to awaken and strengthen that former Life, which must give up and lose all its Power and Strength.   How friendly and sincerely does the Spirit of our dear Saviour lure [beckon] us to this dying Life with Him, and does not want us to be ashamed to bear the Marks and Signs of it (this dying Life):  consequently then it follows that our Walk in this World must, in principle, be as Pilgrims and Strangers, just as Christ, Himself, shows.   And because (as it was shown to me in the Mirror of the Godly Mysteries) we have to make exactly this same Departure therefrom, therefore we have no Reason {OG Pg 13} to make ourselves acquainted with and in common with earthly Thoughts and Matters [Things], because we must forsake [abandon] them, and withdraw our Selves from that which would like to awaken the Same in this lower World which, however, necessarily must die; and rather we are to look forward to another State and Kingdom, wherein Steadfastness and Permanence will remain without ceasing.  But all this belongs [is valid] only to Those who have gone through the Death and have attained to the First Resurrection, who shall enlarge themselves to a pure Spiritual People, which have nothing to do with carnal Propagation or Spreading of Sin.  For the great Creator knows that when the End hereof will be appointed, the other Adam with His Virgin Bride shall be brought forth which shall beget a heavenly Tribe and will so increase that they will spread out themselves over the entire World, and these shall receive the Scepter of Authority and Power over the strange Countries, Nations and Tongues to rule those who remain in their first carnal Birth, and have known nothing of the inner Spiritual Birth.  These must decrease and the others increase:  But how can it be otherwise?  Except through a prevailing Power which shows Itself and puts forth Itself by the Resurrection of Spiritual Bodies, who shall be empowered to do what they desire, in and on this Earth without Limitation.

Nevertheless it is thus, that after the Attainment of this Resurrected Condition, the War of the Dragon against the Holy Seed of the Saints is to be expected, because [in so far that] the Resurrected First-Born remain according to their outward Form still in his (the Dragon’s) Land and Territory.  And because he (the Dragon) now sees that his Kingdom begins to become destroyed through the arising of this Angelic Tribe, he will (as can be expected) not hesitate to stir up Persecution and send his Floods to cast down these Holy Virgins and apply all his Might to destroy this pure manly Virgin Birth as soon as it appears. {OG Pg 14} It is only for their Protection and Care for their Child’s Security that they shall be quickly extracted into the heavenly Regions, until the Fullness of Time is come in which they shall receive kingly Power and lift up [erect] the Banner, before which all Nations shall bow and be subject to it.  For this Kingdom shall new Laws be established [in Place].   It is not to be expected that any great Changes shall happen [take place] in the World, until Some [a few], that are in strong birthing-pangs [birth-pains] toward [for] these Holy Births, bring forth the First-born of the Resurrection.

However One may here ask, what foregoing [prior] Signs can be given that such an approaching Day may be expected [anticipated]?

To which we respond:  That the first Thing we have to observe is that the Kingdom of the Beast, in its total expansion, will have Dominion over the entire Globe, to whom the Dragon has permission to give his Power; to preserve thereby his (the Beast’s) Kingdom, which consists of [stands in] all Injustice [Unrighteousness], Violence and Oppression.  Ungodliness must increase to full Measure, which Sign is truly fulfilled in this present Time:  Because all Nations, through and through, have spoiled [corrupted] their Ways by despising the true God and His spiritual Service, and have made an Image of the Beast and have adopted [taken on] his Mark [or… and have accepted his banquet table for nourishment and sustenance], and they have bowed down and worshiped the Same;  also they enforce on the People the Laws of that Kingdom which bind and limit the Freedom of the Saints, and to themselves arrogate Ambition, Covetousness, Cruelty, Pride, Luxury, unregulated Power, and sensual-beastly Lusts, which so highly incites God, that He sends out His Judgments over the Inhabitants of the World, and arouses the destructive and consuming War Weapons, so that one Nation against the other, and one Kingdom against the other destroys and ravages, which sufficiently indicates that God will truly bring devastation and manifold Woes over the Earth.  Therefore it is now a Time {OG Pg 15} for Lamentation and Sorrowing;  the true Jeremiah and Daniel must send up their Prayers and Intercessions, that there may be a redirection to the existing [present] Ravages and Breeches.  Now is no Time to sleep and slumber unfeelingly through the great and terrible Evils which are done in all Parts of the Earth.  The most gracious God has long endured the Misdeeds of those who had known His Name and the Light and Service of the Gospel, and yet afterward have revolted against it more than any other People.  So that God is tired of bearing [tolerating] them any longer, so He now begins to send His Forerunners of Judgment and lets His Voice be heard in these terrible Winds, Storms, and Earthquakes, which are the first Incitement and Beginnings of the Sorrows and Pains.  Those who are wise in Heart will it not pass over without feeling the Hand of God therein, who would gladly warn all that they turn again to Himself, and thereby should be a Delaying of the Scourging and Flooding of His Wrath.

A Second Sign is the going forth of the false Prophets in all Deceitfulness and Injustice [Unrighteousness], in that they clothe themselves with an Elijah Cloak, while in the meantime, however, are hatched out in their Minds, all kinds of abominable and shameful Things, by hiding under a pretended Zeal for God, and yet all the while they commit spiritual Adultery.  Against such as these are, the LORD has a great Quarrel, as being more dishonored by these, than by those who are more visibly and openly ungodly [godless].  Since Satan can better propagate and extend [spread out] his Kingdom [Realm] in this unfaithful [disloyal or faithless] Manner, through a Pretence [Appearance] of Holiness [Sanctity], whereby [by which] many good Souls can be deceived [betrayed] and misled [led astray] [seduced] and exposed to ridicule [mockery].  Therefore will the true Prophets, which God will awaken, not be still [quiet], but will witness against this Mask, warn against [expose] it, discover [uncover] it, and pull it off.

Also this (counterfeit) Spirit does not rest here, that he lets himself be found not only among the outward Professors of Faith in outward [outside] Places of religious Shrines, {OG Pg 16} but there follows another Sign, that he also goes into Sion’s Flock, through the Serpent’s crafty Discovery in an even more disguised Finery where he causes great Divisions among those who should, as the Links of a Chain, be nevertheless bound together in Unity of Love.  Which things rightfully are to be greatly lamented, for the great Shepherd of the Sheep, Himself, notices this with sad Feelings, and the Knowledge thereof truly hurts Him deeply to see such Divisions and Separations in the Spirit, which are caused by the Wolf, who has crept onto the Holy Mountain to tear up and to destroy.  Here Spiritual Wars are begun which wound more and deeper and are more harmful than those that are waged with Carnal Weapons.

However, when we examine and search out from where all this originates and comes [springs up], we find it comes mainly from Self-Thinking or Reasoning and Spiritual Arrogance [Pride], when such Spirits imagine and convince themselves that they alone have the true Light to Spiritual Guidance.  And given that such might be attained by some, there must also be Meekness [Gentleness] of Wisdom, also Love, and a friendly and kind Countenance [Demeanor] toward their Brethren, who may not yet have arrived at the mature Understanding of Spiritual Things.  For Those, who are of the highest Grade and have attained to the highest Degree of Perfection, will show forth all Temperance [Gentleness] and such heartfelt Love, to them who still live in Ignorance under a Cloud of their Understanding, and have no clear distinguishing Ability to judge super Heavenly Things.  What expects then the LORD from Those who are of a higher Grade?  That they show a Spirit of Tolerance and that they attract [beckon] and convince through the Power of Love, those who are full of [who stick in] Errors or wrongly understand Spiritual Things.  For this is the only Way whereby those, who are in Error and who are unable to see clearly their Way on a dark Day, may be brought again to the Right Path.

{OG Pg 17} Now we need to examine what are the deeper [further] Causes of these Breaches and Splits that are found among those, who stand in a lower Grade of Understanding:  These (Causes) arise [spring] out of that (original) Root (in us), wherein the grim [furious] Adversary had injected his Poison, whose bitter Taste may be covered [subdued] or diluted (and thereby indiscernible);  and oh! how ready and willing these Fools and Ignorant of such things are, to quickly criticize [find fault] and judge unknowingly those Things which are beyond their Comprehension and Understanding.   This is a great Evil; which, as well as the other, are to be punished.  For Beloved, what else is it that will more restrain the Kingdom of Christ from coming into and unto us, than that He could not find any, who are unanimously [of one Mind] waiting for it, in Harmony and Love-Unity?  Therefore as long as these Splittings and Separations [Divisions] have the upper Hand, and each One wants to rule over the Other, there is little Hope that the mighty God and Saviour in His Kingdom of Love will come down here to His Saints.  O, who is then among the true Disciples of Jesus Christ, who would not, in Love, unite himself with other true Disciples, and as an anointed One, go out, and pour in the healing Oil to dress that wound [sore] which has lain open for so long, that we may not keep [hold] back the LORD any longer from His appearing in us.

