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Jane Lead, 17th Century Prophetess of God [1624–1704]: A Personal Diary of her Spiritual Experiences and Encounters with the Godhead during 1670 – 1676.  

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A Fountain of Gardens: Volume I

January the 3d. 1676.

Upon whose Encouraging Aspects and Love-drawings, I made my Address in the behalf of my self, and that other distressed Lover, that allowed I might be to ask so great a Boon as her Royal Self to be ours unitedly. Oh dear Sophia, how would this repair our Loss, and recover Honour upon our Disgrace: Oh tell us where thy Walks are, that our Spirits may thee meet; engage we will no other into thy company to bring, but he, in us, who is thy beloved Emmanuel, to whom thou wilt thy Heart impart, and thy Secrets all disclose, he for us boldly will, Oh thou Fairest One, thee Woo and solicitate, darting back those Love-quivers, that may for Languishing Lovers passage find into the deep Abyss of the Eternal Mind, where, as in a pleasant Grove or Bed of Roses, we may sit waiting for the Honey-Dews from thy Lips, which so sweetly drop, when with us thou dost talk: turn away we cannot that Eye, by which we have beheld thy Beautiful Perfection. Oh Love so strongly thou dost move and work, that no Repellings taken notice of are; the Celestial Fire makes this Water of Life within us to boil, that Love runs over as a bubbling Spring into the Fountain, from whence it did begin; which makes our hopes that this mighty Stream and Tyde will fetch home our Virgin-Dove, that with us she may fix, and not out more from us depart, but abide within the most Holy Bodyfied Ark. Thus I was quickened into a sweet Sense of an Immutable Felicity enjoying, while nothing else was suffered to break in to disturb where the new seeking Lovers within the Paradise do walk; this chaste Virgin never is to be seen or spoken with, but either here or in her Father’s most Kingly Court, keeping up to her Princely State, and will confer with nothing which is below her self; it is in vain for any to make attempts her high Favour to obtain, without they can give proof that their descent is equal with the Lamb of God. Oh great Mystery, Christ in us! the true and great Counsellor of this Spirit of Wisdom and vertuous Diadem of Glory; no Ray or Look of Love will she cast, but upon him who is declared to be the Son and Heir of all the Heavens visible, and invisible Glory; this is the Decree of the most single pure Dove, that none might her Descent expect, but such as are throughout sprinkled with the high and sacred Blood, which all clean and neat do make for the Holy Matron within us to cohabit, in free Conference. My interiour Mind was was in great concern to prepare for this Crowning Power upon us, to come down, to effect what yet lay in the Birth of a Sealing Promise, which again was renewed, and spake on this wise to the Steward, which had the Charge of this great and weighty Matter, that is the Spirit of Faith, the true Eliezer, that only faithful Servant which is to be trusted to take a Wife for the Isaac of the Heavenly Country from among the Paradisiacal Inhabitants, which is of near akin to the Most High God, known and allotted according to the Determinate Knowledge of the Father of this blessed Seed, to whom the Heirship and all the Promises appertain: Therefore be strengthened in Hope through the Hand of Faith, which is put under the Thigh for an assured Confirmation, that this my trusty Steward will not fail to bring into thy Tent that choice and lovely Rebecca, which shall refresh and comfort ye after your days of Sorrow and Mourning, in which I have seen you both as one Spirit, in waiting for the Nuptial Day with this Damsel or Dove of chaste Purity. Now then give proof of your ardent Desire and Love unto her, and dispatch and send away this Messenger of Faith which only will and can be successful in this matter, who having the Spirit of Prayer joined with Faith and Prudence, which maketh this Undertaking to be prosperous, so as not to return empty without this worthy and all precious Prize, which will answer to both, and all the Joys of your Spirits mutually to inherit her.


January the 5th. 1676.

From this Word of Instruction I was convinced of the expediency of having conjunction and mixture with the Female Virgin tincture, in which I was made to understand what Force, Might and Strength lieth couched therein, as the Womb which conceiveth and bringeth forth numberless Birth-Powers into a manifest Existence: therefore no sooner do’s the Shilah grow up, which signifies the grown state of Jesus, that for him is designed a Spouse & Bride, that so Male and Female in one pure Virgin-Body might meet together to quicken, and raise the dead Essences of the Life, which so long have been sunk into its central ground, and is not to be awakened but through the uniting Powers of Spiritual Sol and Venus, which is after an Hypostatical going into each other; mingling Powers, according to the Nature and Vertue of the precious Golden Seed which in the divine Matrix is sown, as the Materiality of that most pure Ghostly Body, which from hence is begotten and generated, as was expressly unfolded unto me, that we might know the way and manner of this wonderful propagation through the Spirit and Bride. From this opening the great necessity was shewn me, for the following close this conjugal Band of Marriage-Consummation for effectual operation, depending thereupon: for the God-Man cannot be without his Virgin-Female, which hath the tinctural Deity, which is the Glory of the Lamb, Wisdom’s Bridegroom, which when grown up in us to Marriage-state, seeketh a Companion that is suitably accomplished with all Divine Perfections, for Joy, Delight, and Increase in Heavenly Gifts and Powers, after the Manner of a Divine Celestial co-operation, from whence is the ingendering of all pure Births, that admission and right have to the Kingdom of Light, Joy and Glory. In this lieth the great Secret of the new model of Nature again formed, and quickened in a bodified Substance, far transcending that which is brought forth according to the outward Elements, which is for ever remote from the Father of Spirits, who hath given charge that no Wife shall be taken for his Isaac out from that strange Birth and Lineage: for all bringeth forth according to its Likeness; that which is born of Spirit, is Essential, Mighty and Powerful, as the similitude of God. Now then saith the Spirit, that hath all good will to you, which have made out for this high Match for your selves: Oh go forward and prosper, send forth all your Royal Train to meet your Rebecca at the Wells of Joy and Salvation; present her by the Hand of Faith, those strong scented Love-Bracelets and Chain for her Neck, that may give full Testimony of both your high floated Affections towards her.


February the 16th. 1676.
The going up from the Low Valley towards SION Hill.

BEING now cast upon the Crystalline Shore, and there ordered to set down and wait for what every Spring-Tide out from this Heavenly Ocean would voluntarily into our out-spread Net cast in; which in the Love, Fear, and Holy awfulness I obeyed; resolving to omit no known express of the High Powers in their Orders successively given forth; having their tendency for the bringing us through all the Plunges and Labyrinths of the Mortal Sensitive Life. Who like the King of Heshbon, would by no means permit the Circumcised Israel to pass through his Borders and land peaceably, without commencing War, to afflict and distress, while we are making towards our promised and prepared Mansion-Rest. Such kind of Moabites out of their Quarters do arise over us to Monopolize: but the wise All-foreseeing Star doth yet go before, bidding us follow hard after, with flaming Banners out-flying, which shall strike Terrour into all contradicting Powers, that would us in this our way detain; great Offense we must expect to give, because we only design a clear Pass, and in no one Earthly Village in this low Orb to stay; because our New Jerusalem-Bride, hath to us cryed, haste, come, swiftly pass: burthen not your selves with any Earthly Trade or Stuff: for my pure bubbling burning Sea of Glass will bring in all valuable Store excessively. Therefore a new Wisdom’s Word did spring, saying, Abide quiet, and still under the infolding Rock of most antient and known Power, which now provided for your Covert is, while ye are here appointed to stay: bearing, and suffering the further cleansing of your Vessels, through the rising Springs which here out with mighty force will upon you break in; till thus they washed away have all Matter and Mould, which made you no whit to differ from those who in the outward Life’s Form do walk, act, and live according to the dictate of the corrupt sensitive Nature. Which that ye may be freed and separated from, you are ordered till times-Number shall be fulfilled, by this pure Golden Shore to dwell. Do not mistake to think all yet with you is so perfect, and compleat, as ye need not the burning Streams from this boiling Sea into you to pass. Know ye who are yet my Care and Charge, had I not hitherto you brought, all might have been lost, that hitherto hath been wrought. For what Conquest could ever have been gained, while two Seas permitted were to meet, and cast in upon one Ground? Therefore a stop to the Earthly angry Sea, which foameth from the deep sense of a Quagmire-Center is determined into a restraint, and binding up; for care is taken for the prevention of this continued Strife and Mutiny, which made you in such bitter Conflicts and Soul-Agonies, to be tyring out your days with endless Debates from Reasons strong Assaults. If once for all you can give up to the force of this strong working Tide of that Spirit, whose proceeding is from your God and Jesus, and no more put forth your Hand to prop up what this Holy Fire’s Breath comes down to burn up and consume: If to its Flames ye shall be casting; into your Hands shall come those pernicious Incendiaries that would Strife, War, and Debate within the Gates of that Holy Place of your Minds still promote and maintain. Oh now then of fixed Will, all of one pure Goblet and Lump, without the mixture of any sort of lower Mettaline Mass, let me see you sublimated and wrought into. For I would that ye might yet a Praise and a Crown to your Bride be found, beyond what the present Age hath sounded or brought forth. Great Wrestlings and Vauntings by his exalted Spirits out of an unsound Ground, and polluted Heavens, do put forth, as if the true Lily did blossom, as from out of a dry Shell and hollow Sands. But the Kingdom of thy JESUS is more deep, weighty and substantial, as ye shall witness in the patient, passive Process, if you shall hold out according to my renewed Revelation, which shall attend the Tabernacle Waiters, and Inquirers, with the spotless Ephod upon you, as the separated Ones, to whom my Secrets shall first be made known, in and after another manner, than the Counterfeit Birth-Talkers make their boast of: for a difference I will put among the dry Rods which known shall be by their greening, and fresh flowering, and so shall cause to cease all murmuring and vain Pretendings to my Golden Altar ascending. To which none right have to come, but such as can bring the blossoming Rods with the Name of JESUS thereon ingraven. Also a Golden Ball I do to thee bequeath; take it and swallow it down, and after a while thou shalt feel it dissolve, and out from thee flye: it is the Soveraign Composition-Oil, which will preserve that which is conceived and brought forth, for the donation and manifestation of that Great Day of JESUS: his return, with the last finishing Power that will put an end to all Travels and Labours, Fears and Sorrows. Which solid thing is already given: only wait for its breaking forth.


February the 20th. 1676.

UPON this Prophetical Opening and Instruction, I felt some of the effects working through all parts of the inward Raised Body, and sensibly witnessed by the pure boiling Streams, with force coming to make me all clear, and unclogged of what the Salt brinish Sea had troubled and cast in upon me. Which till I was thereof ridded, and again unladen, my Spirit was as in a plunge, and Dead Man’s Tomb, wherefrom nothing but Horrour doth give forth, as a dead and unsavoury Gust: which so sooner doth the Flood-gate of sense open, from this lower Orb, but this Suffering upon me doth immediately come; for how can two Contraries in one House agree? no Peace or Security is till that only wise and potent Solomon upon the Throne over all do Reign, admitting none but his own Glorified Train. Oh when any of a strange Lineage or Nation into this Kingdom, after its re-establishing do come; how strangely by this Heavenly King are they looked upon? Such are the slights and disdains with scattering Powers of terrible Majesty, that nothing belonging to the Spirit of this World, and its party will in this Holy Place care to stay, though they may, and still do present, and crowd in themselves for disturbance and annoy: as lately an offence and grievance of this kind I did meet withal from a high floating Tide of Sense, with which strange Nations landed upon my Coast from a contrary Sea, who came Balack-like with great Rewards in their Hands to tempt me to leave the Tabernacle of my God, and the Paradisiacal Land, to go along with them back again; where they told me great Possessions might be gained, and I no longer should expose my self to Poverty and Reproach, as upon this visible Stage at present appeared; such provoking Arguments they hard upon me did plye, perswading me no longer to wait within the Ark and Sanctuary of a forelorn Hope, as these subtil Spirits termed it. All which Floods upon we were pour’d; but Jesus my Rock all over covered me, so as these Waters of temptation could not sink into me. This try’d Stone shun’d not to espouse my Cause, and quarrel, and plainly told me, I should not always Married be with Beasts, which out of the Wild Forrest of Nature doth spring: the time was hastening, when they should chained up, and confined be in their own place of Black Darkness, as ashamed to come forth when the set-time is accomplished for the Bridegroom’s appearance unto us; observing for my forewarning that upon or near the time of such invading and disquieting Spirits conspiracy, I am foreshewn it, in way of Vision. As thus, being in the Night season impulsed to breathe out some Spiritual Ejaculations, falling into a slumber, after I found somewhat grasp in upon me, and struggle to take away my Life, having great Wrath and Indignation against me, so as I gave up, thinking they would have mastered me, and bereaved me of Life: but the Holy Watcher was with me, and prevented all Designs against me, setting at that time a Pavillion Guard of Angels to rescue me from the malicious Power, that was by the Spirit of Wisdom to me unfolded. Who verified that many should be the evil Eyes that would watch us both, and rejoice if they might see our Chariot-Wheels stop, and our Hopes over-turned. Therefore the Cry out and from the Holy Place is, Hold out, be strong, give no place nor quarter to the Beast, nor to his Train: for your Jesus is coming to take his Kingdom, and then you shall over all, in like Personality, co-jointly with him Reign.

With these and such manner of initiating Supportations still I found us attended; that our Faith might hold out, and in our Earth be found, when the last Trumpet shall be given for to sound: which in our Day we may hear, if we can see that in our Ground and Field, the fruitful Ear is sprung up, and looketh all White and Ruddy; fit for to be taken and laid up, with that First Sheaf that is entered before us.

Not omitting an other forerunning Discovery of the continued War; like to be still held against, the resolved Pilgrim to its Jerusalem pursuing: Three Nights after this last Combat, I saw a Lamb come up, where I was setting in my Chamber, and run under my Bed: and there followed two Dogs which chased it, and would no where let it be quiet. So it came out to me, as for pity and shelter; then I bestirr’d my self to take these two Molesters, and at last I conquered and made them cease hunting this innocent Lamb, shutting them up. Then this chased meek one came and put its Head into my Bosom for Rest, after its weariness. Much from this was shewed me, and I well know is to have its daily Accomplishment: and therefore in this way is it manifested for Advertisement unto us, who are thus far in the process of Jesus ingaged, that we should not by any of these things be terrified or amazed, while we see the Trophy of Victory concludes the Hellish Tragedy very comfortably.


March the 5th. 1676.

