AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION of the Original Printing — 1699

Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: One of her later published Prophetic Works bringing Divine Manifestations and Knowledge from the Godhead.

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Jane Lead’s
The Signs of the Times


The Signs of the Times

One of Jane Lead’s later published Prophetic Works, sent by God’s Eternal Wisdom to reveal not only the 7 visible signs that are to be looked for preceding the Kingdom of Christ’s manifestation in the Nazarite sons and daughters of God, but to define as well, how to recognize the attributes, characteristics and activities of the multitudes of people captivated in the net of either the Beast’s or the Dragon’s Kingdoms in their many variations and presentations.  This was made public in 1699.


This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been generally inaccessible to the general public.  It contains terminology and wording that are missing  from modern edited versions.

The on-line reproduction presents the authentic old manuscript "as close to the original as possible" — rendering  the text and appearance of the 1699 printing without any interpretation or commentary — both of which are here left for the Spirit of Truth, who will always provide for the seeking and humble in heart.   Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size.




S  I  G  N   S

O F   T H E

T  I  M   E  S:


Kingdom of Christ,



By   J. Lead.

Matth. xvi. 3. Ye can discern the Face of the Sky, but can ye
not discern

Luke xii. 56. Ye can discern the Face of the Earth, but how is
it that ye do not discern

L O N D O N,   Printed in the Year,   1699.

J. P.   L O U T H E R B O U R G.    1796.



The   C O N T E N T S.

§ 1.

THE Spirit of Discerning Given, with an Account of the Descent of the Holy Watcher, in the Figure of a Cherub having many Eyes.

§ 2.

A Manifestation of the Second Heaven of Mount-Sion, and of the Order of that Kingdom.

§ 3.

A necessary Caveat arising upon this Manifestation.

§ 4. and 5.

Preparations for the Kingdom of Christ in the Invisible Regions: the sounding of the Sixth Angel.

§ 6.

That the Mystery of the Times is now beginning to be finished.

§ 7.

Preparations for the Kingdom of Christ in the Mansions of separate Souls further hinted at, in Answer to a Query concerning the seeming Prolongation of the Times.

§ 8.

An Objection Answer’d.

§ 9. to 16.

The Seven Signs forerunning This Kingdom.

§ 16. to 24.

The Seven Signs following them that enter into the Kingdom: or, the Sevenfold Process of the Perfect Regeneration.

§ 24. and 25.

The manner of this Kingdom’s entrance, and the true Virgin Fecundity.

§ 26.

Of Angelical and Spiritual Generation.  The Gate of Paradise Open’d.

§ 27. and 28.

The Ministration of Fire call’d the Ministration of Elias ( and so of Sophia ) Preparatory to the Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet: being prefigur’d by a Fiery Horn.

§ 29.

The first Sound of this Horn to invite the Kings and Nobles of the Earth.

§ 30.

The second Sound of this Horn, to invite the Priests and Pastors of the Church.

§ 31.

The Conclusion.



T h e   P R E F A T O R Y

E P I S T L E.


To all the Love-Flock of Christ that are, or are to be Elected and Chosen at this Day,
to wait for, and to bring in, and enter upon the Fruition of His Approaching

Kingdom: Grace, Peace and Love be multiplied Abundantly.

TO you is this little Tract commended, that you may with Joy observe by the forerunning Signs of the Blessed Kingdom, that is even now at hand; that you may lift up your Eyes and see that the Fields are already White unto the Harvest; that you may, with holy Boldness and Assurance, lift up your Heads upon your Redemption thus drawing nigh: that being Animated with fresh Zeal, Life, and Vigour, you may run your Course with all Stedfastness and Alacrity; and so run as that you may indeed obtain; even to meet your Lord, and enter with him into the Marriage-Feast; and see actually performed the blessed Solemnization of your Nuptial Tye with him, in the New Philadelphian Temple, which is consecrated to and built up by Love; Divine Love; to God, and to each other; as true Members of the same Body, Sympathizing and Partaking of each others Good, and united under the same Head and Spring of Life and Joy; that you may be made fixt Pillars herein, and never more go out.

The Author was under a strong Impulse to bring forth these Signs of the Kingdom; and had thoughts at first to have added them to the former Book, The Ascent to the Mount of Vision. But as the Spirit open’d and enlarged upon the subject; it was found convenient to make a little Tract of it by it self: as also on the Account of its bearing the Date of another Year. It may well be expected upon the breaking forth of Wisdom’s Day-Star from on High, that many New & Wonderful Things should be brought to Light; which thro’ the Darkness of the present Age, its Prejudices, and Bias against the Truth in many Points by received Opinions and long Established Traditions of Men, shall give a great Shock and Offense to many; who by thus confining themselves to the narrow compass of their own Schemes, deny and dispute the entrance of every Truth that shall be further open’d; and thereby shut the Door upon themselves: whereas those that stand in an unbyassed and impartial Spirit, might by the free admission of one Ray of Light, make way still for another, and come to such a prospect of an enlarged Field of Divine Truth, as should by its orderly Range and Connexion of each part, give an Evidence of it self far more clear and sooner than can be acquired by a long scrupulous and Sceptical Examination of each Truth apart. The Writings of this Author are full of surprizing Manifestations of Divine Knowledge, and are chiefly given forth for the Children of the Kingdom, as their Direction and Assistance in their Preparation-Work; on which account They are Recommended earnestly to Their constant and diligent Study above all others. And all that would receive the Benefit of ‘em, are advised to suspend their Censures, and pass over such things as at first sight they may not be able to receive; and go on, and draw together, and Compare the whole Scheme of her Writings; whereby I doubt not but there may be easily discerned the hand of God, and the Conduct of the Divine Wisdom therein. The Spirit of Wisdom at this Day calls aloud to all the Lovers of her, that they stand with open and enlarged hearts to receive her Instructions, and learn her Secrets. She invites and encourages them to proceed in the Quest and Knowledge of her: and at every step and advance they make, she cries, Believest thou this? thou shalt yet see greater things than these. And to those that shall thus freely admit her Doctrine, and obey her Discipline, her Intent is no less than to lead them on to full Redemption; even the Recovery of their Lost and Faded State; the opening and enjoyment of Paradise upon the Earth again.