Another Cause [Reason] that we need to investigate is this;  that we set our Hearts and Minds on that (the Things) which are transitory [corruptible, temporary] such as worldly Splendor and Lusts, in that we seek great Things for our Selves in a worldly Spirit, and excessively therein go to ruin, so that the Love for carnal Things chokes out and consumes the Love of God, and robs God of what belongs to Him.  This is a ruling Sin which everywhere has spread out; which Poison has so deeply penetrated that it threatens to kill Everything that pertains to a Spiritual Life.  This is most dangerous Idolatry and Adultery to the LORD, who is the true Husband, whom Man should cling to, over and above Everything else that has visible Form and was created. {OG Pg 18}

To sum up the Contents of these Signs and Reasons, they are those which provoke the Wrath of God and causes that He pour out His Wrath and Disgrace on Persons and Houses and Nations, whereof we have had a terrible and dreadful Example on the 27th of November [December] of this past Year (1703) which great Blow and heavy Stroke may well awaken those who lie dead and buried in their carnal Life; such a terrible Shaking wherewith God has threatened that if Man will not be warned in right Time, a greater Destruction may come.  For this seems to be a Kind and Manner of Judgment of which Men have not seen in many years or can think of, nor heard of, that in so short a Time all Houses and Dwellings of their Earth were upheaved [thrown on Heaps] and must have roared in their Ears.  Therefore O you, who you have your Pleasure in your ceiled [paneled] Houses {Haggai 1,v4} and splendid Buildings, be afraid to take your Rest in them, but rather let yourselves be awakened by all these unstable Dwellings, to secure for yourselves an eternal and stable Dwelling which is, that Christ in God may be your Temple Dwelling and Glory.  Take heed that you do not despise this loud Warning Bell, so that it may please the long-suffering [forbearing] Goodness of God to restrain [stay, hold back] His Hand here, so that no further Devastation and Destruction may take place;  to which End some may be awakened to pray in Humility and Supplication that thereby a further Deluge [Flooding] of the Disfavor [Displeasure] of God, in such Manner may be stemmed [contained] and turned away.  For it seems to me as though God has begun, and will not here end, but that through the beating down of the vain-Glory of Man, cause the Heart of all Flesh to fall away that they may see that there is no other Place of Refuge to be found, neither in Rocks nor on Mountains, but only in the Fold of the Royal Shepherd of the Sheep, wherein He has prepared to receive Those {OG Pg 19} who are of His Flock.  In order for all these Things to be accomplished, nothing less or more can be expected, but that great Tribulations must precede it, and the Path [Way] to the great Glory of Christ be cleaned, leveled, and constructed [formed] so that the great Glory of Christ may appear in His Resurrection Power, which will begin in His Spouse and Bride, as Representative [Administrator] in His Place;  which Dominion and Kingdom on Earth shall come upon the Daughter of Sion [Sion’s Daughter, Daughter Sion];  through which a blow to the Rich of this World is to be struck, wherein the Man of Sin has had such Power and Dominion, that then shall, in one Stroke, be removed.  For I see that a wonderful Time is approaching to the building up of another Church Condition, wherein the Lamb of God will gather in His First-Fruits, Those who formerly had died and been dead with Him, so that they also may be resurrected and made alive with Him in the same Life and Likeness.

Which shall now be the Subject in which I shall deal, and God grant [permit] that I may do this from the basic [fundamental or substantial] Answer of the Eternal Wisdom, especially because this Point is so wonderful and important that I may not venture thereon except that the Holy Spirit may dictate this through [in] my Pen whereon I wait in the Spirit in a singular pure and solitary Manner.   For like as the blessed Apostle was caught up into the third Heaven and saw therein such Things and heard unspeakable Words, thus also does the Truth of the Revelation of these Things surpass the Knowledge of all who live under the Circle of the corruptible World.  But I dare not hide this, what God, Himself, herein has given to be known.

The first Thing that was shown to me was, by means of a Figure or a Likeness, to realize or see in what Way or Manner the Dead in Christ shall arise;  namely, that after Christ has sown himself into Those selected hereto [chosen Ones], he sprouts up like a Plant from a purified Soil and increases and grows, from Grade to Grade, until He becomes a beautiful and completely matured Tree whose Branches and Limbs [Twigs] spread out {OG Pg 20} and become richly laden with Fruit, which serves as Nourishment and Preservation of the Resurrected Life for all Those who come under its Shadow and who will appear in the Likeness of the LORD’s Resurrection:  Who truly now sends out His powerful Angels to establish this new resurrected Flock, since it is such a Time and Age where so many false Shepherds, with their defrauded and seduced Herds, play (perform) their personal (individual) Roles with all Deceitfulness on the Stage of this World.  Consequently, in order to prevent [hinder] all the Deception [deceivableness] of such kind of spirits, the most wise and royal Shepherd of the Sheep uses a completely different Way and Manner, which never yet has been used to distinguish or mark, which is the Symbol and Ingraving of His own and His Fathers Name: and indeed not only inwardly on the Heart but also on their Foreheads, so that all People may see and read the Marks that they bear, and know who are of the First Resurrection.  First they are clothed with a Body that has all productive Powers and Abilities, especially Clarity [Clearness] of their Faces, that look into the heavenly World or Land, where their dwelling Place is, with the made-free [delivered] Citizens [Inhabitants] of the New Jerusalem.  Everywhere will the Heart and Mind [Spirit] of those who are privileged to see this, tend to receive them in Love, so that it takes away all power to love that which is down here [here on Earth]:   Also the Ability to Hear is opened, when the Voice of God, with the countless Firstling Angels, who are truly of the Kingdom of Christ the LORD, Heart and Soul joyfully shout forth, which will deafen all the Roaring and Turmoil of this outer World, that would want to destroy and frustrate this lovely pleasant Harmony.  And further will also be enhanced (or opened) the Ability to Taste, for which there is always richly provided a Banquet of select Varieties, to which Those, who are resurrected in Christ, are invited to continuously enjoy without any Restriction. {OG Pg 21} All of which is done accordingly to the Highness and Glory of this high and heavenly Court.  And over this the Power and Capability [Capacity] of the Feelings, through which These will experience a constant [uninterruptible] Power which flows out of the Fountain of the Godhead, out of the unfathomable Deep, which produces such a Liveliness and Wakefulness that they make Everything to disappear which is of the coarse heavy Part of the outward Nature.  Now then come we to the Sense of Smell, which opens [reveals] itself as an Alabaster Jar, a precious Salve, which fills the whole House or Body with its Powerful Fragrance which has its Constituents and Being out of Eternal Nature, so that They will become fully satisfied and strengthened with this poured in, pure Spikenard.  All these make up the Godly Signature or Marks of the Spiritually Resurrected Body:  No Artfulness from Satan’s Kingdom can equal the same or be likened to it.  It is so highly different that it makes a visible Change, so that All may see and read that Jehovah Jesus in great Power and Glory be resurrected there.

Following this we want to proceed to a further Proof of the irrefutable [undeniable] Marks [Characteristics, Signs, Symbols] which are impressed-imprinted on those Inhabitants of the Resurrected Flock [Herd] of the Sheep-fold [Sheep-pen] of Christ, who now must [have to] be seen [considered, viewed, contemplated] as under an entirely different Law, than when they were viewed under the dying-State Condition [mortal Status] to which they were subjected, where they also went through [experienced] many-fold Sufferings [Pains] and stood under heavy Servitude [Slavery] and painful Death-Woes to the Accomplishment [Fulfillment] of the Mystical and Spiritual Death;  that Those, who are [were] made free from the same Status of Servitude [Slavery] through the Resurrecting Life of Christ, are transferred [translated] by a Royal Law of Freedom, to the Entrance to the High Court and Kingdom of their blessed ImmanuEl-King:  where the mighty God and Father, including That One who is Your First-Born Brother from the Dead, and All the perfected Ones, who have their Home and Dwelling with Him, {OG Pg 22} may be recognized and seen — whether they still be united with the elementary Body, or from the Same separated — it will be considered that they all are made Partakers in the Unity [Union] of the Fellowship [Community] with the high Godhead Throne [high Throne-Divinity], through the glorified [transfigured] Humanity, including [plus] many Millions of Holy Angels, who wait on and serve Him.

But so that this may not be considered above that which was formerly revealed and testified by the Saints of old, so consider Hebrews 12,v18, &c., wherein is shown that a Person may already in this present Life attain to such Condition wherein pure Souls will be granted a free Passage into the Holy City, and indeed even before they lay off their elementary Body, for in exactly the same human Form did our LORD go in and out after His Resurrection, ascended and descended:  so that the outward Figure or Form will not hinder the Ascension of the Spirit:  Because that it is highly necessary to take Refuge to His City of Birth and Fatherland in order to receive therein further Instruction and Authority, to do that which is still to be further carried out by these High-Born Souls as long as they are in this Nether [lower] Region;  which, from now on, shall go out as God’s Messengers to reveal the great Mystery of Glory which has been covered and hidden from all dying People for so many Hundreds of Years.  But now is the Time for this Revealing, and therefore am I made inwardly bold to open this Door of Revelation, thereby to awaken and to draw in such as are still scattered hither and thither in this cloudy and dark Day, and who may not know and recognize the Way [Path] to their true Shepherd’s Sheep-fold [Sheep-pen]; since as long as the Same is not filled with Resurrected Souls, the Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Christ’s Kingdom in His Saints for a Thousand Years cannot be expected.   The Qualities, Clothing, Equipment [Accessories], must first be there prior to this, in order therefore that {OG Pg 23} such a Spouse and Bride-Church can be [exist] on Earth, which will be found in all Preparation [which is to be fully, completely, entirely ready] to receive and accept the LORD in His personal Glory, to the highest Admiration of those outside the Sheep-fold, as well of those who are inside [within it];  whereon even greater Signs will follow to distinguish and to recognize [know] Those, who have been redeemed [bought] from the Earth, from those, who still stand in a corruptible [earthly] and sensual Life, because the Others, who have their Light and Life hid in [enveloped by] Christ, are thus freed from all that is of the earthly [carnal] Nature.