THIS Ghostly Ministration in the Prepared Tabernacle, being all now in my Eye, knowing nothing else would glorifie Jesus his Ministry; The following Manifestation hereof was after this manner presented unto me: A large Fowl which had hatched two Birds I did in that Figure behold, till they were grown to be somewhat fledged, and able to look out for Food, but not able to encounter the cold Blasts, nor the Northern Winds, blowing very contrary, and sharp upon them: which made them shrink for want of fresh shelter, while now they were thus driven to and fro, the Birds of Prey watched narrowly them to devour. But away with speed was sent a fluttering Dove with out-spreading Wings over these to hover to deliver them from the Kites Claws which was just fastening upon the one who was not so strong to run as the other who had got it self immediately under the Dove’s Wing for shelter. Then saw I a Hand snatched up the other Bird, and put it under the Wing of the Dove, who with a swift Flight vanished with them into the Invisible Orb of Light.


March the 6th. 1676.

This Vision was a plain demonstration of the third and last fixed State of the Holy Ghost, who for our succour and relief will come to safe guard and carry us up to our prepared Kingdom, as it was revealed to me, that all former Ministrations would decrease, and unto us cease. Though Wisdom did conceive us in her Womb, and did bring us forth, and so passed us over in our Minority to our Jesus; we by him having attained to a more grown State, he doth transmit us over to the care and charge of the Holy Ghost, where only we shall find winged Power and Shelter, and who will be a glorious Banner over us. Till which we cannot expect to act impregnantly in the Wonders of the high Eternity, who hath therefore given us a new charge, that we may press hard, and most vehemently pursue this day of Pentecost. Which will bring in Omnipotency to concur, and go along with the pure begotten Will. Oh then we shall take scattering Coals of Fire from this Holy Altar-Power, which shall introduce a mighty Flaming Breath from the Golden Stone Within that will dissolve, melt down and bring forth the clear Temple-Form; wherein sits the pure Dove with her Virgin Bride: who will soon make back to drive from us the strong force of all violent Tydes, that so we may upon all Seas float God-like, and ride God-like upon the Wing of the Dove, out of Visible Nature’s Eye. Where with Joy we solemnly do each other greet, being invited by the Governour of this Holy Feast, to set down as joint-Conquerors with him to partake, of what shall be brought forth, in the great Day of the Lamb, and Bride meeting together. When the New Wine out of the Fountain-Grape shall run down the New Jerusalem Streets: when all the Store and Treasure Chambers shall stand open, and nothing shall be sealed up more from us; Who under the covert Wing, of this swift mounting Dove are brought. For the which the Spirit of Jesus hath most truly brought us thus far, as cause we have to hope, in that already I do feel something in me to move, with a Cry still running through me, The Lord your Bridegroom is coming. Which Word as a Cordial-draught is given, to renew both Strength and Spirit. Again, as we were waiting together in and upon our Temple-Service, this Word came unto me, Behold the effect of every Vision is at hand, spare not to strengthen your Tabernacle-stakes, and to fix your Temple-Pillars: for it shall be said from this place, Blessed is the high Throne-Glory, who must prepare a Seat for this Holy One: and strictly watch ye that no unhallowed thing enter in, into this separated place. For you know not how suddenly the transmuting Ghostly Powers will spring out of its own Eternal Ground. Who soon will scent and smell, if any of the old leavened and putrified lump there be remaining. Therefore the cry so often in thy inward Land doth sound, that so no unclean thing may there be found, and that all Earthly stuff may be thrown out of it. For the Holy Ghost is appointed in this new raised Temple to officiate; and all perfect Service to be performed at a higher rate, more Seraphick, and Purer, than in all former Ministrations whatever. Oh now then to my Call and Cry within you, take special Recognizance: it is my Elijah’s Voice, that the Way of the Holy Ghost might be made plain and strait. Take heed no Lyon or Wolf so much as once set their Foot on it. Make your Watch still strong, for slimy muddy Pits are on each hand, the great Leviathan, there doth under Water lie, waiting to see if here you do set your Feet awry. For this subtil Serpent doth well know, hereby all former and present Prophecyes will be prolonged, if not cut off. So that if, by any means, he could Ingulf you within this noisome Pit, where all devouring Fish of Prey do lie, which still would be eating out your Belief and Confidence, in what do’s lie beyond the Border of the Senses, he will not fail to do so. Because it is not for the gross, but for the pure and immaculate Eye only to espy those Celestial Glories. Whereof not only to the Sight, I do here you, (my beloved Lambs) invite; but come, I say, and taste, what in my upper Banqueting-House is to be found, to which ye yet so high never ascended, where the Ghostly Body upon the Crystalline Sea is set. But stay yet ye must, and ye must it not touch with unwashen Hands; with strong scented Oil your Finger must drop, while in this Dish ye them dip, to give proof ye are a prepared Guest, who have put on the Bridegroom as your Robe: this will be your Tickets Testimony, that right you have to eat of this choice Mess, which only for the Bride and Bridegroom are set forth. Though with many sweet and pleasant Fruits, I have out of my Paradisiacal Garden, you fed, and with the Spirit of the Vine, I have your Thirsts often satisfied, yet none like, or to be compared to this. Therefore it is reserved as the strong Meat, which only those that are come to ripe and perfect Age, can bear thereof to eat. Therefore go thy way, and be comforted, that ye are entered into Love’s Eternal Calendar, and may assuredly of this last and great Gift partake, as ye shall in the bright Temple grow, reaching to the full Stature of your Jesus. To which Coming, fear not, but your Father will equally dispense the Holy Ghost, as his free Benevolence. Grow, grow, get up to this high Maturity with all speed: The Most High hath great need of such worthy high Disciplined Spirits to go forth, bearing the Heavenly Trophy, and Banner of Glory, which may take away fallen Nature’s reproach. How much will it be the joy of Wisdom your Mother, to see you come up through all Tribulations to inherit the Antient and Royal Seat, near unto that Great King, your Prince, and personal Saviour; through the introducing of his pure Spirit and Nature: without which ye never had been capable, of so high a Calling, as to have fellowship with him, not only in the Knowledge, but in the joint Possession, without any defraud: as ye shall see impartially, when this ghostly Dove with her Cherubim-Wing, doth with all Power upon you rest, so as no more from you ever to flye, or withdraw. O run hard, still cry, knock and call: I will assure thee from the Word of a God, it shall abundantly answer to all.


A Memorandum.
March the 13th. 1676.

FROM the 6th. of this present, to the 13th. I have been exercised in great Conflicts, upon and through a sudden surprize upon the mortal part of my Companion and Fellow-Labourer in that Paradisiacal Husbandry; he being smote and struck as with a Leviathan Dart upon his Animal and Vital Spirit; the first time was on the Monday, being abroad, upon his returning home; which went over again. The next Day about the same time a Fever took him, and in great Violence seized on his Heart, and so he wrestled a good space of time, in great Anguish; which so affected me, that I drew in, and awakened a great Travel for his escape from these Sorrows of Death, which had so seized upon him: I having had some warning of an imminent Danger and Peril, which I saw the Night before he was first afflicted, and came down to advertise him hereof, before he went from home: As thus, there was a deep Pit with great Swelling Waters, under which the subtil Leviathan, with his outstretched Jaws, did lie, to grasp in such as near there did walk. Now the Doctor with my self being that way to pass, I heard a word uttered, Beware, come not too near: it is a dangerous place. Upon which I watchful was, and took good heed, and avoided it, that the Doctor might not therein be ingulphed; but draw off with all speed. Which did predict there was some Danger nigh; this being the Pit of Death, as by the effect thereof soon did shew it self: But the mighty Jehovah hereunto a Counter-check did give, to reverse what the destroying Angel was upon executing. For this second assault was very grievous, being upon Tuesday; which did abide on his vital Spirits from 4 in the Afternoon, till 10 at Night. In which interim a Daniel’s Spirit did come down, which in us did Pray with mighty fervency, winged up by Faith; as knowing that in this ascending Power stood our help. For after I had ceased, and the Doctor began to Pray, I saw a bright Star glance about his Bed, and a Word came with it unto me, I have heard, and I will deliver, for my own Name sake, out of the present Jaws of Death. This was a signal Evidence that Saving Health was near, and that in this Hour of Exercise Jesus with his Healing Vertue would appear; which soon after was witnessed. So the Pains for that time were asswaged; and he slept that Night, and the next Day had respite: So as we did hope this Storm was gone over. But on Wednesday Night he found himself ill again. So together we did seek the Lord for his Counsel, whether or no he might venture upon some outward means, to help to remove that violent Humour, which by that strong Leviathan, would have grasped away his Life. For without permission from the Court and College of our Spiritual Physicians, we dared not to adventure; because we had committed the whole Cure of this deadly Wound, to those All-healing Soveraign Powers.

While then we were supplicating and soliciting to know the Mind of Wisdom herein, this Word came; It is suffered in condescension to the instability of your Faith: however by Grace the corruptible Drugs shall be changed in their Constitution, and Quality: for else they in this case could not be available. For know, that my secret Medicine must be the Preparative. Then after this the Doctor was free to take a Powder, which gave him two or three Vomits, and Purgations. On Thursday Morning after which he was very cheerful, and thought himself to be eased of his weight, and talon which had so terrified him: but after he had Dined, it beset him again, more fiercely and violently than at any time before; the extremity being so great, as he desired to be released by Death, as the greatest kindness, which he could in this hour of Extremity of his Heavenly Father seek and request for. At this sudden onset upon him I was somewhat staggered: for the Black Cloud of Death seemed all over to cover him, which seemed to make void and frustrate those Words and Tokens I had received for his Restoration on the Tuesday Night before. But in this juncture of time I felt a Power upon me to descend, that made me Pray as in an all-Bloody-Agony: and a mighty Strife betwixt Fear and Faith was in me. But the strong Angel of Faith prevailed, and I felt something move, that was all aiery, mighty, and swift, to overcome and conquer: and which would not permit to give him up to what he himself desired. Then had I a sight of all the dark afflicting Powers to be put under his Feet, and that they should no longer over his mortal part have power. The Relation of which I did declare: but such was his anguish, that at that time he could nothing from me hear. So this Day and Night was passed away in this terrible Conflict. All Night I retired from him, wrestling with my God on his behalf; waiting and watching what the issue of this trial would be. For I do not know that I ever was in any one thing more proved; because of the Word that came, that he should be saved from Death. Towards the Morning this Word came to me, God is not a Man, that he should repent, or reverse what he hath spoken, as to him for whom thou hast prayed. Then coming to him, I found him yet ill. Then had I another Word all that Day followed me, saying, I am come to give him Life, and that more abundantly: therefore let thy mind hereupon be stayed. So I saw the good Hand of our God was Near, and did the whole Cure; and after this Bleeding he found a great alteration, although before that, his Extremity was much mitigated, but not so sensibly taking it away, as he now in himself did see. So that by the Counsel of Wisdom, he was hereunto directed most expressly; to whose sight the Malady was only conspicuous: all outward Physicians in their sight would have been too short, and their power too weak; and had been befooled and frustrated, if any expectation had been thence. For the Word for immediate Healing still followed close one upon another, as matter of doubt arose. Again the Word thus spake, O faithless and unbelieving, have I not said I will make him perfectly whole? Which was the last Confirmation, that I had on his behalf, as to his outward Recovery. Upon which I fully rested, and was quieted as to him, who from this time recruited his Natural Force and Strength, which was abated more than he himself was sensible of. But gradually he shall grow to his former strength again, as a Monument of Praise to him, who had renewed his Life and Being: which the Princess of this World did War against, with all the poysonable Influences of the lower Elements, concurring, and triumphing that their Mortal Robe was wrought out in him. For the Dragon did see he would much more be a professed Enemy than ever, to all his strong Holds and Territories. But Wisdom’s Antidote of such an high extracted Composition was made up, that it expelled all his poysonable Influences; she coming in with her Adjuring Power and unresistible Spell, saying, O Death, I will be thy Death: Thus the Victory was obtained through the Life-Blood, sprouting fresh from the Fountain-Godhead.

Praise, Praise; Glory, Glory, all in us, all round about us, go forth with Acclamations,
and Thanksgiving-Offerings for such a signal Deliverance, as we have been made Witnesses of,
which for our future Encouragement
Jehovah hath wrought.


March the 15th. 1676.

After all this, coming into my solitary composure of Spirit, waiting upon my Temple-Office and Service, where I met with a bright encompassing Cloud, the Tabernacle-Witness rose, and spake thus in me, I have now answered to thee the desire of thy Heart, who pressed me hard to give thee a Sign to effect somewhat through the operating force of Faith, that it might work to a Deed and Wonder. Behold, and see this in the reviving, and restoring thy Friend’s dead Body: which is to be great and marvellous to each Spiritual Eye. For know all this restoration was managed by my Omnipotency, that ye might not doubt the Root of this all sprouting Power will yet further work out, and that your Prince and Saviour may yet live again that hath been so long slain. Expect him: he is at hand, to take now for himself in you a Kingdom, wherein the peaceable Reign shall be by this Solomon. And the Holy Temple must be Built by Wisdom’s Hand, that the most Holy Dove hereupon may descend most swiftly to rouse, and raise up the dead Seed which asleep is yet in Jesus; therefore know as a Type of this, was this late raised man, who through great Strife hath obtained his Life. Now the same strong Angelical Powers that here did move in thee, on his behalf, must doubled be upon you both, for the drawing down the Riding Power, and Triumphing Birth of this more excellent Life of the Holy Ghost.


March the 16th. 1676.