One of the Signs given of the near Approach of the Kingdom of Power and Glory, is, the Divisions and Contentions that will arise through the Malice and Subtilty of the Enemy among the true Sion-Waiters, the Children of the Kingdom themselves; so that the Father of the Family will be drawn to come himself and quiet them, and set all in due Order. This Sign we have verifyed already; and by the strong Drivings of the Holy Spirit upon many at this time, we conceive the good Hopes and Assurance that God is indeed drawing near to do it; wherefore we would bestir our selves, and excite all engaged in the same blessed Hope with us to such a frame of Spirit, as may be fit to receive the God of Unity and Love. For tho’ the wrack the Enemy may make, may hasten the Deliverance, yet God cannot be expected to manifest himself in the Power of his Kingdom, but in such as Conquer and hold out the Hour of Temptation; standing stedfast in the true Child-like Simplicity, in Sincerity and Love of the Brethren, not withstanding all the Exercises and Tryals they may undergo for the Approof thereof, and in spite of all the Stratagems, Engines and Batteries of the now Raging Enemy to drive them from it. Wherefore it has been thought convenient to insert the following Persuasive to Brotherly Love and Unity, drawn from a Compendious display of that mighty Increase of the Blessings of the Kingdom that are to be brought forth by it, and in it; and which are unhappily stopt and impeded by the contrary Spirit.

For the Divisions of Ruben there were great Searchings
of Heart.

AS there is great Occasion of Rejoicing in the Holy Powers of God that are Moving among us at this Day; so it is much to be wondered at and lamented, that the Children of the Kingdom, who are made partakers of them, should be so divided among themselves; falling out, opposing, and Fighting one against another; and thereby stopping the free Efflux of the blessed Spirit among them; and Retarding themselves the Kingdom they are waiting for the full possession of. This is one of the Greatest Artifices of the Enemy, to raise Contentions about Particular Sentiments, to the unhappy breach of that Charity and Unity in which they ought to stand, overlooking and bearing with, in each other, those things wherein they differ in opinion, and studying and pursuing unitedly, those great and weighty things wherein they agree. Which are the bringing forth the Image and Life of Christ in themselves, and others, the carrying on the Work of the Kingdom, and drawing down those mighty Blessings, wherewith the Heavens are at this time full teeming as it were, and in Pain to be deliver’d and empty them forth into our Bosoms; and calling to us loudly and earnestly, to bring our Vessels that they may be filled; yea to bring more, to Unite our Vessels, that they may be enlarged and multiplied; that the Powers and Blessings of God may be also multiplied among us. As God is at Unity in Himself, and also in all the Inhabitants of the heavenly Worlds, which is the Compleatment of their Happiness; so he would be likewise in us, but that we our selves hinder it, and as it were tye up his Hands, and Imprison the Holy Power and Spirit within us. God in one would go forth and meet himself in another, and Unite them in One both in Himself, and in one another: but that the corrupt Man in us interposes by his own Act, his own Wisdom, his Presumptions and his Prejudices; and disputes his Passage, and denys him free Entrance. If the Bars were but removed, how blessed and happy might we be? when every one might freely open himself into another in pure Union of Divine Love, under the Conduct of the Holy Spirit, and really enlarge and dilate himself into a new Kingdom of Joy and Power in every Member of Christ and Child of the Kingdom. Each one would Communicate his Talent to another, and have it doubled and redoubled in himself thereby, into as many as he shall pour it; and every one possess the Talent and the Joy of another in himself. Now how Glorious is this Prospect in the Encrease and Enlargement of the Kingdom of our Lord? wherein each one that shall be added, shall be given into us, to be enjoy’d and possest as the Addition of a new Kingdom. If even now when two or three of us, or a little Company meet together, in an imperfect and low degree of Union, and opening of the Holy Powers, we cannot forbear crying out, How great, how excellent, how blessed is this Ministration of the Spirit! What shall we say, or what shall we think when it shall come to increase to Hundreds, to Thousands, to Millions? yea, how blessed beyond all thought or expression is this Prospect of the Increase of the Dominion, and Powers, and Joys of this Kingdom, and that still more and more in vast and redoubled Proportions, without limit and without end, whether in Time or in Eternity it self.

Here is the full Completion of what the Apostle describes, Ephes. 4 the Apostolical, Evangelical and Pastoral Work, the Perfecting the Saints, the Edifying [and building up] the Glorious Temple of the Body of Christ; till we all come in the Faith [the Divinely Magical all operative Faith, the Power, the Will of God] and the Knowledge [in the highest Mystical Sense, even the Beatifick Vision and the Nuptial Enjoyment] of the Son of God: till we come altogether in this Unity unto the Perfect Man. [The perfection of Christ Jesus in us, or the Measure of the Stature of the fullness of Christ.] That speaking the Truth in Love. [Inspeaking from the Godhead Fountain opened within us, Christ, God himself the Essential Truth into each other; That thus receiving him into our selves more and more, as the Spiritual Food of the Divine Life in us, we] may grow up in him in all things, [answering and corresponding to him by an Essential Reflection of himself, or a secondary way of his Existence, by Generation of himself into us, according to his own fullness] who is our Head, our Root and Centre, even Grace for Grace, Beauty for Beauty, Glory for Glory, according to the Proportion of each Member to the Head. From which, [our Head and Life-Root, in whom dwells the Abyssal Fullness of the Godhead Bodily,] the whole Body [of his Church] fitly joined together, [and united into One with him] and compacted by that which every Joint supplies, [each Member adapted and linked together, entwining one in another in a Seraphick Wreath of Love, in its proper part and Office;] according to the Effectual Working in the measure of every part [as God opens himself in this or that Power according to the Nature and due Proportion of each Member to the whole] maketh the Increase of the Body to the Edifying it self in Love: [By the Efflux of the Deity thro’ every Part, maketh it increase with the Increase of God, in likeness to him, and Possession of him more and more Eternally.] Thus the act of Edifying or Building up the Holy Temple-Body of the Church of Christ, will be this Divine Unitive and Triumphant Act of Love: whereby the Eternal Father ever Generating in Himself his Son and Spirit, shall in and through the Humanity of Christ, make the Body partaker of the same Joy with its Head; and draw it into a Representation of, Conformity to, and Concurrence in, that Beatifick Act that in him unites the Deity and Humanity in one. Which will be the full Answer of that Prayer of our Lord, That they all may be one, as Thou Father art in me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us. And Again, The Glory which thou hast given me I have given them, that they may be one even as we are one.