The other particular [special] Part is the Law of Love into which the Resurrected in Christ are translated, which is so much higher and far surpasses that which was formerly known when Mankind was still on the other Side of the Resurrection or before the Resurrection took place, which was entirely imperfect as well toward God above, as toward the Neighbor here under, because it was mixed with so many types of Fears and Doubts, Distillations [Vaporizations] and Suffocations.  That Love which (before) was poured in, still lacked the Root; but this Love of the Resurrection is of another Kind, Nature and Quality because it is a Birth which has its Origin [Root] out of the Eternal Birth Mother of Love and is always sustained and nourished out of the Fountain of the Godhead and thus can never die;  rather it boils up fervently like as a glowing Coal, which swims in a Stream of Oil and sets the whole Body aflame, so that it may become likened to One of the Seraphim:  It has such Might and Power to effect change, that all Freedom among the Order of the Seraphic Spirits can be found therein.  This is the perfect Bond that is firmly bound and knotted between the Trinity above and the true Neighbor here below.  For it is not possible to so perfectly love God that One should not view [perceive] it as a double-heartedness therein, until this perfect Birth has found its full Completion;  also no One can attain to so {OG Pg 24} love his Neighbor as himself until he come under the Might and Power of this Law, which cuts off all Selfishness and Self-Possessions [Property], whether in the spiritual or the carnal.  All Things must be had in Common.  We must have all Gifts, Powers, Freedoms and whatever may be named in Common among us, as at one common Table, which Christ the LORD has set with His own Spiritual Body to partake and to eat freely thereof.  What a royal Meal [Food] is this, that has been prepared for Resurrected Spirits;  which is the Reason that no One who has earthly Goods can hesitate to make a voluntary (sacrificial) Offering of them thereto, being as it is also proper [fair] that each and every One be helpful to lighten the Souls’ burden and free the Mind of Things, so that it may patiently wait for God alone.  These are such who truly rejoice in the Generosity of those (helpful) Souls that they have the Means wherewith they can serve the LORD Christ, because the Love is so strong in them, that it forces them thereto.  I have noticed in my Days that many have tried to maintain a Fellowship among certain Societies, which had begun in great Zeal to follow the Apostolic Practices which took Place at the Time when a mighty flight of the Holy Spirit rested on them, which however, lasted only a short Time, then vanished, because the Resurrected Life was not formed or confirmed.  And in that Manner it went, in this our Time-age, because no One had killed off the Self-Love and Self-Possessions;  thus they could not maintain such a Fellowship.  Therefore so long as and until this new Life and Condition becomes confirmed, and steadfastly overflows as a mighty flowing Stream of Love, which leads us off from this nether muddy Shore and translates us to the Shore of Wisdom, where those Resurrected Ones will occupy all Fullness and Overflowing, they must somewhat comply with the weak Faith, which yet cannot see further than the Binoculars of the Understanding can reach to, so that such, as small Children, must be {OG Pg 25} nourished and maintained with sensual Things till they grow up to the Godly-Birth’s Stature;   then will somewhat of this Kind, as a Forerunner of the perfection State, show what shall follow, until to which Fullness of Time we must wait in a living Hope, Christ growing in us, to see what still lacks in our Completion and thus to see to it and make perfect that which is still lacking.

The Third unique [special] Law, covering Those who are Resurrected in Christ, is that kind of Faith [Belief] which leadeth to a Unity [Union, Unification] with the Triune Godhead [Deity], a Faith [Belief] which is the pure Working of God, Himself, in the again-renewed Nature, which is completely [totally] different from those Workings of Faith, that were practiced previously in the dying State, which consist of (such) a Belief [Faith] that Salvation and Forgiveness of Sins are ascribed to Christ, and to a Level of Belief [Faith] in an Assurance that Some will be resurrected, and further Belief [Faith] that all Sins and Trespasses are eradicated and therefore nothing is charged to the Soul. This is a good Grade to reach [get] to the One, Who may gently put the Soul to rest in a peacefully steadied Mind [Spirit].  But now the Faith of the Resurrected Life surpasses the others by very far, which Christ gave clearly to understand at His departure, when He said these words, that as Many as will believe in and on Him, as His own Person arisen (in Them) from the Dead, to the very Same shall follow such Signs as the true identifying Marks that Christ be Resurrected in Them:  They shall perform the same powerful Deeds, as are described in Mark 16, v17. In My Name shall they cast out demons [Devils]; they shall speak with new Tongues; they shall take up Serpents; and if they drink any deadly Thing, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the Sick and they shall recover.  All these wonder-working Powers will again be accomplished by Those in whom Christ is Resurrected, who as His {OG Pg 26} Administrators in His Place [Substitutes,] must work on the Stage of this World.  For until these Powers from the heavenly World come down here to rest on Those thereto chosen, it cannot be said that the Kingdom or Dominion is come to rule over the earthly Kingdoms [carnal Realms] of this World who are presently in such Power to rule and govern.  In no other Way can such be accomplished, except through this great [high] Faith, which carries such Power that it makes all Regions and Worlds subject to itself, since it is the Faith of God that works through a created Being, against which can be no Resistance [Adversity] or Stopping [Restraining].  What the Spirit of God wants to do, becomes done, as an unchangeable Decree.  For this is such a Faith which surpasses all Faiths that were during the Time of Christ, when He was in His Person before His Resurrection, which was a Time that had to suffer Opposition and Contradictions and had to continue until all Things became fulfilled in His Apostles and Believers after Him.  But after this should follow such a Time wherein Christ the LORD shall appear without Sin to completely restore eternal Salvation to Those who believe, who cease to live in some other Way;  then Christ, Himself, who is become this new and living Way through His own Life, becomes the Resurrection in Themselves, through which also a Door of the Ascension to Heaven truly stands open.   Consequently, it must also follow, exactly as it was with the LORD Christ, — who appeared for a determined Time, and who again disappeared, and who went about with and among Those in the high and heavenly Sphere, and then again with the mortal Men here below, indeed did not even decline to take and eat from the external elements — so also, it is precisely this invisible Path that has been kept open through all Ages of Time for perfected Spirits.

But a Person might further ask:  what may then be the Business or Office or Work which the risen Souls in the upper Regions have?  Whereon as an answer serves, that it cannot be otherwise {OG Pg 27} than that it must be very great and important, especially that a free entering will be to the Secret Counsel, where the High Elders in the Heavenly Court consult with their Captain, through which the Laws of the new State and Kingdom, with new Statutes and Orders and Commissions, will be given out, so that they become executed and carried out on the habitable Parts of the Earth.  Being as it certainly is necessary [needful] that a like Fellowship be daily maintained, because not a single Day ahead, can it be known what is to be done and carried out the following Day, until the Triune Counsel from Above reveals such, through a sealed Proof [Evidence], which at all times [always] One must exercise the Power and Authority to keep in Secret [Silence] from all that would want to oppose itself to it.  For here (in these Workings ordered by the Triune Counsel) will it not be necessary to bow and supplicate to the Potentates of the Earth, neither to ask for their Grace or to fear their Displeasure, because One will be clothed with such a Body which is impenetrable and unconquerable, and also filled with all these God-given productive Capabilities [Capacities] and Powers, so that They may, at will, bind and chain the Dragon and all Things that belong to his Realm [Kingdom], and They may, at will, open the Powers of Heaven.  In this Manner is to be understood how Christ, in His Saints, will receive His great Power in His Resurrected Life to rule and govern over the Kingdoms of the Earth.  Only this must you expect, that at first, such will occur to only a Few, who are chosen and selected thereto.  The high Tincture and Ferment of this super-heavenly Life will then straightway have its increase [propagation], till the full Number of the Resurrected Flock be fulfilled [completed].

Then and after this, will be prepared the Performance [Accomplishment] of the Wedding between the risen Head and His Body as the Bride, whose Wedding Dress, whereupon is written or rather, engraved – The LORD our Righteousness, will be handed to Them out of the Garment Room of Wisdom.   In whom {OG Pg 28} all Variety of Power stands, and who in her Adornment may be brought to such perfect Beauty that the LORD will not be ashamed to acknowledge as His own and confess her as His Bride, in front of [before] His Father and all those Principalities and Powers in the heavenly Places;   when this Wedding will be performed, which from the Creation on, has never been brought to such a Degree of Perfection, then will the many Millions of Holy Angels, together with bright shining Stars of the eternal Morning-Redness, shout and rejoice for Joy because of this Wedding Day of the Lamb and His Bride.  All this is a true Prophecy and must have its Fulfillment and Execution [Accomplishment].

It seems to me that I hear many call out and say:  How long shall we wait thereon, and when shall it take place, since so many Hundreds of Years [Centuries] of Time have passed and yet nothing seems to be nearer than what had been believed about it from the Beginning? This may seem to be true, considering of all external [outward] Visibility; and this Question, in its Intention, may claim some Ground, because there is no Comprehension of the internal Grounds [no insight into the inner Depth of Soil] how far the Resurrection Seed of Christ is, in its state of Growth and Quickening [coming to Life].  For no Signs nor Symptoms will occur until He come to a full grown Body;  all Things lie in Darkness, unrecognized [unidentified], until He attain to a good Degree of Maturity [Grade of Ripeness].   Therefore no One should judge before the Time:  For this Resurrection Birth may lie in some Concealment which is not known to the World.  For which Reason, no Time or Hour can be appointed, especially since the Kingdom of God may be, for some, at Hand and for Others, still far in the Future.  According to such is Everything that the Eternal Spirit counsels [advises] to attain, to this end [that purpose], that One should always be found in a Spiritual Inclination and attentive Frame of Mind, to wait on, to see whose the Lot will be among the first Resurrected;  how and after Christ {OG Pg 29} grows up in the Soul from one Grade [Degree] to the other, exactly so fast is He also to be expected again in His descending Power.  For henceforth comes He to Them who are His Own, who stand ready in all open-Heartedness to receive Him on His own Conditions, in Covenant, which (Conditions) are that a Man reject all Things except that which is made Subject to these new Laws without any Opposition.  For henceforth must the whole Soul be the Region of Christ, just like as He gives all Things over to the Father, so that God be all Things in Everything, Who is the full Sum of All that ever has been testified and prophesied.