The Doctor being much recover’d, and the Mountain, and heavy Talon of Death removed, he was very sweetly Spirited on the Lord’s Day, and carried out in Prayer, speaking & singing. A few of us meeting together, did own that day his Signal Deliverance. The next day, being Monday, in the Forenoon waiting together, I had this Word put into my Mouth immediately and unexpectedly. As verily as ye have been Witnesses of my Power in plucking him out of the Pit of Death, and guarding him from the violent Executioner thereof; so this shall be a sign that ye shall ascend up into the House of the Lord, even the Holy Mountain of that God, who hath in this hour of distress appeared, and ye shall surely inherit the precious things, that your Eyes shall there see: Which have been long laid up in store, to be given to such, as can ascend with their bright Temple-Bodies, which are now to be your Change of Rayment, that ye may in this Holy Place both meet and know; I am, and will be unto you what yet cannot be conceived or believed. Therefore to the charge of Wisdom expressly keep, and ye shall see what the issue of being obedient to the Law of her Mouth shall be: who would not that ye should have less Purity, Power, and Dignity than your Jesus who is exalted, and hath the Command to give, and take, whatever doth lie in the Father’s vast Treasury. Know then no less freedom, ye shall have with Wisdom, in her secret Stores, who nothing will or can deny to conquering Spirits, who through all Throngs do push, and through all Armies do pass, and will not be fearful, or so unbelieving as to be terrified, although ye should like Elisha be encompassed with Legions of contradicting Spirits. Which may happen to prove what Magnanimity, and Spirit of Faith ye have, to trust unto: And whether or no ye will resort to this Treasure, that lately hath been broken up for you, that ye might know where still to retire, and on all occasions go to seek out what Power and Armory of Strength, ye shall need for your present Succour and Fortitude. Oh towards this let your Eyes be most absolutely fixed: for it is your Father’s pleasure, out of this Temple, and Treasure-House to bless you. Covet nothing here below, but wait ye upon that liberal Hand, which doth all out here command. If ye can arrive to believe it without doubting, then ye shall see what weighty Draughts out of Wisdom’s Deep you will be able to draw up at pleasure; so as ye will no more need, or regard to go down to this World’s enchanted Sorceries for aid. All and enough you will have in your own Power. Search and see what in this City-Treasury is: as you are by Wisdom brought up hereunto. Take boldness and freedom to ask, and take what may make for your Preferment, in all proportionableness to Christ your Head. Who is the great Prince and Commander here, and would have you dispatch, and clear off all Earthly Scores, and come after him with all your ascending Might, where there is depth of Glory to drown ye, out of all transitory Sight. Remember ye that Word which he said, and do now in Spirit aver it again to thee, that all whatever the Immense Deity hath to the utmost, and full extent of that fulness in all Riches, Power, and Greatness to an Everlasting Dominion is now possessed by this Jesus, as his own in common, with the high Throne-Majesty. And hath power to entail the same where, and upon whom he will. By which Will, ye are elected and chosen by this great and high Apostle, to the same Profession, and Participation of Power, and Dignity, as joint-Heirs with him. Therefore take heed, that ye derogate not from this your high Calling, but bear up to the Witness hereof, and to the acknowledgment of the Father, the Word, and the Spirit of Wisdom, all agreeing to empress the Mark, and living Seal upon you, that so right to all those wonderful, and rich Goods, that have been shewn you, in the House of your God, ye may jointly enter upon, as your own Inheritance. Hitherto ye have stood off in the mistrust, and dispute, whether or no ye might make challenge hereunto, as being anxious of Sin, and inaffected, which indeed might well clip the Wing of your ascending Power, and dash your confidence. For no boldness indeed here could be, till Jesus by Water, Blood and Spirit, did come to cleanse you fully and throughly from all Sin and Unrighteousness, and thereby he himself became your Temple-Body, as now ye may witness indeed. Therefore Stowage is made for taking in of these precious things. Open wide henceforth, and let all in, which shall drop from the Everlasting Oily Mountains, and heavenly Hills, upon the pure Gardens of your pure Minds, and whatever shall distill, as upon my choice Lillies on the smooth Waters of Shiloh.


March the 19th.

Upon this Day is a large Transcript by Dr. P. of some Divine Opening, which he thought good to conceal under a secret Cypher; and may possibly relate to some Oppositions against this Temple-Work.



March the 23d. 1676.

On the Morning Watch, as I was spreading the present distress of things, this Word came to me pointing to the Doctor’s Salvation, Salvation, and Victory! The oppressed at last shall go free; If zealous as Phineas, he shall be for me; His Eye is not to pity or spare, but he is to rise up in his Priestly Power to kill and destroy, that which hath his Nazarite Purity defiled and annoyed. Then no more Curse nor Plague, but all shall be stopt and staid. I have attempted this Bloody Offering, nothing more precious is to my Sight: nothing like this could make way, for the high ascending of my beloved Pilgrim, who so long with Weights and Fetters from me hath been kept down, and evermore by one or other, was still bound. Oh the free, and undefiled Virgin-Spirit is for me, who makes but one Heart with me. This Word came very emphatically and powerfully, and hath a weight speaking in them; which my Spirit did breathe out for their effect, upon this beloved Nazarite, that so all Plummets might be cut off, and the Tomb-stone removed, which did keep down his rising Body, that is no more to be touched with mortal Senses; being elected for a high and unparalleled Work, which will admit of no hanging upon by any thing that is ponderous.



March the 24th. 1676.
A Breviate of the late Perils we were in.

HAVING for some space of time, encountered with high Storms & great Blusterings, one swelling Wave following another, threatening to tear and to make a wrack, and split our Ship, in which we were embarked, through the good Hand of the most high Wisdom: Being now come within the sight of our Land-mark, which so near was to be anchored upon; such were the contrary Winds from the Troubler, as to put us back again in this our Spiritual Voyage. But the Good Pilot, whom the Seas and Winds must still obey, was for, and with us, sending forth the Words of Power and Authority, for this raging foaming Sea, which cast up Miery Mountains, to be still and quiet: which otherwise would have sunk the Ark of our Faith, which, to the Praise of Jehovah, was mightily in all these violent fumations born up, and secured, we being charged not to fear, nor to move out here, but still to hoist up that mighty Sail, and to wait for that holy Breath and Wind; Which none know, but they that are in it, from whence it comes, and whither it will carry such, as wholly confide in it; as may be spoken by the Experienced. For being in great Conflict, upon the Doctor’s account, whom the evil ones Malice was chiefly set against, to keep him down from rising in his work: having put such an Iron-Yoke upon his Neck, and Burthen upon his Shoulder, as grew more heavy and oppressing, as his Sight was grown clear, and Judgment sound, having been a long time in great Sufferings under it, which for the working Wheel’s sake, which jointly we were engaged in, I was often and much in private with my God, for a total release and acquitment, that whatever pestered, and hung upon him now undesirable, might be cut off. For to me it was said again and again, An untouched and free Nazarite from all Dalilah’s, thy Yoke-fellow must be, or else under the Curb of this grievous Iron-Yoke, which will crush and stop his Vital-Breath Powers, so as to hinder the free passage and play of Wisdom’s bright Star, which alone will lie as a bundle of Myrrh in the Bosom of his pure Heart. Single Chastity is all, and the chief Dowry which she makes Inquisition for, and therefore of all low amorous entangling Loves, we had need to be well aware: to one only Mate we must for ever cleave, and so bear his Name, and so we shall wear all his Royal state. These Counsels still daily followed me, since his deliverance out of the Snare and Pit of Death, so did I believe to see all Cords would be broken; for that Word came to me the 20th. instant, I will arise, saith thy God, as in Mount Perazim, that he may do his Work, his strange Work, and bring to pass his strange Act. This Scripture was brought to me, and opened thus, being much stated and presented, as our Cause was parallel with David, whom God highly approved for, that being newly settled in his Kingdom, after great Wars, was again invaded by the Philistines, and having brought up the Ark of God, enquiring, had a resolve, that his Enemies should be subdued before him; as he acknowledged, saying, That God had broken in upon them, like the breaking forth of Waters, therefore they call the Name of that place, 1Chron. 14.11. Baal Perazim. Now this by the Prophet Isaiah, is called over and made mention of, Prophecying for such a Manifestation of his Rising Power yet to come, when again he will set his Hand, as in our Day, to recover us out of the hand of the Spoiler. Being much distressed for the Work, lest these Inundations should stop the Life-Wheel, either in them, or in my self going forward, this sweet Word was opened to me; I will arise as in Mount Perazim, your Enemies shall know ye do not go out in Battle without a God’s Armory: Your Ark which is rising, will, and shall make all, in you, and all without you to reel, stagger, and fall before you: for I have yet greater and more mighty Deeds, and strange Acts to appear in, for my own renown, in, by, and through, those, in whom I find a David’s Spirit and Heart according to my own: with such shall not only go forth my rushing Sounds, but strong Powers, to effect and bring to pass, strange and mighty Acts; whereby it shall be known in whom my Temple-Glory resteth. I will now arise to give my signal Mark of Honour to my deified and contemned ones, my Spirit shall begin to move even now at times, as ye shall look and wait for it, within the Tent of Nature, as the forerunning Scatterings of that promised all Ghostly Dominion and Power, that is very ready, and near to be revealed to the pure Jerusalem-Worshippers and constant Waiters: upon whom my Eye will be, to confer upon them this great Dowry which will not be entrusted but with most constant Attenders in the pure Temple-Body of Jesus; waiting and offering upon that Altar within, being determinated into a stable, fixed, unchangeable Mind and Spirit. This is that which is expected from you both; whom Wisdom hath with her Love-guile caught in, with her Golden Cords, that ye may to this great state of glorious dominion reach, though it doth cost you so high as the death and breach to all other Lives, wherein the vain empty solacements of this visible State stood: in the despising of which no Repentance shall ever be, but Reward upon Reward after all Tribulations out of your Mother Wisdom’s Treasury shall you fetch out whatever good and profitable things you shall thereby espy, to use and spend, to the account and way of my Glory.


March the 25th. 1676.

This Morning I felt mighty strong Gusts, and Powers come into me, which ascended out in Prayers, that the Sign might follow to give the demonstration of our particular Election, and Calling: as it did upon the first Gospel Professors; that we might have Power to cast out unclean Spirits: So to co-work and mingle with the Meek and Eternal Life-Essences of the Lamb, as that we may be able to send forth such vertual Rays of Powers, and Sweetnesses, for our own and others Safety, Guard, and Relief. For I heard this Word: Go not out without your Shepherd’s Bag and his Staff; for out of an Invisible Store ye must spend, and bring out from your own Heavenly Country and Father’s House; as unknown and Strangers in this Land, where your outward Feet do stand; who will not trust, or credit further to you give, than they shall see that ye have got with you Great Caesar’s Decree, and Superscription upon your Coyn, written round about with that Name, I am the Alpha and Omega: This will, O my Dove Spirits, with you every where pass: and all your Enemies, and all that are alienated, and Strangers to you, now shall seek to make a Covenant, League and Peace; for why? they will cry the Name of God, wherein all the blessing doth lie; upon the Foreheads of these is written most visibly. This is the Strange Work, that I am for you bringing to pass, if ye still will guided be, by Wisdom’s Counsel, and her bright Eye, ye shall to this most high Degree arise: and thereby Honour your Spiritual Parentage. Henceforth forbear to sort your selves with what is not of the same most inward Fold, with whom your great Shepherd doth walk, and can only with new risen Spirits talk, and be open and free, as lodging in one Heart of Purity; together for mutual Joys and Embracings highly Magical, whereby you will draw out most mighty Force and Strength, to aid and back whatever in my Work and Service ye are intent upon; as thou hast witnessed already a good Confession of me, so still maintain Truth’s liberty: stand up in the Christ-like Might, and in him thou will tread down strength: and nothing shall be too hard for thee. Thy defence and security shall be from the flowing Oyl, running through the Unicorn, that mighty is to push and batter down all exalted Towers, which now will be raised against those, who my appointed Standard-bearers are, to proclaim my Flag of defiance, in the view and sight of such as live in great despight, decrying down my Paradisiacal Laws, Liberties, and Kingly Rights.


March the 26th. 1676.

The Lord’s Day we met together by our selves, a Word was spoken for the Measuring-Line, to compare and measure our selves by the perfect Love which casteth out all other Fears and Loves but that which is Above, and of the Virgin-Purity, where the danger was shewn of Treachery, to forestall this chaste Love from our Love for our Jesus. Much in power was sounded forth to this purpose, and whom it did hit, it was good Word to such.


March the 27th. 1676.

This Morning great Emanations flowed in upon me, from out of the Vital Center, as the springing Flowers from the Rivers of Joy. Out of the Sanctuary this Word of Comfort opened, that though Balack had called out Balaam to curse you, that are my choice Seed; yet I, Wisdom, as your good Guardian-Angel, have stood to resist him, and have frustrated all the Tokens of the Diviners. The depths of Satan began mystically to work, calling the furious Might, as the Prophet to be the furious Avenger. Here hath been attempt upon attempt against the Election, cry upon cry for Fire to consume. But be of good cheer, and do ye fear nothing more hereof, for your God hath Justified: and the Prayer of the Humble and Penitent hath been heard, and hath shut out the Accuser with all their complaints, whose Mouths are stopped. Balaam doth now well see, that he is under restraint and limitation, finding no Might to effect what in his Eye did seem just and right. Therefore he subjected is not willingly, but forced by an uncontrollable Soveraignty and divine Spell, as nothing from the dark Magick could nullifie. Henceforth love and magnifie him that hath without shadow of change thus appeared to save, secure, and to deliver from all Plots and Charms, whereby weaker and faint all Powers of this kind will grow, because all Attempts shall still be frustrated; while in the single Purity ye my Dove-Mates shall keep to your allotted One; who is the fore-ordained Bridegroom, who is worthy, and will draw you into no Premunire: ye may safely venture all the Stock of your Spirit, to the utmost height of all Loves, Joys, Assistances, and sow all these without fear, into the Ground-Heart of the Immanuel; and ye shall see what a fruitful Crop this will bring in.


March the 28th. 1676.

The Case of a Laban and Jacob was brought to me, as having a special reference to the Doctor. That as Jacob grew very weary of living in a strange Land, and under servitude and Bonds, now longed to be a free Spirit, and to return to his Father’s House; with that Spiritual Stock, and Riches of Life, that Wisdom had blessed him withal, and to provide for the sustainment of his own Family, within himself, of which the outward was but a shadow and type of. So it was shewn me in like manner this was the time, & the full Experiment of the Doctor’s long and weary servitude, in a strange Land and Country, who was now called to separate, and come away to his Father’s House, and to draw in all his Substance and Stock of Vital Spirit, whenceforth the pure Virgin-Essences do spring, that nothing thereof might be scattered, or left behind: for all will be little enough to supply and maintain that which is of pure Generation in him; wherein will consist his true Joy and Pleasure to him, to see his Sons and Daughter, his Men-Servants and Maid-Servants, to grow up to Stature fat and flourishing in his own House. In this saith the Spirit shall be his Blessing; but while these things are upon the prosecution, great Tribulations from the Laban Spirit must be expected, for he will never consent to let Jacob go. Therefore Wisdom did put it into his Heart, to make the breach by stealing away: for Laban with his subtle Entreaties, would have plyed him as formerly. Which to avoid, he resolved to make his own way, sore longing after his Father’s House, which made him run the hazard of all Laban’s displeasure. This wise understanding Spirit was now given to the Doctor, to be courageous, and so to resolve to take his Flight and Journey on; having with him, and for him Jacob’s Angel, that will not leave him, till safe conducted into the inward Court of the Love, and Joy-presence of the Father. Now in the process thereto, Laban raiseth an Army, that are of the same Evil Eye with himself, and these pursue hard to overtake, but God disappoints the Evil intended, and gives warning, saying, I warn and charge, that ye let my First-Born go free, touch not mine Anointed, for he must now Ascend to me; no Bonds or Cords shall evermore be upon him, but as a free Denison in my Holy City, is he to wait upon all my Commands. For my Work is so great, that all must be taken up in them. Ye who hasten up your selves thereunto, must be found in one entire Act, working with the Spirit of my Might, without sloth. For which end I have now set you free, that ye may stand obligatory to no other Commands, but wait to receive Laws and Injunctions as Wisdom shall renew to you. The Oyl will not cease to run, empty your Vessels as fast as you can, it will become in you a rising Bubbling Life, till it hath made you pure without Sin. By which you will give proof, that you are the first Redeemed out of the Earth. Go on to this Work, my elected Ones, the high Powers of Eternity are with you, to effect what the Spirit of Wisdom doth direct unto you.