And here also is the full Accomplishment of that Glorious Prophecy of Isaiah, Chap.9. Unto us [now in us] a Child is Born, unto us a Son is given, [Christ in us in his Resurrection-Life, born to Dominion and Kingdom. For] The Government shall be upon his Shoulder, [both of the Heavens above, and of the Earth beneath, He shall display his Glorious Reign in and through us, and we shall Reign in him, and with him.] And his Name shall be called wonderful, [Opening the Amazing Wonders of the Heavens, and the Renewed and Sevenfold Powers of the Holy Ghost, in his Church.] Counselor, [Possessor of the Eternal Wisdom; Opener of the Everlasting Womb of the Morning; the Morning Light, the Divine Sophia, and Virgin Spouse of God; represented Rev. 12, as the Wonder of the Heavens, Cloathed with the Sun, and the Moon under her Feet, &c. Of which the Church is made a Representative; as She shall open and display Her self within her, Travailing in and with her, as the true Mother of this divine Birth, the Manchild that is to Rule the Nations with the Rod of Power: and opening that glorious Dispensation and Day of Wisdom, expected in the Evening of the World, wherein Knowledge shall cover the Earth as the Waters cover the Sea.] He is also call’d the Mighty God, [In whom the Deity shall now exert it self, in its mighty Strength and Power: The Omnipotence of God now gloriously Manifesting it self, for the bringing forth and Establishment of this great Birth and Kingdom. Wherefore also he is eminently call’d] the Everlasting Father. [For in this last Ministration, the Eternal Father opens his Principle, and joins in the Peculiar Power, thereof, to relieve and reverse the long Dying and Suffering State of Christ in his Church to a State of Glory and Triumph. And thus he becomes the True Prince of Peace. [Putting an End to the Bloody Wars and Persecutions that have been raised hitherto against his Church, whether by the Prince and Powers of Darkness, or of this World: Quenching the Spirit of Strife and Division in it: Pouring out the Spirit of Meekness and Brotherly Love among all Nations, and turning their Swords into Plough-Shares, and their spears into Pruning-Hooks: Reconciling the Discord of the Elements and all the Contrarieties of Nature, so that nothing shall hurt or destroy in his Holy Mountain. Introducing the Blessed and Peaceable Reign of the True Solomon, (whereof the former was but a Type and Shadow) wherein shall be the abundant Increase and Plenty of all good things; Riches both Spiritual and Temporal; with the highest Honour, Magnificence and Glory: and also Prolongation of Life, as in the Patriarchal Age for Enjoyment of it. Which is the Dowry of the Virgin-Wisdom; as it is said, Length of Days is in her Right Hand, and in her Left, Riches and Honours. For this is the Reign wherein She manifests and gives her self; and working with those that possess her, she orders all things sweetly and Harmoniously, and brings them into the Peaceful Triumph and Joy of Concord and Love. Thus the Church and Kingdom of Christ on Earth is form’d after the Model of that Above; and that Prayer of our Lord so earnestly and constantly offered by his Church answered by the Father in its full extent: That His Kingdom come, and His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Where its Peace is the Entire Repose of the Bride, in the Bosom of Her Lord, enjoying the Eternal Stillness of the Deity, and Dying as it were out of her self into God.]

Then it follows, Of the Increase of his Government & Peace there shall be no End. [It shall Increase till all Nations shall be brought into it, and when the corrupt and fleshly Births every where shall cease, it shall be multiplied by Angelical Generation only: and that to Infinity. It shall increase in every Particular Member to a boundless Empire and Dominion in it self, each one possessing a new created World and Paradise in himself: His Immanuel dwelling in Him, centrally, as in Microcosm: So also by the Increase or Manifestation of God in the Whole, circumferentially, as in Macrocosm: through the Eternal Impregnation of the whole Virgin-Body from and with all the various Powers of the Deity.] And this in and upon the Throne and Kingdom of David to order it, and to establish it with Judgment and with Justice from henceforth even for ever. [The Concurrence of the Father’s Power and Kingdom with the Son’s, will be the Uniting of the two Reigns of David and of Solomon into One. The Invincible Might of the Former subduing all Enemies, and bringing forth Judgment unto Victory, concurs with the Righteousness and Beauty of Holiness in the Latter for its Manifestation and Triumph; its Fixation and Establishment for ever.] The Zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform This. [The severe earnest All-powerful, all-active Fire of the Father, united and manifested in the Meek Love-Flame of the Son, proceeding and issuing forth together in the Fiery Baptism of the Holy Ghost; the whole Trinity as it were concentering their Power and Influence in this Third and last Ministration, will Gloriously, Triumphantly, and speedily bring all these Wonders to their Accomplishment. His own Arm will bring forth this mighty Salvation and total Redemption; for the Honour of his great Name alone.]

This is the Kingdom, Blessing and Joy that our good God is moving in the Powers of his Spirit to bring down and open among us, and so derive it to the whole Church; yea, the whole Creation, which is groaning and travailing in pain even until now; waiting for this Manifestation of the Sons of God: which now sticks in the Birth, and calls aloud for the unanimous Consent and Concurrence in the Strength of Divine Love, to bring it forth. O who among the Sion-Waiters would not be ashamed and grieved at the thought of being any way Instrumental themselves in the unhappy Prevention or Procrastination of it? or who would not upon the nearer View and Prospect of such inestimable Blessings, immediately discard every the least Motion that shall tend to Strife, Disunity, or Alienation of Love? but rather concur with all their Might in Unity of Spirit to increase the Little strength of Philadelphia, for the bringing forth the Man-child of Power, the Son of Mirth and Joy, of Peace and Consolation to the whole Creation of God. If there were among the Apostles of Christ Contentions and Disputes, and that from the Evil Root of Self-Love, Emulation and Pride, striving who should be greatest in his Kingdom; it need less be wondered at, if among the Candidate-Disciples for the Triumphant Kingdom, there should be found the like spirit of Ambition, and Emulation, and a Jealous Eye in some upon the Gifts and Favours bestowed on others; and thence through the violent Temptation of the Enemy at this day, proceeding to Variance and Disaffection, and an untying of the Holy Band of Love. But as our Lord, by an Excellent Document, set a little Child in the midst of his Disciples to reprove and teach them: So here must principally be recommended, and by all means laboured after for attainment of it, the true Child-like Spirit; which is meek, humble, peaceable, obedient, patient, and modest, submissive and resigned to the Will of its Father in all things; we must have no Will or Desire of our own, no opinion of our own Gifts or Wisdom, no evil Eye upon, or too forward a censure of, the Gift of another; but delight to see ‘em displayed for the Honour of God, tho’ it be in others more than our selves. Here must be no Self-Appropriation; the very Root of Self must be removed: for the Blessings of the Kingdom are not to be enjoyed in Propriety, but in Community. Here instead of striving to be the greatest, those that are highest and enjoy most, must be the least, and Servants to the other: communicating freely all they have to make it theirs as well as their own. This is the true generous and Christian Spirit, which according to the Nature of Love, overlooks, forgets, and goes out of itself, into that which it Loves; and that is it’s God, and it’s Brethren. This as we shall be found in, we shall truly approve our selves in the Relation we profess to bear to that Glorious Philadelphian Church which is to arise: and not only bear the outward Name thereof, but also its inward Signature in our Hearts, and shew forth its lively Impress in our Conversation and Actions: which will prove the most Powerful and Effectual Persuasive to others; and cause our Light indeed so to shine before Men [in the Brightness of the holy Flame of Charity and Love] that they seeing our good Works, may glorifie our Father which is in Heaven, and acknowledge the Handywork and Presence of his Holy Spirit in us. For this, O ye Chosen and Beloved Ones, let the Spirit of Supplication evermore ascend, and wrestle till as Princes ye prevail with God; and the Everlasting Day dawn upon you. Ye that make [such Glorious] mention of the Name [and Kingdom] of the Lord, keep not Silence, give him no Rest until he make Jerusalem a Praise upon the Earth; till the New Jerusalem descend from Heaven, and the Church Militant become one with the Church Triumphant, and both together sing the Song of Victory: Blessing, and Honour, and Glory, and Power be given unto Him that sitteth upon the Throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever. Amen.