Furthermore I want to add to this small Tract what was given to me at certain Times and Hours, when the Powers of the Heavens have moved powerfully to the Revelation [Disclosure] of that which lay in the secret Depths of God and have yet to be brought forth [revealed].  Not doubting that such Revelations will have their powerful effect and workings on Those, who are worthy and chosen Vessels, whom I want to recommend to the Grace and Love of the Most High God.  And also there are still other varied Godly Revelations and Disclosures which lie in safe keeping with me which, when demanded, may also be made known in the Future.



The Other [Second] Part.

ITHERE came an awakening Call to encourage my Spirit to hear, what would God have to say in me out of the Center of His own Being?  Whereupon He spoke according to the Kind and Manner and Language of a Spirit:  “Hark, O Daughter, and consider what you formerly were, when you were breathed out of your God as a Virgin Soul in the Male Quality [Nature, Characteristic] which was revealed in the First Man, in Whom all Things lay hidden [concealed] and consequently (all Things) were to have been generated [created] or propagated in the same Power of Creation as God, Himself, had generated him.{OG Pg 30} It is only because these were subverted [overturned] and the entire Process and (intended) Result of the angelic Generation [Creation] were prevented and hindered through such Spoilage, so that a really sinful, evil, and impotent [powerless] Race of Men resulted, who were exiled and cast out by God so that Man no longer knows his Creator.  Henceforth this is indeed necessary to be mindful of it and to always remember it”.  And then furthermore, it was said: “Receive what I have to tell you so that you may pass it along to Those who should know and understand all God’s Secrets [Godly Mysteries].  Know this, that like as Man was banished and locked out by God, thus also once again, through the Door of Love, an open and free Path is made, whereby you may again perfectly and fully regain that which was lost, and not only this, but also to come into this high Degree to which Adam was hindered through his Debauchery [Lechery, Lusting] into this lower Principle, by sinking down when he should have raised himself to a closer and more trusting Relationship and Communion [Companionship] with his Creator.  After this, see to it that you, with your Virginal Progeny [Descendents] look to this which you are to aim at, which is no different nor less than to what Christ, your Head and Forerunner, has opened and cleared the Way.  Therefore do not make for yourselves Offenses and Delays and seek not to excuse yourselves, as though you were still bound to continue in the Captivity of Sin.   From now on, you must not lay Snares for yourselves, neither let the Yoke of the carnal Birth rule, after you have been made free through an irrevocable Covenant under God’s own Hand and Seal”.


IIA wonderful Revelation through the Morning Star of Wisdom as it rose up in the Mind of the Authoress and which is from there presented as follows:

1.  Since I took great care every Morning to keep [hold] myself on the Wings of the Wind of the Holy Spirit, which blows whenever and wherever it pleases Him, {OG Pg 31} so I waited for any Stirring of the Same, and to that end, I spread [kept] the Sails of my Mind [Spirit] in all Readiness, so that not even the slightest Breath of Air (Message) blowing from the heavenly World should slip by or be missed.  For I find that at Times, mighty Stirrings and Drivings have occurred from the Eternal Worlds, and that then, when the Spirit of the Soul does unite therewith, it may escape (fly away from) all that is outward and natural and carnal [earthly], and thus approach to the Throne Seat of God and the Lamb, that it may see and hear true and certain Words of God, as in the Days when God freely and frequently spoke to Moses.  So that I find that such Freedom in speaking may again be renewed and acquired when the Soul can get out of itself; which truly also happened and was accomplished when it was said to me through the understanding Spirit: “Enter [Turn into], O Shulamite, the deep Center of your Virginal Heart and feel [sense] the Impregnation by the Godhead, from which will be born Twins, as a Man-Child and a Woman-Child [a Male and a Female], which will come forth and multiply in the clear and pure Qualities [Attributes] of the Holy Spirit [Ghost] and will be added to the Heavenly Army;  just as in the past Times, an external [outward] Virginal Body was prepared to conceive and bear the visible Saviour of all Nations, because the greatest Part is yet [still] to be redeemed [saved, rescued] until the Fullness of the Time will come [until the Time will be fulfilled]; so must Christ also, as both Man and Woman [Male and Female], {Genesis 1,v27} be conceived and born in a Virgin Spirit and consequently the Lineage [Descendants] of a Virginal Race [Line] will continue to propagate on Earth, so that Redemption may be completed by this Means, as long as [because] They still live in this visible World.”

2.  It has been given to me repeatedly, through Revelation, to realize [This then was often given me to perceive through Revelation,] that Christ the LORD, in this Manner, {OG Pg 32} wanted to become a Saviour to each [every] One, through a Spiritual Contaction(a) [Contact] or Uniting [Union] with the Soul, wanted to become a Saviour which gives Assurance of Blessedness when He (Christ) grows up to clothe the Soul with His Spiritual Body; otherwise will it remain disabled, powerless and naked. {Footnote: (a) Contaction:  This Word signifies a substantial Stirring and Feeling or inner Working of the Spirit of God in the upper Part of the Soul.  But the blessed Authoress answered on the Translator’s questioning, that she understood thereby a common Mixing of the pure, holy and Spiritual Infusion of God and the Soul’s.}  This is the Gospel Mystery which is lacking to be preached everywhere, wherewith One may lay a right [true] Foundation for the new Creation or Creature, which must have a spotless Virgin Body of which the LORD Christ is the Head, and which must be redeemed [bought] out of, and from the Earth, which was prefigured through the Woman which was clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her Feet, which indicates that Everything that is earthly [carnal] and perishable [corruptible] must be trodden under Foot.  And like as this glorious Woman was the great Wonder that was seen in the Heaven with her Crown of 12 Stars, which are the Godly Constellations or Star Groups which therefrom, through an outgoing invisible Power, will reign and govern over Everything that is elementary, thus is it shown and confirmed by Alpha and Omega, that another Wonder shall appear on Earth in the Figure of this Virginal Woman, that shall be thus clothed in and through a corruptible [mortal] Form with a shining Beauty of Holiness, which may well qualify her to be the Deputized Representative of that Virgin Mother, which was seen in the Heaven.  For such a One [Deputy] must in the last Age of Time be resurrected as the Body of the Mother Eve, whose lost Virgin Nature must be brought back again through this renewed Woman [Maiden] for the Propagation of a Spiritual Lineage [Race].  Eve brought forth and bore [gave birth to] the natural Births in carnal [fleshly] Forms; {OG Pg 33}   thus will this One, start out to conceive and bear [give Birth], in an invisible and Spiritual Manner, although indeed within and through physical Forms [Shapes], that are to constitute the pure Virginal Body.

3.  Here One might ask:  Why wouldn’t it have been suitable for this to have been in the Person of a Man as well as in the Person of a Woman?  Whereon the Answer is given:  Because Eve was found to have committed the first Trespass and became the Mother of all sinful and corrupted Progeny [Births];  as a consequence thereof, the Wisdom of God elected [selected] the original Virginal Way [Maidenly Form or Female Kind] as the truest and proper Way to propagate Spirits through the overshadowing Power of the Holy Ghost.  For it is the Holy Ghost who is the Father of these Spiritual Children and Lineage [Race] which shall again replace the Jerusalem Ranks on Earth.

4.  And I must still further add to this, how it was revealed to me on my asking:  Why should however this extraordinary Thing be accomplished in one single Woman?  Whereon to me was answered: That it had to be so, so that it may agree with the Counterpart.  For even though the worldly Part, or outward Form of such a Person may depart [go, be absent], the Eternal Virgin Body will, however, always rest on Another, as a thereto appointed Follower from God, just like the Spirit of Elijah rested in and on Elisha;  so that the true Virgin Spirit will not leave off [diminish] to run [continue], so that It may Itself increase [multiply] by a great Number in Its own Lineage.

5.  But now I must not let it rest at that, to speak only of the Virginal Woman, but go on and explain how that there is also a Virginal Man, which shall represent the Man-Child; which shall have great Power and esteem on Earth and shall, through a holy and perfect Life, represent Christ the LORD, which indeed shall be a living Model to take upon himself true kingly Power, together with the priestly and prophetic Office.  All of which will be done in great Power and Majesty, so that always {OG Pg 34} a powerful Proclamation of the same Spirit may be generated and go forth from One to the Other, until the Number of the First Resurrection shall be fulfilled, through which the Kingdom and Government of Christ the LORD will be spread out on Earth.  The Beginning of this will happen according to the Way and Manner as it has been described.  Therefore greatly blessed will that First Man-Child be, that will be born from the Virgin Mother by the Kind and Manner of the Spirit.  For like as the Root is pure and holy, thus also is the Branch which grows out of the Same, which will be so fruitful that it richly, indeed abundantly, will let Olives fall.  The seed Sowing will be done in ImmanuEl’s Land.