April the 4th. 1676.

FROM the Love-circling of a mighty Seraphim-flame which I felt burn up in my Heart-Altar, a soft sweet Breath moved as a Mist, or white Cloud: It all over-covered and filled the Sacred Tabernacle of the Mind, as with a still silent Glory, which included and comprehended its own Ideal Being in me coming to drink and suck up, what of its own, it could find scatter’d among the Ruins of Time, and bundle of Mortality. The head-Principality then calleth for all in, to make up the Perfect man, Bone to its Bone, and Sinew to its Sinew, all jointed and set in lovely order, which while divided, and in piece-meals, could be of no force, but lieth as dead and useless, till the forming Hand gathers, and unites them each in order to the Jerusalem’s Glory. It was here shewed to me, that many Births have come forth dismembered; some have wanted Eyes, others have wanted a Hand, another Feet, another an Ear. And while any one of these have been wanting, as to the inward spiritual Man, no degrees of Ascending could be: none could be taken into the Courts of the Lord, nor be a work-man for the Lord, without the use of all these Spiritual Members, wherein the full force of a Spirit doth consist. This word of Advice and Caution came with a full gust to try and examine whether we, who were set out appointed to be Labourers in God’s Harvest, and Priests to officiate, and Ministers in the most Holy Place, were no way deficient; but sound, perfect, and without blemish, having all parts entire, making up a compleat Spiritual Body, each one in our selves. As also nourished up to a strong full-grown Man. Otherwise saith the Anointing, which knoweth all things, ye cannot go forward to dig and undermine twelve Foundations deep; upon which my Holy City stands, that doth command all Worlds with their Kingdoms: Which ye are to do, and search into, as strong and mighty for this Service of the Lord; who saith, Come forth and stand before me, that I may see whether or no ye be clear, single, pure, and sound in every part, and to no one Creature or thing pre-ingaged, but aloof off in alienation from all dry, earthly succours do stand. Then will I link and fix you in and among my Royal Band, who allotted are to be Foundation Stones of the Great City, where my Name is writ upon. This is the highest, and last Service, which I have for you to do, and hitherto would not hereunto put you; till Wisdom’s Spirit in highest measure be grown up, for the management and carrying on of so high and mystical a part, which excels, and transcends all Buildings whatever, that have gone before your Temple and Sanctuary Purity; all inferiour is to this. That which was lacking in them, must be perfected here in this; by this descending and all-compounding Glory, which meets all in one here, where now are descried the Lame, the Blind, and the Halt; none of whom are so much as to look within this high Mountain of Holiness, upon which the Glory resteth. Neither can any come hither, who bring not their twelve tried Foundation-Stones along with them.

To which end the Spirit, which revealeth all secret deep things, doth give for the manifestation hereof unto thee: That thou mayst know what maketh thee further meet, to inherit this City, which hath such transparent Foundations. For so unvariable is Wisdom’s Heart of Love, that hath moved the Chariot-Wheels of thy Spirit, and brought thee thus far, even to the Gate, and entrance of this magnificent place, as by no means here to be shut out, where ye are designed for Marriage. If ye can, all over conquering first ascend to the Rock; where these wonderful Precious Stones are to be found, both for Foundation and Garnishing. See then here, whither the flight of thy Spirit must be, namely to Wisdom’s Treasure-House, from whom all must be fetched down, for the City building. Here carried up thou must be in thy Spirit, not only to see in Vision, or in bare Ideas these Stones of Glory, but to have them put upon thee, as thy Breast-plate, row upon row; with the engraving of that new Name, which giveth sound Judgment, and perfect Sight and Understanding into all Visibles and Invisibles. This is a great estate, which I am now setting before you, and also bringing into you, as ye shall be able to bear the Glory of it, which will be all Consuming to the existency of your present Heavens and Earth. Which can no longer abide; but they must fall away, and flee at the bright rising of this Sion-Beauty in Crystalline Appearance, and Celestial Cloathing. Rejoyce ye, O my Dove Spirits, in what I am about to create and to lay in you anew, such Foundations as shall make my Name the Praise in these New Heavens and Earth; upon which my beloved City shall be placed. In order to this, ye must suffer the Plummet-Line, in the Guardian Angels Hand to measure the height, length, and breadth of this walled City, each one within your own New Earth. The Dung of which must be all fanned, through that Sieve of immaculateness, which will let no mixture or old Earth pass through. The Heavens that now must be in your circling Clarification, continually must be pure, bright, and without mixture. For consider for whom this City is prepared and builded, is it not for one, who is terrible in Holiness and Purity, and that only can dwell, with what is like himself? Behold now, and hear that Word again, saying, I decree all things in ye New, as chosen Testators of this my Will, and as my front Battelers, and primary Builders, working according to the Law-giver, and Rule-setter; whose Eye and Hand shall prove it self great, and mighty, as ye shall thereupon rest immediately, for all counsel and aid, and shall thereto still flye for Wisdom.

April the 5th. 1676.

In the Night-Vision, I with another Person were to make a new remove to some place, which we had no knowledge of, being under a strict limitation thereto to hasten. The way, which we were to pass, I saw as a fiery Oven, which when we came at, put us to a stop: then waiting and looking on it a while, the Flames died, and soon were vanished. Then the guiding Word said, Pass on, fear not, the place is not now too hot to set your Feet upon; which after some debate with our selves, we ventured through. Then was presented to our view, a Knot of all Precious Stones, as if they had been taken out of a Rock: truly they were for Colours, and Brightness, and Sparkling, so excelling, so wonderful Transparent, as all, and the highest of what can be illustrated out from this Creation, is but a gloomy shadow hereunto. The glance was sudden and soon passed out of my view, only pointing and leaving a great Impression, as to the late Manifestation, and the moving forward to the Jerusalem-Work. Which yet required a higher, and more Seraphick ascending up of our Spirits, then hitherto hath been: which I was in great Jeopardy about, both for that others, and also for my own sufficiency, and spiritual ability to go forward, and through paved Spirits to follow on. For the Vision shewed me, we should meet with hot work, but that it would be allayed and overcome for us. After which I saw our way made to pass through Waters, before we could come to this City: That Word still saying, Only believe, and I will pass on before you, proclaiming my Name, and opening to you the Foundation of it; from whence your strength shall arise, and your pregnant Power shall be known. Who now then must be your Master-Builder, to instruct you in this Foundation Work, but that Wisdom, which was with Jehovah from everlasting, who gave Being and Existency, according to the Spiration of the Eternal Will? Even so in like manner, must this moving Will-power again go forth, for the removing and undoing, what the dark Fire enkindled Properties have done; racing and pulling down that Babylonish Building to the Ground that its place may be found no more, nor yet its turbulent Sea. For I am making a Way for you, out of all these first desolate part of things: your Hands with me, I require you to put, and so you shall stop, and prevent the Flood-Gates of the Beast, and of the Serpent’s fury. Come now, and I will shew you where all these Foundation Stones do lie: look, see within the compass of your new Earth, and of the burning Glassy Sea, treasure-matter, for this Foundation-Building here ye may espy. Therefore the Golden Plummet of my Spirit shall be given to you, that so ye may be able not only to sound, but also to bring up what lieth couched here beneath.

The first Stone which the Spirit drew up to view, was a bright Saphire, upon which was engraven the great name Jehovah Shammah. The second was an Onyx-stone, with Everlasting Wisdom written upon it. The third was a Beryl, presenting the Flaming and Ghostly Breath, issuing forth in sparkling power. The Second Row, the first is the Jasper, which is all Light sparkling, like to the Diamond; upon this is engraven the Express Word, or Image, of God. The second Stone of this second Row is a Sardius, it is a Sardine-stone, which represents the Virgin-Purity, as meet to unite to the Jasper. The third Stone of this Row is an Amethyst, upon which is engraven the highest degree of Seraphick Love, that cements all in one. The third Row, the first of which is an Emerald, upon which is engraven rich Knowledge, or sound Judgment, to the understanding of all Spiritual Arts and Sciences whatever. The second in this Row is a Chrysolite, a Stone for all clear Revelation; engraven upon it are the seven Eyes, for its All-seeing: nothing is unsearchable to it. The third is an Adamant; in this Stone lieth Almighty Strength, great fortitude and power to resist all Batteries and Assaults whatever; it is so impregnated with virtual Power. The fourth Row, the first Stone of it a Jacynth, this sparkling Stone can live, and subsist in all Fire, and can endure the Touch from all these Fire-Stones; the engravement upon this is, all precious Faith, that is the conquerour through the long Patience. The second of this row is a Chalcedony, this Stone beareth the engraving of high Joy, Peace, and Righteousness upon it, representing the true Jerusalem-state, and the real Reign of Great Solomon. The third and last of this Row is the great Top-Stone, which is a Chrysoprasus, upon which is engraven the shout of a King; for here is Salvation and Victory. For the Lord great and mighty hath laid all the Foundation here for a sure Defence.

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ERRATA for above :
Col.1, line 3 should read Exod.28.17
Col 2, line 5 should read Rev.20.v.19,20
Col.3, line 8 should read A Topaz and a Carbuncle

  1. The Jasper Stone, the nature of it, it is clear as Crystal, mentioned Rev. 21.11 and Chap.4.3. He that sat was to look upon like Jasper.
  2. The Saphire, a transparent Stone, mentioned in Ezek. 1.26. and Chap.10.1. A Throne as the appearance of a Saphire Stone. Also Tob. 13.16. Jerusalem shall be built with Saphires.
  3. Stone, a Chalcedony, I find to be like the Carbuncle.
  4. An Emrauld Stone, mentioned in Rev. 4.3. In sight like unto an Emrauld. Also Tob. 13.16.
  5. A Sardonyx Stone, it is almost one with a Sardius or Sardine Stone.
  6. A Sardius, or a Sardine Stone, it is a transparent Ruby: It is mentioned Rev. 4.3. He that sat was like a Sardine Stone.
  7. A Chrysolite, is a Gem full of Majesty, shining throughout with a Golden Lustre.
  8. A Beryl, mentioned Dan. 10.6. His Body like to Beryl. Tob. 13.17. The Streets of Jerusalem shall be paved with Beryl.
  9. A Topaz or Carbuncle, mentioned Isa. 54.12. Thy Gates of Carbuncles. Ezek. 28.13. mentioned also in the Pavement of Jerusalem, Tob. 13.17.
  10. A Chrysoprasus, or an Agate, mentioned Isa. 54.12. Thy Windows of Agates. Mentioned Ezek .27.16. there Chrysoprasus and Agate seem to be all one. It may well be called the Stone of Ophir, in the Prophecy of Old Tobias, Chap. 13.17.
  11. A Jacynth, or Hyacinth, It is of the Royal Purple Colour.
  12. An Amethyst.

The Diamond is mentioned, Ezek. 28.18. and Chap. 39.11. and 28.13.

The Onyx-Stone is mentioned, Ezek. 28.20. and Chap. 39.13.

[Dr. John Pordage]


After this follows Wisdoms Call out of this City; whence she also with much Majesty descended, and gave Rules for the Carrying on of the Great Work, and for the bringing down of the said Jerusalem from God: which are not to be found either among the Authors Papers, or in Dr. P’s Copy; But may in part be supplied, from what was afterward opened in the Treatise of the Eight Worlds.


April the 6th. 1676.
A Call to this Searching from out of New-Jerusalem.

O Thou inquisitive Spirit, what is it thou hast seen in my Glass; A City which is founded upon a Rock of all Precious Stones? The measuring Line is still in the Hand of thy Angel-guide, to shew thee further hereinto: And now to present the Walls, that must be raised upon these twelve Foundations. The Line of my Eternal Spirit is squaring all according to Wisdom’s Counsel. What now thinkest thou are to be the Materials of these Walls but all flaming Seraphims, holding Palms of Victory, and light glittering Shields in their Hands? These are the Walls, which shall ever be before me garnished, with the bright sparkling Powers of Cherub-work, every where engraven by the Pencil of my Spirit: Who skilful is to write in Gold the Inscription of the highest Perfection of Holiness, round these Walls. Nothing out here springing will be, but Lillies and blushing Roses, which represent the mutual Embraces of the Bridegroom and Bride. Whose Emblems every where, within this Holy Place, are to be pourtraied, as a new formed Image, of unchangeable Beauty and Perfection, in the room and place of that faded, withered couple, who lost their Virgin Purity, staining their Bridal Garments; so as Paradise could no longer bear them, but fled away from them. But, behold! here is a new state of things opening, much more transcendent than the Paradisiacal Birth and Generation. For out of this City will come the true and right Marriage, of which the first was but a Type; for the Lamb and the Bride will bring forth here a fruitful Off-spring; as it is said of this Zion, Blessed is the Man that is born out hence: Blessed is the Man that is begotten within these Celestial Walls. For take notice, there is much difference betwixt the Paradisiacal State, and Situation, and this of Jerusalem, which is encompassed all about with Seraphick flaming Cherubims. There was only One to keep and guard the Tree of Life: it lay open and obnoxious to the invaders; as the effects of the Serpent’s coming did shew. But here Fortitude and Strength are provided against all Assaults: no Destroyer can come here, the Walls are so high, terrible, mighty, and strong, with their twelve Gates, which will open to none but to the Bride and Bridegroom, and to their Offspring, who have the Name of the City written upon their Foreheads.