BEHOLD how Joyful ‘tis how Good, how Dear,
Brethren to dwell in Loves delightful Sphere,
Link’t in Seraphick wreath of Union,
Each others Beauty, Crown and Joy their own.
Where the true High-Anointed Priest divine,
Mingles his Heav’nly Manna, Oil, and Wine.
Through every part the flowing Unction,
From th’ Head e’en to his Garments hem runs down,
The Garment of his whole Creation.
‘Tis the Rich, Odorous, Fruitful, Balmy Dew,
That falls from God’s high Mountain, Hermon true.
Watering the dear-lov’d Sions Hills below,
Which makes the
Sharon Rose and Virgin-Lillies grow.
For hence the promis’d Blessing’s wond’rous Store,
Proceeds in the First-Resurrection-Pow’r,
Blessing of Joy and Life ev’n Life for evermore.

Psalm 133. Which see Paraphrased at large, with the
Remarks upon it, in the Theosoph. Transact. N.V. p. 227.



June 1, 1699.

The Signs of the Kingdom of Christ;
Both Forerunning, and Evidencing when it is come.

§ I. AS I was in Contemplation and Recollection of the Manifold Counsel and Wisdom of God, that had made obvious many Secrets relating to the new State of the Restoration, which has been so fully made publick, in what has gone forth of this kind, according to the Will of God: Who did move Worthy and Spiritual Persons to assist at their own Cost and Charge, to bring them to light; as believing that such an Age was coming on, in which that Prophecy might be fulfill’d, That the Earth should be fill’d with the knowledge of the Lord, from the Inundation of those Sanctuary-Waters, which shall cover the Earth with Wisdom and Understanding, in the deep Mysteries of God. For the confirmation of this a fresh Manifestation was given me, by the appearance of a Head that was all as of Fine Gold transparent, with a pair of Wings only joining to it. Under each of which Wings there were seven Eyes all fiery and piercing. Upon which this first Salutation greeted me, saying, “Tho’ thy corporeal Eyes be Dim, these Eyes are come to make up that Impediment, whose Properties to thee shall be into the Worlds and Regions to see that to mortal sight all hidden be.”  Then Immediately I felt as if this Head and Wings did clasp themselves about the Vital part of my Heart. From whence it was said, The pure in Heart should be all seeing; and the Ears fixed in the Golden Head should become the true Hearing.

§ II. The experience whereof was known; for presently the Eternal Light-World appear’d and surrounded me, where I saw the High Throne-Dominions, Principalities and Powers, all paying their Homage and High Praises to their Kingly Redeemer. It was said to me, behold and see the Blessed Order and Government that is managed here, by the supreme Soveraign. All were ranked according to their order and degree in various Circles about the Throne, rejoicing together in a Melodious Harmony. And it was said to me, that these great Elders of the Kingdom of the Mount-Sion World did frequently descend into the Paradisiacal World, to them that were of a lower degree, bringing down Commission and Manuduction for what they were further to know, and advance up to; and such as were of the highest station in this Paradisiacal World, were assigned to bring the Lower up to a more eminent Degree, to pay their Worship to great Elohim, and to him that had thus far redeemed them. So by all this it was made known that the Heavenly Worlds are put into such a Constitution and Method, as that the Inferiour are under the Government of the Superiour: and that according to what they had wrought out in nearer Conformity to Christ in this Life, so they had their Preeminence in their Separate State.

§ III. Therefore a Warning was given here from, that the Great Ones that are in honour and fulness of all things, and in great Power and Dominions in the Kingdoms of this World, do labour to be born into the Heavenly Principle and Light World, and become truly dignified with Christ their Prince of Life; and as they shall imploy all their Interest and Power, Riches and Honour, for the lifting up the Standard of Christ’s Kingdom here on Earth, so shall they come to hold a State of Honour and Dominion in the next Life; otherwise they will find themselves subjected under such as were contemptible here, but Heirs of Faith. For be it known, God is no partial Judge to respect any: but such as bear his own Similitude and Likeness, they shall have the Greatest Preferment and Honour in his Courts. God grant this may be a seasonable Call to the Potentates of the Earth; that they bringing their Glory into the City of God, may there as Kings Reign with Christ their Head.

§ IV. Now I must not omit another Degree and Rank of Spirits, which when they pass out of the Body in an imperfect Mixt State, reach no further than the Airy Region, or Astral Kingdom, which Millions of Souls do pass into, that are in a restless state, aiming at somewhat that may suit with the Immortality of their Beings. For which the kind and loving Saviour has made also Provision, and has condescended to commissionate Spirits from the Paradisiacal Region frequently to minister to them, to instruct and exhort, and make out the large extent of Christ’s Purchase for them, that they may gradually by taking in the Faith of it, come out of their uneasie Confinement there. By all which appears the Immense Goodness and Love of the Creator to his apostatized and lapsed Creatures: setting forth the blessed Rewards and high Prerogatives to them that are of the first Fruits of the Restoration, and the suffering and loss of those that have loiter’d and neglected the Prize put into their Hands during the time of their living in this Body.

§ V. Now it remains further to be declared what has been seen by the Cherubim’s Eye, that runs up and down both in the higher and lower Spheres, viz. that the Kingdom of the Lamb so many hundreds of Years prophesied of, is drawing now very near; for the sixth Angel has already sounded his Trumpet, in order to preparation, that the slain Witnesses might rise, and appear as the two Olive-Trees, that they may plentifully drop their holy and pure Golden Grain, which shall rise up to a mighty Priestly Anointed Host, into whose Hands shall be given the Rule and Government of the Earth, according to the Pattern that was before described, as to the Ruling Power and Government of Christ the Lord in his Kingdoms there: So must it be in the lower parts of the Earth accomplished. This has been exercised in its Power and Might only in the Heavens hitherto by the uncontroulable Soveraignty of Christ, who has suffered himself to be exposed in the Members of his Body here on Earth, that have lain in great impotency and reproach under the Reign of the Beast and the Dragon: till the Man of Sin shall be fully revealed, and the Mystery of Iniquity wrought out; then expect we may to hear the Seventh Angel sound his Trumpet, whereby the Kingdoms of this World may come to their Period, as to their vain Pomp and Oppressive Powers, which the whole Creation so long hath groaned under: The cry of which burden’d and imbondaged state has ascended up, and pierced the very Heart of him who is the Restorer and Deliverer out of all Babylonish Confusion.