6.  But before I go further into this Matter, a Question pops up in me which is this:  Is it really a necessary requirement that this set Deputized Representative be a physical Virgin in the outer World which has never known the state of matrimony?  Whereon the Answer is, that it matters little whether she had been married or unmarried, for it is the Virginal Spirit that is the sanctified and chosen Vessel, both in the Male and Female considered.  For it is the inward and Spiritual Body that is the True Virgin from which the Spiritual Fruit comes, and through which invisible Births will be brought forth [delivered] by being born, a creation of pure Spirit and Life:  But there will be a First-Born of this Kind who before others, princely and mightier in Power will be, who must represent the Son [Offspring] of God, a Man-Child of the high pure Deity, revealed in a human Form, partaking of the Godly Nature;  who also must have a womanly Virgin Heart and Spirit himself, with which to incorporate and unite in order to the begetting of a Spiritual Lineage [Race, Descendants].  And thus will They go forth to reproduce Themselves more and more.  Then will this wonderful Virgin Woman be made visible who she be, through her Children, who from her go out as brightly shining Stars {OG Pg 35} in aethereal [diaphanous] Bodies, who also will shine and go out from a newly Resurrected Condition to prophesy and to witness, wherein the Children of Wisdom will be the first to receive [be given] the Dominion and the Kingdom.

7.  For They shall be raised [brought] up and instructed in all super-natural Philosophie, to change (alter, convert) from what by Nature is disdained [scorned], namely from crude [rough] Animals, Minerals and Vegetables, into that which is pure and Godly through the Power of the Ruby Tincture, which is nothing less than the Royal Blood of the Son of God, which is daily sucked up and drunk by Wisdom and Her Children, and consequently they will be made true Nazarites, which must make up the New Jerusalem’s Bride in which the Tabernacle of God will come down.   This is a true and sure Prophecy, whose Fulfillment will come in this present Age of Time. Therefore do the Seven Spirits, which burn before the High Throne of the Eternal Virgin [High Eternal Virginal Throne], truly descend to make Preparation for this great Day, wherefrom their flaming Breath, burning like a fiery Oven, will go out as the Air and Breath of the Spirit, Itself, to inflame Others therewith, as with a testifying Power, going from one Vessel to the Other.  And like as it was at the Time of the Apostles, thus will it be renewed much more in the Day of Wisdom.  Accordingly tell I you, who desire to be Children of this Virgin, yield Yourselves to the Laws and Discipline of Wisdom; so will Her most hidden Revenue, [Income, Earnings] be given you to own, which no One can highly enough treasure as Those who already own and possess it.


IIIAs I was in my Spirit in deep Meditation of God I was amazed in myself, how any Person could be so disobedient to Him, who shines Light and Understanding into the Spirit to those who believe, who through His manifold Wisdom has created and given Essence to Everything that lives.  But it was shown to me what lacked.  That such comes about [That such happens]{OG Pg 36} because they don’t recognize [know] God, the Fountain Clarity of all Light, as He should be perceived [known] in the Essence of the Soul to be the Beams of all Light and Clearness;  which at that Time wonderfully opened up and revealed itself in me.  In that Light I saw, quite vividly, a painted [projected] Banner, as if it were alive, whereon first was the Figure [Shape] of a Lion in a wonderful majestic Form as of the deepest Gold, and a Star stood fastened on his Forehead which radiated very bright Beams, as though they were the Sun’s Beams.  And directly saw I that a Lamb was generated from these Beams which was clothed with the silver Clearness of these Beams.  Thereupon the Lion embraced the Lamb, held it tight and rejoiced over it.  And hereon appeared suddenly a Dove, which grasped and held on tightly to the Breast of the Lamb and had a big golden Corn or Kernel in its Beak, which was said to be the Seed of Love.  Then I heard a Call out of Heaven which said:   “Who will carry this Banner for it is so heavy that no One can carry it, except Those who are mighty and strong in Love”.  Thereupon seven Persons known by Name were called upon, who stood under the holy Anointing, and were sanctified thereto as Priests appointed to carry the Ark, for the Motto written on this Banner was this: The Lion and the Lamb, together with the bright Star of Wisdom and the Dove, all stand in united Love, Will and Harmony.  Therefore you are anointed and chosen to go out and Proclaim the Kingdom of Love which shall become and be greater than all Kingdoms which lie in the Wrath.  And this Banner will not rest until, like Moses’ Staff, it has consumed all the other Banners that set themselves against it and exalt themselves in carnal [earthly] Arrogance over the Lamb’s Kingdom of Love and Peace, which shall henceforth be established and attain the upper Hand.  Further will this Number, as so many Heralds, indeed as so many Dove-Spirits, be committed to go out with this joyous Message, to whom shall be given this golden Kernel which is to be sown into the Earth. {OG Pg 37} And after it was sown there grew up an innumerable Number who united themselves together and concealed themselves under this Banner whose Glory and Fame was so great that Spirits from all ends of the Earth came together.


IVAs I considered the lamentable Condition of the many who had united themselves in Covenant and Fellowship in the Spirit, and also had known a devoted and solitary [separated] Life to the Service of God, who had righteously [justly] praised God, and intended [were minded] to surpass in Unity and Love Harmony all other Acquaintances that have an Eye or Expectation [Vision] on the appearing of the Kingdom of Christ.  For it was truly only a very few Names which were arisen [sprung] out of the Philadelphian Root that had truly spread themselves out into many and varied Branches and showed themselves hopeful [promising];  but many Branches had withered and fallen off therefrom and could not hold out [persevere, last] until their Fruit would come to Maturity [until they came to Fruition].  I was thereover much concerned.  [That worried me greatly.]  But it was said to me, that a Time will come when the Branches will painfully feel their withered and unfruitful [barren] Condition and then a Call will go out to call them back again to the Tree rooted in Love and they will then remain therein and will no more flutter astray therefrom.

As I repeatedly contemplated these Things in my Mind and lamented the Unstableness and Inconstancy in the Faith of many Spirits, because as long as the Glory of this Service was otherwise not revealed [in any other form or way], as if under a Cloud, and its Radiance [Splendor] still hidden, etc., so that I ended in Litigation [legal Quarrel] with my LORD Jesus and complained about it to Him.

Thereupon was suddenly revealed to my Spirit a World of Light, and there came in me a reviving Word and said:  Be not despondent, something is soon at hand to happen which shall be introduced to and shown to your inner Eye;  and at that Moment it happened truly that I saw a Banner of pure solid Gold with this Inscription:  “The God of Love stirs [moves] Himself here”.{OG Pg 38}   This (Banner) was presented [held] by a mighty and flying down (from Heaven) Angel and placed [given] into the Hand of the Person who had the Vision thereof: but it was so heavy, that the Hand did not have enough Strength to hold it upright [erect], which awakened [caused] some Fear that it might fall, but at that Moment the mighty Prince of Peace and Love stretched forth [out] His Hand and grasped the Hand and held it up;  whereupon the Earth, on which the Carriers of the Banner stood, lifted itself up so high that it became a Mountain:  onto which many tried to climb up [ascend].  Those, who previously, as part Light and part Darkness, were in an incomplete Degree [imperfect Grade] of Love, stopped short [were taken aback], hesitated and held back [did not proceed].  Those, however, who were able to march in step [kept going with full strides] and who did not want to look back anymore, but remained firmly standing on this Mountain of Love, to These were given into their Hands, Victory and Triumph Banners, which They carried in one Hand and with the other, firmly held on to the Great Banner.  Wherefrom the Conclusion was made, that for the Spirits who are united with the brightly shining Morning Star, the dark Cloud-covered Day should pass away [over] and They then shall celebrate joyfully together the Day of the lifting up of the Banner of Eternal Love.

Some Days later another Vision was revealed to me wherein, on my Lamentation over the present Disunity among those who considered themselves to be of the Flock of Christ, an Angel appeared who had in his Hand a wide Seal, whereon was ingraved the Name of God, and he said:  That there should be awakened (or arise) a known Number as Witnesses of the Truth who would have this Name impressed [stamped] on Them wherewith the true Godly Magi of Faith will be known and distinguished from the false ones.  For the Angel said that the LORD knows indeed that nothing can convince the People of the complete Truth, until these distinguishing Marks will be given out.  Therefore O, that we may be found waiting in a ready Position [might be found ready and waiting] in all Holiness and Purity of Heart, so that we might achieve this distinguishing Seal, {OG Pg 39} which first will make its Impression in the Centrum of the Heart, and from there rise to the Forehead as a visible Testimony – Which is to be an irresistible and undeniable [irrefutable] Proof of the Truth and that shall be wonderful in our Eyes.


VAgain as I considered the unmeasurable Breadth of the Love of God over all the Works of His fallen Creation, there was shot gently into me a soft pleasant Spiritual Word which spoke: “You have done well, and the Testimony, that you have given for me of my unmeasurable and unlimited Love, is according to my own Heart.  Forever and eternally no Bounds [Borders] shall limit me:  But I shall appear to be as a Sea of burning Love, to swallow up [consume] and to drink in [drown] until no Earth, nor anything of its evil Qualities, shall be found anymore;  yes, even the Hell itself, including [together with] all hellish Spirits, shall come to Destruction in their devilish Effects and Qualities.  Thereafter out of this Sea of Love, a new Creation will move [will be stirred up,] to bring these (hellish Spirits) again to their original angelic Beauty.  And these are the true and faithful Words that shall be fulfilled in the elevating [winding up] Conclusion [Culmination] of all those Wonders, whose Intention [Purpose] is the Restoration [bringing back] by [through] the One who is the Alpha and Omega”.  Thereupon was reawakened [again awakened] in me the Contemplation [Observation] of the central Heart which should be the original Material of Those who must be drawn together so that they make up one Spiritual Body, which shall lie hidden within [inside] the Vessel of the External.  I saw further a Heart, as out of my own angelic Form, that had Wings and went out, going forth into One and then into Another, to multiply itself by this Trinity.  Thereupon had I the Vision of a burning Sea as if it came down out of the Heavens, and the Word said: “This is the Sea of an unmeasurable Deity, which will overflow with flaming Love {OG Pg 40} whereto all created Beings are free to take their Refuge”.  Thereon heard I a mighty Roaring like howling Winds which like Air mixed itself with this Fire and blew it up so that it spread through the whole Creation and covered the Same in such a Way that nothing else could be seen.   At the very same Time, then it was shown to me that there will be no Memory, Distinction, or Difference of Personalities [Remembrance or Distinguishment of Persons] anymore, but only God alone, over all, full of Love, and Love, full of God.  Further there seemed to come out of the Sea, fiery Floods or Streams which had such magnetic drawing Power of Love, that they figuratively drew in [pulled in] our Hearts, so that we walked and lived in these fiery Streams and were transformed [changed] into brightly flaming Figures [Forms];  which Streams carried us into the Sea.  And additionally it was said, “the kind-hearted LORD is here a wide Sea of pleasant Joy and Love”.  Hereupon spoke the Spirit of Wisdom in me and said:  “Who would not want to be born into the Heart of Love, so that they might have their Dwelling in this great Sea which is the God of Love?  Do not linger in going after this, you and those who are truly drawn to the same Heart of Love;  spare not to call out loud and to trumpet [broadcast] the Love of God.  For this will melt the hard and frozen Hearts, that they may bow themselves before this stretched out Scepter, which is otherwise not possible to do”.