But thou, whose Queries are come up before me, concerning these Gates, why they are recorded to stand Northward and Southward; Eastward and Westward? and to be all alike, no difference, and bearing Names upon them? Unto thee I answer. As to the first, know, this City is founded and established upon the top of all Mountains, for discovery unto all: The rising, blazing Glory of it shall be seen of all People and Nations, and all Languages shall hear of the Fame thereof: Therefore these Gates are set towards the Four Quarters of the Earth, that whatever belongs to this Sion, and had its Birth out hence, may return and give it up to it again. Now as to the Gates themselves, as it is said, They are of One Pearl, signifying their Oriental Purity, without mixture; as it is written, My Name shall be ONE in these, and they one in me, as selected Ones, to be at the Gate’s Entrance, to whom I will give the Charge and Trust peculiarly to open, and to shut out: for they shall have all Power given to them. The burthen of the Government shall not lie only upon your great High Priest, but ye shall bear an equal share with him, as so many Elders, Spirited from the same Anointing. O ! it is a high Dignity to be chosen an Angel-Keeper, and Opener of these Everlasting Gates, to let in, and shut out, according to the Light and Law of this City.

Query. Now why hast thou seen three Pearl Gates united as in One?

Answer. To manifest the Trinity in Unity. All concluded it is to dwell in one Pearl spiced Gate, so spiced throughout, as it may smell only of pure Deity, that can never more admit of Putrefaction.

Q. But further you enquire, Why are they named with several Names, seeing all is one only Pearl, or Body of Purity? Why twelve Names answering to the twelve Tribes of Israel, or to the twelve Apostles of the Lamb?

A. It was only so in way of Similitude, for their many Names are all but one, as deriving their Name from their Anointed Lord. Who, was their Head Principality; according to that which was written, That they were baptized into that One Name, by the Holy Ghost, and from thence were called Christus, as a Body, that anew was to present this Assembly in Mount Sion, as the Bride of the Lamb. Who henceforth will be called by no other Name, than the Lord our Righteousness; which is the true Inscription that shall be written upon every one of these Gates.


April the 13th. 1676.

The Jerusalem state opened further upon me, as my Spirit was caught up there to see and hear, how Affairs were managed in the high Kingdom of the Love; knowing that my Name was written there, and a place preparing: and now my Mind was no longer wavering or halting betwixt two Kingdoms. For I did see so much of the reality of this Zion Glory, that all within me was potently provoked to make after it, according to the hand of Power which had touched me. The Queen of Sheba had not more lost her Spirits in the view of what was but the shadow, and type of this, than I had from the time of its Manifestation upon me; The Lamb and Wisdom the Bride still conferring and illustrating the Glory thereof unto me, even so much, as with the Shulamite, Cant.6.4. I cryed, Turn away thine Eyes from me, for they have overcome me; such was the wonderful, bright terribleness of this Beautiful Jerusalem, in its continued presentations to my Mind, so as I complained of my Love-faintings and dyings. Now for this my Bride, she talked with me in the Night, when Sleep was upon the Elementary part, but my Internal Ear Kept awake to hear new things out of this Sion Pearl Ruby Gate. An out-cry I heard, and my self by Name called upon, Arise, shine, for thy Jasper-stone is for thee come: make ready, put off, mount away with me: Let no Essences ever more touch thee, that so my incorporated Spirit may alone give unto thee the Jerusalem free. Who according to Knowledge, Light, Joy, Peace, and Love, will, as to thee, my Dove, there live to spend the full Revenue of this unknown, fresh, renewing Stock of all out-flowing Gifts, and high deified Powers, which will then shew whereunto thou art come.

In the Morning, when I came to have these Sayings repeated over to me, by that Magical Spirit, who inspired those things into me, I did really feel all my corporeal Spirits dye and faint within me, and somewhat to fail, and melt away. While it was thus with me, I had this Word came to me, saying, This must be: therefore suffer, and know now a dying into a Life-rising, and free liberty, within this City, of a God-spreading Glory. Whereof the Throne-River shall be given thee to drink, which is called the Water of Life: as a deep rooted Tree, do thou suck it in, and from hence spring in the Love-Unity, from the Father, and the Jerusalem Bride, which generate their Fruit Monthly. I do this Tree not only to thee, but to him, who a Mourner is for his lovely yet once grieved Bride, recommend: To you both I do it present, not only to view, and the Beauty hereof to admire; but for encouragement hereunto, that of the same Fruit ye may bring forth within these high Walled Gates. Where the Nations that are to be saved, shall partake of these healing Leaves: and more perfect Cures than ever shall be done herefrom. These Trees therefore which I now shew thee, thou art made to behold through their various Operations, how they remain still together United: which though signified in Number Three, yet all but One are in their rich and high Extracted Quality. Out from which now see your selves shoot forth as incorporated Branches, having living Food in your own Root, which encircled is round with Sion’s broad River, which turned is into a Golden Nature, as of transparent Amber. For such as the Soil is, whereout this Tree doth grow, so answerably doth it give forth its Fruit, for Substance and Quality, for Virtue and Taste. O great and unknown Mystery ! Which lieth here, to be both the Tree, and the Feeder thereupon: as knowing here no Curse is ever to be feared, because nothing but the pure, good, sappy Life moveth here: which will so perfectly Naturalize you into it self, as will transform you by constant feeding upon it in your self, into a solid Body, as weighty as Gold; and so by Degrees it will be known to grow hereunto. This will the whole Course of your unsteady and Sin-obnoxious state, change into flaming Pillars, for fixation. The Spring-Tides of this Healing River will grow so high, that it will be unpassable: no more coming out is from within these Cherubim-Walls, but growing up as Trees of Righteousness, from the Seed and Water-Fountain of Life. Which by and through the Measuring Compass of the Spirit, makes heights, depth, lengths and breadths, all proportionable; to lie square, and to move here in one Equality, permitting nothing out of order. Still the Golden Line, measureth to the highest Perfection in every degree any one, who comes to inhabit within this Jerusalem. Whose Streets being all of Gold most clear, sure Footing there is for Fire-Stones to walk up and down, without fear of sinking; for all their Goings are here established, and made prosperous. For no Warfaring Spirit can err out of his Way, Light doth every way so beset him from the Throne-Spirit-Lamps proceeding from God, and the Lamb, which hath out-vied, and abased all other Lights; which hereat pull themselves in, and fall down, as not able to abide, or contest with this God Essential Light. Ah, but while with you I am discoursing these things, I hear this loud Ecchoing-Cry within, Oh when shall we be cloathed upon with this New Jerusalem Light, that it may be our Lot within this City to abide? or else why is it after this manner so illustrated, through the Knowledge and Manifestation of these things? Thou dost but sadden our Hearts, and multiply our Sorrows, till thou takest us in hereunto. For how can we love to see that place, which we must not come into? And look upon these Lovely Trees, and not yet touch or taste them? This doth but sharpen our Spiritual appetites, to make them more eagerly hunger after them.


April the 14th. 1676.

Our Eyes being now pitched upon this choice and only Tree, among all Eden’s Varieties, none here doth please us so, as here to stay: we do see now somewhat beyond them at a distance.

Wisdom: Therefore ye would have Admission into what I have shewn you: or else ye tell me, that it had been better to have had it still concealed from you. I know, yea, I know these are your deep Love-arguings; for your Zeal to this my House and City of Glory is very great; so as you would bring down out hence the first ripe Fruits: and I know you are in travel for your Bride-Jerusalem to see. All which is most acceptable to Wisdom’s Spirit, who searcheth deeply, and will turn up every fire-Stone to see what yet lieth under; Therefore thou that plyest so hard the perfect thing it self, for to come to be, I assure, my Hand will not slack, but will put it self forth to draw thee forward till thou through the conquering part shall come. Who then shalt challenge by Right this threefold Tree, thereof to feed upon: then will the transmuting work begin. Here your Eyes will be open indeed, from a virtual strength taken in under the Honey-Dew, which upon these Branches lie: it may be well said, it is the Eye-Salve in truth, which enlighteneth the Eye, that no Secret can from it be hid; for it beholdeth every precious thing, whether above or beneath. But to go on, let me answer what I read still within thy Heart, who saith, O Jesus ! why am not I brought without further delay here? Why hast thou caused my Ear Morning by Morning, to hear of those great Immunities, if I may not enter upon this rich, and stately Inheritance: By which I may shew, what thou hast; Oh Jesus, for me wrought, that so all Infidels may be convinced, who are in the gain-saying Spirit, that a Saviour is risen to carry us through, into the Land of Possession. For glorified I cannot be, till upon Mount Sion my Ransomed Ones, with their Victorious Crowns and Palms do stand free. Oh this is all, I must tell thee, a little time more allowed must be, for the full conquest to be made; I, even I am come with my Fire, and sifting Fan, till I will not leave one Canaanitish Spirit in thy Land. This is my present work to subdue and bind all under you: I now a busie, swift and mighty Agent am, for you, who have laid your help upon me, and have charged me with this great thing to bring it to pass for you. Your Hearts and Minds I now require to leave with me, as an empty Tent; for no more a mixed Family shall there dwell. I Wisdom with my own Train will you fill, turning all out, but my own begotten Fire-sparkling Seed; for with nothing else, can I evermore agree. When this is done, ye cannot, ye shall not live out of this Sion-Glory.


April the 15th. 1676.

The Nazarite Diet.

Furthermore, I have set forth within thee, those Foundation-Stones, that are already laid in their fair Colours. I the Lord thy Builder, and Maker, will modelize all anew, and will alter the Face of thy Mind by changing and turning the inclination of thy Heart, towards this Tree of Life: Towards which all thy Desire shall be; for which cause, within thy new Foundation Wall, it shall for ever henceforth spring. The Root of this high Deified Matter, being found from the hour of the Life-quickening in Wisdom’s Virgin-Womb, from which a Body pure, and Celestial doth grow, rising out of the Tomb, where Christ thy Foundation Seed was laid. For this Tree of Life is proper for none to feed on, but those that have been dead and are alive again. For which end the beloved Paul, desired to know nothing but what might bring to this Resurrection-state; which would be the undeniable Witness, that ye have right to enter, and to pass through the flaming Cherubinical-Wall, being of the same Sardius and Ruby-Bodies. But before you fully this attain, you have a Time of allowance granted you for growth and provision, to feed upon it suitably for the Younglings state: You could not yet be able to bear the strong Powers and Spirits, which this Tree of Life doth produce. Therefore Butter and Honey, Milk and Oyl, are your present Portions, which are appointed you by Wisdom; who well knows, what your present reception can carry off, and will not overcharge, that which is but weak, and tender. Therefore hath she wisely ordered this Sanctuary-Diet, which is strong enough to nourish this new Birth of Life. As, 1st. with the Milk of all Love-tenderness; 2dly. Then with the Honey-Dews of Predictions, Manuductions, and Counsels. 3dly. With the melting Butter of consolating Joy. 4thly. With the Oyl of Light, which is for the restoring and keeping clearer the Sight, that it may be able to look into this City, where the Jasper-stone so wonderfully doth shine. Now know these kinds of Food will bring you up, & make you so pure, clear, and fair, as in the Fulness of Time, ye shall without restriction Boldly of this strong Life Virtue take: Which will a Change to purpose in you make. For consider, what the Nature and Spirit of this Tree is. I shall here present the several Properties of it, to wit, Power, Majesty, Wisdom, Riches, Honour, Omnipotency, Blessing, Salvation, Dominion, Strength, Dignity, and Glory. All these are given at once to feed upon, and to drink in the Juicy Liquor of all these Fruit-Powers: What, or who can bear it; but the strong grown Nazarite, that hath been incorruptibly trained up for it?


After this for the space of Ten Days, it is not known what Occurred from the Heavens;
as not being found Registered by Doctor P.


April the 25th, 1676.

The Bridegroom’s Voice.

The Word in me from Jesus thus spake. O ye Jerusalem Waiters, by what Gate came ye in? and what have you here seen, that ye so willing are here to stay? Taken thou art with the flaming Eye: that thou hast no mind hereout to depart, till ye have got another Heart, which no where else could be perfectly exchanged. Here only is the Place for the Bridegroom and his Bride, after long Exile to meet again. Oh then be wise, and for your Bridal Spirit, and Garment of Power undeniably wait. None out of this Treasure-City can ever it obtain, for in this Sion must all be born again, after many other preceding Births, which fore runs this great and last Transmuting Birth. Which to that Perfection is brought, that no desire there will be, for to see another change, than what this Jerusalem-state will translate thee into. For which cause, I have it to thee shewn, that ye might hereinto enter in; in that, I see your Minds so refined, that ye disdain among Beasts any longer to live and feed. Come, O ye blessed of my Father, who out of these Prison-Walls, and defiled Pastures shall steal and depart away, as who are no more to touch with that, which makes this City from you to shut it self up. I have this 1600 Years expected still Comers up to me into my Personal Glory here: But few have made their way all clear unto me, not having skill, or known the Art of dying to the Earthly part fully, and totally. Half dead and half alive many have so far tryed, and therefore could no entrance find here, because a putrefied part still was found. Which hath made me so unknown, and to such necessitated ones to carry it strange; they not considering the Disproportionableness of my present state, and how that I am instated in the highest degree of the Father’s Glory of Purity; that so if even my Affections and Heart were touched to descend upon any that ardently seek Personal Union and Manifestation with me, yet it would not be permitted, till this Mount Sion-Birth is brought forth, which makes the high Clarification, and all Perfection of Beauty desirable, without exception to the everlasting Father of perfect Spirits. Who willeth that I should take none into the inward secret Court, where all Dignities and Princely Throne-Powers and Glories are, till throughly purified, and cloathed upon with the Jasper-stone. This anointed Cherubim-covering, hath been scarcely put on; therefore they could not come up, to bring down the Everlasting Kingdom, which must again to a certain Number be restored. Blessed are they, who shall know it, in their Day, looking hereunto, and waiting for it within the Jerusalem-Walls, where this new Off-spring and Generation must be born. Yea, Blessed are ye my Beloved, and those that are with you United, in Me, for the Bringing down of this Happy Day upon the Earth.


April the 27th. 1676.

His further Admonition.