§ VI. Now the Grounds and Motives for this glorious Redemption are that Honour, Valuation and Efficacy that is put upon this Eternal Word that was made Flesh, that he may repair all the Ruins and Desolations that came in by the Fall: For the which God in his Wisdom has propounded to himself a known and seasonable time, for the Finishing of all Miseries and Calamities, for which the Line of Time is now far spent, and the Scenes of turbulent Commotions will have their pass away, as the great Angel shall come to set his Feet, one upon the Sea, and the other upon the Earth. Then a mighty calm and quietness among the Earthly Inhabitants will be: for the Powers of Eternity will make their descent into Time among such sanctified prepared souls, who shall be marked, and sealed with the Father’s Name of Power, which Name signifies no less than the Restoring Eternal Nature to bring forth the Similitude of God as it was in the beginning: then the Kingdom and Dominion that Adam was deposed from, will be repossessed again.

§ VII. Upon consideration hereof, the Groanings and Sighings of my Spirit, did move a Query in me to my Lord, Why such a prolonging and expence of time has run out, and no visible Appearance of this neither before his appearing in the Flesh nor since, as to such a return back again to the State that Adam lost, tho the Prophesies and Promises have run in such hopeful expectation here for? And it was Answered, that there was a deep and hidden cause for it, why so many Generations should pass away in this visible Principle under the mortal Sufferings and Death, till the Number-Roll in the Court of Heaven was fulfill’d, and the Mystery finished of the Time for filling up the other Mansions of Separated Souls. Which when come to that limited Point, a Turn and Revolution will then soon follow upon the Inhabitants of this visible Earth, that are reserved to this latter Age of time: Whereby a new Model shall be brought in, that shall resemble the heavenly World above. Setting up a Monarchical Soveraignty that shall Rule over all Nations, by a Rod of Power in the hand of such as shall be found in the Spirit of Moses and Elias, David and Daniel, which shall multiply in this day of Christ’s Kingdom numerously. For this I heard mighty Rejoicing and Triumphant Sounds in the Heavens, that the Kingdom of the Lamb was upon its descent down into the Earth: And therefore warning is given to those that believe and love the Appearance hereof, to keep their Eye steadily up to the Heavens, for this Glory to open and spread it self upon the dark Earth.

§ VIII. But here is an Objection further to be Answered. That it was thought near to be reveal’d in the Apostolical Age; and so on in the Centuries following. But it was the pleasure of the Divine Wisdom to conceal from the Worthy as well as the Unworthy, the Believing as well as the Unbelieving, any set and determinate Time and Season: Yet thus far is given to calculate the Time very near by the foregoing Signs.
Concerning the which some particulars have been made known to me, foreshewing that Christ’s Kingdom is near.

§ IX. Now as there were Signs literally given by Christ of his Coming, in his Kingly Power, which had its First accomplishment, in his coming to deliver his persecuted and oppressed Ones, and bringing down severe Judgments upon his and their Enemies, as in the Destruction of the Jews: So now it turns into that which is more Spiritual and Internal. For the Mystery of Iniquity does work after various ways and manners, in the Commotions of various Kingdoms: as First the Kingdom of the Beast, which consists in sensual pleasures, and Worldly advantages, stretching themselves upon their Ivory Beds, not only neglecting and disregarding; but opposing the Spiritual Kingdom, for fear it should supplant them of their transient and temporary Kingdom. And that this Supiness {reclining on one’s back} in Pleasure, and Voluptuousness, which do reign now so Universally at this Day, in a more than ordinary Manner, is indeed a Sign of the near Approach of the Overthrowing of the Kingdom of this Anitchristian Beast, may very well be hop’d: yea there can be no manner of doubt made hereof by them, who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages, or who have but an Ear open to hear and receive what by Truth’s Infallible Oracle it self deliver’d hath been. For as the Days of Noah were, so shall also this coming of the Son of Man, be to destroy and overturn the whole Bestial Kingdom. They did eat, (and Feast) they drank, they Married Wives, they were given in Marriage, and went on secure and unmov’d in their Voluptuous Courses, (notwithstanding the Warnings given, and Preaching of Repentance for above an hundred Years;) until the very day that he entered into the Ark: And they knew not until the Flood came, and took them all away, destroying them all. Likewise also it was in the days of Lot, they were Feasting and making Merry, Buying and Selling, Planting and Building; till a sudden destruction overtook them out of Heaven. Now even thus it is to be, for certainty in the day when Christ shall be revealed, for Salvation to them that wait for this his Appearance; but for Confusion and Desolation to the Unbelievers, and Disobedient, and all that have the Beast’s Mark, and that worship his Golden Image. This is the first sort of Fore-runners.

§ X. The Second is under the Dragon’s Regency, who does assume and take up Persons in a particular manner in This day, and vaunt himself very high with great Arrogancy, Persecuting and spuing out his Fury most impudently against the Saints of the Most High: this is also a forerunning Sign.

§ XI. There is another sort of Persons that are very serious and pious, according to their present understanding, but cannot bear any Spiritual Dispensation, that might prepare for the Reign of Christ: as coming contrary to their Expectations, and Traditions. This sort being repugnant and opposite to all that may, in an extraordinary way, be appropriated to the Spirit of Wisdom, and Revelation breaking out at this Day. Now upon the Spiritual Ministration at this time opening, these are more stir’d up, and awaken’d as the Righteous Jews, and Pharisees, who did Ignorantly in their day deny the Appearance of God in the Humanity of Christ; so these after the same manner out of an ignorant Zeal would persecute the Spirit of Christ, in his Resurrection, in Spirit, in the Children of the Kingdom: of which sort there will be found a great spreading, and high swelling before the Coming of Christ’s Kingdom.

§ XII. There is a Fourth sort that do suddenly expect the Personal Glorious Reign of Christ, before he has accomplished his preparatory Reign in Spirit. These raise a mighty Cry in the World: but are too hasty to fetch down Christ before he has a Church and Bride prepared for him. Such as stand gazing here must frequently be frustrated of their Expectations. Another Sign will be that, by and through the opening of the Living Testimony, which Proclaims the Approach of Christ’s Kingdom. And which shall be Guarded and Fenced with such Power and Authority from the Holy Ghost, as shall convince and invite the Monarchs and Nobles of the Earth to hearken thereto, and look into the deep Mysteries relating to it, and preparing for it; by whose Countenancing and improving all their power to Promote this Super-eminent Kingdom, they will be great Presidents and Leaders to their Subjects. Hereby also there will be mighty stirring for the bringing in of the Scatter’d Tribes of Israel, that will begin to come in at the hearing of this Joyful Sound, to give a Resurrection out of their Deadness in Unbelief, which will be Marvellous and Wonderful.