As I waited further on the Vision, the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel revealed still further, namely that this Sea of Love should not be a cover for Sin;  neither should the evil Qualities be hidden under it, nor be nourished thereby:  instead the Might and Power of the Same be [is] this; that it (the Sea of Love) should consume [burn up] all Things as a devouring Fire.   Therefore, on this Day which shall burn like a fiery Oven, what is to become of this fallen and rotten part? [what may the fallen or degenerate Part suffer?]  It (the Sea of Love) is like a fiery Leaven, which will dissolve [loosen] and break up the Rock-hard Nature in the Man of Sin, both in this and in the other Worlds. {OG Pg 41} For this Sea of Love spans [stretches itself over] all Worlds, and works and reduces and brings all Things back again into the pure Essence and Nature of God.  This is the true Nature and Attribute of Love.  It was further said unto me: “Who shall be the Revealer or Proclaimer of this unsealed, unmeasurable and unlimited Love, except exactly Those, who are inflamed and animated by it?”  Then I saw certain acquainted Persons rise up out of the Ocean on whose Hearts was written:  “God lives here as a glowing Coal of Fire, which cannot be quenched by any Flood of Water.”  These are Those who I want to send to proclaim the glad Message of the Love, which can have neither Beginning nor End.


VIThe deep searching Spirit sought still further into the Mystery of the Birth of the Love so that it might be brought into complete Perfection, whereon was shown to me the Kind and Manner of the Form of the same:   That seven distinct Fountains shall all flow together into One, which were particularly named: (1) the Fountain of Love, (2) of Light, (3) of Faith, (4) of Wisdom, (5) the perfect Purity, (6) the meek Humility, (7) the almighty Powerfulness.  Now, in order that this perfect New-Creature [new creaturely] Birth may be brought to Manifestation, all of these Fountains must open up themselves in the Essence of the Soul and break forth and flow [run] into each other and thus the Soul drowns in them and is swallowed up by them [is drowned and consumed therein].  Thereupon it said to me:   In this Way you shall find that God will become in you a Place of broad Waters, {Isaiah 33.v21} which, mixed together in such a way, are quite beneficial [healing], and shall heal all Things, so that it will not be less than a flowing Deity.   To this was still added this Scripture: Out of your Bodies shall flow a Fountain of living Waters.  Hereupon it was further revealed to me, that this is the perfect [complete] Source [Origin] and {OG Pg 42} the true Ground [Foundation] of the New Creation, which should spread out (or propagate) itself in this Manner:  from which all fruitful Blossoming should be a Covering, so that nothing of the earthly Part will be capable of growing up out of it again [will be able to grow up anymore].  After this Pattern [Model] is formed, then brings it nothing but pure restful Peace and glad rejoicing, so that nothing of the earthly Life may have Power to disturb or harm.  And until these Fountains attain to flow and to penetrate into each other, each one in its own Kind and Attribute, there can be no Hope or Expectation for the New-Risen Body to go out in Power and Might, whereby God, through the Working and Manifestation of His own Works [Acts] and Deeds through the Soul, may become revealed and loved.  Thereupon was given to me through perceptive [sensitive] Feeling, a real Assurance of that which was here briefly and is actually [in Reality] described; and that I should set forth and recommend this to Those who are united [conjoined] with me in Spirit, so that they may become Partakers of this deep inner Fount [Well-spring], flowing in Themselves, which serves both to nourish and refresh.


VIIAs I considered and weighed and lamented the present Confusion and Divisions and evil Mistrusts which are found among the Children of the Kingdom of the Lamb, and analyzed what the Reasons were and how they could be helped, then the Word of the eternal Wisdom answered me and instructed me expressly on this Manner:  That all this rises out of the corrupted and split [divided] Hearts which are part Light and part Darkness from which then both Good and Evil come forth and are expressed;  and as long as this is the Case, there can be no Hope nor Expectation for the healing of this Breach of Love and Unity.  For this Reason it was emphatically revealed and made known to me, that this dual [double] Heart must necessarily be torn out, so that in its Place, such a Heart may be put [placed] which would be made according to the very Heart of God Himself, and that such (a Heart) will be given, to Those {OG Pg 43} who are of the true Shepherd’s Flock, and who were made willing to offer up for a burnt Offering the vain, digressive, vile, dross Heart which is the Root and Source of all Bitterness and Strife.   And equally, as it was commanded me thus to do in my own Person, so also am I commanded to warn others and to testify to them that it is an ongoing [progressive] Work [Task] which must be done [addressed] Day by Day [must happen Day after Day] until it (the above-mentioned divided Heart) completely expire in the Godly Fire of Love and give up the Ghost.

Thereupon I saw through the Eye of my Mind [Spirit] many intertwined [united] Hearts together coming down [descending], of which was said to me that they were the split Hearts put [set] together by Fire and Air which shall enter [go] into a certain Number of Persons who were willing to lay off the previously mentioned mixed Hearts:  And the Task and the Service of these Newly-Created Hearts should be to draw [pull] many more along into the Unity and Harmony, and the end Results [Purposes] would be the Manifestation of Life and the manifesting [beginning] of Power to work [act] in the Body of the Holy Spirit which, as was confirmed to me, shall be the New Garment of this Pure Heart;  so that what appeared to be hard and impossible to happen or to do, should be made entirely [quite] easy, by the joyful fulfillment of the Royal Law of Love, which is the Will [Intention] and Mind [Purpose] of God on Earth, just as the worthy Soldiers of the Lamb did in their glorified [transfigured] Condition in Heavenly Places.  And until the Time when such Hearts become bound together and united as the Links of a Chain, One cannot yet say, that the Kingdom of Christ has come in His Power, Dominion and Glory.  This then is a Message to Those who want to be a Promoter and Propagator of this highest Government and Dominion of the Kingdom of Christ:   For all this, it was said to me, which inwardly was formed and firmly attached, must be brought to light and purged out completely from the split Hearts.  This warning is from the Spirit of Alpha and Omega.  Blessed and happy are those who receive it.


{OG Pg 44} VIIIBecause I took it into my Hands the Occasion and Opportunity to give an Answer to some Scruples which were made [voiced] by various Persons, who professed to be God-fearing, and wanted to burden me with Attention to outward temporal Things such as Clothes, kinds of Ornaments [Accessories, Embellishments], Food and Drink, and many such-like weak elementary Things which belong only to the external Carnal [Earthly] Body; so must I, in Response to the above, give an Account of the unique Calling which I especially [specifically] had, to go out from all these Earthly [Carnal] Traditions or Statutes:  For after I had lived a Number of Years in a Condition [Status] of a strict Life, according to the Ways of John the Baptist, (a) in lawful Works which concerned Eating, Drinking, Clothes and Awareness of other external Things, and nevertheless, in all that same Time, I had remained under the Spirit of Servanthood.  {Footnote: (a) Matth. 21 v32; John came in the way [by or on the path] of Justice: Christ, however, in the way [by or on the path] of Mercy.}  Then for a certain Time and Hour the Dove Spirit entered into me and overshadowed and convinced me of how little Worth all these very same outward Works were, which are otherwise nothing more than physical [bodily] Exercises (b) {Footnote: (b) 1Tim 4 v8}, and this same Holy Spirit counseled me thus in a truly special Manner to lay aside all these worthless Coverings and to release [unbind] and unwind my Soul from all that would make me incapable of putting on the LORD Christ in the inner Temple Body, in which only I must strive [endeavor] to be a Worshiper.  As I perceived and obeyed that, then was I brought into a gentle and pleasant Freedom, wherein I cared for Nothing, and no other Burden was laid on me except to cleanse, calcine {to make or become powdery-white ash by action of heat} and purify my Heart and Mind to the highest Degree.  Whereof I had the Promise that God would make it a Holy Court and would fill it with His Presence.  And thus also I truly found that many Times I had Fellowship with the Holy Trinity and the Godly Wisdom, which revealed to me such a deep Centrum from which went out true Prophesying and Revelations, {OG Pg 45} so that I became fully content and comforted in my Spirit, and to my Peace of Mind and Freedom, I had no need of any outward Things;  and thus from the Year 1675 up to this Hour, have been confirmed in the Spirit of Purity and Freedom and therefore cannot again [no longer] come under the legal Yoke, under the Law of the Carnal Regulations;  so that nothing that pertains to the outward Form of the elementary Body belonging to me has any meaning to me;  I can take it off and put it on;  I can use it or not use it;  I can accept it or let it go.  Since to those who are pure in Spirit, all Things are made holy and pure through that Spirit of Wisdom which governs [rules] both the Spirit and the Body.  Therefore it has been now given to me to warn such People who judge according to Habits [Customs], Clothing or outward Forms, when they cannot perceive [recognize] and judge what lies hidden in the Treasury [Safe-box] of the Holy Mind, which God so firmly keeps and allows nothing to rest in it that is vain or evil, but rather only that which agrees with a worthy and holy Walk and Life:  For His Kingdom exists not in the Sound of Words, or in accepted and forced Ways, or in outward [external] Appearances of Righteousness, but in and with an inner Essence of Life that is in Christ, that lets itself show and be perceived in Kindness [Goodness] and Meekness and Love and Peaceableness.  These are the different and varied Colors of which the many-colored Garment consists, in which Those who are found clothed therewith, Christ will accept and confess [recognize] as His beloved Bride, but Who does not look at [accept] commemorative Designations on Clothing, at various outward Ornamentation, or at Pharisaic Coverings. This is what I have to recommend to all, particularly to those who are under the Service and Leading of the Spirit, who is not the Spirit of Servanthood, but of Love and Holy Freedom:  And whoever walks according to this Rule, the Peace and Joy of the Holy Ghost will remain in and with him.