In or about Break-of-Day, I prayed, as the present state of things were shewn me, and matter therefrom given me: I never felt a greater Efflux of Spirit, Power, Joy, and Peace came into me, than did at this season, which opened that Word, and made it known in its Living Witness, saying, Now feel and taste what the Kingdom of God is; it is made to thee a Substantiality, and shall out-flow according to its working Property. Henceforth then in Wisdom’s Balance weigh, and consider every thing you say, that your Words may no more be Naked, but cloathed with the Guardian Power; Which will come to be of great Consequence, as managed in Dove-Simplicity, and shall defeat the Serpent’s Subtilty. Who strong Poyson had for thee prepared, but could no way send it in, thy Vessel being with the Antidote Liquor, and juice of Life before-hand filled. Which still take thou care to keep brim-full, that so nothing which is of crude, anxious Nature into thee may come, upon thy Ascension, which is to bring down another Spiritual Form. For I see, it is time and expedient, that to my Jerusalem Waiters, I should appear to bring them up, where new Robes and Vestures are fitted out for the new-born Inhabitants to wear. That so without a Vail upon my Face, I might to you plainly speak, for I have no pleasure to carry it at this distance towards you, could you bear but the sight of my terrible Crystalline Glory, which I am so deeply ingulphed withal, that I cannot be conversant after that way and manner, which I was before I ascended into this high Throne-Power, and Heavenly Place, conversing with those for whom I went to prepare Mansions for, in my Father’s House: a much higher Purity, I now require in such, who are to be my fellow Associates, than what was existent in that day. This is a new Law not understood, and will be only received to a small number; for know that to thee, I will this thing reveal, what Wisdom is about to do, in order to the bringing the Bridegroom and Bride together. For while the Bride is found unready, and all undressed, and out of the Jerusalem’s Glory, I could in no wise acquaint my self with her, otherwise than by secret Rays, and influencing Breathings, to let her know by these, what she must further be wrought into, for more minute Sight and Knowledge with me, her designed Bridegroom and Mate.


April the 28th. 1676.

The Love Chain.

According as the Living Word, who spake thus by way of Prophecy in me, did further by Similitude present it self, as thus. A Golden Chain in Links was let down, from the high Throne Sphear, where Jesus in the Love-Kingdom reigns. This Chain had a Golden Ball at the end, and the Voice said, Hold fast, if thou wilt come up unto me: if thou shouldst gad abroad with thy Mind or Eye, and let this slip out of thy Hand, then thou wilt be prevented of cohabitation with me in my Princely Glory. For this is the strong Power of Might, which brings the Bridegroom and the Bride together. Every Link in this Chain hath its proper use and service; Wisdom is the great Engineer, which did this contrive for my Spouse and I to meet, and each other to greet. While then in the Heavens I must be contained, this Chain shall descend still, to help up such as are risen out of the dark Night dress of a corruptible Life, into a Body of Light. This Chain is of so high a refined Metal that it admits of no Hand to lay hold on it, but the pure Lily Hand, which is strong in Faith; who is perswaded, that this Love-Chain is sufficient to bring one up, after the manner of Elijah’s Chariot. Who was mighty in Faith, and so brought down this Ascending Chariot by this Chain of diverse Links. But he had first ascended by it, as appeared, being one who had power with God upon all occasions, even to shut and open the Heavens, when he pleases, what else are these Links of drawing Powers, but this Elijah’s Spirit of Prophecy and Prayer, of Faith, perfect Love, Patience, Hope, Meekness, Long-suffering, Peaceableness, Temperance, and Immutable Perseverance? These are the Link-fastening tyes on your parts. Then that which answers on mine, are these, Light, Greatness of Power, and Might, Love, Grace, and Good-will, Kindness, Pity, and all Tenderness, without variableness, with the watchful, protecting, and safe-guarding Eye, which shall maintain all this for a sure binding, and a Wedlock-tye, betwixt bright raised Spirits and me, till the Great Day of the Visible Marriage shall be solemnized in the Free Jerusalem. Till which hold ye fast, and take good heed, that not one of these Links on your parts be broken: if but from any one of these ye should unlink, ye would fall down by the way, and never to me ascend. But I know that Wisdom is thy Friend, who will not suffer thee to break from me: She is a busie Agent still to spur thee on; her Law of kindness is found to me, thy Jesus in thy Heart: which will give an Ascending Might, that so ye may come down again, in a flaming Body of Light. Which is the only design of Wisdom, that blessed Engineer; who by these Golden Links draweth you continually nearer to her City.

This was further Opened in the Seven following Days by Wisdom, but the Copy is here Deficient.


May the 1st. 1676.
The New Book Opened:
Or, the  Everlasting  Gospel  of 
J E S U S.

THIS Morning my Spiritual Informer came, and presented to my view a Book, wherein great and hidden Secrets were writ; telling me here was neither Parable nor Allegory, but the plain Doctrine of the Everlasting Gospel. Into which, it was said, it is given thee to look, for it is an Epistle of good-will, and love to thee, and thy fellow Waiter; that ye may come to a right and genuine understanding of those weighty things, which lay concealed under the Vail of the Letter. The summ of which is the Incarnation, Dying, Rising, Ascending and Glorifying of thy Jesus. All which being finished in his own Personality, I now look to see that all should be actually wrought in you; to which end, I have poured out of my Spirit upon you, which may bring you up through all to me. Read them and see in Wisdom’s Glass, what is contained in this Book for a further instructing of thee into a Gospel Death, and Rising into Victory. Many are the Deaths ye have passed over, and I grant every Death hath brought forth a rising Body, so that ye are come so far, as to bear the very Image of the Heavenly Man, in which the Life-Seed doth spring. But this is not all you are to aspire unto, but you are here to dye with Jesus. For in all those foregoing Deaths, you had not that fellowship as ye shall have with me, when I am grown up in you. For I the Just One, died for the Unjust; so I must Personate this dying again in you, after a Paradisiacal manner, sowing my own pure Grain and Seed into the Mount Sion Ground. For as it is said, such as the Seed and Soil is, such a Body in the Resurrection it will be, and such a Body it will produce. And although you come thus to dye in the Lord, I mean in your Lord Jesus Christ, in whom your Life lies safe and inoculated, there will be no danger. And while you are sowing here, be not as others without Hope, for indeed you sow not that Body, which shall be to the account of a Bare return, as Spirit for Spirit, or Body for Body: For though it was sown a single Seed, yet it shall be various and manifold: though the Seed is sown contemptible, yet it shall rise honourable; and though sown as weak, yet it will rise mighty in strength. So mighty, potent, strong, and honourable this Resurrection will be, as it will bring forth the Seed sown, with another manner of Body, than what hath yet been known. For ye shall know all Blessedness indeed, by thus dying into me; fear it not therefore, but valiantly spill your Life, and mingle it with me: then shall ye know a cessation to your own busie-acting Properties. For that Spirit, which dyeth into me, ceaseth to sin, sweetly sleeping and slumbering in Sion’s Golden Dust, till I my secret Trump shall sound with the Vial of Life-quickening Oyl poured in; which shall make the dead in you to come forth with an unchangeable habit and form of the Holy Ghost, of which I speak. I will after this manner raise up at the last Day: which day to thee is very near, if thou canst sink and dye so totally into me, who do promise to thee long here lay buried thou shalt not be.

This is the Connexion to the former Part.

Before I the LORD will move again to the finishing of the last glorious Mystery, the first that can dye thus into me, shall rise as the first Fruits out of me, into a Body Celestial, and mighty Powerful. For my Seed shall never Corruption see: it shall soon rise into a Mount Sion Body. Lay but the Ground-work hereunto sure, and ye shall see and feel another Spirit and another Form after this passive Sleep. For after it ye shall awake in that Image, which shall be no more despised; being all compleat, and giving proof of my Resurrection and Life. Oh blessed are they, who can say, that they were dead in me, and are alive evermore, to Reign with me in my Kingdom, waiting for me their Lord from Heaven to bring them thither. For in this new risen Body, I shall not be ashamed of thee, it is so Signatured into the Father’s Nature of Purity, that in it thou mayst freely ascend to me. Where I will in the Light Airy Region meet with thee, and bring thee through all the Pearly Gates. O come, resign, and dye; know me no more out of this Dying, and Resurrection State. Thus Death is not Metaphorically, but Really the last Enemy that is to be destroyed. Here sing ye may, that dwell in Sion’s Golden Mold, and triumphantly Cry, Oh Death, by this Spiritual dying, I am mortally become thy Death, and so swallowed up, as you can nothing of it see. Go, go preach thou this for the Everlasting Gospel to such as have an Ear to hear it: rejoyce, and give Glory to God on high. Now when the Hour of this Judgment shall fully come, by ushering in the New Jerusalem freedom through the Streets of Nature: This Gospel Ministration, (which is all Love, Grace, Mercy and Peace) by those shall then be proclaimed, who do partake of this Resurrection, as the first Fruits. They shall be honoured with this Message, to all those who in this Noah’s Age are asleep in their dark Prison-Houses. For an Almighty Voice I in you my Sion-born Spirits, will utter forth, to call in more to know this Death-Liberty, and Life-Resurrection, and Ascension into all Fellowships, and free Communions with the High Eternity, and Me, the chief head of all Sion’s new risen Body. Whereunto being come, no other Banner will I display there, but that Love, which casteth out all Bondage and Fear.


May the 6th. 1676.

In the Morning, being the first Day, pondering and considering this last Opening, which shewed me the necessity of dying into my Jesus, and of sowing the Seed of my Eternal Spirit, as an unmixed Grain, sifted from all Chaffiness, or Cockle, or any such thing, for to twist about it: Thus the Word said, If thou canst thus sow thy self singly and purely into me, as into the Heart of Sion’s rich Soil, and there passively a while lie, as in thy Tomb, and unknown Sepulchre: (Where none after This method have of latter days been before thee, not knowing or understanding the Mystery of This reposing Death) then accordingly will an unmixed, glorified, yea, deified Body, arise with all rarified Senses, Powers, and operative Faculties, meet for all Heavenly Employment and Service, which can no more be drawn downward to mind inferiour matters, or things. These impressing Sayings caught my Spirit into the pleasant dying, and dissolving part. For this kind of Death was not so grim, nor terrible to me, as what had formerly passed upon me. Yet somewhat of a Spiritual conflict was awakened in me, and the Powers of my Heavens were at strife about the laying down of this more refined Life. For I found some sharp contest with an opposite Power, who said, What will you further dye, and cease from now, that the perfect thing is sprung in you? Will you have all now of this Holy Nature sink down, and bury it in Paradisiacal Ground? sowing only in Hope, that it will arise a Body, and fair Lily in the Tower of Sion?

This Objection met my Spirit, as if I were herein to do a superfluous act: but still to Wisdom’s Word I adhered. Which followed me all the Day long, bringing a Scripture to me out of Isa. 26. Thy dead Men shall live: together with my dead Body, they shall rise. Ver. 19. Awake, sing ye, that dwell in the Dust. From hence was shewn me the present sweet fellowship with my Jesus in this his own Body, that is to be our Grave and embalmed Tomb; whereby we are to be so spiced with his Deified Humanity, as to see no Corruptibility, being called out to empty, and spill our whole Life into him, This being the publick Day of our Meeting, my Spirit was with this new Matter filled: but I quenched and stopped the going forth of it, and spoke out little of this Secret. Which I know would have gone forth with Mighty Powers attending it. But some being there, that would not happily have digested this new broached Matter, I did for fear stop it; though it stifled the Breath of Power, and thereby was hurtful both to my self and to others. Which verified to me that Word, Quench not the Spirit, despise not Prophecying: Which I shall henceforth be cautious of, and correspond with according to my Power, and inspiring Breath. Going afterwards to my Night’s Repose, I had a mighty disturbed Sleep, being in a Place, where I saw only the Doctor and my self, where did arise out of a burning Lime-Pit, a suffocating Smell, which was so offensive, that I told him, we must make all haste out here, or we should be stifled, such great heaps of Chalk-Stones lay on every side, as we could make but slow Pace out, neither could I see what way to pass by, till on a sudden a Gate opened, and a Person called us to come, and put forth his Hand, to help us over those great Stones, that lay in our way; so coming out into a Place, where we met to worship, and praise our God, among our own selected Number. But while we were in our Spiritual Exercise, I saw one amongst us, as a mocking Ishmaelite, thrusting out a great pair of Lips, and deriding our Powers: with that I was stirred up in Spirit, to go to that Party and give a rebuke, and they became ashamed thereat, and was Speechless, for I was made to discover their Nakedness. After this I fell asleep, and about Break of Day, I was awakened with these Words, The Trumpet out of Sion soundeth, to call forth the Dead in Jesus; awake, awake, ye that sleep in Sion’s Dust. This Alarm much eased my Spirit, and drew it into an inward waiting; for I know there would somewhat follow, if watched thereunto, keeping and abiding in the still Rest, and waiting from under this Altar to be raised, by that Life quickening Spirit, that I do feel stir, and echo again to my Cry from under the Altar.


May the 8th. 1676.

This Morning being wholly attentive to my Lawgiver, for further Manifestation, Impowerings and Inspeakings. I found Mary Magdalen’s restless Spirit with me, to attend the Sepulchre of my Lord, from which I could not go. Knowing well, what I had sown into that Holy Ground, from whence I expected a good Return; While looking and expecting, I saw nothing but a bare empty Tomb left here, no Jesus was at present to be found. Which brought a damp and heaviness upon me; but mourning in Hope, the Angel that rolled away the Stone, did speak Comfort to me, saying, Though thy Lord, into whom thou didst shed thy choicest Life-Seed, and didst sow all thy Love-Spirit, is now fled from thy sight, and thou art hereat amazed, be of good cheer: he will not leave thee a restless Seeker here. No sooner were these Words pronounced to me, but I heard another Voice within me sound, saying, Hail, Mary, why dost thou fear? I know, I know thou hast entrusted me with all thy Life-Treasury; therefore in great Jeopardy I did see thee, lest I should not again descend unto thee. Then wouldst thou have counted me, as a Thief and Robber, to go away with all thy Life, Spirit, Power and Strength, leaving thee void, empty and distressed. But now thou shalt know that I am returned again to thee, to give thee a Resurrection, with my self. For I see thou canst not live without me: therefore Ascend thou shalt in Spirit, to be with me, that thou mayst not only behold me in my Glory, but know thy self also with me, as a Partaker of the same Glory. Only satisfie thy self that for a time, some Intervals may be, because of thine Abiding still in an Elementary Body, which may be a Cloud upon thee. But yet as often as it is possible, allowing the Circumstances that do attend Corporeity, exhale I will thy Superiour Part and Spirit up to me. Therefore be not dismayed, though there may happen many Assaults and Attempts, that will make War against this Resurrection-State. Which Offences will come in through the withdrawing of this inspiring Unction. Whose Power is arising yet again, for reforming all these Abuses, and Ecclesiastical Disorders in my Visible Church Militant. Therefore be not snipped in thy Hopes, but be thou of good Courage, who have for this Pearl of the Holy Ghost, hard and unweariedly sought, and art upon the growing Body for it. For who so worthy thereof shall be, as those, who gradually shall through all Sufferings, Dyings, Risings, Ascendings, come up through all a Conqueror to me. Verily I say, if ye shall in such a raised Spirit appear to me in Mount Sion, you shall have free Liberty to take what you will out thence, as Co-partners with me in the Kingdom of the Father’s Soveraignty, whereto I am by all this calling you up. Therefore see, see what I must do further in you, till throughly ye be asssimilated into me. Oh it is a mighty thing for me your Jesus, back again with my Life’s Blood to return, and shed it abroad into such full Streams, as may engender the Eternal Body of the Love, to which the mighty influencing Word of Wisdom determines to bring, and make you perfect in. Now then decry all reluctancy down, which yet may be found stirring against this Perfect thing. For this my Rising Body, will clear it self from all Weaknesses and Imperfections to which end, I do again descend into Nature, to raise this Seed, and to cloathe it upon with my own Spiritual Body. Which must be put on, jointed and knit together by Organical Properties, and Powers, and by Spiritual Sinews, and Veins of Life running here throughout, all created and formed of Pure and Divine Matter. This is the New Creature, into which God the Holy Ghost will breathe again and operate freely, and will never more be under any clog, or evil strangling Power from any dark Magick. For all by, and through dying into me, are acquitted of that Nature. I as a new Lily Flower out of thee will spring: and out of that inward Ground, which hath been thus tinctured, and watered with my all-cleansing Blood, (that purifies from all that is corrupt,) the Pearl shall be found.