§ XIII. There is another sort that may have hit the right Mark, and do profess and own the Regency and Dispensation of Christ in his Spirit, that are promoters of it, and avouching themselves to be under the Teachings and Leadings of it, but these must not pass without being weigh’d according to the Balance of the Sanctuary. These are such as have sprung up too quick, and suddenly, in the true Light, and Notion of it: But have not taken deep Root from the Central Wheel, and Essence of Christ the Eternal Word in themselves. Among such there will be a mighty shaking, and falling away, in the time of Tryal and Probation. And among these will great Subtilty and Treachery of Spirit be found, against those of the same Profession and Alliance with them, even to the betraying of the Spiritual Life; which is a Stratagem of the Serpent more subtil to hurt than any other. Of this too doleful an appearance there is at this time, which Cries for Vengeance against those Satanical Powers, who have thus craftily crept into the Minds of those that were enlightened, and had tasted of the Heavenly Gift.

§ XIV. Now all these Signs being Amplified and made good at this time, do certainly presage, that the Kingdom and Dominion to the Daughter of Sion is drawing near: which will Constitute the Seventh Order, which consisteth of such Choice and Virgin Minds, in whom there shall be found no Guile, who have passed through the Probation-State, and have possessed the conquering bow of Faith to that Degree, that Strong they are to go on in an overcoming might: whereby they put all opposing Powers, whether in invisible dark Regions or in the visible and temporary, to flight.

§ XV. Now it remains that the Government, and Power, and Dominion of the Kingdom, will rest upon such a select Number, who have first passed through great Tribulations, for the Witness and Testimony of the expected Reign of the Spirit. Which being kept yet in suspense and delay, does awaken a mighty Cry, and ardent and vehement intercedings among the Sanctuary-Waiters and Worshippers. Which has entered and deeply pierced, the Heart of him that is to descend as the mighty Saviour and Deliverer. Insomuch that there was heard from the Heavens a Voice saying,

“Behold I come; with a full Recompence of Reward to the Patient Waiters and Holders out in this Hour of Probation: Yet a little while, and the Judgment shall sit, and the Decision be given; for there shall be a Sealing go forth in the Fathers Name, and my Name, and the Holy Ghosts that shall be the true Living Draught drawn, that shall put an end to all Prophetical worded Testimonies, turning them into pure Act and Power.”

This was a joyful Sound, heard from the Throne and Kingdom of the Lamb, which gave also further intimation, whereby it should be known by some following Signs, in whom the Kingdom of God should first appear: At first invisible and internal, and afterwards visible and external. This will be in such qualified Persons as have been separated, and call’d out of this Worldly Principle, to see to the ends of their own Earth, and their Sun, Moon and Stars of the Rational and Sensitive Life, that Ruled and Governed in the Earthly part, to be darken’d, and fall away. This is an evident Sign that the true Sun of Glory will break forth, and enlighten the whole inward Heavens and Earth in Man. Thus he will set footing in the inward Ground of the Heart, that it may be his Throne-Habitation, there to Reign till we subdue every thought and motion made subject to him. Then shall the Heavens and Earth, in the new Creature, rejoice, that the King of Glory has taken to him his great Power to Reign, Internally in the Omnipotence of his Spirit.

§ XVI. As it is thus Invisibly made manifest, so it will dilate it self also and spread into a Visible Kingdom. And there are seven Visible signs that will make out the Dominion and Kingdom, in it’s first Appearance, in what Persons soever it shall open. The First is the Dying Marks. Whereby they are throughly Slain and Crucified, to the Love of all Inferiour things, appertaining to this Earthly Principle and Kingdom.

§ XVII. The Second Sign is, that as there has been a sowing into the Death and perfect Crucifixion: so it Rises and becomes a Resurrection-Plant in the Love-Principle and Light-Kingdom: where is all Liberty, Power and Might to act and do Visibly, according to the Property of Christ’s Resurrection-Life. There is nothing of the Worldly Principle can any more touch, or bind them down, being Translated from out of the Power and Dominion of the Satanical Kingdom.

§ XVIII. The Third Sign that does follow is the Marks of the Ascension into those goodly Tents, which Christ the Kingly Shepherd has pitched for them near himself: where they may have free, and immediate recourse to him, and he to them: receiving the Impression and Similitude of their Lord, as having such Relation to him, by standing so near his Glorified Figure.

§ XIX. The Fourth Sign is their being constituted and deputed, by virtue of the Mission and Gift of the Holy Ghost, to bear Rule and Government over the Starry Constellations, and Earthly Elements, as to their Malignant hurtfulness: so as that no Destruction or wounding Weapons can here enter; because they are incircled with the Eternal burning Element of God himself, that will devour all pricking Thorns and Briars, that shall spring up, and set themselves against them: but must turn to Dust and Ashes before them.

§ XX. The Fifth Sign is the opening the mighty Spring of the Spirit of Faith that shall Rise, and Conquer all self-reasoning, so as not to admit of any Doubt or Staggering, but make its pass in a strait line up to the Glorified Jesus, as he is invested with all Power, as well in the lower Regions as in the upper: And so unite with that powerful Name Alpha and Omega. Which Faith in this great Name must produce those mighty Works and Deeds, mentioned by our Lord after his Resurrection, as the Signs that shall follow them that believe. In my Name shall they cast out Devils, they shall speak with new Tongues, they shall take up Serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. They shall lay their Hands on the Sick, and they shall recover. Now by virtue of these mighty acting Powers, Redemption will be wrought out; setting free from the Burdens and Oppressions, Penuries, Maladies, and other Miseries that the whole Creation for so many Ages hath groaned under. From whence no deliverance can be till these Resurrection-Powers can come down, to rest upon those who are to be the first risen Witnesses hereof.

§ XXI. The Sixth Sign will be the great amazing Wonder of all appearances that yet have been. Which is that a New Paradise shall again spring in the midst of this worldly Babylonish Principle. The Rosie and Lilly Plants will here lift up their Heads, as being installed again in their own native Kingdom: which it is the good Will and Pleasure of their Father, to restore to them, the rich Dowries out of Wisdom’s Bank and Store-house, which never was open’d before. Commanders they shall be, both of what in the Upper World and in this Nether needful is. No need of taking thought for this or that, that belongs to the outward bodily State: For it will be given them as they stand united with Christ their Head to possess the Earth, and to inherit all things.