{OG Pg 46} IXI further had the Revelation called out in me through the pleasant soft Voice of the Bridegroom:   The Day truly begins to dawn and the Virginal Stars begin to shine forth which shall make up the Bride and Wife of the Lamb, whom the Heaven must retain [keep] within itself so long, until they are armed [equipped] with rich Gifts and Dowries that may serve as their Ornaments [Jewelry] and Adornments.  For the LORD longs so very much to come down and to appear in His glorified Person, in as much as He might find everything ready in this lower Sheepfold, as longingly those desire who love and wait on His Appearance.   For which Reason the Temple Stones have received a Commandment to put on their beautiful Garments and to go out as brightly burning Lamps in the Virginal Spirit of Purity, because they don’t know how quick and sudden His Coming might be;  For the Signs which foretell and make known to us that the Day is near, henceforth truly are coming on;  because the “Man of Sin” now reveals himself, who exalts and elevates himself and his followers over Everything that is called God, who claims to be God in a finely-spun Adornment of a feigned [pretended] Holiness, so that he may deceive the miserable Souls and draw them away from the only true and just [righteous] One.   Reminded of this, I asked in the Manner of a Prayer; how then shall we attain to the Knowledge of the Truth and to distinguish it from that which is False?  And it was answered to me:  That the lowly and humble and meek in Spirit who stand in mistrust and holy suspicion, so that They may not be led astray into any Error, shall receive the Anointing of Christ in such great Measure and Degree, so that no deceitful [fraudulent] spirit may be able to mix his magic Darkness with the true Light of Life.   And further it was given to me the Assurance that Christ, Himself, would become such a growing [rising] Testimony in Them and will reveal the Counsels [Testimonies] and Decrees which until now had been sealed in a Secret Place or the Bosom of the Father, {OG Pg 47} so that they shall bring to naught [frustrate] all invented [fictitious, fabricated] Fables, which are used in this present Day to destroy [nullify] the true important Revelations, which refer [point to] the Coming of the true Christ in his Kingdom and Glory.  Consequently we would be seriously warned of the Appearances of all Anti-Christs, that we should not look outward but turn inwards where we would find the Book of Life inscribed [written], beautifully and legibly, by God’s own Finger, on the Tablets of the Heart of Christ, which should be as in our own Hearts, in as much as [only to the extent that] they be found pure and unspotted:   with which you, having this written certification [verification witnessed in writing], may pass freely and may make Claims to all the Royal Privileges of your Christ and His Kingdom.  Who now, through great Things that are truly in motion through mighty Powers and Workings, makes Preparation to call up and redeem [buy] such a Number from the Earth, who shall grow on to be the one-hundred and forty-four-Thousand, as the First-born who will rise from the Dead, and who are ordered to reign [rule] on Earth with Christ as Kings and Priests and Prophets.  Furthermore it was revealed to me, through the very same Spirit, that just like the LORD, in His own Person, has been manifested and brought forth in a humbly suffering and scornfully despised State, so also will all Those, who would be baptized with Him in the same Death, carry His Cross and His Suffering:   Thus, in this way, He wanted to appear again, not only in His Saints but also in His personal Majesty in the Glory of His Father in all Regions of the Worlds, so that all Those (Saints), who now and always had been protected [safeguarded] there and who had only known [recognized] Him in His scorned and despised State in which His Glory had before been hidden and obscured to them, then would come with Him as the Bride of Jerusalem [Jerusalem’s Bride], and would make up the total Completion along with Those adequately [aptly] qualified Virginal Spirits who would, at the same time be found here on the Earth, {OG Pg 48} in highest triumphant Joy, that the LORD, the almighty God, with His Christ, is come to reign in the despicable [ravaged] old Earth and to renew it, and to cause it to become a newly-created Heaven.  This is a singularly remarkable Day which we, and each One in his Place, have to wait for and to rejoice in Hope that the Lamb’s Wedding be no more prevented, but will be accomplished at its proper Time.  Rejoice you Heaven and let your Trumpets sound, all you Angels of a high Degree, for the LORD has testified that He will not rest until He has fulfilled all His former and present Prophesies;  wherein the Rest of the Redeemed, with Jehovah, shall eternally be:  yes, even so come, Thou great Alpha and Omega.

Thereupon arose a Question:  What is then the Disposition of those, or what will happen with those, who are not yet reborn [born again] when Christ would appear with His Bride?  To which it was answered:   That they will be amazed and confounded at the Brightness of the Appearing of the LORD and will run here and there, and seek a Place of Refuge and in great Numbers cling to the Hem of the Garments of the Saints and will call for Help and Deliverance:  But the Angels, by Christ’s Command, shall pronounce this Judgment against them:  That because they did not want to know Christ in His Suffering and Death, neither be made Conformable to Him in this, therefore can they also now have no Part with the Redeemed;   which Judgment will cause them great Fear and Terror.  Even so, some among these, who impetuously reverse themselves and flee to the redeeming Blood of Christ, exactly on this Day, will find Grace [Pardon] before the Merciful High Priest to the fulfillment of that which the Scripture says: Whoso calleth upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved and blessed;  To whom will be given Repentance and Contrition of Spirit, so that, even though they will indeed not yet be allowed or permitted into the nuptial Marriage-Covenant {OG Pg 49} which makes up the Unity of the Saints, yet on their further Maturity and Growth, they will be given a sure appointed Time, to make them satisfied, wherewith they may attain to become Partakers with the First Resurrection Body.

However above this, there is still another Part of the World, which remains always stubborn and rebellious and strives to support the Kingdom of Darkness.  These are those who, through Christ and His Saints with Him, as far as the external bodily Death is concerned, [what regards the outward bodily Death,] will have to perish in Condemnation, because the Judgment will so deeply penetrate into them that it will then consume Everything that is unqualified to bear the Glory, Holiness and Perfection of the New Creation State, and thus they will pass over [go] into other Regions, and remain therein, until the Great Common Judgment Day will come upon them and upon all those who have died without any beginning of the Rebirth in them.  What their Purifying and Cleansing therein will be, is known only to the righteous Judge.  After they have gone through all this, it stands in the great Creator’s (from Whom they had their eternal Being) Pleasure and His Goodness to extend to them, according to the Merits and the Mercy, Kindness and Nature of the friendly and most loving Saviour.

However, concerning this lower or nether World, in this Manner God will come down and will fill it with His Presence.  Then Nothing shall harm or spoil anymore because all Things that are of Death or Curse shall disappear:  For it will be clarified with such Purity, so that like as the Heaven above, so also down here below, there will be a pure Paradisical [Paradise-like] Earth.   Then will the Saints, according as they desire, ascend and descend, [go up and down], and will meet each other, and will rejoice together in Christ, their Head.

All this that is become revealed, may be Reason enough [sufficient Cause] for the Saints and all well-meaning Souls, to watch, to be alert, on their guard, and to be ready, [consider their Guard, to watch and make themselves prepared], so that they are found clothed, {OG Pg 50} and are not found naked and without that Righteousness which makes up their Power [wherein their Power consists]:  For we may expect and believe, that this Day is not very far in the Future, that it might perhaps come suddenly and before we expect it.  Highly blessed and happy are Those who will be found to be of those First-Fruits of the Resurrection, and who wait on this blessed Hope and glorious Appearing of the Mighty God, who will not neglect to come and to joyfully bring back again all Things through a New Creation.  Yes, Amen! say Those who worship and wait in the Temple.