May the 11th. 1676.

This Morning I awakened from a Voice, echoing within, saying, I am come Prophecies to fulfil: With that I felt something into me enter, and it filled me, and all my parts, in such a sacred manner which gave me to believe, that the new compacted Body, which had been opened and promised, was now stirring and giving proof of its Real Existency; and growing within me, to bring forth that Perfect Life, without the stain of Sin: Referring to that Scripture, Knowing that Christ being raised, dyeth no more; for through that Death, Sin was finished. So likewise it was shewed me, that we were thus to reckon our selves freed and dead, through this living Body felt, and smelt as a spicy Balsam diffused by the Spirit of Jesus: From these words speaking thus; This Body is my Everlasting Birth of Life, that once coming to be quickened, shall never dye more. For though there was a falling away, and dying from out of Paradise, and from that pure Birth there grew a deformed change; Yet now fear not, since a tryed Stone, for a Foundation of Eternal Life is laid in you, who chosen Witnesses are of my Risen Body. Which shall in like manner give proof in a Number known; as it did in that Age, when I particularly was manifested to the World in the Singularity: but now henceforward expect me to appear in the Plurality; to act over the same perfect Life again, in such who are predestinated thereunto, from the choice Love of God the Father. Who by Wisdom doth bring forth again this New Creation, in the express Likeness of me, their first born Jesus. Who by pure diffusing and Incarnating my self in you, can thereby save, and redeem you out of and from All Sin, so as to be spotless, and immaculate, even as I was; hereby restoring to you your lost Virginity.


May the 12th. 1676.

I Perceived the whole drift of the Word of Wisdom was now to impress to us, the perfect Nature of Jesus, for his essential growing in us, to be felt in the quickening, powerful stirrings, that so we might know in our selves, the Lord to be risen. For it was said to me, Hear, O ye whom I have seen, careful to gather in all your scattering Loves, to empty them into me, as a Proof that ye will enter your selves into no other besides; Who to you will not be a dead, but living Tomb, out from which ye shall have Bodies come forth in Organical Powers, with all the Senses renewed, as the effect of your Resurrection Life. For verily as I was in this World, so ye are by the same Spirit in the like Purity, to honour the Father and me. No abatement hereof can be allowed, if you desire to come up unto the same dignity, to be near the Father’s Throne Majesty, where I am to fix you near unto me. If you will now remember to hold fast by that Globe, and with me Ascend, by every Link demonstrated by that Golden Chain, ye shall pass through all Centers and Worlds most conqueringly: As I am risen in you, that most powerful and Aiery Body, which indeed hath hereby made you only meet for the Heavenly Company and Society, shall accordingly in you arise: Neither doubt ye, who appointed are to wear the White Robes of the Resurrection; While ye do yet appear in mortal Shapes, that it shall still so cloud, and hide this my Celestial Body; but that like the Sun, it will break forth in its mighty force and strength of Glory, through the visible dark Body. For this Life must not be stifled, but shall display it self most free, in, and after the same manner and way, that is Recorded of me nay, and that too more abundantly. For I have a Patent by the Father now sealed to give forth mighty Powers and Gifts; whereby Bodies that are framed and brought into my Model of Perfection, shall be new and fresh Witnesses of those attending Powers, that shall give sufficient Proofs that I am again Risen. Therefore fix your Eyes stedfastly on me, and look after my Life; for I am the same that was Visible, and am now drawing you after me.


May the 18th. 1676.

Wisdom’s Star with its Bright Glance, gave notice to us, where we might come to congratulate the Pure and Wonderful Birth of our Saving Jesus. Which coming to behold, as the effect of that late preceding Dying into him, from which a Birth so suddenly did spring, and therefrom did witness a most sweet and pleasant Existence, growing from the Life-Tree, which is rooted in the deep rich Soil of the All-Eternity: These were the Glad-tydings, which to my Ears were sounded, with these Words, Come enter into your self, view and see, that the Life-Birth hath wrought out it self God-Man, fully. Great care and charge of this young Plant, you are to take, and to nurse it up with its own Virgin-Milk, and ye must not dare henceforth, ever to lay it to any other Breast, upon its Life-Preservation. For this unmixed Birth is designed to be brought up, by the Incorruptible Word, which must feed it up, until it be wise, and all knowing, and impregnably strong, and get about it all its defensive Armour. Without which there is no living, where such abounding of Evil is hourly scattering their malignant Influences. All former Births have been too weak, to encounter with the strong and subtle Leviathan, who hath this World so much his Friend, to plunge poor fallen Spirits into his Gins; and no way there is to escape his Wiles, Assaults and Temptations, but by entering through this new living Birth-Gate. Which is contracted from that High, Pure, Elementary Substance; and therefore must always subsist answerably, upon its own native Food. O let it not seem strange, that this Life-Birth of Jesus, is now upon its rising again: it will be defended and protected by the conquering Right of the Mighty Alpha, who will have regard unto this Kingly Heir, while he is in his Young and Infant state, that he may not be bereaved of his Kingdom. There is no fear of this last high and perfect Birth, to be hereof supplanted; because the Foundation-Seal is upon it, which is the Lord, that quickening, growing Life and Spirit, that makes all that is not for it, to fly away before it.


May the 19th. 1676.

Now knowing in my self another Spirit, acting and moving in this new begotten Birth; I was now apt for Phylosophick teaching, in the all hidden Magia of Wisdom’s Secrets: In which this holy born Thing might attain skill and understanding, as being thereunto constituted. For as its Birth is from Mount Sion, high great, pure and spiritual, so must its Learning and Education answer thereunto. No Tutour, Teacher, or Governour to it must be, but what out of the Royal City, the New Jerusalem doth come from thence by God the Father’s Commission. Who will new string our Tongues, so as the Stammerer shall speak in that one pure Language, which is only understood by Jesus and the Brotherhood. Oh the Spirit of this New Creature dives deep, and is of a piercing Understanding, and of a quick Ear. Now upon this Birth’s opening, and shewing it self, as the true Nazarite, it was set much upon my Heart, and great awfulness was upon us, who were Witnesses of this rising Birth, how to carry it, and behave our selves towards it. So we sought earnestly by Prayer to be directed in the management thereof, as desiring to answer this great Love-Gift, according to the requiring of the gracious Donour. This was my Morning consideration, after which being much kept waking in the Night about it, I fell into a slumber about the Morning, and here was presented unto me a Book open, and a Finger pointing to me to read it, being very fair and legible. Which I engaged my Mind to understand the meaning of, but it seemed to be written in another Language, than I had yet learned, and so I could make nothing out of it: But when I awaked, and had waited a while in the interiour Silence, it was said to me, This was the Book of Prophecy, which could not literally be read; but it was given forth for the new living Birth to feed on it, and to be eating it down: and so ye shall feel it become a springing Source, bringing forth deep, precious and weighty things; After this way and manner the holy Birth shall be disciplined, and thus taught by a secret, intrinsical, mingling and conveying Power, that shall all other Teachings drown, nullifie, and obliterate. This shall only be of force and authority, according as it was with Jesus, who only is to be your Precedent, of whom by way of derision it was said, How comes this Man to be so understanding and knowing, seeing he never was learned? He being poorly and meanly Educated, as they judged, and not come up so high in their Form, as to be bred up a Scribe: therefore it was admiration to them, how he came by that Wisdom and Knowledge: Which so outvied all, and made them astonished, when they reasoned with him. He brought forth all his Sayings, from this deep central Birth of the holy overshadowing Breath-Power, which issued continually, affording still fresh and new Matter. Now then to you, who have partaken of the same Life and Birth with your Jesus, and are come to feel this Word of Life stirring within you, ye are charged to live by this Word, which is the Book of Life incorporating it self in you. Mistrust not, but you will find enough herefrom to nourish, and strengthen all your Internal Senses. Expect no less in this Birth of Life, than what was manifest in your Jesus; the same budding Fruits there will be from the same Spirit, as ye grow up in it. Fear not, but the anointing Powers, and Gifts will open and flow, as Antecedents belonging hereunto. And whereas you have desired to know, how you may manure this holy Birth? You are required to bring him into the Temple of the Lord, and there to dedicate him up in the Covenant of an Everlasting Priesthood. Whose growth will be great and signal in the Courts of Holiness, for evermore.


May the 20th. 1676.

This Morning this Word run through me, and still cried in me, Knowest thou what a Treasure thou standest charged withal? Consider the high worth of this Birth, and give all Attendance to it; wait upon it, and minister to it, as your great Prince and Saviour. For behold it is come to Redeem you out of all Sin and Thraldom, and will be a growing Tree of all fruitful Boughs excellently and richly laden. Therefore be choice of it, and tender it as the very Apple of your Eye, and permit nothing to offend it. Your Will-spirits, who from the high Eternity are tinged, are commanded to Watch and Ward about it, and to unite entirely with this perfect thing. For it is a Stone out of the Sion Rock, that will be your Covering of Strength and Salvation, and the opening of the Store-house of all Blessings to run out freely: it is but natural for you to grow and spring out of this Central Birth, operating from within. Your charge is only to attend this Altar-Fire, and the pure Celestial Oyl, that is the Fewel, which the holy flaming Body doth subsist of, from the Everlasting Mountain of Holiness distilling down to your Hands. Therefore your only Business is to wait, to take it in, and upon this Holy Altar to pour it; That so hereby, it may become a very strong, sweet, and savoury Meat, to the nourishing of the pure part, which must be one with it, through our being turned into a Golden perfect lump. So solid and stable it must be, as neither Clay, Iron, Brass or Tin may or can here penetrate in. No contrary Metals can run into this pure Body, or what is not of its own high extracted Matter. Therefore now this thing consider well, and suffer this Lily Birth alone by it self, to dwell undisturbed, in the Sacred Temple, till grown out of all Fear and Jeopardy, to the state of Eldership; to which full grown Body and Head, the Crown is made only fit.


May the 22d. 1676.

These Internal Openings and Manuductions following me still, so as they would hardly give room, for anything of a Worldly Sense to enter in; contrary Seeds in my inward Ground could not be born, there being something in me that was now grown so strong, as to resist and throw out all other light and scruffy Grain. For my Granary must be reserved for the one pure Birth-Seed, according as my Jesus hath his Mind to me revealed. Who said expressly, come, come, shut up the Grates and Windows of thy low, carnal, earthly Senses, by which the Light of the Mortal Day doth enter in, to rule, according to the manner of this World’s Inhabitants. Know ye your selves, who have my new living Birth upon you impressed, you are under the Charter and Laws of the Jerusalem free; born from above, and not from beneath; though in the World, yet not of it. This Birth of Life is a meer Stranger; all its care is to keep it self, that the Evil One may not touch him, nor mislead him, through introducing his false Light into you, as his Rational Star within this low Orb, to bind you under these Planets, that rule over the fallen outward Birth. Which now you are to reckon your selves freed from, by this Aurora, the Morning Birth of this great and Everlasting Days-Man. The Light that now is breaking open upon you, is to give a sight into that City and new Creation, to which ye do belong. For ye are under quite another kind of Government, having taken upon you that high Apostolical Profession, which enters you into and makes you partakers of that high calling. For here is a Spiritual Service and Employ allotted, for every Sion born Spirit, so soon as they are grown up to the understanding part. As the outward rational Spirit and Body, as soon as grown up and capable of Traffick and Commerce, are their own Crafts-Masters in, and over things Temporal; by which Corporalities do subsist: Even so likewise see what Calling the great High-Priest and Apostle took upon him, as our Pattern, so soon as he was grown up in Wisdom and Ability, so as to take upon him the Office and Function, whereby he might set upon the Work and Business, for which he was sent into the World by God the Father. Who never was found sloathful or negligent in Spiritual Business; for he was always found in spiritual Action, working the Works of his God and Father in his Day.


May the 23d. 1676.

Who [Margin Note: The Father.] now hath also imprinted the name Jesus in you, as the Mark for you to follow the same honourable and high Calling, whereby ye may obtain a rich and plentiful Spiritual Livelihood: therefore be vigilant, and always upon the right hand Industry, through which will be blessed Income Eternally.


A Vision seen by me in the Night, after my first Sleep.