§ XXII. The Seventh Sign is putting on Transfiguration, which will be accompanied with the Descent and Appearance of Christ in them, in his glorified Figure. By the glance of which Glory transformed they are into the express Image of his bright Body. To this prepared Spouse a Voice was heard, saying, Arise: Shine; for thy Light is come, and the Glory of thy Bridegroom is now become thy Covering. The Marriage here will consummated be from the High-Throne Majesty, who giveth his full concurrence hereunto. Now what may less expected be from this Matrimonial Unity, but such an Offspring and new Creation of Spirits that may be all pure and perfect, as was designed by the Father of Eternity, to bring forth after his own Similitude before Adams fall. Which purpose of God could never be made void: tho’ a stop was permitted to be put to it for a while, for the bringing forth the manifold Wisdom, and Wonders of God, transcendently by him, who was from Eternal Generation the Son of God. By whom all that was lapsed was to be repaired again to far greater advantage; which in the concluding part of all Secrets will be made manifest. For admiration and astonishment to all throughout the whole Universe of God’s Creation.

§XXIII. It remains now to observe what from the Redoubled seven Eyes have been truly discerned: The signs forerunning, and those that follow, as evidences when the Kingdom is truly come. And it will begin, as it was in the First Paradise, in Male and Female, through the restoration of the lost Eternal Virgin-Nature. And as Eve did suck in the Serpently Venom, and introduced it into the First Adam, and thereby corrupted and involved him in the same transgression, whereby there was a going out, and dividing from God the Eternal Root; whence the Banishment out of Paradise was pronounced, and an exclusion and loss of the Kingdom and Dominion: so the Virgin rises in her Room to draw and feed upon that Tree of Life, and having tasted of the Virtue thereof, gives to her chosen and elected Mate, so known and assigned to stand in the Room of him that brought in Sorrow and the Curse. That must Die and be extinguished as this Tree of Life, by this true eternal Marriage of the Male and Female, shall come to spring up in Fruitful Powers. Then comes forth the renewing of that Blessed Word, that God spake in the Beginning. Gen. 1.28. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be Fruitful and Multiply and replenish the Earth, and subdue it. And have Dominion over the Fish of the Sea, and over the Fowl of the Air, over every Living thing that moveth upon the Earth. Now this has been obliterated and lost out of Possession in that lapsed Generation, that proceeded from the first Adam, for these many Ages of time that have past over. But the grace and purpose of God cannot be Nullified; but must be made good: The pure Eternal Virgin-Nativity will recover it self, and stand over all this Apostatized State: whereby an end may be put to the Sinful Progeny of the Old World. But this great Renovation and Change, will rise and come on Gradually. So from hence a New Generation shall spread and multiply here upon the Earth, as a deified Leaven, that shall eat out the bitter and sour Leaven, that had got into depraved Nature.

§ XXIV. After this manner the Kingdom of God and his Christ, shall come to be made manifest. Blessed are those that shall stand in the Lot of this Age and Time, worthily taking notice how the fore-mentioned Signs do go forward on, as a sure Preludium how near the Kingdom of God is: Which will run parallel, according to the Type of the first Creation: Now it may be considered what is required and may be incumbent on this latter Age, chiefly those that are in a hopeful way of possessing and entering into the Reign of this blessed Day, looking forth when and where the eternal Virgin will appear to cloath any with her bright Clarity. From whence the Kingly Births and Powers shall multiply into Pluralities, abundantly to replenish the new Paradise. This will be a wonderful time: who among Mortals shall it live to see, but such as have reached up to the Faith of a Christ-like Unity, to them this new Kingdom shall stand open and free, to possess in a joyful Triumph and Victory.

§ XXV. I must not omit here, to give the Reader caution to avoid a mistake, concerning the two Representative Figures made mention of. As to the manner of Generation, it is all Purely Spiritual as the Holy Ghost, shall go forth from them, to overshadow and give a conception in such as are Predestinate to bring forth Christ, numerously through corporeal Forms, in his various Spiritual Stature, as from an infant of Days, to the full grown Age. When this Blessed Day shall from on high, spring for the bringing down this Kingdom of Heaven, there will be Marriages of another kind than what has been, all Spiritual, Angelical and Divine: From whence a pure and holy Progeny shall stand in this latter Day upon the Earth; Born as Princely Heirs to Reign with Christ in these lower Regions.

§ XXVI. Further it is also to be taken notice of, that the first Figurative Representatives of this new Modelled Kingdom, in which the Paradisiacal Male and Female, do express Christ and the Virgin, taking up Elementary form, they stand United most intimately, and yet distinct: The Male has his Virgin in himself, and so from thence may multiply a Spiritual Offspring, as was proposed in the first Adam. And on the other Hand, the Female Virgin shall have her Male Power and Spirit in her self, to bring forth in the like manner, according to the excellent Might of the God-Man so incorporating with the Virgin-mind. So that here will be no dependency upon what is without themselves, each one having the Deified Seed, to procreate these Angelical Births from themselves. And tho’ it may be the Wisdom and Counsel of God to take up two Figures, in order to the Matrimonial Tye, yet no bonds will upon them be, as to their outward Persons being confin’d either to place or time; For when the happy Day for their rising and appearance shall be, it will stand in that Glorious liberty, that they may be either Resident together in one Family, or otherwise in two different Nations, for there shall be no let hereby to their United Spirit and Power, that shall Co-work together for the bringing forth, and spreading the Miraculous Powers of Christ’s Kingdom. For by pure Act of Omnipotent Power, this new Creation State must be maintain’d and upheld. Which Government and Authority, will be so surely fix’d and entail’d, as never yet has been known in the World since the Creation. For the Tyde must turn, and the Satanical Powers and Kingdom must give way to the Virgin with her Male-Birth, that shall with the Rod of Iron all opposing Nations crush, and bring under. But others shall see and submit to this Day of Christ’s Glorious Soveraignty, offering themselves willingly to be admitted as Subjects of this Kingdom and Dominion, that is given to the Saints of the Most High. The Motives hereunto will be so great and marvellous, as shall invite all from the highest degrees and ranks of Persons, to the lowest of Conditions: there is a Gate of Paradise that shall be open’d, to such as can derive their descent and Birth-degree, from the Virgin and the Father of Eternity.

§ XXVII. Now it must be further declared, what was Figuratively represented of a fiery Horn fill’d with Oil, that was held in the Hand of an Angelical Person, that was sent forth to Sound: and a Voice was heard saying, Cry aloud, and it was answered, what shall I Cry? And it was said again, O Earth, Earth cast forth thy Dead, that have lain buried with Christ their Head. The power of which Sound, did make the Earth to tremble. And by the dropping Oil out of the fiery Horn gave a Resurrection, Mystically, to all that were dead to the Delight, Love, and Resting in this outward Principle. These were those that were Sign’d and Mark’t, to be made partakers of the first Resurrection-Life; over whom the second Death had no Power, having received the Royal Stamp and Dignifying Power, to Reign as Kings and Priests and Prophets: having the Ghostly Seal upon them of the Father and of the Son. And these being as the first Fruits of God and the Lamb, shall go forth to awaken those that are after another manner Dead, in a sensual and Earthly Life, by sounding forth the Love-call of God to those that are yet Strangers, to the Knowledge of this blessed Resurrection-State.