XThe Lebanon State [Condition] was mightily revealed over me and in me which caused many a Sigh and Lamentations of my Soul within me, [much Sighing and Lamenting in my Soul], that the Same might yet be more fully perfected in me;  and because I lamented in myself the loss of Time and Delaying of this Sharon’s Spring-time to my LORD, whose Presence I deeply felt, then immediately this Word answered my Lamentation and said: “Do you not consider that there must be a Winter Time.  The Clock [Sundial] of the heavenly Sun, inwardly engraven, has not yet consumed the Time of Corruption.  Yet be not therefore despondent [depressed, of low spirits], for the golden Seed of Love, which lies in the inner Ground of the pure Heart and Mind, will grow forth such a Form that it shall not be subdued or suffocated by any Winter Day.  To this End, you and those who are united with you in the Temple Body [Body of the Temple] of unifying Love, [Love Unity or Love Union] shall patiently wait, that the Depths, that lie like a golden River beneath the Earth, may open up, or reveal themselves, and flow and shall break out [erupt] and gush forth out of the Godhead like a fiery Stream.  Thereupon every Plant shall grow in such Godliness and in a most noble Manner that you will not be unlike [dissimilar from] the Eternal Virgin Mother who bore you in an exalted [elevated] State [Station].  A thousand Times blessed are Those who will belong to this Planting, to fill [fulfill or reach] the Temple of Wisdom in Her [their] Lebanon Glory.{OG Pg 51} They will go out, by Commandment [Order] of the Holy Spirit [Ghost] under the Father’s golden Seal as Forerunners [Predecessors] to sow what they have richly harvested [previously reaped] within themselves:  out of which Store [Supply, Stockpile] they will reach into and sow, so that this Lebanon State [Condition] will increase itself [multiply] and grow on [spread] until it swallows up and consumes that Curse, (which was gone over the Earth) with and through the Love, which will be as a golden River [Flood] or Stream in which the Blessing shall spread.  So that Jehovah, the Lover of the Human Race, will be thereby highly [greatly] honored and worshipped”:  On this the concluding Word was this:   “Gird yourselves with your priestly Ephod (c), you, who are especially commanded hereto, and wait in my inner Court, and let not your Lamps go out, since Oil shall not be lacking, if you are careful, and you unceasingly clean, polish, and attend [prepare] them. {Footnote: (c) close-fitting coat.}   Then doubt not that you shall see this Lebanon Glory to your full Satisfaction”.  In this Manner was my Mind [Heart] calmed [put at Rest] and comforted by this delicious Infusion of the Presence of my Jesus [through these precious Drippings from the Presence of my Jesus].

Thereon it was further revealed and described to me where this Lebanon is said to lie;  that it is said to be on the Mount of Olives, which is said to be the highest Glory of all Mountains, which has been elevated out of the low-lying Valley of Lilies, of which such a pure and humble Mind [Spirit] which is meek and gentle, is an Example, under whose ground, a water Way runs pleasantly, intermixing with Streams of Fire from the God of Love.  From which, such Godly [adored, deified] Plants reveal themselves, who draw [load in] to Themselves all fulfilling Powers and Strengths, like a Downpour, to gush and to spread out over and in Them, so that each Plant will let be seen its Clarity, and that their penetrating Fragrance may emanate [go] from Them:  whose powerful pleasing Aroma may be perceived and smelled [inhaled], in order to bring in those who still stand outside, as well as those who thereby will be aroused, encouraged,{OG Pg 52} and exhorted to go out of the Principle of this outward World, and to become separated [distanced] from those whose Life and Walk among the People is grossly impure;   for it was loudly said to me:  “This is the Mountain of the Temple of the LORD, whose Stones shall be laid as firmly as Pillars, which will support and carry aloft [lift up] His Glory, so that the Multitude of the Islands shall hear thereof and may fly thereto:  For He is prepared for the Redeemed, that they shall go therein, namely Those who can allow themselves to suffer being separated from the Earth, as bought from it, so that they are able to become the Lebanon’s Bride of the Holy Lamb of God, whose Dwelling is in this fruitful Region.  O who would not have a heartfelt Desire to be a Resident therein, where God and the Lamb alone, want to be the Temple Glory and Covering.   Hasten, hasten thereafter and tarry not [Hurry, hurry therefore, and do not delay], for the Spirit and the Bride will give no Rest until you attain to inherit your Lot [Prize] in this holy Lebanon State [Condition]”.

Furthermore I was told: “Even here shall not be your highest Degree, but you shall proceed to a yet higher Grade, in so far as you faithfully show and prove yourselves to be obedient like as the One who has been your Main-Overcomer and Guide.  So therefore see and contemplate;  here is a Crystal [Glassy] Sea; the erupting Well of the mightily mixed Deity is the Matter of which I, your LORD, in my glorified Body, am made up.  And just as the raging [violent] Stormy Sea of this external Principle has disgorged vile [despicable] and earthly [carnal] images [pictures] and has nourished and maintained them;  so likewise within yourselves, you cannot be unaware that there was a time when you were mightily upset and burdened by its evil eruptions;  thus I come through my Spirit to make you understand that I have set established Limits to this Stormy Sea, and I have called you out of it,   Alternate… [It was further said to me: “Even here shall not be your furthest or highest Grade, but you shall go forth in a still higher Grade, as much as you shall show and prove yourselves faithful therein in Obedience;  wherein your Head-Overcomer and Guide has been.  For behold and consider: Here is a Glassy Sea;  The up-boiling Fountain from the highly mixed Deity is the Matter [Material] of which I, your LORD, in my glorified Body, myself, am made up of [subsist].  And like as this up-boiling, raging, stormy Sea has cast out of itself this outward World or Principle vile and carnal Images, and they nourished and maintained become therefrom, since you in yourselves cannot be ignorant of this, that there was a Time wherein you became highly unrestful and disturbed through this casting out of Evils, thus I am now come to give you to understand through my Spirit, that I have set Bounds for this stormy Sea and have called you out of it,”] {OG Pg 53} “and have prepared a Way by Means of the lovely Lebanon State to thus reach still higher Levels [Grades] since I cannot deny you any of my pleasant good Things.  According to this (Counsel), make you here your further Progress and come and set yourselves down by this blessed Sea Shore that, for you, will be cast up such pure glowing Sparks of an enduring Love in such a bright, lovely, pleasant Quietness, whereby you may share [become Partakers] beside (or with) me of all these blessed, self-standing [independent], essential Things which are hidden in this Transparent Pure Sea.  Know, consequently, about this Baptism, by which you were immersed in this Glassy [Crystal] Sea, that by my Name, you have been made free, and have become Citizens of New Jerusalem, and have also obtained, like a beautiful Ship, Freedom to deal and trade [act and do business]:  By the spreading out of Faith’s Sail, you may travel through [cross] this Glassy Sea, here and there [now and again], in order to take in such richly precious Loads and Goods, which never will be sold or given, except among the native Citizens [Home-born] of New Jerusalem who alone understand their true Worth and Price.  Therefore shall you, as a precious Foundation Stone [Keystone], be compacted [shaped], assembled [fitted together] and erected [constructed], according to the Model that I have shown you, to build or form a City, whose Inhabitants will be given the Power to discover and to draw [raise] up that which has such Weight [Dignity], Worth, and Strength [Power] and be of such Durability [Permanence], that it may agree [meld in] with the New Jerusalem Bride: who has been declared, accepted and found pleasing by the mighty God and King, to be made one with Him, who is His only begotten Son, in the highest nuptial Union”. This was the reviving Fellowship which I had with the LORD’s Spirit within me, who brought this in as a powerful Stimulation to strengthen Ourselves among Ourselves, so that we may always go on from Faith to Faith, and attain to ever higher Levels [Grades];  until we reach [come] to this Sea of Glass [Crystal Sea], and that the very Same, from which we live [exist], refresh ourselves and feed therefrom, may become {OG Pg 54} our transparent Body and Covering:  Yes, even now, therefore, O my LORD, seal this revealed Testimony with thy Yea and Amen.

End of this Little Tract.



The Translator’s Post Script to the Lovers
of the Writings of this Authoress.

Kindly [Favorably] inclined Reader,

HEREWITH is given also the last Tract of our blessed Authoress;  which she sent to me as a Manuscript shortly before her Departure from this Time:  Because she knew well that as much as lies in my Ability, I would not let it lie under the Table [Bench].  And although it is small, nevertheless [yet] is there enough therein, that it may serve to the humbling of those who, until now only measured themselves by themselves and who did not follow after the Footprints [in the Footsteps] of Christ through the Internal [Inner] Cross and Suffering, but rather have they run ahead in the inflamed fiery Zeal of their personal selfish Mindset [own peculiar Ways of Reasoning];  they have personally set themselves [by their own authority] on His Throne and against His Will, wanting to reign and govern [rule] with Him, before they ever had been basically [primarily] humbled, before they have perceived [recognized] and denied their own Selfishness, and before they have, with Him, mortified [died off from] their Ambition [Desire for Honour], Pride, Envy, Anger, Wrath, Craftiness and similar [such-like] deadly Sins.  Which they also in themselves may be able to feel with their Hands and touch and judge, if they would only want to thoroughly test [prove] themselves, that when they feel these still-ruling Sins rising up powerfully to carry them away, that they make no excuses, nor deny or conceal them by external [outward] pretenses, so that the grievous Offenses which they give by their poor [hypocritical] examples, may thereby cease, which One wishes from the Heart for them, so that no Stumbling Blocks nor Hindrances {OG Pg 55} may be laid in the Way [Path] of the Blind and Innocent.

Concerning the inquiry made by some Friends, whether anything more [further] is to be expected from this dear departed Authoress, or from Dr. Pordage?  So nothing else [more] can be responded to that, but that I have not yet seen the Revelations that she has left behind and had mentioned herein, and that there exist [there are] so many Letters that I do not know whether I have the Energy [Life] and Strength, not to say what else will be required, to translate Same.   However, whatever is at hand [available] by the blessed Dr. Pordage in English, although the writing really [certainly] will be gathered up, but it is in God's Power only, as to whether anything, besides what is print-ready for the English World, will be brought to Light.  It will remain up to Him.  With which, may we all humbly remain in the merciful God's Loving Hands.

The Loving Friend and Willing Servant
Of All Sincerely Impartial Souls.

4 February

E N D.

Thus ends this reverse-translation of the Last Published Work of Jane Lead
Old German to English — Reverse Translation —
Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 201
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Copyright renews with each published update.


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