I saw one as in a Figure of a sprightly Youth, presenting himself near my Bedside, which amazed me, and I was afraid to take knowledge of him, who made out to me, as if he would draw my Aspect to him, but I could not find any Power for Speech with him. This disappearing, another in taller Stature, and more Manly Countenance, drew upon me, seeming to desire Familiarity with me; and then I looked when this Appearance would have spoke, but it was passive, and silent, only pleasant in its Countenance, who on a sudden withdrew. Then again was a presentation of a Person in a middle Stature, comely, sweet, and amiable for attraction; yet I being bounded in my Spirit, was hindered: otherwise I could have run with my Spirit into him. After this I was drawn, to consider in my Mind of this threefold Appearance. Then it was thus spoken in me, thou hast Imagically seen the threefold degree of the Immaculate Life-Birth-Growth, which it must reach in you, who are designed to Personate your Jesus in his full grown state here upon the Earth. It is a high Prerogative to attain to all these Degrees; for where are there any in this last Age past, or present, that have seen my ancient Prophecy made good, which is, that there shall not be in my City and Mountain of Holiness, an old Man, that hath not fulfilled his days; that is, hath not reached to the express Degree, of me their full grown Head. Many indeed have in my Birth been Quickened, and their outward Figure been extinguished before they have brought forth the Life into visible Manifestation. Others again have attained to the Breaking forth, so as that they have seen, and handled the Word of Life, but still in the Infancy of days. Others may have reached so far, as that Youthful state, which was in the first Idea shewn to thee. In which as in a Glass, ye may see your own present state. But oh here you are not to stay, or trifle out your time like Children to play it away: but now putting away all Childish knowledge and understanding, to grow now in every part, from my vigorous Heart’s Birth, infusing its strength through you, and growing up to that compleat Structure and Image which is after God, in the Perfection of Holiness. Know ye, that you cannot tell, till you come into the strong Man’s state, what ye shall be able to do, work, and act. You will find Power and Might from a full grown Body, to subdue and bring all Creatures and Worlds under: in which will consist the great Soveraignty of my Kingdom, that comes into none, till they know the second remove, into the Young Man’s understanding Degree; through which the World is conquered, as it stands in the Property of Sin, and in its enmity to God. Come up my Children dear, let me meet you, growing up in this second Birth Degree, perfect, pure, and clear, then I will appear to you in my Last grown state, in my Ghostly Body, which when you see, not only like to me, but that ye be the same with me in it, then ye shall see the days of the Son of Man. For the Ascending Might is to bring down this Dove flaming Body, Saphire-like. Which is the only defensive Weapon of War, that will make all Spirits stand in awe of you, and the glittering Sword of the Spirit out of my Mouth shall make all your Enemies backward for to fall. By me ye shall trample, and miraculously overcome them, as ye knit Power with Power, and Might with Might, from this body of Light, which fed is from the Blood of my Life. You now hereby do see, what the Hope of your Calling is: be hourly exercised herein, work hard in the Fiery Furnace, which is kindled within; out from which you may expect that pure, strong, bodied Spirit will come, which will really translate you into the Mount Sion state, with me your beloved Dove-Mate.


May the 25th. 1676.

A Vision which I saw in the Night.

This appeared as I was walking in a green Pasture, with one or two with me only for repast; suddenly within a Bowshot there was manifested a pleasant calm Sea, which seeming so near, I said to them with me, Come, let us go and set down by the side of it: where I also saw a heap of Precious Stones, and I heard a Voice say, There is a great Treasure, and Valuable Things are there hid. Then I resolved thither to make with all speed, but when I came to set forward, neither I nor they with me could go; there were such Bogs and Quicksands, that none of us durst adventure. For somewhat reflected, and said in me, You cannot go till you be shod with the Golden Sandals: these you must have, before you can set sure footing to go over to this Ocean Sea; therefore stay a while, and provide them, and then you will not slide. Considering this in the Morning, and knowing that all Presentations of this Magical Nature, have their certain Effects, which I have observed ever since I came under the Discipline, of the Word of Wisdom; who hath been my Glassy Eye, to spy out things within that Ocean: and having now from this new subject, matter to exercise my Spiritual Senses, in laying aside the Garment of my outward Sense, which to the Intellectual Understanding is the great Impediment; the Glass which represented these things, became altogether Clear in me, so that in seeing I did see; being divested of all outward Covering. For which Cause, the Spirit of Wisdom doth take advantage, when the External Reason is laid asleep, and the Animal Sense drowned, even then by Internal Idea’s to manifest the Objects of the Inward Worlds: Which was God’s method for the discovery of his Mind, in foregoing Ages, or by any other way, for the busie working of the Astral Mind of Reason, is the greatest Let to Divine Vision: this I can give witness to. Therefore this Command I often have received, from the Most Holy Inspirator, to unstrip her from her dark Leaden Body; which hath not the true Organ of Sight. The holy, bright, Aiery Spirit can admit of no such clog; it is like Saul’s Armour, to the nimble, sprightly David, it must be thrown off. For there is for this an absolute necessity for such, as will hold any free Parly, and Conference, with their now glorified Jesus, they must come to be in the Spirit, as John was, when he in Vision saw and talked with him, who was for that time without any touch, or feeling any weight of his gross Corporeal Senses, for he dyed out of them, as he saith, he was as one dead, which made way for the opening of this New World’s Scene, and unclasping that Book of Revelation, which before was hid and concealed.

But here riseth an objection, Who can fall into such a Trance, and Sleep at any time when they would enjoy such close free manner of Communion with the High Principality of Glory?

The Eternal Word of Wisdom doth give this Answer to this Query. True it is, that no Natural Person can fall into this Divine and Spiritual Lethargy, so as to still, and quite suspend all operation of the Rational Faculties; for through these the fallen Birth-Life moves, and acts and can never do Violence upon it self, to seek its own Destruction, for this is most Unnatural. But where there is another Life Birth introduced, and risen in opposition to this, and that can prove its lawful descent, out from the Eternal Womb of the Virgin-Body: This may take authority, and arise in its Magical Might, and depress the Sensitive Life, that hinders, and clouds, and keeps one back from these Seraphical Sights. Now I say to this pure Essential Thing, begotten by the Holy Breath, and infused in, let that potent Will, which is free, enter in, and be one with this pure Conception, then ye will soon master the Contrariety. If at any time the Starry Birth in you should be unruly, then make use of that precious Stone, which into your Custody is put, that can, and will, if put forth, dash and crumble all into Dust, which shall henceforth, either within thy own Precinct, or without, make attempts against this high Birth state: Which grow must still, till it fills with Power every part, to act a Tragedy upon the Serpent, and all his fallen party, that strives so hard, and would have cut off the Tide and Stream, which from the Sea, thou didst see and run so free, that no Gally could be swifter, than this strong Arm, which as a Boat hath wafted thee over: where now sit down, and wait upon my Love-Ocean Heart:

This seems to be a Digression from that Thing Represented, which is now returned to, upon the Third Day after.


May the 28th. 1676.

I saw again in a Vision, a Stream from this pleasant calm Sea, of which I mentioned, that for want of being suitably shod, we could not pass over to it: which gave much Exercise to my Mind thereby, stirring up matter of Enquiry and Intercession to my God, pleading from the Spirit of Jesus, why that Gulph should remain, betwixt this Ocean-Treasury and us, who had now declined, and turned our Faces from all Things Terrestrial, that so we might come to possess what Wisdom’s Glass had opened of this Scene of Glory? This being the Matter of my Contemplation, after which in the Night, falling into a Transical Sleep, of a sudden I found my self in a Boat, that did run with the greatest swiftness, that neither the Bogs nor Quicksands, which formerly I saw, could stop it. For the Waters from the Sea had risen high over all, bringing me safe and secure to this Sea-shore; where I was to sit down fixed, upon the Mountain of Precious Stones, there to choose and pick out, what was of greatest value. And when I came to my Spiritual Sense, waiting for the Interpretation of this Vision, it thus spake in me. The Ocean Sea which thou didst see, doth present God the Immense Deity, who contains all full, rich, and weighty Substance and Treasury: who by no Corporeal Spirit could ever be reached; for there was a Gulph and Eternal Separation between, as this boggy mirey Passage did present, thereunto: But only by Sion born Spirits, whom I have seen in the true Sorrow and Mourning, because hereunto they could no Path find, for sure footing, whereby might be attained this rich Mine, where all the desirable Good doth lie. Now in tenderness and compassion unto thy sorrowful Spirit, this Arm and Stream hath risen, which represents thy Jesus, who from the Ocean-Love of the Immense Deity, doth to thee flow to bring thee back to the Head-Fountain, where thou mayst come to know God the Holy Ghost, covering thee as the Waters do the Sea: till when upon this Jesus fix, who this lovely Mountain of all Precious Substance is. Where be thou sure now to look, turning over every Stone, till thou come to find that only Saphire Stone, which will change gross Mettals, into bright transparent Gold, and shine through dark Bodies a flaming Light. These things presented are to the Eternal Eye so to speculate upon, as thereby thy whole Mind may be transmuted over hereunto, in order to the fulfilling of what in Vision thou hast seen.


May the 29th. 1676.

O how unutterable was it? What Joy did I feel upon this secret Parley, with my dear Immanuel, whose Words like Butter and Oyl did distill, so that hereby was lifted up the Banner of my Hope, that possibly we might yet live to see the Day of the Holy Ghost; who out of his Mountain-Treasury is for to come, to put an end to all Sin, and mortal frail Impotencies, under which we do yet groan, looking and hastening for this Perfect Thing to come, which will restore us perfectly to our Angelical State. Even so, blessed Dove and Bride break up this in us, who are waiting here upon this Ocean shore, for this new Spring-Tide. O let it open upon us wide, and we will not be afraid, though it shall violate us away from all visible Ties, from which we do now see we must be parted and separated. For we can never see thee, till we do withdraw out of gross Corporality, that so cloathed we may be with Jesus, that Celestial Body; who is our Bridal Garment, of which we shall not be ashamed, when God our King shall call us to view, and examine, who the prepared Brides are, for the New Jerusalem Marriage, to which we now are summoned.


May the 30th. 1676.

This Day upon some occasion ministered from the outward Astrum of this World’s Principle, was stirred up a secret embroil, that for some space of Time I was held out, so as I could find no entrance for my Spirit among the Seraphick Quire, where my Attendance was required Morning by Morning, to hear and learn, for my further Instruction, in the Eternal Magia: Which I felt as a deep bundle of Life-Treasury beginning to open. But such a wise, subtle, pure swift Breath or Mist it is, that it shuts up, and does withdraw, so soon as any thing of a Mortal Sense upon it doth fly. It is such a high glance of Magisterium, that it will refine out of all gross, fleshly kinds whatever. No parley with External matter, this unknown Power will endure, as my dear Inspirator hath anew shewed unto me, and hath given me caution not to prevent its Descending, by mingling the Will-Spirit, who is chosen for its Mate, with any low inferiour sense of things, which may grate upon it. Whoever comes to be highly Learned in this Philosophical Art, must be trained up from their Spiritual Birth Infancy, and hereupon wait continually for to know. For the Divine Spell is a Mystical Thing, and of that principal weight, as the whole Mind, Will, and Heart, must hereunto be engaged: and all is little enough to turn this Cherubim Wheel of the Magia still about. For which you must after the manner of a Spiritual grown Body, labour hard, till ye have the Mystery of this Art fully attained. It is beyond all things, that ever yet was named. Therefore strive hard for it: but ye who are yet but young in this Art, may be ignorant, what kind of Stock you are to work upon; know then to thee this Mystical thing I will reveal, that thou mayest not the Nature hereof Mistake. It is an Immaterial Nothing, and yet giveth Being and Existency to All things; moving and piercing through the whole Body of the Creation, yet not discerned; generating all things anew, through a Virtual Life quickening Breath: this comes in and goeth forth without Sound and Noise. It is communicable only to such, as have covenanted, and firmly bound themselves, to be made by it Wise, Subtle, Pure, Spiritual, Discerning also in all Sublimities: whereby proof may be given what Magical Coals of Fire are kindled, that ye may scatter and make to fly, as directed by Wisdom’s Eye. Of this ye may know yet more deeply, as ye from this Holy Root still weed out all light and scruffy matter.


May the 31st. 1676.

In the Night I was as on a sudden surprized with a round Ball of Light, that fixed it self upon a Post or Pillar, which seemed to be on each side of me, and where-ever I went, they moved with me, very lustrious and shining as a Star in a Cloudy Night; I could go no where but they circled about me, the Light was terrible, but not hurtful; yet pleasant to the single Eye, that was opened. This in way of Vision was given to espy; and immediately after, this Transient Sight passed away, and that Scripture opened upon me, Isa.40. in these words, The Lord shall be to thee an Everlasting Light. which shall drown and swallow up all fore-going Day-breaks, which have had their several Sun-risings in thee by degrees, which are true and good in their Day. But behold, here is yet a Prophecy, to be fulfilled, which shall be as the Light of Seven Days put together. What or who shall be able to live, and walk in such a Firmament of Light, where there will be no Intervenings of any shade of Night? Know then there is such a holy conceived high-born Being which yet is clouded under inferiour Lights, and subjected to them for some Season; till it hath accomplished the first working Properties of the Seven Days Creation. Wherein Day and Night must by their Proper, Sun and Moon be governed, and all transacted according to the motion of the Planets, the Out-Birth being under their control, in the divided state betwixt the Day and the Night: sometimes it is light, and sometimes it is dark; one hour is Spiritual and Heavenly, the next Carnal and Earthly. But to this, God in the Lamb, who is that one Everlasting Day, is now coming to put an end, as to the first Creation-Light, in such who have ceased from those Works, that have been wrought by the Sun and Moon-Light, of the fallen gloomy Day, which hath overspread the whole Creation. Out from which ye are assured to come, and to sit down under the bright-shine of this uneclipsed Body of the new Creation-Light. Hereto coming once to fix, your former Sun and Moon will blush, and for very shame, pull in their Heads, and all their twinkling Stars will forthwith withdraw; as ye shall surely see, when you will find your selves in another Orb, for enclosed ye shall be with the Seven Lamp Spirits before and behind, which are the Light of the seven days New Creation out of Sion, to hold parallel with the Seven Days’ Creation in Paradise. Which abolished must be, and whose Sun must set, at the rising of this sevenfold Sion-Glory, which to the Lamb’s Birth will anew open, and upon it rest. For which great thing ply your God and Father hard, that so ye may in this bright Cloud of Glory, be carried up out of sight, from all Terrestrial Lights. By which ye could by no means come to behold Eternal Objects. But in this Light of the Everlasting Bride, ye can see into every Mansion of the New Jerusalem, as your own native Country; from which you have been driven and scattered into this mixed state between Day and Night, while standing thus, indeed ye could never find Mount Sion’s Path. For Paradise is to this but as a glimmering Glow-Worm: not a City that had Foundations was ever erected there, which plainly declares, the Most High had not his fixed Residence there. For out of Sion the whole Majesty of the Trinity will shine, by which Light ye can only see your way for Return unto your lost home. Oh the excessive Joy which Paradisiacal Inhabitants will know, who can the conquering Gulph get through, and come into this Jasper-like City, where sight and fruition of God, the Bride, and the Lamb, produceth most unutterable pleasure, beyond what Adam, though he had continued in his first Image of Purity, could not, without a remove, to such kind of Felicities as these, ever have reached. Now then I say to you upon whom this Light hath glanced, keep your constant pace with it close and follow hard upon it, and doubt not but it will bring you to that pure White Throne, of your everlasting Dove Brides in the Heavenly Circle to ride.


[From the Authentic Version of Jane Lead’s Journal of her Spiritual Encounters ...
— Entries for January through May of 1676,
from Volume ONE of A Fountain of Gardens: this was File 2 of 4 ]

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