§ XXVIII. But here it is to be understood, that these do first rise but in the Child-like State, and so grow up as Christ himself did in Wisdom and Stature. This being as the time of their Minority, they cannot suddenly reach to the full possession of their Inheritance and Kingdom: but as Princely Spirits they will be brought up, and served, according to their high Spiritual Birth-Degree. As Moses was brought up in all the Learning of the Egyptians, as the Son of Pharaoh’s Daughter, so shall these Heaven-born Children be taught, disciplin’d and instructed in all the divine Arts in the Royal Court of God their Father, and the new Jerusalem their true Native Mother. From which may be expected the great Deeds and Wonders to be acted forth, after the manner of Moses, and of the Prophets and Apostles: and that in a degree more eminent and Glorious than all has been heretofore; because it will be the manifestation of the great Day of Christ’s setting up his Kingdom and Reign here upon Earth, over all Nations and Kingdoms, which yet never has been: but the Prophesies hereof are now at hand to be fulfill’d. Therefore it is foreseen and shewn, that this fiery Horn does forerun the Seventh Angel’s Sounding; thus to awaken and raise the Dead. The extent and power of which will be such, and the Motives so strongly prevailing as to take hold of the great Potentates, that are in possession of temporal Honours and Riches, Rule and Government. All of which they will be convinc’d are much inferiour, and below what the Children of this Kingdom shall come to inherit. Where there shall be no Cross in their Crowns, no fear of loss or suffering, nor dread of Death. So many are the Prerogatives that do attend this State, that they cannot be number’d. For they have here their Pass out of the Land of Curse, and all Evils and Maladies, into the Land of all Blessing and Plenty, Peace and Joy.

§ XXIX. O ye great and mighty Ones of the Earth, know this Love-Horn has its Commission to you to blow. That so a Resurrection-Life you may advance unto; to put on such Princely Glory, as you need never fear to be Disrobed of. Sure nothing can prevail with such a Love-call as this, for the giving such a full out of the Delights and Pleasures of the Earth. Which will be the most admirable, because hither towards, God has chosen the Poor of this World and the Weaker and Foolish things, to confound the Wise and the Things that are mighty; so that not many wise Men after the Flesh, not many Mighty, not many Noble are call’d: But now it is understood and perceived, that there is a peculiar purpose and good will of God to these; as many as will incline to obey. Who may account it their more abundant Dignity, Pleasure, and Honour, to serve in the Courts of the mighty God and King; Improving all their Interest and Power from him; and counting it their great happiness that they have any Powers, and opportunity, in their Hands, to promote the Reign of Christ in Spirit, according to all that has been made manifest. Thus ye would be as mighty Presidents to turn the Stream and Tide, that hath run so vehemently downwards for the propping up the Satanical and Earthly Kingdom: and cause it as mighty Torrent to run for the Spiritual and Heavenly Kingdom, which may hereby come to spread as Lightning through all Parts.

§ XXX. The second Cry that soundeth out of this fiery Ghostly Horn, is to awaken such Pastors and Watchmen as may go forth in the Power and Spirit of Elijah, to turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children, and the Disobedient to the Wisdom of the Just, for which the Age of Time is now ripening, that such Shepherds God will raise up, as shall feed his Flocks, from a lively Ministration of his own Spirit; and no longer from a low Traditionary Form; for taking up a rest therein: but to move and press themselves and excite others, to reach this Resurrection-Mark. When God shall revive this ancient Prophetical, and Apostolical Spirit in a Publick Ministry, this will be a great Sign that the Harvest of Christ’s Kingdom is to be gathered in. Therefore a Healing Embassage {a body of ambassadors} from Heaven is now sent down, that calleth and urgeth for a Universal Harmony and Unity: Wherefrom may be expected a marvellous and wonderful Change, in bringing out of all Strife, Contention and Division. For the Prince of Love, and Peace, is near to pitch his Throne-Dominion, and Kingdom, first invisibly and Spiritually in the Hearts and Minds; from whence will go forth such mighty influencing Powers, as shall cause all that is destructive to this Love-Kingdom to cease. Highly favoured and blessed will those Holy Watchmen be, that in a Reconciling Spirit shall be sent forth, to prepare a People as Subjects to the mighty King: who in Judgment, Truth, and Righteousness must over the whole Earth Rule and Reign.

§ XXXI. So according to these forementioned Signs, and Prophetical Sounds, a lively hope may spring in the Faithful, who do continually intercede; wait, and pray for the Resurrection-flock to be gather’d in, to feed under the overshadowing Power of the mighty God and Saviour. To whom alone Renown, Praise, and Glory will herefrom throughout the Earth spread.

F  I  N  I   S.

BOOKS Written by the Author.

THE Heavenly Cloud.   1682. 4to.

The Revelation of Revelations.   1683. 4to.

The Enochian Walks with God.   1694. 4to.

The Ascent to the Mount of Vision.   1699. 4to.

A Fountain of Gardens. Two Volumes. The Third Volume going to the Press: Which will compleat this Author’s Diary.

The Laws of Paradise.   1695. 8to.

The Wonders of God’s Creation, manifested in the Variety of Eight Worlds.   1695. 8to.

A Revelation of the Everlasting Gospel.   1697. 8to.

A Message to the Philadephian Society.    1696. 12ves.

A Second Message to the Philadephian Society.   1696. 12ves.

The Messenger of an Universal Peace:    A Third Message to the Philadephian Society.   1698. 12ves.

The Tree of Faith; or, The Tree of Life springing up in the Paradise of God.   1696. 12ves.

The Ark of Faith: or, a Discovery of the New World,   1696. 12 ves.

All these are Translated into High Dutch, and the Two First into Low Dutch.


hand.gif (931 bytes)Note: In The Ascent to the Mount of Vision, May 25. pag.7. line 12, was ommited by the Printer all these Words:

Now if it shall be asked, Where it is that this Mountain, and Holy Paradise shall be found? It is Answered, It is founded upon Holy Ground, where the Philadelphian Knot of Perfect Love-Unity hath sent forth their strong Perfumes, and attractive Powers to fetch in those that are to make up the full Number of the Heavenly Roll, that shall stand with the LAMB: in whose Princely Power and Spirit they shall obtain with Him to Reign. Even so: Amen. All this Confirm by the Seal of the Anointing Power.

[Transcriber’s Note:  The above-mentioned correction was applied to the authentic version of
The Ascent to the Mount of Vision on-line at PTW since September 28, 1999]


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